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ANDERSON Patrick Ballycarry Rathlin
ANDERSON Donald Ballyconagan Rathlin
ANDERSON Michael Ballygill South Rathlin
ANDERSON Joseph Carravindoon Rathlin
ANDERSON Alexander Craigmacagan Rathlin
ANDERSON John Kinkeel Rathlin
ANDERSON John Knockans Rathlin
BLACK William, Jr. Ballygill Middle Rathlin
BLACK William, Sr. Ballygill Middle Rathlin
BLACK John Ballygill North Rathlin
BLACK Michael Ballygill South Rathlin
BLACK James Demesne Rathlin
CRAIG Neill Ballygill Middle Rathlin
CRAIG Neill Ballygill North Rathlin
CRAIG Duncan Ballynagard Rathlin
CRAIG James Carravindoon Rathlin
CRAIG James Craigmacagan Rathlin
CRAIG John Craigmacagan Rathlin
CRAIG John Craigmacagan Rathlin
CURRY Alexander Ballyconagan Rathlin
CURRY John Ballyconagan Rathlin
FAUL Archibald Kinramer South Rathlin
GAGE Robert Ballynagard Rathlin
GAGE Rev. Robert Ballynoe Rathlin
GAGE Rev. Robert Churchquarter Rathlin
GAGE Rev. Robert Demesne Rathlin
GAGE Rev. Robert Glebe Rathlin
GAGE Robert Kilpatrick Rathlin
GAGE Rev. Robert Kinkeel Rathlin
GAGE Rev. Robert Roonivoolin Rathlin
GRAHAM William Kinkeel Rathlin
HUNTER Mary Craigmacagan Rathlin
JAMES Rev. Albert Demesne Rathlin
LOUGHERTY James Churchquarter Rathlin
MACARTNEY Rev. Michl. Mullindress Rathlin
Mc ARTHUR Daniel Ballycarry Rathlin
Mc CARTER Donald Craigmacagan Rathlin
Mc CORMICK Donald Carravindoon Rathlin
Mc CORMICK Donald Roonivoolin Rathlin
Mc COY Neal Carravinally Rathlin
Mc COY Isabella Demesne Rathlin
Mc CURDY Donald Ballycarry Rathlin
Mc CURDY John Ballycarry Rathlin
Mc CURDY Patrick Ballycarry Rathlin
Mc CURDY Neill Ballyconagan Rathlin
Mc CURDY Archibald Ballygill Middle Rathlin
Mc CURDY Archibald Ballygill North Rathlin
Mc CURDY Elizabeth Ballygill South Rathlin
Mc CURDY John Cleggan Rathlin
Mc CURDY Michael Cleggan Rathlin
Mc CURDY Patk., Jr. Cleggan Rathlin
Mc CURDY Patk., Sr. Cleggan Rathlin
Mc CURDY John Kinramer North Rathlin
Mc CURDY Michael Kinramer North Rathlin
Mc CURDY Patk., Jr. Kinramer North Rathlin
Mc CURDY Patk., Sr. Kinramer North Rathlin
Mc CURDY Daniel Knockans Rathlin
Mc CURDY Donald Knockans Rathlin
Mc FAUL Neill Knockans Rathlin
Mc FAUL James Mullindress Rathlin
Mc KEAGUE John Ballyconagan Rathlin
Mc KINLEY Donald Ballycarry Rathlin
Mc KINLEY John Craigmacagan Rathlin
Mc KINLEY John Roonivoolin Rathlin
Mc QUAIG Eneas Ballyconagan Rathlin
Mc QUAIG Jas. Ballynoe Rathlin
Mc QUAIG Michl. Ballynoe Rathlin
Mc QUAIG John Carravindoon Rathlin
Mc QUAIG Robert Carravindoon Rathlin
Mc QUAIG Robert Kinkeel Rathlin
Mc QUAIG John Roonivoolin Rathlin
Mc QUIG John Ballycarry Rathlin
Mc QUIG James Demesne Rathlin
Mc QUIG John Demesne Rathlin
Mc QUIG Michael Jas. Demesne Rathlin
Mc QUIG John Glebe Rathlin
Mc QUILCAN Alex. Carravinally Rathlin
MORRISON Archibald Ballygill Middle Rathlin
MORRISON Archibald Carravinally Rathlin
MORRISON Catherine Carravinally Rathlin
MORRISON Patrick Carravindoon Rathlin
MORRISON John Kinramer South Rathlin
MORRISON Alexander Roonivoolin Rathlin
THOMPSON Charles Kinkeel Rathlin
WEIR Alexander Carravindoon Rathlin
WEIR Donald Churchquarter Rathlin
WILKINSON Allen Ballycarry Rathlin
WILKINSON John Ballycarry Rathlin
WILLIAMSON James Kebble Rathlin

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