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ADAIR James Bryantang Ballynure
ADAIR James Castletown Ballynure
ADAIR Susan Castletown Ballynure
ADAMSON James Castletown Ballynure
ADAMSON William Castletown Ballynure
ADAMSON George Little Ballymena Ballynure
ADAMSON Mary Straid Ballynure
ADRAIN Robert Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
ADRAIN James Castletown Ballynure
ADRAIN James Lismenary Ballynure
AGNEW Hugh Ballybracken Ballynure
AGNEW Thomas Ballybracken Ballynure
AGNEW William Ballybracken Ballynure
AGNEW William Ballygowan Ballynure
AGNEW Andrew Ballynarry Ballynure
AGNEW David Ballynarry Ballynure
AGNEW James Ballynarry Ballynure
AGNEW Ellen Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
AGNEW William Castletown Ballynure
ALEXANDER Thomas Ballyclare Ballynure
ALEXANDER Andrew Calhame Ballynure
ALEXANDER Thomas Dunturky Ballynure
ALEXANDER Thomas Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
ANDERSON Thomas Bryantang Ballynure
ANDERSON John, Jr. Dunturky Ballynure
ANDERSON John, Sr. Dunturky Ballynure
ANDERSON James Skilganaban Ballynure
ARMSTRONG John Irish Hill Ballynure
ATKINSON James Little Ballymena Ballynure
AULD James Ballybracken Ballynure
AULD Samuel Ballybracken Ballynure
AULD Thomas Castletown Ballynure
BAIN Rev. James Straid Ballynure
BAIN Rev. James Straid,Straid Ballynure
BAIRD Andrew Clementshill Ballynure
BAIRD John Dairyland Ballynure
BAIRD Jane Skilganaban Ballynure
BAIRD John Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
BAMFORD John Lismenary Ballynure
BARBER James Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
BARKLIE Andrew Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
BARKLIE James Lismenary Ballynure
BARKLIE James, Jr. Lismenary Ballynure
BARKLIE John Lismenary Ballynure
BAXTER Samuel Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
BEATTY William Ballygowan Ballynure
BEATTY Robert Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
BEATTY Robert Bryantang Ballynure
BEATTY David Little Ballymena Ballynure
BELL Anne Ballyclare Ballynure
BELL John L. Ballyclare Ballynure
BELL Robert Ballygowan Ballynure
BELL William Ballygowan Ballynure
BELL Jane Ballynarry Ballynure
BELL John Ballynarry Ballynure
BELL Samuel Ballynarry Ballynure
BELL William Ballynarry Ballynure
BELL Mary Dunturky Ballynure
BELL William Straid Ballynure
BELL Samuel Straid,Straid Ballynure
BIRNIE Alexander Straid Ballynure
BLACKADDER James Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
BLACKALDER Isaac Straid Ballynure
BLAIR John Ballyclare Ballynure
BLAIR Crawford Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
BLAIR Edward Little Ballymena Ballynure
BOYD William Ballyclare Ballynure
BOYD David Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
BOYD Alexander Calhame Ballynure
BOYD Jane Castletown Ballynure
BOYD John Castletown Ballynure
BOYD John Dunturky Ballynure
BOYD John Little Ballymena Ballynure
BOYD James Straid Ballynure
BOYD John Straid Ballynure
BOYD James Straid,Straid Ballynure
BOYD John Straid,Straid Ballynure
BROWNE Samuel Ballylagan Ballynure
BRYAN Andrew Ballygowan Ballynure
BUCHANAN John Ballygowan Ballynure
BUCHANAN Hugh Castletown Ballynure
BUCHANAN Mary Castletown Ballynure
BUCHANAN Robert Castletown Ballynure
BUNTON George Castletown Ballynure
BURNS David Straid Ballynure
CALDWELL Martha Calhame Ballynure
CALDWELL Hugh Skilganaban Ballynure
CAMERON Hugh Ballyclare Ballynure
CAMPBELL Mary Ballyclare Ballynure
CAMPBELL Grace Dunturky Ballynure
CAMPBELL Rev. William Dunturky Ballynure
CAMPBELL Rev. Wm. Toberdowney Ballynure
CARLISLE William Ballyclare Ballynure
CARR William Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
CARR John Dairyland Ballynure
CARR William Toberdowney Ballynure
CARSON James Ballylagan Ballynure
CAVANAGH John Lismenary Ballynure
CLUGGSTON Arthur Castletown Ballynure
CLUGGSTON Hugh Castletown Ballynure
CLYDE Thomas Dairyland Ballynure
COLLIER Rev. Robert Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
CONNOLLY Robert Clementshill Ballynure
CONWAY Elizabeth Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
CONWAY Margaret Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
CORBAIN Robert Calhame Ballynure
CORBAIN Edward Toberdowney Ballynure
CRAIG Joseph Skilganaban Ballynure
CROOKES Robert Ballygowan Ballynure
CROOKES Samuel Ballygowan Ballynure
CROOKES Alexander Castletown Ballynure
CROWE Benjamin Ballybracken Ballynure
CROWE Thomas Ballybracken Ballynure
CROWE Samuel Straid Ballynure
CROZIER Francis Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
CRYMBLE Hugh Ballybracken Ballynure
CRYMBLE William Little Ballymena Ballynure
CURRAN Agnes Ballygowan Ballynure
CURRAN Henry Ballylagan Ballynure
CURRAN Agnes Ballynarry Ballynure
CURRAN Jane Ballynarry Ballynure
CURRAN Francis Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
CURRAN Thomas Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
DAVIN William Ballygowan Ballynure
DAVISON Franklin Clementshill Ballynure
DEMPSEY James Ballygowan Ballynure
DEMPSEY Robt. Ballygowan Ballynure
DEMPSEY William Ballygowan Ballynure
DEVANNY John Ballygowan Ballynure
DEVANNY Sarah Ballygowan Ballynure
DEVENY John Ballybracken Ballynure
DOBBIN Roger Ballybracken Ballynure
DOBBS Conway R. Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
DOBBS Conway R. Dunturky Ballynure
DOBBS Conway R. Toberdowney Ballynure
DOGHERTY Edward Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
DOGHERTY Robert Calhame Ballynure
DONALD George Skilganaban Ballynure
DONALDSON Robert Ballybracken Ballynure
DOWNEY John Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
DOWNSHIRE Marquis ??? Straid Ballynure
ELLIOTT Walter Lismenary Ballynure
EWING James Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
FALLOON Rev. Chas. Toberdowney Ballynure
FERGUSON George Bryantang Ballynure
FERGUSON George Dunturky Ballynure
FERGUSON Robert Little Ballymena Ballynure
FERGUSON George Toberdowney Ballynure
FINLAY John Ballybracken Ballynure
FINLAY Matthew Ballybracken Ballynure
FINLAY William Ballybracken Ballynure
FORDE Archibald Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
FORESYTHE James Irish Hill Ballynure
FORSYTHE James Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
FORSYTHE Robert Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
FORSYTHE Robert, Sr. Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
FORSYTHE Andrew Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
FORSYTHE John Bryantang Ballynure
FORSYTHE Samuel Bryantang Ballynure
FORSYTHE Robert Dunturky Ballynure
FORSYTHE James Skilganaban Ballynure
FULLERTON Thomas Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
FULTON William Legaloy Ballynure
FULTON William Skilganaban Ballynure
GALWAY John Ballyclare Ballynure
GAMBLE Adam Castletown Ballynure
GAMBLE John Castletown Ballynure
GAMBLE Robert Irish Hill Ballynure
GAMBLE John Straid Ballynure
GETTENLEY William Lismenary Ballynure
GETTINLEY Matthew Skilganaban Ballynure
GILBERT Mary Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
GILLESPIE James Ballyclare Ballynure
GILLESPIE Susan Irish Hill Ballynure
GILLESPIE Alexander Little Ballymena Ballynure
GILLESPIE Alexander Skilganaban Ballynure
GILMORE James Legaloy Ballynure
GILMORE James Skilganaban Ballynure
GIRVAN Samuel Ballybracken Ballynure
GIRVAN Sittlington Ballybracken Ballynure
GIRVAN John Ballygowan Ballynure
GIRVAN William Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
GIRVAN William Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
GORDON David Little Ballymena Ballynure
GORDON Agnes Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
GRAHAM Thomas Ballylagan Ballynure
GRAHAM Isaac Dunturky Ballynure
GRIER Andrew Ballygowan Ballynure
GRIER John Ballygowan Ballynure
GRIER John Ballylagan Ballynure
GRUSSET Edward Dunturky Ballynure
HADDEN John Ballylagan Ballynure
HAGAN William Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
HAGAN James Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
HAGAN James Dunturky Ballynure
HAGAN John Lisglass Ballynure
HAGAN Charles Little Ballymena Ballynure
HAGAN James Little Ballymena Ballynure
HAILE Patrick Ballybracken Ballynure
HALL Robert Calhame Ballynure
HALL John Dairyland Ballynure
HALL William Straid Ballynure
HAMILTON James Ballygowan Ballynure
HAMILTON Robert Calhame Ballynure
HAMILTON Robert Castletown Ballynure
HAMILTON Alexander Dairyland Ballynure
HARSON William Dunturky Ballynure
HAWTHORNE Jas. Ballyclare Ballynure
HAWTHORNE William Ballyclare Ballynure
HAWTHORNE James Straid Ballynure
HAWTHORNE James Toberdowney Ballynure
HENDERSON James Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
HENDERSON John Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
HENDERSON Matilda Calhame Ballynure
HENDERSON Ellen Dunturky Ballynure
HENDERSON Allen Toberdowney Ballynure
HENDERSON Samuel Toberdowney Ballynure
HETHERINGTON Hugh Skilganaban Ballynure
HETHERINGTON James Skilganaban Ballynure
HEVERN Agnes Ballygowan Ballynure
HEWAT Thomas Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
HEWAT Thomas Bryantang Ballynure
HEWAT Thomas Dunturky Ballynure
HEWAT Thomas Toberdowney Ballynure
HEWITT Margaret Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
HILL Robert Ballybracken Ballynure
HILL Alexander Ballygowan Ballynure
HILL Hugh Ballygowan Ballynure
HILL William Ballygowan Ballynure
HILL David Ballynarry Ballynure
HILL Mary Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
HILL Samuel Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
HILL William Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
HILL David Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
HILL Hugh Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
HILL David Castletown Ballynure
HILL John Skilganaban Ballynure
HILL Margaret Skilganaban Ballynure
HILL Hugh Toberdowney Ballynure
HILLES William Dunturky Ballynure
HOGAN William Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
HOLDEN Samuel Ballygowan Ballynure
HOWIE John Ballylagan Ballynure
HOWIE William Ballylagan Ballynure
HUME James Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
HUME James Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
HUNTER Edward Castletown Ballynure
HUNTER David Little Ballymena Ballynure
HUNTER Edward Little Ballymena Ballynure
HUNTER James Little Ballymena Ballynure
HUNTER Robert Little Ballymena Ballynure
HUNTER Thomas Little Ballymena Ballynure
HUNTER Anthony Skilganaban Ballynure
HUNTER Hugh Skilganaban Ballynure
HUNTER Saml. Skilganaban Ballynure
HUNTER John Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
HUTCHINSON John Bryantang Ballynure
HUTCHINSON James Dairyland Ballynure
HUTCHINSON William Dairyland Ballynure
IRVINE Robert Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
JACKSON Thomas Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
JACKSON Samuel Skilganaban Ballynure
JAMESON Samuel Ballybracken Ballynure
JENKINS John Dairyland Ballynure
JENKINS Samuel Dairyland Ballynure
JENKINS Francis Straid Ballynure
JOHNSTON Robert Ballybracken Ballynure
JOHNSTON James Ballygowan Ballynure
JOHNSTON Jane Ballygowan Ballynure
JOHNSTON Matthew Ballygowan Ballynure
JOHNSTON Robert Ballygowan Ballynure
JOHNSTON William Ballygowan Ballynure
JOHNSTON Andrew Dunturky Ballynure
JOHNSTON Patrick Dunturky Ballynure
JOHNSTON William Dunturky Ballynure
JOHNSTON James Little Ballymena Ballynure
JOHNSTON Andrew Straid Ballynure
JUNKE Thomas Ballylagan Ballynure
JUNKIN John Castletown Ballynure
KELLS Robert Little Ballymena Ballynure
KELLY William Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
KELLY Michael Clementshill Ballynure
KELLY William Toberdowney Ballynure
KENNEDY Edward Calhame Ballynure
KENNEDY John Calhame Ballynure
KENNEDY Samuel Calhame Ballynure
KENNEDY David Castletown Ballynure
KENNEDY James Clementshill Ballynure
KENNEDY John Dunturky Ballynure
KENNEDY William Dunturky Ballynure
KENNEDY Edward Irish Hill Ballynure
KENNEDY William Irish Hill Ballynure
KIRKE Jane Ballylagan Ballynure
KIRKE James Castletown Ballynure
KIRKE Elizabeth Clementshill Ballynure
KIRKE Jane Clementshill Ballynure
KIRKE William Irish Hill Ballynure
KIRKE Alexander Legaloy Ballynure
KIRKE Jane Legaloy Ballynure
KIRKE John Legaloy Ballynure
KIRKPATRICK James Ballybracken Ballynure
KIRKPATRICK John Ballybracken Ballynure
KIRKPATRICK Mary Ballybracken Ballynure
KIRKPATRICK John J. Ballyclare Ballynure
KIRKPATRICK John Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
KIRKPATRICK John Skilganaban Ballynure
KNOX Henry Ballygowan Ballynure
KNOX Joseph Ballygowan Ballynure
KNOX Robert Ballygowan Ballynure
KNOX William Ballygowan Ballynure
LATTIMER Robert Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
LEDLIE George Ballyclare Ballynure
LENNON Robert Ballygowan Ballynure
LENNON Thomas Ballygowan Ballynure
LENNON Nathaniel Ballylagan Ballynure
LENNON William Ballylagan Ballynure
LENNON James Straid,Straid Ballynure
LOGAN Hugh Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
LOGAN Hugh Dunturky Ballynure
LOGAN John Dunturky Ballynure
LOGAN Samuel Straid Ballynure
LOGAN Samuel Straid,Straid Ballynure
LORIMER Agnes Clementshill Ballynure
LOWRY William Clementshill Ballynure
MACKAY Hugh Ballybracken Ballynure
MACKEY John Ballygowan Ballynure
MACKEY William Little Ballymena Ballynure
MAGEE William Toberdowney Ballynure
MAGILL John Ballybracken Ballynure
MAHON James Little Ballymena Ballynure
MAJURY Robert Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
MAJURY Robert Dunturky Ballynure
MARKEY Joseph Ballygowan Ballynure
MARTIN Esther Bryantang Ballynure
MAYNE Joseph Ballybracken Ballynure
MAYNE Joseph Ballygowan Ballynure
MAYNE Joseph Skilganaban Ballynure
Mc ALLISTER James Dairyland Ballynure
Mc ALLISTER Thomas Dairyland Ballynure
Mc BRIDE Malcolm Dairyland Ballynure
Mc CAMMON Robert Castletown Ballynure
Mc CAMMON Thomas Skilganaban Ballynure
Mc CLEAN James Lismenary Ballynure
Mc CLEAN Thomas Skilganaban Ballynure
Mc CLELLAND James Clementshill Ballynure
Mc CLELLAND Susan Clementshill Ballynure
Mc CLELLAND David Dunturky Ballynure
Mc CLERNAN Samuel Dunturky Ballynure
Mc CONKEY George Ballygowan Ballynure
Mc CONKEY John Ballygowan Ballynure
Mc CONKY Jane Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
Mc CORT James Ballyclare Ballynure
Mc CREERY William Calhame Ballynure
Mc CREERY William Irish Hill Ballynure
Mc CRONE Hugh Bryantang Ballynure
Mc CRONE Hugh Lismenary Ballynure
Mc CULLAGH Rachel Ballygowan Ballynure
Mc CULLOUGH Hugh Calhame Ballynure
Mc CULLOUGH Hugh Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc CUNE William Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
Mc DOWELL Henry Irish Hill Ballynure
Mc DOWELL Jane Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
Mc GOLPIN Henry Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc GOLPIN John Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc GOOKIN Jane Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
Mc GOOKIN James Lismenary Ballynure
Mc GUIGGAN Samuel Straid Ballynure
Mc GUIGGAN Samuel Straid,Straid Ballynure
Mc HAGGAR William Clementshill Ballynure
Mc ILROY Robert Ballygowan Ballynure
Mc ILROY William Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc ILROY William Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc ILROY William Skilganaban Ballynure
Mc ILROY William, Jr. Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
Mc ILWAINE William Ballyclare Ballynure
Mc ILWAINE Edward Ballygowan Ballynure
Mc KEEN William Dairyland Ballynure
Mc KENNY John Irish Hill Ballynure
Mc KINSTRY John Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
Mc KINSTRY Thomas Dunturky Ballynure
Mc KINSTRY Thomas Skilganaban Ballynure
Mc MANUS Charles Straid,Straid Ballynure
Mc MEEKIN John Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
Mc MEIKIN James Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc MILLAN William Irish Hill Ballynure
Mc MILLAN Evans Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc MILLAN James Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc MILLAN John Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc MILLAN Samuel Little Ballymena Ballynure
Mc MINN Martha Ballylagan Ballynure
Mc MINN Robert Ballylagan Ballynure
Mc MINN Robert Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
Mc MINN Samuel Dunturky Ballynure
Mc MURNAN Hugh Lismenary Ballynure
Mc MURRAY James Ballyclare Ballynure
Mc MURRAY George Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
Mc MURTRY William Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
Mc MURTRY William Toberdowney Ballynure
Mc NEAR Robert Ballylagan Ballynure
Mc NEAR Robert Castletown Ballynure
Mc QUILLAN Wm. Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
Mc QUILLAN William Bryantang Ballynure
Mc WHINNEY Arthur Ballygowan Ballynure
Mc WHINNY William Ballybracken Ballynure
Mc WHIRTER William Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
Mc WHIRTER John Skilganaban Ballynure
Mc WHIRTER John Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
MELLON John Ballybracken Ballynure
MILLAR David Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
MILLER John Ballyclare Ballynure
MILLER Agnes Calhame Ballynure
MILLER David Calhame Ballynure
MILLER Hugh Straid Ballynure
MISKIMMIN Andrew Little Ballymena Ballynure
MOFFITT John Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
MOFFITT William Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
MOORE John Ballybracken Ballynure
MOORE Agnes Ballygowan Ballynure
MOORE Robert Ballygowan Ballynure
MOORE Thomas Ballygowan Ballynure
MOORE Alexander Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
MURDOCK James Ballylagan Ballynure
MURDOCK Anne Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
MURPHY William Dunturky Ballynure
MURPHY John Skilganaban Ballynure
NEASON Francis Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
NELSON Jane Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
OLIVER John Little Ballymena Ballynure
PARKE John Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
PARKE Andrew Bryantang Ballynure
PARKE Andrew Castletown Ballynure
PARKE John Castletown Ballynure
PARKE William Castletown Ballynure
PARKE John Legaloy Ballynure
PARKHILL Robert Clementshill Ballynure
PATTEN William Calhame Ballynure
PATTERSON Margaret Lismenary Ballynure
PATTON Jane Calhame Ballynure
PEDEN James Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
POGUE Margaret Castletown Ballynure
PORTER Edward Castletown Ballynure
PROCTOR Mary Skilganaban Ballynure
RAMSAY Robert Ballygowan Ballynure
RAMSAY Thomas Ballygowan Ballynure
RANKIN Thomas Ballybracken Ballynure
ROBINSON Samuel Ballybracken Ballynure
ROBINSON David Ballynarry Ballynure
ROBINSON Thomas Ballynarry Ballynure
ROBINSON William Legaloy Ballynure
RONEY Anne Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
ROSS Cornelius Castletown Ballynure
ROSS Andrew Dunturky Ballynure
ROWAN John Toberdowney Ballynure
ROWNEY James Ballybracken Ballynure
ROWNEY Jane Calhame Ballynure
ROWNEY William Calhame Ballynure
ROWNEY Andrew Dunturky Ballynure
SAUNDERSON Alexander Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
SAUNDERSON Hugh Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
SCOTT Samuel Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
SCOTT John Bryantang Ballynure
SCOTT William, Jr. Bryantang Ballynure
SCOTT William, Sr. Bryantang Ballynure
SCOTT William, Jr. Castletown Ballynure
SCOTT James Little Ballymena Ballynure
SCOTT Robert Straid,Straid Ballynure
SEMPLE John Bryantang Ballynure
SERVICE John Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
SHARPE William Little Ballymena Ballynure
SIMMS Alexander Bryantang Ballynure
SIMPSON Robert W. Ballyclare Ballynure
SIMPSON William Ballyclare Ballynure
SIMPSON Robert W. Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
SIMPSON William Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
SLOANE Charles Ballynarry Ballynure
SLOANE Elizabeth Ballynarry Ballynure
SMITH John Ballyclare Ballynure
SMITH James Little Ballymena Ballynure
SNODDY Patrick Ballygowan Ballynure
STANLEY Edward Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
STEELE James Ballynarry Ballynure
STEWART Thomas Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
STEWART Andrew Bryantang Ballynure
STEWART Charles Irish Hill Ballynure
STEWART Margaret Irish Hill Ballynure
STEWART Charles Lisglass Ballynure
STEWART John Lisglass Ballynure
STEWART Robert Lisglass Ballynure
STEWART James Little Ballymena Ballynure
STEWART Wm. Straid Ballynure
STEWART Benjamin Toberdowney Ballynure
STEWART Samuel Toberdowney Ballynure
STONE Jane Dairyland Ballynure
THOMPSON Samuel Bryantang Ballynure
THOMPSON William Castletown Ballynure
TODD John Ballyclare Ballynure
TODD Frances Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
TODD James Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
TODD David Irish Hill Ballynure
TODD Nathaniel Skilganaban Ballynure
TOWNSLEY Robert Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
TURNER John Ballybracken Ballynure
TURNER Samuel Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
WALLACE John Ballygowan Ballynure
WALLACE John Castletown Ballynure
WARWICK James Skilganaban Ballynure
WASSON Jane Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
WEIR Edward Ballybracken Ballynure
WEIR James Ballybracken Ballynure
WEIR James Lismenary Ballynure
WEIR John Toberdowney Ballynure
WHITEFORD William Ballynure,Dunturky Ballynure
WHITEFORD William Castletown Ballynure
WHITEFORD Eliza Dunturky Ballynure
WILLIAMSON John Calhame Ballynure
WILSON John Ballyclare Ballynure
WILSON Henry Ballygowan Ballynure
WILSON George Ballylagan Ballynure
WILSON Henry Ballylagan Ballynure
WILSON Hugh Ballylagan Ballynure
WILSON James Ballylagan Ballynure
WILSON John Ballylagan Ballynure
WILSON Willoughby Ballylagan Ballynure
WILSON Malcolm Bryantang Ballynure
WILSON Mary Calhame Ballynure
WILSON Malcolm Castletown Ballynure
WILSON James Clementshill Ballynure
WILSON Joseph Dairyland Ballynure
WILSON James Dunturky Ballynure
WILSON Margaret Legaloy Ballynure
WILSON Robert Legaloy Ballynure
WILSON David Lismenary Ballynure
WILSON Richard Little Ballymena Ballynure
WILSON John Straid Ballynure
WILSON Mary Straid Ballynure
WILSON Jane Straid,Straid Ballynure
WILSON John Straid,Straid Ballynure
WILSON John Straid,Straid Ballynure
WILSON Robert Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
WITHERUP David Dairyland Ballynure
WITHERUP John Dairyland Ballynure
WOODSIDE John Ballynarry Ballynure
WOODSIDE Archibald Ballynure,Toberdowney Ballynure
WOODSIDE William Castletown Ballynure
WOODSIDE Mary Dairyland Ballynure
WOODSIDE Robert Lismenary Ballynure
WOODSIDE John Skilganaban Ballynure
WOODSIDE Alexander Townfoot,Ballyclare Ballynure
WRIGHT James Ballybracken Ballynure
WRIGHT William J. Ballyclare Ballynure
WYLEY William A. Little Ballymena Ballynure

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