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My great grandfather was William Cameron who lived at No.13 Temple-effin. He married Margaret Finlay and they had six children. I was in Islandmagee yesterday and could find no traces of Temple-effin. A person at The Rinkha, who had lived in Islandmagee all her life, had never heard of it. I believe it is close to Cloghfin and Castletown in the southern end of Islandmagee but can anyone help me find out the location of Temple-effin? The townland covered an area of about 200 acres.
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Re: Islandmagee

Post by Rosemary Joan »

Hello there. I you go to Griffiths Valuation on 'Ask about Ireland' you can do a place search. There, you can click on 'map' and see where the townland is. It is actually named on the map. ... ubmit.y=15

Good luck Rosemary
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