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Post by irishgen » 30 Aug 2004, 23:42

ADAIR John Carnlea Rashee
ADAIR William Carnlea Rashee
ADRAIN Robert Dunamoy Rashee
ALEXANDER James Carnlea Rashee
ALLEN John Carnlea Rashee
ALLEN Thomas Carnlea Rashee
ALLEN John Dunamoy Rashee
ALLEN John Rashee Rashee
ALLEN Robert Rashee Rashee
ALLEN Rep. John G. Tildarg Rashee
ARMSTRONG John Ballynashee Rashee
ARMSTRONG Edward Carnlea Rashee
ARMSTRONG James Carnlea Rashee
ARMSTRONG Robert Tildarg Rashee
ARTHURS Andrew Dunamoy Rashee
ARTHURS Robert Dunamoy Rashee
BARKLIE Robert Rashee Rashee
BARKLIE William Rashee Rashee
BARKLIE Robert Tildarg Rashee
BEATTY William Tildarg Rashee
BEGGS James Ballynashee Rashee
BEGGS Robert Ballynashee Rashee
BEGGS William Ballynashee Rashee
BEGGS Andrew Dunamoy Rashee
BEGGS James Rashee Rashee
BELL Adam Rashee Rashee
BELL Andrew Rashee Rashee
BELL James Rashee Rashee
BELL William Tildarg Rashee
BLAIR John Rashee Rashee
BLAIR Nathaniel Rashee Rashee
BONER James Carnlea Rashee
BOYS Thomas Dunamoy Rashee
BOYS William Rashee Rashee
BROWNE John Ballynashee Rashee
BROWNE Thomas Carnlea Rashee
BUCHANAN Hugh Ballynashee Rashee
BUTLER Mary Ballynashee Rashee
BUTLER William Ballynashee Rashee
CALDWELL Catherine Rashee Rashee
CARLEY Agnes Carnlea Rashee
CARMICHIEL Eliza Rashee Rashee
CARUTH James Rashee Rashee
CONNOLLY Sarah Ballynashee Rashee
CRAWLEY Martha Ballynashee Rashee
DAVIDSON Archibald Ballynashee Rashee
DAVIDSON Janet Rashee Rashee
DEMPSTER Sarah Carnlea Rashee
DONALDSON James Carnlea Rashee
DONALDSON Jane Carnlea Rashee
DUNCAN Thomas Tildarg Rashee
ELLIOTT Samuel Ballynashee Rashee
ELLIOTT Thomas Ballynashee Rashee
ELLIOTT Samuel Rashee Rashee
ELLIOTT Thomas Rashee Rashee
ELLIOTT James Tildarg Rashee
ELLIOTT John Tildarg Rashee
ELLIOTT William Tildarg Rashee
ERSKINE Mary Rashee Rashee
ERSKINE James Tildarg Rashee
ERSKINE Thomas Tildarg Rashee
ERSKINE William Tildarg Rashee
EVANS Agnes Ballynashee Rashee
EWART William Tildarg Rashee
FERGUSON Vance Carnlea Rashee
FERGUSON Andrew Dunamoy Rashee
GARDINER William Carnlea Rashee
GARDINER William Dunamoy Rashee
GAULT Hugh Carnlea Rashee
GAULT Joseph Carnlea Rashee
GAULT Hugh Dunamoy Rashee
GAULT John, Jr. Dunamoy Rashee
GAULT John, Sr. Dunamoy Rashee
GAULT Robert Dunamoy Rashee
GAULT William Dunamoy Rashee
GILMORE Samuel Ballynashee Rashee
GILMORE John Dunamoy Rashee
GILMORE William H. Rashee Rashee
GILSON Alexander Tildarg Rashee
GRAHAM Gawn Carnlea Rashee
GRAHAM Alexander Tildarg Rashee
GRAHAM Robert Tildarg Rashee
GRAHAM William Tildarg Rashee
GRAY Charles Ballynashee Rashee
GRAY Matthew Ballynashee Rashee
GRAY Nathaniel Rashee Rashee
HANNA James Dunamoy Rashee
HANNA Thomas Dunamoy Rashee
HANNA Thomas Rashee Rashee
HARVEY John Ballynashee Rashee
HARVEY Jane Dunamoy Rashee
HARVEY William Dunamoy Rashee
HARVEY John Tildarg Rashee
HAY Patrick R. Tildarg Rashee
HENDERSON Ellen Ballynashee Rashee
HENRY Agnes Rashee Rashee
HEUSTON Robert Rashee Rashee
HILL Robert Ballynashee Rashee
HILL Thomas Tildarg Rashee
HILLES James Rashee Rashee
HOEY Hugh Ballynashee Rashee
HOEY Robert Ballynashee Rashee
HOEY John Dunamoy Rashee
HOLLINGER Andrew Carnlea Rashee
HOLLINGER John Carnlea Rashee
HORNER James Rashee Rashee
HOUSTON Rep. Thomas Ballynashee Rashee
HOUSTON Hugh Tildarg Rashee
HUGHES Thomas Ballynashee Rashee
HUGHES Thomas Dunamoy Rashee
HUNTER Hugh Rashee Rashee
HUNTER James Rashee Rashee
HUNTER John Rashee Rashee
HUTCHISON David Dunamoy Rashee
HUTCHISON David Tildarg Rashee
JENKINS Isabella Rashee Rashee
JOHNSON James Rashee Rashee
KENNEDY John Rashee Rashee
KENNY John Rashee Rashee
KERNAHAN William Carnlea Rashee
KNOX John Rashee Rashee
LANGTRY Charles Dunamoy Rashee
LEECH James Tildarg Rashee
LEGGE Robert Rashee Rashee
LONG Agnes Rashee Rashee
LOWTHER James Dunamoy Rashee
LOWTHER James Tildarg Rashee
LUSK John Carnlea Rashee
LUSK Agnes Dunamoy Rashee
LUSK William Dunamoy Rashee
LYNN Hugh Tildarg Rashee
MACKEY Robert Rashee Rashee
MANSON Hugh Ballynashee Rashee
MANSON James Ballynashee Rashee
MARSHALL Hugh Carnlea Rashee
MARTIN Moses Ballynashee Rashee
MAYBON Alexander Carnlea Rashee
MAYBON John Dunamoy Rashee
MAYBON Joseph, Jr. Dunamoy Rashee
MAYBON Joseph, Sr. Dunamoy Rashee
MAYBON Patk., Sr. Dunamoy Rashee
MAYBON Patrick Dunamoy Rashee
MAYBON Patrick Dunamoy Rashee
MAYBON Patrick, Jr. Dunamoy Rashee
MAYBON Patrick, Sr. Dunamoy Rashee
MAYBON William Dunamoy Rashee
MAYBON William J. Dunamoy Rashee
Mc CAMBRIDGE James A. Ballynashee Rashee
Mc CAMMON John Carnlea Rashee
Mc CAMMON Rev. Frans. Rashee Rashee
Mc CAUSLAND Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc CAWLEY James Ballynashee Rashee
Mc CAWLEY John Ballynashee Rashee
Mc CLELLAND Edward Ballynashee Rashee
Mc CLELLAND Patrick Ballynashee Rashee
Mc CLELLAND Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc CLELLAND John Carnlea Rashee
Mc CLELLAND William Carnlea Rashee
Mc CLELLAND Edward Dunamoy Rashee
Mc CLELLAND Patrick Dunamoy Rashee
Mc CLELLAND John Rashee Rashee
Mc CLINTOCK James Tildarg Rashee
Mc CLUNG Thomas Carnlea Rashee
Mc CLUNG William Rashee Rashee
Mc CONKEY John Tildarg Rashee
Mc CONNELL John Dunamoy Rashee
Mc CONNELL James Rashee Rashee
Mc CREA Mary Ballynashee Rashee
Mc CREA Gilbert Rashee Rashee
Mc CREA John Rashee Rashee
Mc FALL Daniel Dunamoy Rashee
Mc GEE Francis Carnlea Rashee
Mc GEE William Carnlea Rashee
Mc GEE James Tildarg Rashee
Mc GEE Thomas Tildarg Rashee
Mc ILWAINE Thomas Ballynashee Rashee
Mc JURY Hugh Dunamoy Rashee
Mc KILLOP Jane Dunamoy Rashee
Mc KINSTRY Henry Ballynashee Rashee
Mc KINSTRY Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc KINSTRY Nathaniel Rashee Rashee
Mc MASTER John Ballynashee Rashee
Mc MEEKIN Andrew Ballynashee Rashee
Mc MEEKIN Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc MURDY John Ballynashee Rashee
Mc MURDY Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc MURDY William Ballynashee Rashee
Mc QUILLAN William R. Rashee Rashee
Mc QUITTY John Tildarg Rashee
Mc VEY David Ballynashee Rashee
MEYBON William Rashee Rashee
MILLS Jane Ballynashee Rashee
MILLS William Ballynashee Rashee
MONTGOMERY Jane Carnlea Rashee
MONTGOMERY Samuel Dunamoy Rashee
MOON William Rashee Rashee
MOORE William J. Dunamoy Rashee
MOORE James Rashee Rashee
NORRELL William Dunamoy Rashee
O'HARA Alexander Carnlea Rashee
OWENS James Tildarg Rashee
PARK Samuel Rashee Rashee
PATTERSON Thomas Rashee Rashee
PIERCY Robert Rashee Rashee
PRESTON Robert Rashee Rashee
RAMSAY Richard Ballynashee Rashee
RAMSAY James Dunamoy Rashee
RAMSAY David Rashee Rashee
REID Samuel Ballynashee Rashee
REID Sarah Ballynashee Rashee
REID James Rashee Rashee
ROBINSON John Carnlea Rashee
ROGERS Thomas Tildarg Rashee
ROSS Hugh Tildarg Rashee
SAUNDERS Catherine Dunamoy Rashee
SAUNDERSON George Tildarg Rashee
SEMPLE Samuel Carnlea Rashee
SERVICE John Carnlea Rashee
SERVICE Thomas Dunamoy Rashee
SERVICE William Rashee Rashee
SERVICE Joseph Tildarg Rashee
SHAW Patrick Carnlea Rashee
SIMMS James Dunamoy Rashee
SMITH Mary Anne Ballynashee Rashee
SMITH Andrew Carnlea Rashee
SMITH James, Jr. Carnlea Rashee
SMITH James, Sr. Carnlea Rashee
SMITH John Carnlea Rashee
SMITH James Dunamoy Rashee
SMITH Samuel Dunamoy Rashee
SMITH John Rashee Rashee
SMITH William R. Rashee Rashee
SMITH John Tildarg Rashee
SPEARE William Tildarg Rashee
SPEARS James Rashee Rashee
STEELE John Ballynashee Rashee
STEPHENSON William Rashee Rashee
STRAIN Robert Ballynashee Rashee
STRANGE John Tildarg Rashee
STRANGE Robert Tildarg Rashee
STRANGE William Tildarg Rashee
TODD James Dunamoy Rashee
TODD James Rashee Rashee
TODD William Rashee Rashee
WETHERED Robert Carnlea Rashee
WHAM John Carnlea Rashee
WHAM Joseph Carnlea Rashee
WILKINSON James Ballynashee Rashee
WILLIAMSON William Tildarg Rashee
WILSON Margaret Ballynashee Rashee
WILSON Robert Ballynashee Rashee
WILSON James Carnlea Rashee
WILSON Hugh G. Dunamoy Rashee
WILSON Hugh G. Rashee Rashee
WILSON James Rashee Rashee
WILSON Robert Rashee Rashee
WILSON William Rashee Rashee
WILSON Eliza Tildarg Rashee
YOUNG John Tildarg Rashee
ADAIR James Carnfinton Rasharkin
ADAIR Hugh Dreen Rasharkin
ADAIR John Dreen Rasharkin
ADAMS James Dromore Rasharkin
ADAMS Samuel Dromore Rasharkin
ADAMS James Killycreen Rasharkin
ADAMS Samuel Killycreen Rasharkin
ADCOCK William Drumack Rasharkin
AIKEN Patrick Anticur Rasharkin
AIKEN Peter Dunminning Rasharkin
ALEXANDER Hugh Drumcon Rasharkin
ALEXANDER John Magheraboy Rasharkin
ANDERSON James Bellaghy Rasharkin
ANDERSON Samuel Dunminning Rasharkin
ANDERSON James Gortahar Rasharkin
ANDERSON James, Jr. Gortahar Rasharkin
ANDERSON Neal Gortereghy Rasharkin
ANDERSON Robert Killycreen Rasharkin
ANDERSON William Killycreen Rasharkin
ANDERSON Samuel Killydonnelly Rasharkin
ARMOUR Robert Bellaghy Rasharkin
ARMOUR William Bellaghy Rasharkin
ARMOUR James Glenbuck Rasharkin
ARMOUR James Killycreen Rasharkin
ARMSTRONG James W. Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
ARMSTRONG James W. Culmore Rasharkin
ARTHURS John Carclunty Rasharkin
BAIRD David Carclunty Rasharkin
BAIRD John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
BEATTY William Dromore Rasharkin
BEATTY Mary Killydonnelly Rasharkin
BELL Alexander Anticur Rasharkin
BELL ??? Culmore Rasharkin
BELLINGHAM John Culmore Rasharkin
BELLINGHAM Thomas Culmore Rasharkin
BLACK James Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
BLACK James Fernagh Rasharkin
BLACK James, Jr. Fernagh Rasharkin
BLACK William Fernagh Rasharkin
BLACK William Granagh Rasharkin
BLAIR John Granagh Rasharkin
BLAIR Rep. John Lisnagaver Rasharkin
BLAIR Malcolm Lisnagaver Rasharkin
BLAIR John Magheraboy Rasharkin
BLANEY John Anticur Rasharkin
BLANEY John Dunminning Rasharkin
BOARDMAN Archibald Glenbuck Rasharkin
BOARDMAN Patrick Glenbuck Rasharkin
BOLES John Drumcon Rasharkin
BOLTON Rep. John Gortereghy Rasharkin
BOORMAN Charles Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
BOORMAN Patrick Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
BOORMAN John Carnfinton Rasharkin
BOORMAN Archibald Tamlaght Rasharkin
BOORMAN Daniel Tamlaght Rasharkin
BOOTHE George Duneany Rasharkin
BORELIN Andrew Dunminning Rasharkin
BOWMAN Patrick Glenbuck Rasharkin
BOYD Catherine Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
BOYD Margaret Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
BOYD John Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
BOYD Julia Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
BOYD David Bellaghy Rasharkin
BOYD William Bellaghy Rasharkin
BOYD Thomas Dromore Rasharkin
BOYD James Duneany Rasharkin
BOYD Robert Duneany Rasharkin
BOYD Anne Killycreen Rasharkin
BOYD John Killycreen Rasharkin
BOYD Peter Killycreen Rasharkin
BOYLE Bernard Anticur Rasharkin
BOYLE Francis Duneany Rasharkin
BRADLEY David Dunminning Rasharkin
BRADLEY Francis Dunminning Rasharkin
BRADLEY John Dunminning Rasharkin
BRADLEY Robert Dunminning Rasharkin
BRADLEY Bernard Glenbuck Rasharkin
BRADLEY David Killycowan Rasharkin
BRADLEY Margaret Killycowan Rasharkin
BRENNAN Patrick Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
BRENNAN Patrick Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
BRENNAN Patrick Culmore Rasharkin
BRENNAN Patrick Gortereghy Rasharkin
BRENNAN Patrick Lisnagaver Rasharkin
BROGAN James Glenbuck Rasharkin
BROGAN Patrick Glenbuck Rasharkin
BROWN Robert Drumack Rasharkin
BROWNE George Anticur Rasharkin
BROWNE John Anticur Rasharkin
BROWNE Mary Anticur Rasharkin
BROWNE Wm. Anticur Rasharkin
BROWNE Campbell Dromore Rasharkin
BROWNE Matthew Dromore Rasharkin
BROWNE Wilson Dromore Rasharkin
BROWNE Alexander Drumack Rasharkin
BRUSLY James Killycowan Rasharkin
BURNETT Alexander Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
BURNS William J. Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
BURNS Thomas Drumack Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD John Carclunty Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD Eliza Duneany Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD Alexander Glenbuck Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD Robert Killycowan Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD Alex. Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD Alex., Jr. Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD David Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD Hugh Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD James Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD Mathw. Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD Matthew Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD Samuel Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDERWOOD William Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CALDWELL Eliza Bellaghy Rasharkin
CALDWELL Robert, Sr. Bellaghy Rasharkin
CALDWELL Robt., Jr. Bellaghy Rasharkin
CALDWELL Robt., Sr. Bellaghy Rasharkin
CALDWELL Thomas Bellaghy Rasharkin
CALDWELL Matilda Glenbuck Rasharkin
CALDWELL Samuel Tamlaght Rasharkin
CALDWELL William Tamlaght Rasharkin
CAMPBELL Jane Gortereghy Rasharkin
CAREY Richard Glenbuck Rasharkin
CAREY Archibald Magheraboy Rasharkin
CARPENTER Charles Tamlaght Rasharkin
CARR Thomas Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
CARR Samuel Dunminning Rasharkin
CARR Robert Gortereghy Rasharkin
CARR Matilda Killydonnelly Rasharkin
CARSON David Bellaghy Rasharkin
CARSON John Bellaghy Rasharkin
CASSIDY John Carnfinton Rasharkin
CASSIDY Daniel Duneany Rasharkin
CAUGHRAN James Bellaghy Rasharkin
CAVES Anne Glenbuck Rasharkin
CAVES George Glenbuck Rasharkin
CHISTY James Duneany Rasharkin
CHUSTY Patrick Duneany Rasharkin
CLARKE David Dunminning Rasharkin
CLEMENTS James Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
COCHRANE James Duneany Rasharkin
COCHRANE William Duneany Rasharkin
COGHRAN Alexander Killydonnelly Rasharkin
COLEMAN John Dromore Rasharkin
COLEMAN Robert Dromore Rasharkin
COLEMAN William Dromore Rasharkin
COLEMAN Franklin Dunminning Rasharkin
COLEMAN Thomas Dunminning Rasharkin
CONNELL Arthur Lisnagaver Rasharkin
CONNOLLY Charles Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
CONNOLLY Malcolm Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
CONNOLLY Daniel Dreen Rasharkin
CONNOLLY Charles Drumack Rasharkin
CONNON Arthur Glenbuck Rasharkin
CONNON Hugh Glenbuck Rasharkin
CONNOR Patrick Dromore Rasharkin
CONWAY Patrick Tehorny Rasharkin
COTTER James Culmore Rasharkin
COURTNEY Anne Drumack Rasharkin
COWAN Oliver Magheraboy Rasharkin
CRABB John Glenbuck Rasharkin
CRABB Thomas Glenbuck Rasharkin
CRAIG Edward Dunminning Rasharkin
CRAIG William J. Dunminning Rasharkin
CRAMSIE John Culmore Rasharkin
CRILLY William Gortereghy Rasharkin
CUBBIN James Duneany Rasharkin
CUBITT Peter Drumack Rasharkin
CUDDEN Charles Killycowan Rasharkin
CUPPLES David Carclunty Rasharkin
CUPPLES Robert Carclunty Rasharkin
CUPPLES Samuel Duneany Rasharkin
CURRY John Glenbuck Rasharkin
CURRY James Killycreen Rasharkin
CURRY John Killycreen Rasharkin
CURRY John, Jr. Killycreen Rasharkin
DALY Mary Anne Glenbuck Rasharkin
DARRAGH Archibald Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
DARRAGH John Carnfinton Rasharkin
DARRAGH Richard Tamlaght Rasharkin
DAVIDSON James Carclunty Rasharkin
DAVIDSON Jane Carclunty Rasharkin
DAVIDSON Robert Carclunty Rasharkin
DAVIDSON William Carclunty Rasharkin
DAVIDSON James Dunminning Rasharkin
DAVIS James Killycowan Rasharkin
DAVISON James Killycreen Rasharkin
DEMPSEY James Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
DEMPSEY John Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
DEMPSEY John Carclunty Rasharkin
DEMPSEY Charles Drumcon Rasharkin
DEMPSEY James Moneyleck Rasharkin
DICKEY Leslie Crushybracken Rasharkin
DICKEY John Dromore Rasharkin
DICKEY Leslie Drumack Rasharkin
DICKEY Hill Glenbuck Rasharkin
DICKEY John Glenbuck Rasharkin
DICKEY John Killycreen Rasharkin
DICKEY Mary Killycreen Rasharkin
DICKEY Robert Killycreen Rasharkin
DICKEY William Killycreen Rasharkin
DIGNET Patrick Glenbuck Rasharkin
DILLION Michael Duneany Rasharkin
DILLON James Glenbuck Rasharkin
DIMOND Charles Carnfinton Rasharkin
DIMOND John Gortereghy Rasharkin
DIMOND Bridget Lisnagaver Rasharkin
DIXON Paul Glenbuck Rasharkin
DODD Thomas Dunminning Rasharkin
DODDS Rose Gortahar Rasharkin
DOHERTY John Carnfinton Rasharkin
DOHERTY James Crushybracken Rasharkin
DOHERTY John Crushybracken Rasharkin
DOHERTY Michael Crushybracken Rasharkin
DOHERTY James Gortereghy Rasharkin
DOHERTY Peter Killycreen Rasharkin
DOWDS Peter Dromore Rasharkin
DOWNEY Charles Anticur Rasharkin
DRAIN Charles Glenbuck Rasharkin
DRAIN Christopher Glenbuck Rasharkin
DRAIN John Glenbuck Rasharkin
DUFFIN Rose Tamlaght Rasharkin
DUNLAP James Dromore Rasharkin
DUNLAP Samuel Dromore Rasharkin
DUNLOP Alexander Dreen Rasharkin
DUNLOP Alexander Gortereghy Rasharkin
DUNLOP Thomas Gortereghy Rasharkin
DUNLOP John Magheraboy Rasharkin
DUNN Eliza Dunminning Rasharkin
DUNN John Dunminning Rasharkin
DUNNE Mary Glenbuck Rasharkin
DUNSEATH George Carclunty Rasharkin
DYSART James Crushybracken Rasharkin
DYSART Robert Crushybracken Rasharkin
DYSART Archibald Drumack Rasharkin
DYSART Francis Duneany Rasharkin
DYSERT Sarah Drumack Rasharkin
DYSERT Andrew Granagh Rasharkin
ELDER William Carnfinton Rasharkin
ELDER Daniel Culmore Rasharkin
ELDER James Drumcon Rasharkin
ELDER Ellen Gortereghy Rasharkin
ELDER James Gortereghy Rasharkin
ELDER Joseph Gortereghy Rasharkin
ELDER Robert Gortereghy Rasharkin
ELDER John Lisnagaver Rasharkin
ELLIOTT John Dunminning Rasharkin
ELLIOTT Margaret Fernagh Rasharkin
ELLIOTT Margaret Tehorny Rasharkin
ELLIS Mary Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
FALLS Mary Dromore Rasharkin
FALLS John Killycreen Rasharkin
FENTON John Carnfinton Rasharkin
FENTON John Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
FENTON Thomas Granagh Rasharkin
FERGUSON John F. Crushybracken Rasharkin
FERRIS William Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
FLEMING Charles Bellaghy Rasharkin
FLEMING Christ. Bellaghy Rasharkin
FLEMING Henry Bellaghy Rasharkin
FLEMING Rose Bellaghy Rasharkin
FLEMING Robert Lisnagaver Rasharkin
FLEMING James Moneyleck Rasharkin
FORBES James Dunminning Rasharkin
FORBES John Dunminning Rasharkin
FULTON Robert Killydonnelly Rasharkin
GALLOWAY Robert Dunminning Rasharkin
GAMBLE Samuel Anticur Rasharkin
GAMBLE James Killycowan Rasharkin
GASTON Alexander Duneany Rasharkin
GASTON Hugh Duneany Rasharkin
GASTON James Duneany Rasharkin
GASTON John Duneany Rasharkin
GASTON Joseph Duneany Rasharkin
GASTON Sarah Duneany Rasharkin
GASTON Thomas Duneany Rasharkin
GASTON John Dunminning Rasharkin
GASTON John Glenbuck Rasharkin
GASTON Alexander Killycowan Rasharkin
GASTON James Killycowan Rasharkin
GASTON Jane Killycowan Rasharkin
GASTON John Killycowan Rasharkin
GASTON Robert Killycowan Rasharkin
GASTON William Killycowan Rasharkin
GASTON Alexander Killycreen Rasharkin
GASTON David Killycreen Rasharkin
GASTON Martha Killycreen Rasharkin
GETTY James Bellaghy Rasharkin
GETTY Moore Carnfinton Rasharkin
GIBSON Robert Killycreen Rasharkin
GIBSON Samuel Killycreen Rasharkin
GILGOW Sampson Killydonnelly Rasharkin
GILLEN William Dreen Rasharkin
GILLESPIE Daniel Bellaghy Rasharkin
GILLESPIE Hugh Bellaghy Rasharkin
GILLESPIE James Killycreen Rasharkin
GILLIAN James Anticur Rasharkin
GILLION Danie Glenbuck Rasharkin
GILLION John Glenbuck Rasharkin
GILMOUR William Gortahar Rasharkin
GIVEN Thomas Killycowan Rasharkin
GLASGOW James Dromore Rasharkin
GLASGOW Daniel Gortereghy Rasharkin
GLASGOW Robert Gortereghy Rasharkin
GLASGOW Alexander Lisnagaver Rasharkin
GLASGOW John Lisnagaver Rasharkin
GLASGOW Thomas Lisnagaver Rasharkin
GLASS Edmund Tamlaght Rasharkin
GLASS Samuel Tamlaght Rasharkin
GLASS William Tamlaght Rasharkin
GLENDENNING James Crushybracken Rasharkin
GLENDENNING Robert Crushybracken Rasharkin
GLENDENNING Thomas Crushybracken Rasharkin
GORMLY Ely Glenbuck Rasharkin
GOUD Thomas Bellaghy Rasharkin
GOURLEY John Dunminning Rasharkin
GRAFFIN John Lisnagaver Rasharkin
GRAHAM George Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
GRAHAM John Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
GRAHAM Samuel Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
GRAHAM W. Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
GRAHAM William Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
GRAHAM John Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
GRAHAM Thomas Bellaghy Rasharkin
GRAHAM Thomas Culmore Rasharkin
GRAHAM Robert Fernagh Rasharkin
GRAHAM Robert, Jr. Fernagh Rasharkin
GRAHAM George Gortereghy Rasharkin
GRAHAM William Killydonnelly Rasharkin
GRAHAM James Lisnagaver Rasharkin
GRAY James Crushybracken Rasharkin
GRAY James Culmore Rasharkin
GRAY George Duneany Rasharkin
GRAY George Killycowan Rasharkin
GREER Catherine Glenbuck Rasharkin
GREG Thomas Dromore Rasharkin
GREG Thomas Killydonnelly Rasharkin
GREGG James Anticur Rasharkin
GREGG Samuel Duneany Rasharkin
GRIBBIN John Carnfinton Rasharkin
GRIBBIN Daniel Gortereghy Rasharkin
GRIBBIN Thomas Gortereghy Rasharkin
GRIBBIN Archibald Tamlaght Rasharkin
GROBBIN Patrick Killydonnelly Rasharkin
GUBBIN Patrick Duneany Rasharkin
HALL Rose Dromore Rasharkin
HALL Rose Killycowan Rasharkin
HAMILTON John Dunminning Rasharkin
HAMSEY Michael Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
HANNA William Anticur Rasharkin
HANNA Robert Dromore Rasharkin
HANNA Mary Dunminning Rasharkin
HANSON Francis Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
HARKNESS William Carclunty Rasharkin
HARKNESS Hugh Carnfinton Rasharkin
HARKNESS Hugh Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
HARKNESS John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
HARTNESS Robert Killycowan Rasharkin
HARVEY Robert Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
HARVEY James Carnfinton Rasharkin
HARVEY William Carnfinton Rasharkin
HARVEY William Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
HARVEY Robert Culmore Rasharkin
HARVEY Robert Drumcon Rasharkin
HARVEY Robert Gortereghy Rasharkin
HARVEY John Moneyleck Rasharkin
HARVEY Robert Moneyleck Rasharkin
HASTY John Carclunty Rasharkin
HEANY John Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
HEENEY James Anticur Rasharkin
HENDERSON Richard Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
HENRY William Anticur Rasharkin
HENRY John Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
HENRY Peter Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
HENRY Harry Dreen Rasharkin
HENRY Paul Dreen Rasharkin
HENRY Charles Dromore Rasharkin
HENRY Elizabeth Gortahar Rasharkin
HEY Francis Drumack Rasharkin
HEY Jane Drumack Rasharkin
HEY Sarah Drumack Rasharkin
HOLLINGER Thomas Killycreen Rasharkin
HOOD James Dromore Rasharkin
HOUSTON Samuel Anticur Rasharkin
HOUSTON Hugh Bellaghy Rasharkin
HOUSTON Jane Bellaghy Rasharkin
HOUSTON William Bellaghy Rasharkin
HOUSTON James Dromore Rasharkin
HOUSTON William Duneany Rasharkin
HUGHEY Andrew Carnfinton Rasharkin
HUNTER David Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
HUNTER David, Jr. Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
HUNTER James Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
HUNTER William Culmore Rasharkin
HUSTON Martha Killycreen Rasharkin
HUSTON William Killycreen Rasharkin
HYNDMAN James Dromore Rasharkin
HYNDMAN John Dromore Rasharkin
HYNDMAN Thomas Dromore Rasharkin
HYNDMAN James Duneany Rasharkin
HYNDMAN Jane Duneany Rasharkin
HYNDMAN John Duneany Rasharkin
HYNDMAN Thomas Killycreen Rasharkin
IEVERS Rev. Colin Glebe Rasharkin
IRVINE Robert Duneany Rasharkin
IRWIN John Carclunty Rasharkin
IRWIN Robert Carclunty Rasharkin
IRWIN Alexander Dunminning Rasharkin
IRWIN John Dunminning Rasharkin
JACK Robert Duneany Rasharkin
JACK Campbell Killycowan Rasharkin
JAMEISON John Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
JAMESON David Glenbuck Rasharkin
JAMESON James Glenbuck Rasharkin
JAMESON Robert Glenbuck Rasharkin
JENNINGS Patrick Dromore Rasharkin
JOHNSTON James Drumcon Rasharkin
JOHNSTON Mary Fernagh Rasharkin
KEANE Anne Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
KEANE Anthony Carnfinton Rasharkin
KEANE Anne Dreen Rasharkin
KEANE Bernard Dreen Rasharkin
KEANE Daniel Dreen Rasharkin
KEARNEY John Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
KEARNS John Carnfinton Rasharkin
KEARNS John Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
KEERS John Gortereghy Rasharkin
KEERS John Magheraboy Rasharkin
KELLY Anne Anticur Rasharkin
KELLY James Anticur Rasharkin
KELLY Patrick Bellaghy Rasharkin
KELLY Hugh Glenbuck Rasharkin
KELLY John Glenbuck Rasharkin
KELLY John Granagh Rasharkin
KELLY Rep. Michael Granagh Rasharkin
KELLY Michael, Jr. Granagh Rasharkin
KENNEDY Matthew Drumcon Rasharkin
KENNEDY Jonathan Duneany Rasharkin
KENNEDY William Killycowan Rasharkin
KILCHRIST Hugh Magheraboy Rasharkin
KILGORE Thomas Moneyleck Rasharkin
KILLOUGH Alexander Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
KILLOUGH Patrick Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
KILLOUGH Thomas Gortahar Rasharkin
KILLOUGH John Gortereghy Rasharkin
KILLOUGH James Magheraboy Rasharkin
KILPATRICK Esther Gortahar Rasharkin
KILPATRICK James Gortahar Rasharkin
KILPATRICK Andrew Magheraboy Rasharkin
KILPATRICK James Magheraboy Rasharkin
KILPATRICK James Moneyleck Rasharkin
KILPATRICK Andrew Tamlaght Rasharkin
KILPATRICK Samuel Tamlaght Rasharkin
KILPATRICK William Tamlaght Rasharkin
KINNAIRD Jane Killycowan Rasharkin
KINNAIRD Margaret Killycowan Rasharkin
KIRKPATRICK John Anticur Rasharkin
KIRKWOOD John Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
KIRKWOOD Thomas Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
KISSACK Richard Bellaghy Rasharkin
LAMONT Edward Fernagh Rasharkin
LAW James, Jr. Dromore Rasharkin
LAW James, Sr. Dromore Rasharkin
LAW William Killycreen Rasharkin
LENNON John Bellaghy Rasharkin
LENNON William Bellaghy Rasharkin
LEWIS James Dromore Rasharkin
LEWIS Robert Dromore Rasharkin
LEWIS Edmond Killycowan Rasharkin
LEWIS William Killycowan Rasharkin
LINN William Bellaghy Rasharkin
LINN Robert Killycreen Rasharkin
LINTON Alexander Bellaghy Rasharkin
LINTON Hugh Bellaghy Rasharkin
LINTON John Bellaghy Rasharkin
LINTON Joseph Bellaghy Rasharkin
LINTON William Bellaghy Rasharkin
LOGAN William Drumack Rasharkin
LOGAN James Drumcon Rasharkin
LOGAN Thomas Drumcon Rasharkin
LOGAN William Drumcon Rasharkin
LOGAN James Dunminning Rasharkin
LOUGHREY Henry Bellaghy Rasharkin
LOVE Robert Anticur Rasharkin
LOVE Matthew Duneany Rasharkin
LOVE Robert Duneany Rasharkin
LOVE David Killycreen Rasharkin
LOVE James Killycreen Rasharkin
LOVE Robert Killycreen Rasharkin
LOWRY William Bellaghy Rasharkin
LOWRY John Killycreen Rasharkin
LOWRY Walter Killydonnelly Rasharkin
MACKEY Patrick Killycreen Rasharkin
MADDEN Hugh Anticur Rasharkin
MAGINN Robert Carnfinton Rasharkin
MANNING William Culmore Rasharkin
MARK Adam Gortereghy Rasharkin
MARKS Alexander Dreen Rasharkin
MARRS John Dunminning Rasharkin
MARTIN David Dromore Rasharkin
MAXWELL Hugh Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MAXWELL Mary Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MAY William Culmore Rasharkin
MAY John Moneyleck Rasharkin
MAY Martha Moneyleck Rasharkin
MAYBERRY Sarah Carnfinton Rasharkin
MAYBERRY James Gortahar Rasharkin
Mc AFEE Mary Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc ALEECE Mary Dreen Rasharkin
Mc ALEER Patrick Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc ALEESE Oliver Anticur Rasharkin
Mc ALEESE John Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc ALEESE Arthur Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc ALEESE Neal Culmore Rasharkin
Mc ALEESE Robert Drumcon Rasharkin
Mc ALEESE Robert, Jr. Drumcon Rasharkin
Mc ALEESE James Gortahar Rasharkin
Mc ALEESE Mary Anne Granagh Rasharkin
Mc ALEESE Daniel Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc ALISTER John Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc ALISTER Randal Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc ALISTER Daniel Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc ALISTER Mary Dromore Rasharkin
Mc ALLISTER Charles Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc ALLISTER John Killycowan Rasharkin
Mc ALONAN Eliza Killycowan Rasharkin
Mc ALONEN Robert Anticur Rasharkin
Mc ALONEN Robt. Anticur Rasharkin
Mc ALONEY James Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc AMGHILL John Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc ARULLA John Dreen Rasharkin
Mc ASHANOG James Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc ATAGGART Hugh Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc ATAMNEY Cornelius Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc ATAMNEY Jane Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc ATAMNEY Patrick Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc ATAMNEY William Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc AULEY Stephen Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc AULEY Alexander Dreen Rasharkin
Mc AULEY Neal Dreen Rasharkin
Mc AULEY Patrick Dreen Rasharkin
Mc AULEY Stephen Dreen Rasharkin
Mc AULEY George Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc AULEY Thomas Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc AULEY Daniel Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc BRIDE William Carclunty Rasharkin
Mc BRIDE Thomas Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc BRIDE John Gortahar Rasharkin
Mc BRIDE James Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc BRIDE Matthew Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc CAGHRAN Archibald Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc CAHY John Granagh Rasharkin
Mc CAMERON Daniel Killycowan Rasharkin
Mc CANKEY Robert Dreen Rasharkin
Mc CANN James Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc CANN John Dreen Rasharkin
Mc CANN Daniel Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc CANN James Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc CARROLL William Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc CART George Fernagh Rasharkin
Mc CART John Fernagh Rasharkin
Mc CART Thomas Fernagh Rasharkin
Mc CARTAN Rev. William Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc CARTNEY John Carclunty Rasharkin
Mc CARTNEY John Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc CARTNEY James Killycowan Rasharkin
Mc CASHLIN William Duneany Rasharkin
Mc CASLIN Martha Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc CAUGHEY David Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc CAW Matthew Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc CAW Daniel Duneany Rasharkin
Mc CAW Daniel Killydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc CAW John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc CAW William Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc CLARNON Bernard Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc CLARNON James Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc CLARNON James, Jr. Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc CLARNON Jas., Sr. Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc CLARNON John Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc CLARNON William Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc CLARNON John Duneany Rasharkin
Mc CLAY William Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc CLEAN Connell Duneany Rasharkin
Mc CLELLAND Eliza Killycowan Rasharkin
Mc CLELLAND John Killycowan Rasharkin
Mc CLOY John Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Daniel Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE James Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE John Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Eneas Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Archibald Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE James Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE James Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE John Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Richard Dreen Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Alexr. Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Daniel Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE James Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE William Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Archibald Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Eliza Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Hugh Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE John Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE William Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc COCHRANE Hugh Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc COLLEN John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc CONNELL Hugh Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc CONNELL John Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc CONNELL Daniel Dreen Rasharkin
Mc CONNELL James Drumack Rasharkin
Mc CONNELL Patrick Drumack Rasharkin
Mc CONNELL John Fernagh Rasharkin
Mc CONNELL Rose Gortahar Rasharkin
Mc CONNELL Catherine Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc CONNELL Randal Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc COOK David Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc COOK Isaac Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc COOL Joseph Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc CORMACK Daniel Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc CORMACK Michael Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc CORMICK Ellen Drumack Rasharkin
Mc CORRY George Anticur Rasharkin
Mc COTTER Joseph Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc COY Catherine Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc COY Henry Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc COY James Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc COY Sarah Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc COY Thomas Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc COY Thomas Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc COY Alexander Dreen Rasharkin
Mc COY Neal Dreen Rasharkin
Mc COY Catherine Drumack Rasharkin
Mc COY John Granagh Rasharkin
Mc COY William Granagh Rasharkin
Mc COY Henry Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc CRACKEN Robert Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc CRACKEN William Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc CULLAGH James Fernagh Rasharkin
Mc CULLAGH Archibald Killycreen Rasharkin
Mc CURDY William Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL Hugh Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL James Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL John Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL Alexander Dreen Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL John Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL Alexr. Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL Charles Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL Daniel Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL Mary Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc DONNELL John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc ELHATTON Daniel Killydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc FADDEN James Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc FADDEN James Drumcon Rasharkin
Mc FADDEN James Glebe Rasharkin
Mc FALL Rose Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc FARRAN Francis Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc FARRAN James Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc FARRAN John Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc FARRAN Daniel Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc FARRAN Francis Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc FARRAN John Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc FARREN James Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc FERIN John Granagh Rasharkin
Mc FETRIDGE Robt. Anticur Rasharkin
Mc GEE Henry Anticur Rasharkin
Mc GEE John Anticur Rasharkin
Mc GEE Stewart Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc GOLRICK John Granagh Rasharkin
Mc GOWAN Archibald Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc GOWAN John Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc GREEVY Patrick Gortahar Rasharkin
Mc GUCKAN Michael Duneany Rasharkin
Mc GUCKIAN Bernard Killycreen Rasharkin
Mc GUCKIAN James, Jr. Killycreen Rasharkin
Mc GUCKIAN John, Jr. Killycreen Rasharkin
Mc GUCKIAN John, Sr. Killycreen Rasharkin
Mc GUIGAN Daniel Duneany Rasharkin
Mc GUIGAN John Duneany Rasharkin
Mc GUIGAN Matthew Duneany Rasharkin
Mc GUIGAN William Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc GUIGGAN John Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc GUIRK Joseph Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc HENRY Alexander Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc HENRY Daniel Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc HENRY John Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc HENRY Daniel Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc HENRY James Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc IVANY James Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc KANE Margaret Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc KAY Francis Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc KEAG John Anticur Rasharkin
Mc KEAG Mary Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc KEAG Patrick Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc KEE John Carclunty Rasharkin
Mc KEE John Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc KEE Robert Dreen Rasharkin
Mc KEE Daniel Killydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc KELRY Samuel Dromore Rasharkin
Mc KENDRY Alexander Duneany Rasharkin
Mc KENDRY Thomas Duneany Rasharkin
Mc KENNY James Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc KENNY Archibald Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc KENNY John Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc KENNY John, Jr. Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc KENNY Robert Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc KEON James Granagh Rasharkin
Mc KEOWN James Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc KEOWN Thomas Killydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc KEOWN Arthur Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc KERNAN William Drumack Rasharkin
Mc KILLEN Patrick Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc KILLIP Patrick Anticur Rasharkin
Mc KILLIP Anne Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc KINLEY Charles Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc KINLEY Mary Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc KINLEY Alexander Dreen Rasharkin
Mc KINLEY Mary Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc KINLEY Charles Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc KINLEY Patrick Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc KIRL John Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc KIRL Robert Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc LEANE John Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc LEANE John Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc LEANE Neal Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc LEANE John Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc LEANE Margaret Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc LOUGHLIN John Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc LOUGHLIN Bryan Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc LOUGHLIN Cath. Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc LOUGHLIN Denis Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc LOUGHLIN James Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc LOUGHLIN Joseph Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc LOUGHLIN Patrick Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc MASTER John Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc MEEHAN James Killydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc MICHAEL James Anticur Rasharkin
Mc MICHAEL James Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc MICHAEL Mary Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc MULLAN William Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN James Anticur Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Daniel Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Malcolm Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN James Carclunty Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN David Culmore Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Archibald Dreen Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Margaret Dreen Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Patrick Dreen Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Francis Duneany Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN John Duneany Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Patrick Duneany Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN William Duneany Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN David Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Hugh Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN James Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN John Gortereghy Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN John Moneyleck Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Anne Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN George Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Hugh Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN James Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Randal Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Richard Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN Richd., Jr. Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN William Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc MULLEN James Tehorny Rasharkin
Mc MURRAY Marthew Anticur Rasharkin
Mc MURRAY Wethrow Anticur Rasharkin
Mc MURRAY William Anticur Rasharkin
Mc NALL George Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
Mc NEILE Henry Hugh Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc NEILL James Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc NEILL Sarah Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
Mc NEILL Hugh Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc NEILL William Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc NEILL William Fernagh Rasharkin
Mc NEILL John Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc NEILL Neal Lisnagaver Rasharkin
Mc NEILL Catherine Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc NEILL Denis Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc NEILL Sarah Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc PEAKE James Carnfinton Rasharkin
Mc PEAKE James Dreen Rasharkin
Mc QUILLAN Charles Anticur Rasharkin
Mc QUILLAN Alexander Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc QUILLAN James Drumack Rasharkin
Mc QUILLAN Charles Glenbuck Rasharkin
Mc SHEFFREY Edward Magheraboy Rasharkin
Mc TAGGART Bridget Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc TAGGART Thomas Crushybracken Rasharkin
Mc VEIGH Daniel Anticur Rasharkin
Mc VICAR Mary Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc VICAR William Dunminning Rasharkin
Mc WATERS Elizabeth Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc WATERS John Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
Mc WATERS John Drumack Rasharkin
Mc WILLIAMS Robt., Jr. Anticur Rasharkin
Mc WILLIAMS Robt., Sr. Anticur Rasharkin
Mc WILLIAMS Peter Bellaghy Rasharkin
Mc WILLIAMS John Dromore Rasharkin
Mc WILLIAMS Robert Duneany Rasharkin
McKILLIP Anne Crushybracken Rasharkin
MEAGHER John Killycowan Rasharkin
MEEHAN James Bellaghy Rasharkin
MELLON John Dreen Rasharkin
MERRIN Patrick Glenbuck Rasharkin
MERRIN Robert Killycowan Rasharkin
MICHAEL James Drumcon Rasharkin
MILLER Alexander Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
MILLER Rowley Culmore Rasharkin
MILLER James Dunminning Rasharkin
MILLOUGH Margaret Moneyleck Rasharkin
MITCHELL Thomas Bellaghy Rasharkin
MOLLOY John Gortahar Rasharkin
MOLLOY George Gortereghy Rasharkin
MOLLOY John Granagh Rasharkin
MONTGOMERY Hugh Drumack Rasharkin
MONTGOMERY Alex. Drumcon Rasharkin
MONTGOMERY James Drumcon Rasharkin
MONTGOMERY Joseph Drumcon Rasharkin
MONTGOMERY William Drumcon Rasharkin
MONTGOMERY Robert Glenbuck Rasharkin
MONTGOMERY Daniel Lisnagaver Rasharkin
MONTGOMERY John Lisnagaver Rasharkin
MOODY Matthew Magheraboy Rasharkin
MOONEY Thomas Anticur Rasharkin
MOONEY Daniel Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY Elizabeth Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY Ellen Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY Hugh Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY James Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY Matthew Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY Patrick Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY Thomas Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY Thomas, Jr. Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY William Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
MOONEY James Carnfinton Rasharkin
MOONEY Thomas Crushybracken Rasharkin
MOONEY Richard Dreen Rasharkin
MOONEY Henry Drumack Rasharkin
MOONEY Hugh Drumack Rasharkin
MOONEY John Drumack Rasharkin
MOONEY Anne Glenbuck Rasharkin
MOONEY George Glenbuck Rasharkin
MOONEY James Glenbuck Rasharkin
MOONEY Andrew Gortereghy Rasharkin
MOONEY Catherine Gortereghy Rasharkin
MOONEY Daniel Gortereghy Rasharkin
MOONEY James Gortereghy Rasharkin
MOONEY John Gortereghy Rasharkin
MOONEY Mary Gortereghy Rasharkin
MOONEY Richard Gortereghy Rasharkin
MOONEY Bernard Magheraboy Rasharkin
MOONEY Daniel Magheraboy Rasharkin
MOONEY Catherine Moneyleck Rasharkin
MOONEY Charles Tehorny Rasharkin
MOORE Rep. John Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
MOORE Isaac Carclunty Rasharkin
MOORE James Carclunty Rasharkin
MOORE John Carclunty Rasharkin
MOORE Alexander Dunminning Rasharkin
MOORE John Gortereghy Rasharkin
MOORE Jane Maria Magheraboy Rasharkin
MORGAN James Glenbuck Rasharkin
MORROW Patrick Carclunty Rasharkin
MORROW Thomas Carclunty Rasharkin
MULHOLLAND Charles Anticur Rasharkin
MULLAGHAN John Glenbuck Rasharkin
MULLAGHAN Henry Magheraboy Rasharkin
MULLAM Patrick Drumack Rasharkin
MULLEN Hugh Crushybracken Rasharkin
MULLEN Daniel Duneany Rasharkin
MULLEN Neal Duneany Rasharkin
MULLEN John Granagh Rasharkin
MULLEN Margaret Moneyleck Rasharkin
MULLIGAN Patrick Glenbuck Rasharkin
MURDOCK Eliza Dunminning Rasharkin
MURRAY James Anticur Rasharkin
MURRAY John Dromore Rasharkin
NEESON Arthur Tamlaght Rasharkin
NEVIN Anne Carclunty Rasharkin
NEVIN Hugh Dunminning Rasharkin
NICHOLL James Duneany Rasharkin
O'BOYLE John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
O'FEE George Culmore Rasharkin
O'FEE Alexander Gortereghy Rasharkin
O'FEE Archibald Gortereghy Rasharkin
O'FEE James Gortereghy Rasharkin
O'FEE John Gortereghy Rasharkin
O'FEE George Lisnagaver Rasharkin
O'FEE Henry Tamlaght Rasharkin
O'FEE Margaret Tamlaght Rasharkin
O'HALE Felix Dreen Rasharkin
O'HALE Patrick Dreen Rasharkin
O'HALE Felix Tehorny Rasharkin
O'HARA John Bellaghy Rasharkin
O'HARA James Culmore Rasharkin
O'HARA John Culmore Rasharkin
O'NEILL Francis Glenbuck Rasharkin
O'NEILL Ellen Granagh Rasharkin
O'NEILL Daniel Tehorny Rasharkin
ORR James Drumack Rasharkin
ORR John Gortahar Rasharkin
OULTEN ??? Culmore Rasharkin
PARKE Alexander Anticur Rasharkin
PARKE John Anticur Rasharkin
PARKE Robert Anticur Rasharkin
PARKE John Glenbuck Rasharkin
PARKE Hugh Killycowan Rasharkin
PARKE John Killycowan Rasharkin
PARKE Patrick Killycreen Rasharkin
PARKS Thomas Killydonnelly Rasharkin
PATRICK John Dunminning Rasharkin
PATTEN John Anticur Rasharkin
PATTERSON Samuel Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
PATTERSON William Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
PATTERSON Jane Carnfinton Rasharkin
PATTERSON David Culmore Rasharkin
PATTISON William Dromore Rasharkin
POLLOCK Robert Dunminning Rasharkin
PORTER Eliza Dunminning Rasharkin
PORTER Jane Dunminning Rasharkin
PORTER John Glenbuck Rasharkin
PRESTON William Anticur Rasharkin
PRESTON Robert Duneany Rasharkin
PRESTON James Killycowan Rasharkin
PRESTON William Killycowan Rasharkin
QUIGG Daniel Dreen Rasharkin
QUIGG Patrick Dreen Rasharkin
QUIGG Patrick Tehorny Rasharkin
QUIGLEY Elizabeth Drumcon Rasharkin
QUINN Hugh Anticur Rasharkin
QUINN Alexander Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
RAINEY Robert Drumcon Rasharkin
RAINEY Robert, Jr. Drumcon Rasharkin
RAINEY Thomas Drumcon Rasharkin
RAINEY John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
RAINEY John Moneyleck Rasharkin
RALLEY Bernard Bellaghy Rasharkin
RAWLEY James Duneany Rasharkin
RAYNOND Edward Glenbuck Rasharkin
REA Charles Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
REA George Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
REA John Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
REA Thomas Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
REA William Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
REA David Culmore Rasharkin
REA David Drumcon Rasharkin
REA Joseph Drumcon Rasharkin
REA William Drumcon Rasharkin
REID Patrick Anticur Rasharkin
REID David Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
REID Joseph Culmore Rasharkin
REID John Drumack Rasharkin
REID William Drumack Rasharkin
REID James Drumcon Rasharkin
REID Daniel Duneany Rasharkin
REID Hugh Duneany Rasharkin
REID Patrick Duneany Rasharkin
REID Thomes Duneany Rasharkin
REID Patrick Glenbuck Rasharkin
REID David Killycowan Rasharkin
REID Hugh Killycowan Rasharkin
REID Alexander Killydonnelly Rasharkin
REID Matthew Killydonnelly Rasharkin
REID Robert Killydonnelly Rasharkin
REID Thomas Killydonnelly Rasharkin
REILLY Patrick Crushybracken Rasharkin
REILLY James Glenbuck Rasharkin
RICE Hugh Dreen Rasharkin
RICHMOND Daniel Drumcon Rasharkin
RICHMOND James Drumcon Rasharkin
RICHMOND John Drumcon Rasharkin
RICHMOND Matthew Drumcon Rasharkin
RICHMOND James Lisnagaver Rasharkin
ROBINSON Robert Granagh Rasharkin
ROBINSON Jane Killydonnelly Rasharkin
ROBINSON William Tamlaght Rasharkin
ROGERS Thomas Duneany Rasharkin
ROGERS Alesan Killycowan Rasharkin
ROGERS John Killycreen Rasharkin
ROSEBOROUGH Robert Killycowan Rasharkin
ROSS William Duneany Rasharkin
RUSSELL James Bellaghy Rasharkin
RUSSELL William Dromore Rasharkin
RUSSELL John Dunminning Rasharkin
RUSSELL Isabella Killydonnelly Rasharkin
SCALLY John Glenbuck Rasharkin
SCALLY Thomas Glenbuck Rasharkin
SCOTT William Duneany Rasharkin
SCOTT Mary Dunminning Rasharkin
SCOTT Robert Granagh Rasharkin
SCULLION Eliza Dunminning Rasharkin
SCULLION Daniel Gortereghy Rasharkin
SCULLION Peter Moneyleck Rasharkin
SCULLION Charles Tamlaght Rasharkin
SCULLION Nicholas Tamlaght Rasharkin
SCULLION Roger Tamlaght Rasharkin
SHANNON Hugh Drumack Rasharkin
SHEALS Margaret Duneany Rasharkin
SHERRARD James Bellaghy Rasharkin
SHERRARD David Killycowan Rasharkin
SHERRARD John Killycowan Rasharkin
SHERRARD Thomas Killycowan Rasharkin
SHERRARD James Killycreen Rasharkin
SHIELS John Carnfinton Rasharkin
SHIELS Daniel Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
SHIELS John Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
SIMPSON Robert Anticur Rasharkin
SIMPSON James Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
SIMPSON Robert Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
SIMPSON James Crushybracken Rasharkin
SIMPSON John Crushybracken Rasharkin
SIMPSON Robert Drumcon Rasharkin
SIMPSON William Drumcon Rasharkin
SIMPSON James Tehorny Rasharkin
SMILING Francis Anticur Rasharkin
SMITH William Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
SMITH Clarke Carclunty Rasharkin
SMITH Henry Carclunty Rasharkin
SMITH Hugh Carclunty Rasharkin
SMITH John, Jr. Carclunty Rasharkin
SMITH John, Sr. Carclunty Rasharkin
SMITH William Carclunty Rasharkin
SMITH Stewart Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
SMITH James Dunminning Rasharkin
SMITH Matthew Moneyleck Rasharkin
SMYLY Francis Killycreen Rasharkin
SMYRLE George Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
SMYRLE Robt. Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
SMYRLE George Culmore Rasharkin
SMYTH Robert Church Tamlaght Rasharkin
SMYTH James Drumack Rasharkin
SMYTH Robert Drumack Rasharkin
SMYTH Stewart Drumack Rasharkin
SPEARS John Dromore Rasharkin
SPENSER David Killycreen Rasharkin
SPINKS Thomas Killydonnelly Rasharkin
STEEL James Dunminning Rasharkin
STEELE Charles Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
STEELE Edward Drumack Rasharkin
STEELE Thomas Moneyleck Rasharkin
STEELSON Samuel Anticur Rasharkin
STEPHENSON Andrew Glenbuck Rasharkin
STEPHENSON John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
STEWART Charles Anticur Rasharkin
STEWART Charles Bellaghy Rasharkin
STEWART James Dreen Rasharkin
STEWART Joseph Dromore Rasharkin
STEWART David Drumcon Rasharkin
STEWART Robert Dunminning Rasharkin
STEWART Alexander Killycowan Rasharkin
STEWART Charles Killycreen Rasharkin
STEWART James Killycreen Rasharkin
STEWART Andrew Magheraboy Rasharkin
STEWART Archibald Magheraboy Rasharkin
STEWART Daniel Magheraboy Rasharkin
STEWART Elizabeth Magheraboy Rasharkin
STEWART Hugh Magheraboy Rasharkin
STEWART John Magheraboy Rasharkin
STEWART William Magheraboy Rasharkin
TAYLOR John Lisnagaver Rasharkin
TAYLOR Thomas Lisnagaver Rasharkin
TAYLOR Willaim Lisnagaver Rasharkin
TAYLOR William Lisnagaver Rasharkin
THOMPSON Daniel Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
THOMPSON Robert Dromore Rasharkin
THOMPSON Wm. Dunminning Rasharkin
THOMPSON Andrew Magheraboy Rasharkin
TOMB Joseph J. Dromore Rasharkin
TOMBE William Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
TOMBE Anne Magheraboy Rasharkin
TONER Edward Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
TORRENCE John Tamlaght Rasharkin
TORRENS Stewart Anticur Rasharkin
WADE Archibald Anticur Rasharkin
WALLACE John Anticur Rasharkin
WALLACE James Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
WALLACE Elizabeth Culmore Rasharkin
WALLACE James Culmore Rasharkin
WALLACE John Culmore Rasharkin
WALLACE Samuel Culmore Rasharkin
WALLACE Alexander Drumcon Rasharkin
WALLACE Robert Drumcon Rasharkin
WALLACE John Gortereghy Rasharkin
WALLACE Rev. William Gortereghy Rasharkin
WALLACE John Tamlaght Rasharkin
WALSH John Killydonnelly Rasharkin
WATSON Joseph Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
WEIR Thomas Drumack Rasharkin
WHITE Alexander Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
WHITE John Ballymaconnelly Rasharkin
WHITE Daniel Dromore Rasharkin
WHITLEY Hugh Moneyleck Rasharkin
WILEY Thomas Carclunty Rasharkin
WILKINSON James Tamlaght Rasharkin
WILKINSON Robert Tamlaght Rasharkin
WILSON John Bellaghy Rasharkin
WILSON Andrew Carnfinton Rasharkin
WILSON James Carnfinton Rasharkin
WILSON Mary Carnfinton Rasharkin
WILSON James Culmore Rasharkin
WILSON Elizabeth Drumack Rasharkin
WILSON John Drumack Rasharkin
WILSON Robert Drumack Rasharkin
WILSON Anne Drumcon Rasharkin
WILSON James Drumcon Rasharkin
WILSON John Drumcon Rasharkin
WILSON William Drumcon Rasharkin
WILSON Hamilton Dunminning Rasharkin
WILSON Hugh Dunminning Rasharkin
WILSON Robert Gortahar Rasharkin
WILSON John Granagh Rasharkin
WILSON Robert Granagh Rasharkin
WILSON William Killycreen Rasharkin
WILSON Joseph Lisnagaver Rasharkin
WILSON Robert Magheraboy Rasharkin
WILSON William Magheraboy Rasharkin
WILSON Robert Moneyleck Rasharkin
WILSON John Tamlaght Rasharkin
WILSON Samuel Tamlaght Rasharkin
WOODS Patrick Drumack Rasharkin
WOODS Daniel Tamlaght Rasharkin
WORKMAN Rachel Ballydonnelly Rasharkin
WREATH Samuel Glenbuck Rasharkin
YOUNG William Bellaghy Rasharkin
YOUNG Andrew Drumcon Rasharkin
YOUNG John Killydonnelly Rasharkin

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