How did our ancestors live?

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How did our ancestors live?

Post by Christopher »

How did our ancestors live ... what did their houses look like ... what about the interior of their houses and their cooking utensils, cutlery, furniture, ornaments and other household items? What about the type of work done by our ancestors? If you search through YouTube you should find a few videos which will answer some of these questions.

The video of Muckross Traditional Farms, Killarney, Co. Kerry shows the interior of a typical Irish farmhouse.

The Golden Years of Farming in Ireland, written by John Thompson, is a DVD with vintage tractors ploughing the land and sowing corn and showing the treshing
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Re: How did our ancestors live?

Post by Summer76 »

I have been told that my ancestors worked on Farms, so look forward to viewing the links you have posted....ty :) Summer
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