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Adrain Hugh Bentra Templecorran
Adrain Hugh Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Aiken John Redhall Templecorran
Alexander Charlotte South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Alexander Henry Lockstown Templecorran
Alexander William Redhall Templecorran
Allen Hugh Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Allen Jane North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Allen Jane South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Allen William Forthill Templecorran
Allen William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Ardress William South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Armstrong James North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Armstrong Jane Blackhill Templecorran
Armstrong Jane North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Arthur Andrew Bentra Templecorran
Arthur James Bentra Templecorran
Arthur James Carnbrock Templecorran
Arthur Margaret Carnbrock Templecorran
Askin Ellen Blackhill Templecorran
Askin Ellen Lockstown Templecorran
Askin Robert Blackhill Templecorran
Askin Robert Forthill Templecorran
Askin Samuel Lockstown Templecorran
Baird Thomas North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Barne John Blackhill Templecorran
Barron William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Barry James North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Bashford Alexander South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Bashford William Lockstown Templecorran
Beggs James North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Beggs John Blackhill Templecorran
Beggs John Carnbrock Templecorran
Beggs Margaret South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Beggs Robert Blackhill Templecorran
Beggs Robert North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Beggs Samuel Blackhill Templecorran
Beggs William Forthill Templecorran
Beggs William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Beggs William South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Bell Sarah Bentra Templecorran
Bennett Margaret Bentra Templecorran
Berry David Forthill Templecorran
Berry Robert Lockstown Templecorran
Berry Thomas Lockstown Templecorran
Berry William Forthill Templecorran
Berway John Lockstown Templecorran
Blair Mary Jane North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Boyd Janet Blackhill Templecorran
Brannion James Bentra Templecorran
Brannion Jane Bentra Templecorran
Bryson Mary Bentra Templecorran
Buckley Michael White Head Templecorran
Bull Geo. Aldfreck Templecorran
Bull Rev. George Forthill Templecorran
Bull Rev. George Redhall Templecorran
Burns Archibald Aldfreck Templecorran
Burns Archibald Redhall Templecorran
Caldwell David Forthill Templecorran
Caldwell Edward South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Caldwell James Aldfreck Templecorran
Caldwell James Redhall Templecorran
Cally Mary South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Cambridge Robert Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Cambridge William Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Cameron James Bentra Templecorran
Cameron Samuel Bentra Templecorran
Campbell Charles Bentra Templecorran
Campbell William White Head Templecorran
Cathcart William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Close John Lockstown Templecorran
Clugson John Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Colwell Jane Bentra Templecorran
Coman David South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Corvan David Carnbrock Templecorran
Craig Ellen Aldfreck Templecorran
Craig Ellen Redhall Templecorran
Creighton Isaac Bentra Templecorran
Crookes James Blackhill Templecorran
Dagwell Hugh White Head Templecorran
Davidson Robert South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Davison James Blackhill Templecorran
Dempsey William Aldfreck Templecorran
Dick Maryanne Aldfreck Templecorran
Dick William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Dodd Francis Redhall Templecorran
Donnan John White Head Templecorran
Donnell James North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Dorman John Bentra Templecorran
Douglas John Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Downey John Carnbrock Templecorran
Downey Samuel Carnbrock Templecorran
Downey Thomas Carnbrock Templecorran
Elliott Anne Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Erskine James Bentra Templecorran
Essler David White Head Templecorran
Essler William White Head Templecorran
Essler Wm. White Head Templecorran
Fenny Samuel Bentra Templecorran
Ferguson James Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Getty Rev. Moore South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Girvan Eliza North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hagan Daniel White Head Templecorran
Hagan William S. White Head Templecorran
Haggan Agnes Bentra Templecorran
Hamilton Hans South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hamilton James South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hamilton John Forthill Templecorran
Hamilton Robert North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hanna Hugh North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hanna John North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hawkins Boyd Redhall Templecorran
Hawkins John Redhall Templecorran
Hay Elizabeth North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hay Mary South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hay Samuel South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hilditch Samuel Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Hill Jane North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hoey Andrew White Head Templecorran
Howard Arthur Carnbrock Templecorran
Howard Arthur South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Howard James White Head Templecorran
Hume Hugh North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hunter Anne Redhall Templecorran
Hunter John North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hunter Robert South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hunter Samuel North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hunter Stewart North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Hunter William Bentra Templecorran
Hunter William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Jemison William Forthill Templecorran
Jenkins Ezekiel White Head Templecorran
Johnston Jane North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Johnston Jane South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Johnston Thomas Redhall Templecorran
Johnston Thomas South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Johnston William Forthill Templecorran
Johnston William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Johnston William Redhall Templecorran
Johnstone Allen Forthill Templecorran
Kennedy James Lockstown Templecorran
Ker David S. Bentra Templecorran
Ker David S. Blackhill Templecorran
Ker David S. Forthill Templecorran
Ker David S. Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Ker David S. North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Ker David S. Redhall Templecorran
Ker David S. South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Ker David S. White Head Templecorran
Kilwell Eliza Redhall Templecorran
Kincarte Hugh Blackhill Templecorran
Kirke William South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Lack George South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Lauder James Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Lavery William Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Legg James Aldfreck Templecorran
Linn Eliza Bentra Templecorran
Linn Mary Bentra Templecorran
Linn Sarah Bentra Templecorran
Locke John Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Manelly James South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Martin James South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Alpine Jane Carnbrock Templecorran
Mc Alpine Rachel Carnbrock Templecorran
Mc Alpine William Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Mc Bride Eliza Forthill Templecorran
Mc Bride Robert Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Mc Cambridge James South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Cammont Thomas Bentra Templecorran
Mc Cammont William Bentra Templecorran
Mc Causland John Forthill Templecorran
Mc Causland John North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Causland John Redhall Templecorran
Mc Causland John South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Causland Samuel Lockstown Templecorran
Mc Cawly William Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Mc Claren Elizabeth South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Clenihan John Bentra Templecorran
Mc Clernan Alexander North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Connell John White Head Templecorran
Mc Cready Samuel Aldfreck Templecorran
Mc Dermott James Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Mc Dermott Jane North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Devitt Patrick Lockstown Templecorran
Mc Dowell Jane South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Ereevy James Bentra Templecorran
Mc Errol Jane Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Mc Farran Anne Forthill Templecorran
Mc Farran William South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Farren Hugh Bentra Templecorran
Mc Farren James Bentra Templecorran
Mc Farren Mary South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Garry Richard Bentra Templecorran
Mc Giffan Anne North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Giffan Anne South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Giffan James Aldfreck Templecorran
Mc Giffan James Bentra Templecorran
Mc Giffan John Bentra Templecorran
Mc Giffan Patrick Forthill Templecorran
Mc Giffin James Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Mc Giffin James White Head Templecorran
Mc Gowan Samuel Forthill Templecorran
Mc Ilwaine Alexander South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Ilwaine Mary South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Kee James Forthill Templecorran
Mc Kee James Redhall Templecorran
Mc Kee John, Jr. Blackhill Templecorran
Mc Kee John, Sr. Blackhill Templecorran
Mc Kee Matthew North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Kee Samuel Forthill Templecorran
Mc Kee Samuel South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Kee Thomas Aldfreck Templecorran
Mc Kee Thomas Redhall Templecorran
Mc Kee William Bentra Templecorran
Mc Kee William Forthill Templecorran
Mc Kenstry Anne South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Kenstry Samuel South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Kentry James South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Kinstry Mary Forthill Templecorran
Mc Kinstry Samuel Forthill Templecorran
Mc Master Charles Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Mc Master David South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Master James Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Mc Master John Forthill Templecorran
Mc Master John Redhall Templecorran
Mc Master Robert, Jr. North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Master Robert, Sr. North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Master Sarah North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Micken James Redhall Templecorran
Mc Micken Samuel South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Murrin Joseph Lockstown Templecorran
Mc Murrin Matthew Lockstown Templecorran
Mc Murtagh Thomas South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Murtry Anne North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Murtry Thomas South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Mc Nair John Redhall Templecorran
Mihigan James White Head Templecorran
Miller Andrew North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Miller William Forthill Templecorran
Miller William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Miller William Redhall Templecorran
Miller William S. White Head Templecorran
Milliken James Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Milliken John Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Milliken Samuel Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Moore James Lockstown Templecorran
Moore James North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Moore Margaret South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Morrison Jane Forthill Templecorran
Morrison Samuel South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Morrison Thomas North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Muirte John Redhall Templecorran
Mullen Francis Redhall Templecorran
Murphy Mary Bentra Templecorran
Nelson Alexander Blackhill Templecorran
Nelson Alexander Lockstown Templecorran
Nelson Alexander North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Nelson John Lockstown Templecorran
Niblock William Bentra Templecorran
Niblock William White Head Templecorran
Noteman William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Orr James Blackhill Templecorran
Orr James South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Orr John Forthill Templecorran
Orr Robert Blackhill Templecorran
Orr Robert Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Orr Willaim Redhall Templecorran
Orr William Forthill Templecorran
Orr William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Orr William Redhall Templecorran
Parker William South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Parker William South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Parsons Matthew Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Patterson David Redhall Templecorran
Patterson Mary Anne South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Penny Henry North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Penny Mary Anne North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Pickerton George Redhall Templecorran
Pinkerton Catherine Bentra Templecorran
Purdy Robert Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Purdy William Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Reed James Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Reid James North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Ritchie William Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Robbs William North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Saunderson John Bentra Templecorran
Semple James Carnbrock Templecorran
Semple Jane Bentra Templecorran
Semple Willaim Redhall Templecorran
Service John Bentra Templecorran
Service Joseph Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Shannon Joseph South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Sharpe William Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Smiley Alexander Forthill Templecorran
Smiley Alexander Lockstown Templecorran
Smiley Alexander North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Smiley Alexander South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Smyth John North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Smyth Margaret Redhall Templecorran
Steele Andrew Forthill Templecorran
Steele Andrew Lockstown Templecorran
Steele Andrew Redhall Templecorran
Stevely Mary Bentra Templecorran
Stevely Mary Carnbrock Templecorran
Stevenson Thomas Carnbrock Templecorran
Stewart Rev. John North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Sturdy Edward Redhall Templecorran
Taylor Robert Redhall Templecorran
Thompson James Lockstown Templecorran
Topper James White Head Templecorran
Wallace John Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Watt James White Head Templecorran
Weir Jane A. South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Weir William South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
White Alexander Aldfreck Templecorran
White Edward North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Wilson John South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Wisnam James Forthill Templecorran
Wisnam James Redhall Templecorran
Wisnam William Carnbrock Templecorran
Wright Eliza North-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Wright James White Head Templecorran
Wright John Aldfreck Templecorran
Wright Robert Forthill Templecorran
Young James Knocknagulliagh Templecorran
Young John South-West Ballycarry Templecorran
Young William Bentra Templecorran

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