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Post by irishgen » 25 Aug 2004, 12:39

AGNEW Henry Breckagh Skerry
AGNEW John Breckagh Skerry
AGNEW Mary Breckagh Skerry
AGNEW Rose Breckagh Skerry
AIR David Longmore Skerry
ALEXANDER Joseph Ballycloghan Skerry
ALEXANDER James Correen Skerry
ALEXANDER Hugh Killygore Skerry
ALEXANDER James Loughconnelly Skerry
ALEXANDER Margaret Loughconnelly Skerry
ALEXANDER William Loughconnelly Skerry
ALEXANDER James Magheramully Skerry
ALLEN William Ballylig Skerry
ALLEN James Magheramully Skerry
ANDERSON Arthur Ballycloghan Skerry
ANDERSON David Correen Skerry
ANDERSON Robert Correen Skerry
ANDERSON James Knockboy Skerry
ANDERSON William Knockboy Skerry
ANDERSON Robert Tullymore Skerry
ARMSTRONG James Clonetrace Skerry
ARMSTRONG Andrew Correen Skerry
ARMSTRONG James Correen Skerry
ARMSTRONG William Correen Skerry
ARMSTRONG Andrew Elginny Skerry
ARMSTRONG Andw. Elginny Skerry
ARMSTRONG Hugh Elginny Skerry
ARMSTRONG Jas. Elginny Skerry
ARMSTRONG Jno. Elginny Skerry
ARMSTRONG Margaret Elginny Skerry
ARMSTRONG William Elginny Skerry
ARMSTRONG Andrew Knockboy Skerry
ARMSTRONG James Knockboy Skerry
ARMSTRONG William Knockboy Skerry
ARMSTRONG William Loughloughan Skerry
ARMSTRONG James Martinstown Skerry
ARMSTRONG Andrew Pollee Skerry
ARMSTRONG Anne Pollee Skerry
ARMSTRONG James Pollee Skerry
ARMSTRONG Jas. Pollee Skerry
ARMSTRONG Jno. Pollee Skerry
ARMSTRONG John Pollee Skerry
ARMSTRONG Robert Pollee Skerry
ARMSTRONG Robert, Sr. Pollee Skerry
ARMSTRONG Samuel Pollee Skerry
ARTHUR David Carncoagh Skerry
ARTHUR Joseph Carncoagh Skerry
ARTHUR Thomas Rathkenny Skerry
AUGE Samuel Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
AULL John Rathkenny Skerry
AUNGISH Samuel Ballycloghan Skerry
BAIRD John Lisnacrogher Skerry
BARBER Samuel Tullymore Skerry
BEATTY Jane Loughconnelly Skerry
BECKS James Carnkeeran Skerry
BEGGS Thomas Aghafatten Skerry
BEGGS David Breckagh Skerry
BELL John Kinbally Skerry
BELL Thomas Lisnacrogher Skerry
BELL Robert Longmore Skerry
BELL John Loughconnelly Skerry
BELL Robert Loughconnelly Skerry
BELL William Loughconnelly Skerry
BELL Rep. William Loughconnelly Skerry
BELL George Magheramully Skerry
BELL John, Jr. Pollee Skerry
BELL John, Sr. Pollee Skerry
BEST James Eglish Skerry
BETTY John Kinbally Skerry
BIRD Robert Eglish Skerry
BIRNIE William Ballymena Skerry
BLACK Richard Ballymena Skerry
BLAIR Daniel Killygore Skerry
BLAIR John Martinstown Skerry
BLUITT Robert Magheramully Skerry
BOAL Robert Kinbally Skerry
BOLAND William Elginny Skerry
BOLE Robert Kinbally Skerry
BONNS Robert Loughconnelly Skerry
BOWENS Jane Loughconnelly Skerry
BOYD William Elginny Skerry
BOYD Henry Killygore Skerry
BOYD William Kinbally Skerry
BOYD William Lisnacrogher Skerry
BOYLE John Ballycloghan Skerry
BOYLE Patrick Ballycloghan Skerry
BOYLE Joseph Loughloughan Skerry
BOYLE Joseph Magheramully Skerry
BRADLEY John Ticloy Skerry
BRAMLEY William Rathsherry Skerry
BRANAHAN John Rathsherry Skerry
BROOKS Thomas Tullymore Skerry
BROWN Robert Aghacully Skerry
BROWN Robert, Jr. Correen Skerry
BROWN Robert, Sr. Correen Skerry
BROWN Hugh Killygore Skerry
BROWN James Kinbally Skerry
BROWN James Knockboy Skerry
BROWNE Mary Eglish Skerry
BROWNE Susan Eglish Skerry
BROWNE Joseph, Jr. Islandstown Skerry
BROWNE Joseph, Sr. Islandstown Skerry
BROWNE Robert Islandstown Skerry
BROWNE James Rathkenny Skerry
BROWNLEES Robert Aghafatten Skerry
BUCK Robert Aghafatten Skerry
BUCK John Ballycloghan Skerry
BUCK Samuel Clonetrace Skerry
BUCK James Correen Skerry
BUCK Samuel Correen Skerry
BUCK John Eglish Skerry
BUCK James Kinbally Skerry
BUCK John Kinbally Skerry
BUCK Mary Kinbally Skerry
BUCK Samuel Knockboy Skerry
BUCK Robert Loughconnelly Skerry
CADEN Anne Ballymena Skerry
CALDWELL John Eglish Skerry
CAMERON James Ballycloghan Skerry
CAMERON Robert Ballycloghan Skerry
CAMERON James Eglish Skerry
CAMPBELL Charles Aghafatten Skerry
CAMPBELL Eliza Aghafatten Skerry
CAMPBELL John Aghafatten Skerry
CAMPBELL William Aghafatten Skerry
CAMPBELL Daniel Carncoagh Skerry
CAMPBELL James Elginny Skerry
CAMPBELL William Elginny Skerry
CAMPBELL James Evishnablay Skerry
CAMPBELL Mary Evishnablay Skerry
CAMPBELL Samuel Evishnablay Skerry
CAMPBELL Margaret Longmore Skerry
CAMPBELL William Rathkenny Skerry
CAREY Felix Crooknahaya Skerry
CAREY Felix Evishnablay Skerry
CAREY Henry Evishnablay Skerry
CAREY John M. Rathkenny Skerry
CARSON David Aghacully Skerry
CATHCART Robert Ballylig Skerry
CATHCART Robert Loughloughan Skerry
CHAMBERS George Clonetrace Skerry
CHAMBERS William Clonetrace Skerry
CHESNEY Robert Killygore Skerry
CHRISTIE John Carncoagh Skerry
CLARKE James Breckagh Skerry
CLARKE Thomas Loughconnelly Skerry
CLARKE William Loughconnelly Skerry
CLARKE Hugh Magheramully Skerry
CLEARY Samuel Killygore Skerry
CLEMENTS James Ballymena Skerry
CLYDE Isaac Killygore Skerry
CONNOLLY James Brae Skerry
CONNOR Andrew Rathkenny Skerry
COURTNEY James Aghacully Skerry
COWAN Robert Elginny Skerry
CRAIG Henry Ballylig Skerry
CRAIG James Kinbally Skerry
CRAIG Hugh Lisnacrogher Skerry
CRAIG Robert Rathsherry Skerry
CRAWFORD Thomas Ballycloghan Skerry
CRAWFORD Charles Breckagh Skerry
CRAWFORD Robert Breckagh Skerry
CRAWFORD Rev. William Carnkeeran Skerry
CRAWFORD Rosan Clonetrace Skerry
CRAWFORD William Glenocum Skerry
CRAWFORD Robert Loughconnelly Skerry
CRAWFORD Thomas Loughconnelly Skerry
CREGG Andrew Martinstown Skerry
CROGHAN Thomas Kinbally Skerry
CUMMING James Loughconnelly Skerry
CUMMINGS James Loughconnelly Skerry
CUNNING Anne Kinbally Skerry
CUNNINGHAM John Ballylig Skerry
CURRELL Edward B. Knockboy Skerry
CURRY James Clonetrace Skerry
CURRY Samuel Clonetrace Skerry
CURRY John Islandstown Skerry
CURRY James Killygore Skerry
CURRY John Killygore Skerry
CURRY William Pollee Skerry
CUTCHEON James Loughloughan Skerry
DAFT Jane Lisnacrogher Skerry
DALE Margaret Ballycloghan Skerry
DALY David Kinbally Skerry
DALY Samuel Kinbally Skerry
DARCUS Solomon Ballymena Skerry
DARRAGH Charlotte Loughconnelly Skerry
DARRAGH John Magheramully Skerry
DAVISON Rev. William Eglish Skerry
DAVISON Alexander Kinbally Skerry
DAVISON John Kinbally Skerry
DAVISON Alexander Knockboy Skerry
DAVISON Sarah Knockboy Skerry
DAVISON John Loughloughan Skerry
DAVISON Alexander Magheramully Skerry
DELARGY Daniel Evishnablay Skerry
DELARGY John Islandnabracky Skerry
DELARGY Daniel Knockanully Skerry
DENS John Ballymena Skerry
DEVLIN Patrick Knockanully Skerry
DEVLIN Patrick Rathsherry Skerry
DICKIE John Correen Skerry
DICKIE John Knockboy Skerry
DILL Joseph Kinbally Skerry
DINGE James Loughconnelly Skerry
DOBBIN James Longmore Skerry
DOBBIN Mark Slane Skerry
DOBBS Richard Breckagh Skerry
DOBBS Richard Longmore Skerry
DONNELLY Felix Knockanully Skerry
DONNELLY Henry Knockanully Skerry
DORAN John Longmore Skerry
DORAN Elizabeth Slane Skerry
DORNAN John Knockanully Skerry
DORNAN Bernard Slane Skerry
DORNAN James Slane Skerry
DORNAN Bernard Ticloy Skerry
DORNAN Peter Ticloy Skerry
DOUGLAS James Eglish Skerry
DOUGLAS Mary Lisnacrogher Skerry
DOWNEY Randal Carncoagh Skerry
DOWNEY William Elginny Skerry
DOWNEY Bernard Rathkenny Skerry
DUFF John Legnagooly Skerry
DUFFIN Richard Ballsallagh Skerry
DUFFIN Bridget Brae Skerry
DUFFIN Francis Brae Skerry
DUFFIN Henry Brae Skerry
DUFFIN John Brae Skerry
DUFFIN Rep. Mary Elginny Skerry
DUFFIN Richard Elginny Skerry
DUFFIN Arthur Evishnablay Skerry
DUFFIN James Gortnageeragh Skerry
DUFFIN Hugh Knockanully Skerry
DUFFIN John Knockanully Skerry
DUFFIN Neal Knockanully Skerry
DUFFIN Rody Knockanully Skerry
DUNBAR Rose Knockboy Skerry
DUNCAN James Aghacully Skerry
DUNCAN Thomas Aghacully Skerry
DUNCAN William Aghafatten Skerry
DUNLOP John Ballycloghan Skerry
DUNLOP David Clonetrace Skerry
DUNSEATH James Aghafatten Skerry
EAKIN Andrew Aghafatten Skerry
EAKIN David Lisnacrogher Skerry
EAKIN Robert Lisnacrogher Skerry
EATON Matthew Killygore Skerry
EATON William Killygore Skerry
ECCLES George Carnkeeran Skerry
ECCLES James Carnkeeran Skerry
ECCLES John Carnkeeran Skerry
ECCLES Thomas Carnkeeran Skerry
ECCLES Mrs. ??? Tullymore Skerry
ECCLES John Tullymore Skerry
ELLIOTT John Ballycloghan Skerry
ELLIOTT Thomas Ballylig Skerry
ELLIOTT James Ballymena Skerry
ELLIOTT James Carncoagh Skerry
ELLIOTT Anne Correen Skerry
ELLIOTT Adam Islandstown Skerry
ELLIOTT Thomas Killygore Skerry
ELLIOTT James Ticloy Skerry
ELLIS Elizabeth Kinbally Skerry
ELWOOD Robert Tullymore Skerry
ENGLISH Samuel Knockboy Skerry
EYRE Alexander Islandstown Skerry
FARRELL John Kinbally Skerry
FERGUSON William Carnkeeran Skerry
FERGUSON John Lisnacrogher Skerry
FINLAY Matilda Carnkeeran Skerry
FINLOUGH Jane Islandstown Skerry
FINLOUGH Sarah Islandstown Skerry
FISHER Thomas Aghafatten Skerry
FISHER Thomas Cleggan Skerry
FISHER Thomas Cleggan Skerry
FORSTER James Carncoagh Skerry
FORSYTHE John Ballycloghan Skerry
FOSTER Matthew Killygore Skerry
FRASER James Rathsherry Skerry
GALWAY James Carnkeeran Skerry
GALWAY John Knockboy Skerry
GALY Archibald Legnagooly Skerry
GARDINER John Elginny Skerry
GARDINER Thos., Jr. Elginny Skerry
GARDINER Thos., Sr. Elginny Skerry
GARDINER James Killygore Skerry
GARDINER Jane Killygore Skerry
GARDINER Rose Killygore Skerry
GARDINER Sarah Killygore Skerry
GARDINER William Killygore Skerry
GARDINER James Tullymore Skerry
GARDINER John Tullymore Skerry
GASTIN John Martinstown Skerry
GASTON Robert Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
GIBSON Alexander Ballylig Skerry
GIBSON Robert Ballymena Skerry
GIBSON Thomas Ballymena Skerry
GIBSON James Clonetrace Skerry
GIBSON Thomas Correen Skerry
GIBSON James Loughconnelly Skerry
GIBSON Alexander Loughloughan Skerry
GIBSON Samuel Loughloughan Skerry
GIBSON William Loughloughan Skerry
GIBSON Alexander Magheramully Skerry
GIBSON Alexander Rathkenny Skerry
GIBSON John Rathkenny Skerry
GIBSON Alexander Ticloy Skerry
GIBSON Robert Ticloy Skerry
GILLESPIE Charles Eglish Skerry
GILLION Susan Killygore Skerry
GILMORE Robert Ballymena Skerry
GLYNN Elizabeth Ballycloghan Skerry
GLYNN Robert Carncoagh Skerry
GLYNN James Elginny Skerry
GLYNN George Killygore Skerry
GORDON William Killygore Skerry
GORDON William Longmore Skerry
GORDON Robert Loughconnelly Skerry
GORDON Hugh Magheramully Skerry
GORDON Jane Pollee Skerry
GRACY Arthur Elginny Skerry
GRAHAM John Killycarn Skerry
GRAHAM John Quolie Skerry
GRAHAM John Slane Skerry
GRANT James Kinbally Skerry
GRAY Hugh Magheramully Skerry
GREENE Patrick Ticloy Skerry
GREGG Anne Killygore Skerry
GREGG James Killygore Skerry
GREGG Samuel Killygore Skerry
GREGG Anne Pollee Skerry
GREGG Robert Pollee Skerry
GREGG William Pollee Skerry
GRIER John Eglish Skerry
GRIER John Tullymore Skerry
GRIMES Hugh Kinbally Skerry
GRIMES George Rathsherry Skerry
HAINEY John Islandstown Skerry
HAMILL Roger Breckagh Skerry
HAMILL Patrick Longmore Skerry
HAMILTON Hall Aghacully Skerry
HAMILTON Hall Aghafatten Skerry
HAMILTON William Islandstown Skerry
HAMILTON Andrew Lisnacrogher Skerry
HAMILTON James Lisnacrogher Skerry
HAMILTON Samuel Lisnacrogher Skerry
HAMILTON Robert Loughconnelly Skerry
HAMILTON Samuel Pollee Skerry
HAZLETT William Carncoagh Skerry
HENRY William Knockboy Skerry
HERBISON James Killygore Skerry
HERBISON Adam Rathsherry Skerry
HERBISON Robert Tullymore Skerry
HEUSTON Samuel Elginny Skerry
HEUSTON Robert Pollee Skerry
HEUSTON Samuel Pollee Skerry
HOLDEN James Ballylig Skerry
HOLDEN John Carnkeeran Skerry
HOLDEN Margaret Carnkeeran Skerry
HOOD Eliza Breckagh Skerry
HUMPHRIES James Kinbally Skerry
HUNTER Elizabeth Aghacully Skerry
HUNTER William Islandstown Skerry
HUNTER John Loughconnelly Skerry
HUNTER William Loughconnelly Skerry
HUNTER James Loughloughan Skerry
HUNTER John Loughloughan Skerry
HUTCHESON Rachel Knockboy Skerry
HUTCHINSON Mary Carncoagh Skerry
HUTCHINSON Jane Knockboy Skerry
IRWIN James Eglish Skerry
IRWIN William Islandstown Skerry
IRWIN John Loughloughan Skerry
IRWIN Archibald Magheramully Skerry
IRWIN James Magheramully Skerry
ISLAND John Islandstown Skerry
JAMESON Elizabeth Loughconnelly Skerry
JAMESON Emily Jane Loughconnelly Skerry
JAMESON Joseph Loughconnelly Skerry
JAMESON James Slane Skerry
JOHNSTON Elizabeth Ballycloghan Skerry
JOHNSTON Charles Clonetrace Skerry
JOHNSTON David Clonetrace Skerry
JOHNSTON James Clonetrace Skerry
JOHNSTON John, Jr. Clonetrace Skerry
JOHNSTON John, Sr. Clonetrace Skerry
JOHNSTON Hugh Correen Skerry
JOHNSTON George Eglish Skerry
JOHNSTON Robert Islandstown Skerry
JOHNSTON John Killygore Skerry
JOHNSTON James Knockboy Skerry
JOHNSTON Martin Knockboy Skerry
JOHNSTON William Loughconnelly Skerry
JOHNSTON Anne Loughloughan Skerry
JOHNSTON Margaret Loughloughan Skerry
JOHNSTON James Rathsherry Skerry
KEANE Archibald Rathsherry Skerry
KEARNS Henry Carncoagh Skerry
KEARNS Robert Lisnacrogher Skerry
KEENAN Charles Loughconnelly Skerry
KELLY Edward Breckagh Skerry
KELLY William Rathkenny Skerry
KENNEDY John Eglish Skerry
KENNEDY John Knockboy Skerry
KENNY Samuel Knockboy Skerry
KERNAHAN James, Sr. Legnagooly Skerry
KERNAHAN Jas., Jr. Legnagooly Skerry
KERNAHAN Stewart Legnagooly Skerry
KERNAHAN James Martinstown Skerry
KERRIGAN Elizabeth Tullymore Skerry
KIDD John Loughloughan Skerry
KIDD John Magheramully Skerry
KIDD John Ticloy Skerry
KILL John Aghacully Skerry
KILPATRICK Buchan Carncoagh Skerry
KILPATRICK John Loughconnelly Skerry
KINCART Robert Kinbally Skerry
KIRK William Ballymena Skerry
KIRK James Killycarn Skerry
KIRK James Rathsherry Skerry
KIRKPATRICK John Aghacully Skerry
KIRKPATRICK Elizabeth Ballylig Skerry
KIRKPATRICK James Ballylig Skerry
KIRKPATRICK John Ballylig Skerry
KIRKPATRICK Joseph Ballymena Skerry
KIRKPATRICK Joseph Loughloughan Skerry
KYLE Alexander Longmore Skerry
KYLE John Longmore Skerry
LAMAN Matthew Ballycloghan Skerry
LAMONT Matthew Ballycloghan Skerry
LAMONT William Eglish Skerry
LAMONT George Knockboy Skerry
LANYON Charles Legnagooly Skerry
LARKIN William Correen Skerry
LEECH Mary Lisnacrogher Skerry
LERNAHAN Charles Gortnageeragh Skerry
LILLY William Aghafatten Skerry
LILLY James Loughconnelly Skerry
LINN John, Jr. Carnkeeran Skerry
LINN John, Sr. Carnkeeran Skerry
LINN John Loughconnelly Skerry
LINN John Loughloughan Skerry
LINN John Slane Skerry
LINOCK David Islandstown Skerry
LINTON John Islandstown Skerry
LOGAN Robert Breckagh Skerry
LOGAN John Elginny Skerry
LOGAN William Killygore Skerry
LOGAN Thomas Kinbally Skerry
LOGAN Thomas Rathsherry Skerry
LORAN Bridget Knockanully Skerry
LORR Wakefield Elginny Skerry
LOUGHRAN James Tullymore Skerry
LOVE George Clonetrace Skerry
LUCAS William Tullymore Skerry
LUKE Robert Elginny Skerry
LUKE James Glenocum Skerry
LYNN James Aghafatten Skerry
LYSTER John Correen Skerry
MACKREL Jane Elginny Skerry
MACKRELL James Carncoagh Skerry
MACKRELL James Rathkenny Skerry
MACLEAN Elizabeth Kinbally Skerry
MACRORY James Loughconnelly Skerry
MADDEN Rose Knockanully Skerry
MAHON Robert Kinbally Skerry
MAHON John Longmore Skerry
MALONE William Killygore Skerry
MANN John Eglish Skerry
MANN James Kinbally Skerry
MANN Thomas Kinbally Skerry
MARCUS David Breckagh Skerry
MARCUS James Loughconnelly Skerry
MARSHALL Robert Aghafatten Skerry
MARSHALL William Aghafatten Skerry
MARSHALL Robert Killygore Skerry
MARTIN Andrew Aghafatten Skerry
MARTIN Maryanne Killygore Skerry
MARTIN John Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
MARTIN Thomas Loughconnelly Skerry
MARTIN Andrew Martinstown Skerry
MARTIN Andrew, Jr. Martinstown Skerry
MASON John Ballymena Skerry
MAXWELL Robert Aghafatten Skerry
MC ADAM James Lisnacrogher Skerry
MC ALISSE John Knockanully Skerry
MC ALISTER James Rathkenny Skerry
MC ALLISTER James Ballycloghan Skerry
MC ALLISTER James Clonetrace Skerry
MC ALLISTER Joseph Islandstown Skerry
MC ALLISTER James Kinbally Skerry
MC ALLISTER James Longmore Skerry
MC ALLISTER Randal Pollee Skerry
MC ALLISTER James Slane Skerry
MC ALLISTER Mary Tullymore Skerry
MC ALONAN James Loughconnelly Skerry
MC ALUNE Samuel Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
MC ANLEY Rev. Wm. J. Aghafatten Skerry
MC ANULLY Felix Longmore Skerry
MC ANULLY James Longmore Skerry
MC ATEER Alexander Rathkenny Skerry
MC ATEER Samuel Rathkenny Skerry
MC ATOSH Joseph Rathsherry Skerry
MC ATURK Anne Ballycloghan Skerry
MC AULEY Henry Evishnablay Skerry
MC AULEY Rev. Wm. Jno. Islandnabracky Skerry
MC AULEY Anne Kinbally Skerry
MC AULEY Jane Kinbally Skerry
MC AULEY John Kinbally Skerry
MC AULEY Henry Magheramully Skerry
MC AULEY Ellen Slane Skerry
MC AULEY John Slane Skerry
MC AULEY Patrick Slane Skerry
MC BIRNEY Francis Ballylig Skerry
MC BIRNEY James Ballylig Skerry
MC BIRNEY John Pollee Skerry
MC BIRNIE James Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
MC BRIDE Alexander Ballycloghan Skerry
MC BRIDE Amie Ballycloghan Skerry
MC BRIDE Gardiner Correen Skerry
MC BRIDE James Correen Skerry
MC BRIDE Robin Correen Skerry
MC BRIDE William Correen Skerry
MC BRIDE James Eglish Skerry
MC BRIDE Robert Knockboy Skerry
MC BURNIE John Ticloy Skerry
MC BURNIE William Ticloy Skerry
MC CAFFERTY Patrick Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC CAHY Francis Carncoagh Skerry
MC CAHY Thomas Eglish Skerry
MC CAHY John Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC CAHY John Islandstown Skerry
MC CAHY John Kinbally Skerry
MC CAHY William Kinbally Skerry
MC CAHY Thomas Legnagooly Skerry
MC CAHY Thomas Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
MC CAHY Robert Martinstown Skerry
MC CAHY Francis Rathkenny Skerry
MC CAHY James Rathsherry Skerry
MC CAHY John Rathsherry Skerry
MC CALLION Henry Breckagh Skerry
MC CALLION Anne Carncoagh Skerry
MC CALVEY John Lisnacrogher Skerry
MC CAMBRIDGE Bernard Evishnablay Skerry
MC CAMBRIDGE Bernd. Evishnablay Skerry
MC CAMBRIDGE Randal Evishnablay Skerry
MC CANN Patrick Ballsallagh Skerry
MC CANN Peter Evishnablay Skerry
MC CANN John Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC CANN Henry Legnagooly Skerry
MC CAREY James Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC CARLEY Moses Ballycloghan Skerry
MC CARLEY William Ballycloghan Skerry
MC CARLEY John Eglish Skerry
MC CART William Kinbally Skerry
MC CAY David Ballymena Skerry
MC CAY Gordon Ballymena Skerry
MC CAY James Ballymena Skerry
MC CAY Joseph Ballymena Skerry
MC CAY Rolem Ballymena Skerry
MC CAY Alexander Elginny Skerry
MC CAY Mary Elginny Skerry
MC CAY Robert Elginny Skerry
MC CAY John Rathkenny Skerry
MC CLINTOCK John Ballymena Skerry
MC CLINTOCK Andrew Correen Skerry
MC CLINTOCK Robert Elginny Skerry
MC CLINTOCK John Killygore Skerry
MC CLINTOCK William Killygore Skerry
MC CLINTOCK John Kinbally Skerry
MC CLINTOCK Jos. Kinbally Skerry
MC CLINTOCK William Kinbally Skerry
MC CLINTOCK Samuel Pollee Skerry
MC CLINTOCK William Pollee Skerry
MC CLINTOCK William Rathsherry Skerry
MC CLINTOCK William Ticloy Skerry
MC CLINTON John Legnagooly Skerry
MC CLINTON John Rathsherry Skerry
MC CLURE Joseph Aghacully Skerry
MC CLURE John Ballylig Skerry
MC CLURE Joseph Carnkeeran Skerry
MC CLURE Samuel Carnkeeran Skerry
MC CLURE Charles Knockboy Skerry
MC CLURE Samuel Lisnacrogher Skerry
MC CLURE John Loughloughan Skerry
MC CLURE John Ticloy Skerry
MC CLUSKEY George Loughconnelly Skerry
MC COLLUM Henry Knockanully Skerry
MC COLLUM James Ticloy Skerry
MC COMB John Carncoagh Skerry
MC COMBS James Martinstown Skerry
MC COSH David Ballycloghan Skerry
MC COSH David, Jr. Ballycloghan Skerry
MC COSH John Ballycloghan Skerry
MC COSH Joseph Ballycloghan Skerry
MC COSH John Eglish Skerry
MC COSH Matilda Eglish Skerry
MC COSH David Knockboy Skerry
MC COSH Matilda Knockboy Skerry
MC COSH James Lisnacrogher Skerry
MC COSH David Pollee Skerry
MC COSH John Pollee Skerry
MC CRACKART Christr. Killycarn Skerry
MC CULLAGH William Aghacully Skerry
MC CULLAGH Samuel Aghafatten Skerry
MC CULLAGH John Carncoagh Skerry
MC CULLAGH James Islandstown Skerry
MC CULLAGH Daniel Kinbally Skerry
MC CULLAGH Elizabeth Kinbally Skerry
MC CULLAGH Mary Kinbally Skerry
MC CULLAGH William Kinbally Skerry
MC CULLAGH Henry Knockboy Skerry
MC CULLAGH James Lisnacrogher Skerry
MC CULLAGH David Loughconnelly Skerry
MC CULLAGH John Rathkenny Skerry
MC CULLY John Ballylig Skerry
MC CULLY Charles Correen Skerry
MC CULLY John Correen Skerry
MC CULLY John Knockboy Skerry
MC CURDY William Rathsherry Skerry
MC CURLEY Bridget Longmore Skerry
MC DILL Elizabeth Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC DILL Joseph Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC DILL Samuel Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC DONNELL Alex. Killycarn Skerry
MC DONNELL Daniel Killycarn Skerry
MC DONNELL Ranald Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
MC DOWELL Matthew Magheramully Skerry
MC ELEENAN Samuel Tullymore Skerry
MC ELGORMAN Jane Ticloy Skerry
MC ELHAG Robert Rathkenny Skerry
MC ELHAGAN John Ballycloghan Skerry
MC ELHAGAN William Ballycloghan Skerry
MC ELHAGAN John Killygore Skerry
MC ELHAGAN Mary Killygore Skerry
MC ELHAGAN Rep. Jas. Kinbally Skerry
MC ELLARD Robert Rathkenny Skerry
MC ELROY Elizabeth Carncoagh Skerry
MC ELVENNA Robert Aghafatten Skerry
MC ELVENNA John Evishnablay Skerry
MC ELWAIN Robert Slane Skerry
MC ELWANE John Killygore Skerry
MC ELWANE James Loughconnelly Skerry
MC ENTYRE Robert Ballymena Skerry
MC ENTYRE Roddy Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC ENTYRE James Knockboy Skerry
MC ENTYRE Robert Martinstown Skerry
MC ERLANE James Ballycloghan Skerry
MC GAHAN Jeremiah Breckagh Skerry
MC GAHAN Michael Islandnabracky Skerry
MC GAHAN Catherine Legnagooly Skerry
MC GARRY Hugh Breckagh Skerry
MC GARRY James Knockboy Skerry
MC GARRY John Knockboy Skerry
MC GARRY Felix Loughconnelly Skerry
MC GILL Patrick Carnkeeran Skerry
MC GILL William Elginny Skerry
MC GILL Patrick Islandstown Skerry
MC GILL David Kinbally Skerry
MC GILL Patrick Loughconnelly Skerry
MC GILL Hugh Tullymore Skerry
MC GOWAN John Rathkenny Skerry
MC GOWAN Hugh Rathsherry Skerry
MC GRATH Samuel Clonetrace Skerry
MC GRATH William Clonetrace Skerry
MC GUIGAN Anne Correen Skerry
MC HENRY Hugh Ballycloghan Skerry
MC HENRY Denis Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC HENRY James Islandnabracky Skerry
MC IVER Elizabeth Breckagh Skerry
MC IVER Samuel Breckagh Skerry
MC IVER Peter Carncoagh Skerry
MC IVER John Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC IVER Elizabeth Islandnabracky Skerry
MC IVER Mary Islandnabracky Skerry
MC IVER Cornelius Knockanully Skerry
MC IVER John Knockanully Skerry
MC IVER William Knockanully Skerry
MC JURY Robert Knockboy Skerry
MC KEANE Robert Rathsherry Skerry
MC KEBIN James Islandstown Skerry
MC KEE James Loughloughan Skerry
MC KENDRY Bridget Knockanully Skerry
MC KEON Felix Eglish Skerry
MC KEVIN Bernard Loughloughan Skerry
MC KILLOP Archibald Gortnageeragh Skerry
MC LEANE Archibald Magheramully Skerry
MC LOUGHLIN Bernard Ballsallagh Skerry
MC LOUGHLIN Charles Ballsallagh Skerry
MC LOUGHLIN James Ballsallagh Skerry
MC LOUGHLIN John Ballsallagh Skerry
MC LOUGHLIN Catherine Knockboy Skerry
MC LOUGHLIN Charles Martinstown Skerry
MC LOUGHLIN Daniel Slane Skerry
MC LOUGHLIN Michael Slane Skerry
MC MASTER Samuel Carncoagh Skerry
MC MICHAEL James Islandstown Skerry
MC MICHAEL Joseph Islandstown Skerry
MC MICKEN William Rathkenny Skerry
MC MULLEN James Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
MC MULLEN John Ticloy Skerry
MC MURRAY William Tullymore Skerry
MC NEILL John Carncoagh Skerry
MC NEILL William Correen Skerry
MC NEILL Robert Eglish Skerry
MC NEILL James Kinbally Skerry
MC NEILL John Kinbally Skerry
MC QUILLAN John Aghafatten Skerry
MC QUILLAN Alex. Ballsallagh Skerry
MC QUILLAN Alexander Ballsallagh Skerry
MC QUILLAN Robert Ballsallagh Skerry
MC QUILLAN William Ballsallagh Skerry
MC QUILLAN Mary Ballylig Skerry
MC QUILLAN Charles Killycarn Skerry
MC QUILLAN Robert Killycarn Skerry
MC QUILLAN Ellen Longmore Skerry
MC QUILLAN William Longmore Skerry
MC SERVIL Isaac Rathkenny Skerry
MC SHANE Bridget Ballsallagh Skerry
MC SHANE Patrick Ballsallagh Skerry
MC SHANE Thomas Ballsallagh Skerry
MC TURK William Ballymena Skerry
MC TURK William Clonetrace Skerry
MC VEY Thomas Elginny Skerry
MC VEY Matthew Kinbally Skerry
MC VEY Rody Kinbally Skerry
MC VICKER Margaret Islandstown Skerry
MCDONNELL Charles Islandnabracky Skerry
MELLON Felix Killycarn Skerry
MELLON Mary Killycarn Skerry
MELLON Patrick Killycarn Skerry
MILLER Elizabeth Aghacully Skerry
MILLER James Aghacully Skerry
MILLER John Aghacully Skerry
MILLER Peter Ballycloghan Skerry
MILLER Anne Ballylig Skerry
MILLER Robert Knockboy Skerry
MITCHELL Jane Slane Skerry
MITCHELL Robert Ticloy Skerry
MOFFET Robert Clonetrace Skerry
MOFFITT John Ballylig Skerry
MOFFITT Robert Ballylig Skerry
MONKS Robert Kinbally Skerry
MONTFORD John Ballylig Skerry
MONTFORD Hugh Ballymena Skerry
MONTFORD Rep. John Loughconnelly Skerry
MONTFROD John Loughloughan Skerry
MONTGOMERY Anne Aghacully Skerry
MONTGOMERY Anne Aghafatten Skerry
MONTGOMERY Rev. Jno. Breckagh Skerry
MONTGOMERY John Breckagh Skerry
MONTGOMERY John Killygore Skerry
MONTGOMERY Rev. Jno. Loughloughan Skerry
MONTGOMERY James Tullymore Skerry
MOONEY Edward Ballycloghan Skerry
MOONEY Robert Carncoagh Skerry
MOORE Anne Aghacully Skerry
MOOREHEAD William Carncoagh Skerry
MOOREHEAD John Elginny Skerry
MOOREWOOD James Carncoagh Skerry
MULLEN Hugh Gortnageeragh Skerry
MURDOCK John Islandstown Skerry
MURDOCK Alexander Rathkenny Skerry
MURPHY Daniel Ballycloghan Skerry
MURPHY John Ballycloghan Skerry
MURPHY John Lisnacrogher Skerry
MURRAY John Carncoagh Skerry
MURRAY Bernard Knockanully Skerry
MURRAY John Knockanully Skerry
NEASON Andrew Lisnacrogher Skerry
NEILLY James Knockboy Skerry
NEILLY John Rathsherry Skerry
NELSON Samuel Martinstown Skerry
NICHOLL Anne Rathsherry Skerry
NICHOLS William Knockboy Skerry
O'DONNELL Hugh Slane Skerry
O'DORNAN John Magheramully Skerry
O'HAGAN Charles Carncoagh Skerry
O'HARA Henry Breckagh Skerry
O'HARA Andrew Longmore Skerry
OLOAN Henry Gortnageeragh Skerry
OLOAN James Gortnageeragh Skerry
OLOAN Edward Knockboy Skerry
OLOAN James Knockboy Skerry
OMELVENNA John Loughconnelly Skerry
OMELVENNA Hugh Ticloy Skerry
O'NEILL Rev. William C. Carnkeeran Skerry
O'NEILL Hugh Gortnageeragh Skerry
O'NEILL James Killycarn Skerry
O'NEILL Rev. William C. Killycarn Skerry
O'NEILL James Legnagooly Skerry
O'NEILL William Longmore Skerry
O'NEILL Rev. William. C. Longmore Skerry
O'NEILL Margaret Pollee Skerry
O'NEILL Rev. William C. Quolie Skerry
O'NEILL Rev. Wm. C. Tullymore Skerry
ORAW Richard Clonetrace Skerry
ORR Robert Eglish Skerry
ORR Rev. Malcolm Legnagooly Skerry
ORR Rev. Malcolm Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
ORR Rev. Malcolm Martinstown Skerry
PATRICK James Aghacully Skerry
PATTERSON Andrew Ballycloghan Skerry
PATTERSON John Carncoagh Skerry
PATTERSON Andrew Clonetrace Skerry
PATTERSON John Clonetrace Skerry
PATTERSON Andrew Correen Skerry
PATTERSON Thomas Correen Skerry
PATTERSON Joseph Eglish Skerry
PATTERSON Thomas Knockboy Skerry
PAUL Archibald Knockanully Skerry
PAUL William Knockanully Skerry
PAUL Moses Legnagooly Skerry
PAUL Archibald Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
PAUL Rep. Moses Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
PAUL Robert Lisbreen Halfquarter Skerry
PAUL William Rathkenny Skerry
PEACOCK James Lisnacrogher Skerry
PETTIGREW Andrew Carncoagh Skerry
PETTIGREW John Carncoagh Skerry
PETTIGREW John Eglish Skerry
PETTIGREW James Rathsherry Skerry
PURDIFF Anne Killygore Skerry
PURDY John Eglish Skerry
PURDY John Loughconnelly Skerry
PURDY Thomas Loughconnelly Skerry
PURDY William Loughloughan Skerry
QUAID John Carncoagh Skerry
QUAID William Carnkeeran Skerry
QUAIT Taylor Carncoagh Skerry
QUINN Charles Pollee Skerry
RAILAGH Bernard Carncoagh Skerry
RAILAGH John Carncoagh Skerry
RAINEY Robert Rathkenny Skerry
RANALDS William Longmore Skerry
RAWLES Bernard Carncoagh Skerry
RAWLEY Patrick Carncoagh Skerry
RAY William Elginny Skerry
RAY Joseph Glenocum Skerry
RED Neal Islandnabracky Skerry
RED John Killygore Skerry
REDMOND Peter Clonetrace Skerry
REID Neil Ballsallagh Skerry
REID Alexander Killycarn Skerry
REID James Killycarn Skerry
REID William Killygore Skerry
REID Anne Kinbally Skerry
REID Matthew Knockanully Skerry
REID John Rathkenny Skerry
REID John Slane Skerry
RENY Robert Clonetrace Skerry
REYNOLDS Hugh Aghafatten Skerry
RICHARDSON Hugh Correen Skerry
RITCHIE James Aghafatten Skerry
RITCHIE Anne Jane Ballylig Skerry
RITCHIE George Ballylig Skerry
RITCHIE John Carncoagh Skerry
RITCHIE Martha Loughloughan Skerry
RITCHIE James Pollee Skerry
RITCHIE John Ticloy Skerry
ROBB John Longmore Skerry
ROBINSON Jane Elginny Skerry
ROBINSON Clarke Killycarn Skerry
ROBINSON Henry Killycarn Skerry
ROBINSON Neal, Jr. Killycarn Skerry
ROBINSON Neal, Sr. Killycarn Skerry
ROBINSON Patrick Killycarn Skerry
ROBINSON William Killycarn Skerry
ROBINSON Rev. Archbd. Knockboy Skerry
ROBINSON James Longmore Skerry
ROBINSON Neal Slane Skerry
RODOND John Clonetrace Skerry
ROGERS Matthew Carncoagh Skerry
ROGERS John Pollee Skerry
RORKE Michael Carncoagh Skerry
ROSS Thomas Carncoagh Skerry
SAVENY John M. Rathkenny Skerry
SAYERS William Ballymena Skerry
SAYERS William Tullymore Skerry
SCALLIN Daniel Gortnageeragh Skerry
SCOTT John Clonetrace Skerry
SCOTT Robert Correen Skerry
SCULLION John Crooknahaya Skerry
SCULLION Michael Crooknahaya Skerry
SCULLION Patk. Crooknahaya Skerry
SCULLION Patrick Crooknahaya Skerry
SERWISS William Elginny Skerry
SHANNON Patrick Knockanully Skerry
SHARMON William Ballymena Skerry
SHAW Robert Ballylig Skerry
SHAW Mary Loughconnelly Skerry
SHAW Robert Loughconnelly Skerry
SHEPPARD John Rathsherry Skerry
SHIELS Hugh Gortnageeragh Skerry
SIMPSON John Ballylig Skerry
SIMPSON Alex Carncoagh Skerry
SIMPSON John Carncoagh Skerry
SIMPSON Robert Carncoagh Skerry
SIMPSON John Magheramully Skerry
SLOANE Joseph Tullymore Skerry
SMILEY John Rathsherry Skerry
SMITH Andrew Clonetrace Skerry
SMITH James Kinbally Skerry
SMITH Jeremiah Kinbally Skerry
SMITH Elizabeth Knockboy Skerry
SMITH William Ticloy Skerry
SMITH Eliza Tullymore Skerry
SMITH Eliza Tullymore Skerry
SPEAR John Rathkenny Skerry
SPEAR Margaret Rathkenny Skerry
SPENCE Margaret Kinbally Skerry
STEELE John Knockboy Skerry
STENSON James Gortnageeragh Skerry
STERLING William Ballylig Skerry
STERLING James Lisnacrogher Skerry
STERLING James Magheramully Skerry
STERLING Elizabeth Martinstown Skerry
STEVENSON John Kinbally Skerry
STEVENSON John Rathsherry Skerry
STEWART Robert Aghafatten Skerry
STEWART Gamble Lisnacrogher Skerry
STEWART John Lisnacrogher Skerry
STEWART John Loughconnelly Skerry
STEWART Robert Rathkenny Skerry
STEWART James Rathsherry Skerry
STRAHAN James Aghafatten Skerry
STRAHAN Thomas Killygore Skerry
STRAHAN James Lisnacrogher Skerry
STRAHAN John Lisnacrogher Skerry
STRAHAN Mary Lisnacrogher Skerry
STRAHAN James Magheramully Skerry
STRAHAN Samuel Rathkenny Skerry
STRAHAN James Ticloy Skerry
SUITER James Ballycloghan Skerry
SUTER Robert Eglish Skerry
SWAN John Carncoagh Skerry
SWAN Mary Carncoagh Skerry
SWAN James Evishnablay Skerry
TAFT William Lisnacrogher Skerry
TAFTS Robert Rathkenny Skerry
TAFTS Thomas Rathkenny Skerry
TAGGART James Aghafatten Skerry
TAGGART Jane Carncoagh Skerry
TAGGART John Carncoagh Skerry
TAGGART David Longmore Skerry
TAGGART William Pollee Skerry
TEGGART Alexander Knockboy Skerry
TEGGART Andrew Knockboy Skerry
TEGGART Robert Knockboy Skerry
TENNENT Margaret Loughconnelly Skerry
THOMPSON William R. Ballycloghan Skerry
THOMPSON Wm. R. Ballycloghan Skerry
THOMPSON Robert Ballymena Skerry
THOMPSON Hugh Carncoagh Skerry
THOMPSON James Carncoagh Skerry
THOMPSON William Carncoagh Skerry
THOMPSON James Eglish Skerry
THOMPSON John Eglish Skerry
THOMPSON Thomas Eglish Skerry
THOMPSON William R. Eglish Skerry
THOMPSON Hugh Rathkenny Skerry
THOMPSON James Rathkenny Skerry
THOMPSON John Rathkenny Skerry
THOMPSON Adam Tullymore Skerry
THOMPSON John Tullymore Skerry
TINSAL Robert Ticloy Skerry
TOUHER Alexander Rathkenny Skerry
TRAYNOR Thomas Ballycloghan Skerry
TRUE Charles Elginny Skerry
TURTLE Anne Loughloughan Skerry
WAKE John Kinbally Skerry
WALKER Andrew Kinbally Skerry
WALLACE William Carncoagh Skerry
WALSH Daniel Brae Skerry
WALSH John Carnkeeran Skerry
WALSH John Elginny Skerry
WALSH John Evishnablay Skerry
WALSH James Islandnabracky Skerry
WALSH Robert Kinbally Skerry
WALSH Arthur Knockanully Skerry
WALSH Daniel Knockanully Skerry
WARREN Henry Loughloughan Skerry
WATSON Matthew Clonetrace Skerry
WEARNS Catherine Loughloughan Skerry
WEIR Eliza Ticloy Skerry
WEIR Elizabeth Ticloy Skerry
WHITE James R. Correen Skerry
WHITE Andrew Elginny Skerry
WHITE Hugh Elginny Skerry
WHITE James Elginny Skerry
WHITE James Kinbally Skerry
WHITE John Kinbally Skerry
WHITE Robert Kinbally Skerry
WHITE James Knockboy Skerry
WHITE Thomas Loughloughan Skerry
WHITE Timothy Rathkenny Skerry
WHITE Nicholas Ticloy Skerry
WHITE James Tullymore Skerry
WHITE William Tullymore Skerry
WHITESIDE Thomas Killygore Skerry
WHITESIDE Robert Rathkenny Skerry
WHITFIELD Archibald Killygore Skerry
WHITTLE John Carnkeeran Skerry
WILEY Rep. James Elginny Skerry
WILEY John Loughconnelly Skerry
WILSON David Ballycloghan Skerry
WILSON Alexander Ballymena Skerry
WILSON William Ballymena Skerry
WILSON John Carncoagh Skerry
WILSON Mary Carncoagh Skerry
WILSON David Eglish Skerry
WILSON Robert Killycarn Skerry
WILSON Andrew Kinbally Skerry
WILSON David Knockboy Skerry
WILSON James Legnagooly Skerry
WRIGHT Henry Carncoagh Skerry
WRIGHT William Eglish Skerry
WRIGHT Robert Slane Skerry
WYLIE James Carncoagh Skerry
WYLIE James Killygore Skerry
WYLIE Alexander Rathkenny Skerry
WYLIE William Rathsherry Skerry
YOUNG James Correen Skerry
YOUNG Robert Correen Skerry
YOUNG Samuel Lisnacrogher Skerry
YOUNG William A. Tullymore Skerry

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