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ADAIR Robert Cross Ballyclug
ALLEN James Ballykeel Ballyclug
ALLEN Jane Ballylesson Ballyclug
ALLEN William Caherty Ballyclug
ALLEN Anne Crebilly Ballyclug
ALLEN James Crebilly Ballyclug
ALLEN John Crebilly Ballyclug
ALLEN Kennedy Crebilly Ballyclug
ALLEN Kennedy, Jr. Crebilly Ballyclug
ALLEN William Crebilly Ballyclug
ALLEN Margery Cross Ballyclug
ALLEN Henry Deerfin Ballyclug
ALLEN John Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
ALLEN William Liminary Ballyclug
ALLEN Thomas Tully Ballyclug
ALLISON Mary Anne Liminary Ballyclug
ANDERSON John Ballykeel Ballyclug
ANDERSON Robert Cross Ballyclug
ANDERSON Henry Tully Ballyclug
ANDERSON James Tully Ballyclug
ANDERSON Wm. Jno. Tully Ballyclug
ANDERSON Wm. John Tully Ballyclug
ANDREW Archibald Liminary Ballyclug
ANDREW John Liminary Ballyclug
ARMOUR Andrew Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
ARMSTRONG Bella Ballykeel Ballyclug
ARMSTRONG Samuel Ballykeel Ballyclug
ARMSTRONG John Cross Ballyclug
ARMSTRONG Mary Cross Ballyclug
ARTHUR William Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
ATKINSON Margaret Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
AYRE Catherine Liminary Ballyclug
BABINGTON Samuel Ballykeel Ballyclug
BALLANTINE Hugh Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BALLENTINE Robert Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BALLINTINE Hugh Ballykeel Ballyclug
BALLINTINE Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
BAN James A. Liminary Ballyclug
BARBER Mary Anne Ballykeel Ballyclug
BARBOR Drew Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BARCLAY James Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
BARNES Margaret Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BARTLEY William Liminary Ballyclug
BEATTY David Cross Ballyclug
BEATTY Wm. George Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BEATTY William Liminary Ballyclug
BEGGS Andrew Cross Ballyclug
BELL Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
BELL James Ballylesson Ballyclug
BELL Robert Cross Ballyclug
BELL William Cross Ballyclug
BELL Robert Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BELL Grace Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BLACK William John Ballykeel Ballyclug
BLACK James James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BLACK James James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BLACK John Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BLACKEY James Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BLACKLEY Robert Ballycreggy Ballyclug
BLACKLEY Thomas Liminary Ballyclug
BLACKWOOD Mary Cross Ballyclug
BLAIR John Cross Ballyclug
BLAKLEY Robert Caherty Ballyclug
BLANEY William Ballylesson Ballyclug
BLANEY Alexander Caherty Ballyclug
BLANEY Alexander Liminary Ballyclug
BLANEY Anne Liminary Ballyclug
BLANEY Eliza Liminary Ballyclug
BLANEY John Liminary Ballyclug
BLANEY Patrick Liminary Ballyclug
BONAR Samuel Ballycreggy Ballyclug
BONER David Tully Ballyclug
BONES Hugh Tully Ballyclug
BONES William Tully Ballyclug
BOYD John Ballykeel Ballyclug
BOYD James Crebilly Ballyclug
BOYDE James Ballylesson Ballyclug
BOYDE Stewart Ballylesson Ballyclug
BOYDE James Cross Ballyclug
BOYDE Margaret Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BRADY Patrick Crebilly Ballyclug
BRANGAN Henry Ballylesson Ballyclug
BRANGAN Jane Ballylesson Ballyclug
BRANGAN James James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BRANGAN James James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
BROOKS John Caherty Ballyclug
BRUCE Rachael Ballykeel Ballyclug
BUTLER Henry Caherty Ballyclug
CAHILL Robert Tully Ballyclug
CALDWELL Alexander Cross Ballyclug
CALLAGHAN John Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
CALLAGHAN William Tully Ballyclug
CAMERON William Liminary Ballyclug
CANNON Patrick Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CAREY John Ballycreggy Ballyclug
CAREY James Ballykeel Ballyclug
CAREY William Ballykeel Ballyclug
CARLETON Mary Liminary Ballyclug
CARLISLE David Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CARLISLE John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CARNAHAN John Liminary Ballyclug
CARR Andrew Ballycreggy Ballyclug
CARR Andrew Ballykeel Ballyclug
CARR John Ballylesson Ballyclug
CARR William James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CARR William James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CARRUTHERS Daniel Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CARSON James Ballylesson Ballyclug
CARSON John Ballylesson Ballyclug
CARSON John, Jr. Ballylesson Ballyclug
CARSON Stewart Ballylesson Ballyclug
CARSON William Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
CARSON James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CARSON William Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CASEMENT Rev. Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
CASEMENT Thomas Ballykeel Ballyclug
CASEMENT Rev. Robert Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CASEMENT Thomas Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CASHLIN Robert Ballylesson Ballyclug
CASSOCK James Cross Ballyclug
CASSOCK John Cross Ballyclug
CASSOCK George Tully Ballyclug
CASSOCK James Tully Ballyclug
CATHCART Isabella Ballykeel Ballyclug
CATHCART William Ballykeel Ballyclug
CATHCART James Caherty Ballyclug
CATHCART William J. Crebilly Ballyclug
CATHCART Eliza Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
CATHCART James Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
CATHCART James Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CATHCART Mary Anne Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CATHCART James Tully Ballyclug
CAUFIELD James Crebilly Ballyclug
CAULFIELD James Crebilly Ballyclug
CAULFIELD Mary Deerfin Ballyclug
CHAMBERS Moses Liminary Ballyclug
CHAPMAN Anne Crebilly Ballyclug
CHARTERS William Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CHRISNEY William Deerfin Ballyclug
CLARKE Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
CLARKE James Cross Ballyclug
CLARKE Jane Cross Ballyclug
CLARKE Jane Cross L Ballyclug
CLARMAN Hugh Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CLARNAN Hugh Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CLOSE Robert Raglan Place,Ballymena Ballyclug
CLOSH Michael Liminary Ballyclug
COLHOUN John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
COMPTON William J. Liminary Ballyclug
CONAN Henry Deerfin Ballyclug
CONAN Patrick Deerfin Ballyclug
CONAN Peter Deerfin Ballyclug
CONNELL Charles Cross Ballyclug
CONNELL Patrick Cross Ballyclug
CONNELL Thomas Cross Ballyclug
CONNELL William Cross Ballyclug
CONNOLLY Henry Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
COOSH Henry Liminary Ballyclug
COPELAND William Ballylesson Ballyclug
COPELAND William Crebilly Ballyclug
COPELAND William Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
CRAIG Robert Caherty Ballyclug
CRAWFORD John Liminary Ballyclug
CREELIN Arthur Deerfin Ballyclug
CREELIN Charles Deerfin Ballyclug
CREELIN James Deerfin Ballyclug
CREELIN John Deerfin Ballyclug
CRILLION Charlotte Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CROSSAN Hugh Liminary Ballyclug
CULLEN Isabella Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CULLION Margaret Caherty Ballyclug
CULLION Daniel Liminary Ballyclug
CURRY Andrew Ballykeel Ballyclug
CURRY Alfred James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CURRY Andrew James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CURRY Alfred James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CURRY Andrew James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
CURRY Graham Tully Ballyclug
CUSHIN Charles Tully Ballyclug
CUSHMAHAN Thomas Ballykeel Ballyclug
CUSHNAHAN James Tully Ballyclug
CUSHNAHAN Patrick Tully Ballyclug
DANSTON Robert James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DANSTON Robert James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DAVIS Isaiah Liminary Ballyclug
DAVIS Isiah Liminary Ballyclug
DAVISON John Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
DAVISON William James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DAVISON William James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DAVISON David Liminary Ballyclug
DEMPSEY William J. Caherty Ballyclug
DEMPSEY Hugh Liminary Ballyclug
DEMPSTER Henry Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DEVLIN Henry Cross Ballyclug
DEVLIN Henry Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DICK Rev. James Ballylesson Ballyclug
DICK Rev. Jas. Ballylesson Ballyclug
DICK Rev. Jas. Ballylesson Ballyclug
DICKEY Mary Victoria Place,Ballymena Ballyclug
DILL Robert Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DILLON John Crebilly Ballyclug
DONIS James Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DONIS Jane Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DONNELLY Catherine Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DONNELLY Margaret Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DORAGH James Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DOUGLAS James Crebilly Ballyclug
DOUGLAS Moses Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DOUGLAS William Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DOWDALL Eliza Cross Ballyclug
DOWNEY Richard Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DREEN Hugh Ballylesson Ballyclug
DRUMMOND Matilda Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DUCIE Martin Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DUFFIN Sarah Ballykeel Ballyclug
DUFFIN William Ballylesson Ballyclug
DUFFIN Alexander Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
DUFFIN Arthur Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DUFFIN Jane Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DUNCAN Andrew Tully Ballyclug
DUNNE James Ballylesson Ballyclug
DUNNE Charles James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DUNNE Charles James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
DUNSEATH William Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
EAGLESTON Robert Tully Ballyclug
EDGAR Thomas Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
EDWARDS William James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
EDWARDS William James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
ELLIOTT Thomas Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
ELLIOTT Thomas Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
ELLIOTT Thomas Liminary Ballyclug
ELLIOTT Thomas Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
ESLER William Caherty Ballyclug
ESLER Alexander Cross Ballyclug
ESLER Des Cross Ballyclug
ESLER James Cross Ballyclug
ESLER John Cross Ballyclug
ESLER John Cross Ballyclug
ESLER John Cross Ballyclug
ESLER John Cross Ballyclug
ESLER John, Jr. Cross Ballyclug
ESLER Margaret Cross Ballyclug
ESLER Robert Cross Ballyclug
ESLER William Cross Ballyclug
ESLER Benjamin Deerfin Ballyclug
ESLER Robert Deerfin Ballyclug
ESLER Samuel Deerfin Ballyclug
ESLER William J. Deerfin Ballyclug
FAY William Crebilly Ballyclug
FERGUSON Samuel Ballycreggy Ballyclug
FERGUSON Jane Ballykeel Ballyclug
FERGUSON Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
FERGUSON William Ballykeel Ballyclug
FERGUSON Sarah Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
FINTON Arthur Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
FISHER John James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
FISHER John James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
FITZSIMONS Mary Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
FODEY James Ballykeel Ballyclug
FORSYTHE Andrew Cross Ballyclug
FOSTER John Liminary Ballyclug
FOX William Liminary Ballyclug
FRANCEY David Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
FRANCEY James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
FREW David Liminary Ballyclug
FULLERTON John Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GALBRAITH John Deerfin Ballyclug
GARDNER George Liminary Ballyclug
GARDNER James Liminary Ballyclug
GASTON Thomas Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GAW Charlotte Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GILCRIEST Richard Tully Ballyclug
GILMOUR John Ballycreggy Ballyclug
GILMOUR Samuel Crebilly Ballyclug
GILMOUR Robert James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GILMOUR Robert James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GLASGOW John Cross Ballyclug
GLASGOW Hugh Liminary Ballyclug
GLASGOW William Tully Ballyclug
GLIN Michael James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GLIN Michael James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GORMAN James Liminary Ballyclug
GRAHAM George Ballykeel Ballyclug
GRAHAM George Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GRAHAM George Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GRAHAM James Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GRANNY John Deerfin Ballyclug
GRANNY Henry Tully Ballyclug
GRANNY Patrick Tully Ballyclug
GRANT Jane Ballycreggy Ballyclug
GRANT Andrew Liminary Ballyclug
GRANT Robert Liminary Ballyclug
GRAY Jane Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
GRAY William Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
GRAY Alexander Crebilly Ballyclug
GRAY John Deerfin Ballyclug
GRAY Matthew Deerfin Ballyclug
GRAY Robert James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GRAY Robert James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GRAY Robert Liminary Ballyclug
GRAY Thomas Liminary Ballyclug
GRAY William Liminary Ballyclug
GRIBBAN Daniel Ballykeel Ballyclug
GRIBBAN Hugh James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GRIBBAN Hugh James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
GRIER Thomas Caherty Ballyclug
GRIFFITH James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HAGERTY Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
HAMILL Alexander Ballylesson Ballyclug
HAMILL John Ballylesson Ballyclug
HAMILL Arthur Caherty Ballyclug
HAMILL Catherine Liminary Ballyclug
HAMILL James Liminary Ballyclug
HAMILTON Adam Cross Ballyclug
HAMILTON Adam Cross L Ballyclug
HAMILTON Adam Liminary Ballyclug
HAMILTON David Liminary Ballyclug
HAMILTON David Tully Ballyclug
HANNA Samuel Ballykeel Ballyclug
HANNA George Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
HANNA George Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
HANNA John Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HANNA James Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HARPUR William Cross Ballyclug
HARRISON Capt. ??? Ballykeel Ballyclug
HAUGH Thomas Liminary Ballyclug
HAY John Liminary Ballyclug
HAZLET Catherine Ballycreggy Ballyclug
HEANEY John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HEARTH William Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
HEGARTY Lilly Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HENDERSON Mary Anne Crebilly Ballyclug
HENDERSON Eliza Cross Ballyclug
HENDERSON Samuel Cross Ballyclug
HENDERSON William Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HENRY Catherine Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HENRY William Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HERON Thomas Caherty Ballyclug
HEVERAN William Cross Ballyclug
HIGGINS Thomas Cross Ballyclug
HILDAGE John Ballykeel Ballyclug
HILDIGE James Ballykeel Ballyclug
HILDITCH John Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
HILDITCH John Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
HILDITCH John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HILDITCH John Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HILL John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HILL William Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HOEY James Cross Ballyclug
HOOD John Caherty Ballyclug
HOOD Robert Caherty Ballyclug
HOOD William Caherty Ballyclug
HOUSTON John Ballykeel Ballyclug
HOUSTON John Cross Ballyclug
HOUSTON Robert Cross Ballyclug
HOUSTON John Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HOUSTON John Tully Ballyclug
HOY Samuel Ballykeel Ballyclug
HUGHES Thomas Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
HUMPHREYS James Caherty Ballyclug
HUTCHINSON John Ballykeel Ballyclug
INGRAM John Caherty Ballyclug
INGRAM William Caherty Ballyclug
IRWIN John Ballykeel Ballyclug
IRWIN Mary A. Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
IRWIN John Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
JACKSON Alexander Ballykeel Ballyclug
JAMESON James Ballylesson Ballyclug
JAMESON John Ballylesson Ballyclug
JOHNSON John Ballykeel Ballyclug
JOHNSON Charles Ballylesson Ballyclug
JOHNSON Robert Ballylesson Ballyclug
JOHNSTON John Ballykeel Ballyclug
JOHNSTON John Ballylesson Ballyclug
JOHNSTON John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
JOHNSTON Nathaniel Liminary Ballyclug
JOHNSTON Samuel Liminary Ballyclug
JOHNSTON Sarah Liminary Ballyclug
JOHNSTON Samuel Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
JOHNSTON George Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
KANE Alexander Ballylesson Ballyclug
KANE John Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
KANE Alexander Caherty Ballyclug
KANE James Crebilly Ballyclug
KANE Andrew Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
KANE John Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
KANE Thomas Tully Ballyclug
KEARNS John Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
KELLY Hugh Ballycreggy Ballyclug
KELLY Catherine Caherty Ballyclug
KENNEDY William Caherty Ballyclug
KENNEDY David Cross Ballyclug
KENNEDY Jane Cross Ballyclug
KENNEDY Robert Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
KENNEDY Thomas Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
KILLEN Anne Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
KILLEN James B. James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
KILLEN James B. James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
KILLEN James B. James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
KINCAID John Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
KINNEAR James Ballykeel Ballyclug
KINNEAR James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
KIRK David Cross Ballyclug
KIRK David Cross Ballyclug
KIRKWOOD William Ballycreggy Ballyclug
KNOX Thomas Tully Ballyclug
KYLE John Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LACKY Thomas Tully Ballyclug
LAIRD John Crebilly Ballyclug
LAIRD John Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LAMONT Jno. Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
LAMONT Jno. Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
LAMONT John Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
LAMONT Martha Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
LAMONT Robert Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
LAMONT Thomas Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
LAMONT Wiliam Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
LAMONT William Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
LAMONT James Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LANKIN David Cross Ballyclug
LARMER Laurence Cross Ballyclug
LARMER Laurence Cross L Ballyclug
LAVERTY James Caherty Ballyclug
LAVERTY John Caherty Ballyclug
LAVERTY Barney Deerfin Ballyclug
LAVERTY Hugh Deerfin Ballyclug
LAVERTY Jane Deerfin Ballyclug
LEECH Mary Caherty Ballyclug
LEECH Eliza Cross Ballyclug
LEECH Hugh Cross Ballyclug
LEECH James Cross Ballyclug
LEECH Jane Cross Ballyclug
LEECH Peter Cross Ballyclug
LEECH James Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
LEECH Andrew Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LEVINGSTON John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LEVINGTON John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LIGGIT Eliza Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LINDSAY Daniel Ballykeel Ballyclug
LINDSAY John Liminary Ballyclug
LOGAN Robert Cross Ballyclug
LOGAN Andrew Deerfin Ballyclug
LOGAN William Deerfin Ballyclug
LOGAN Hugh Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
LOGAN Robert Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LOGAN Catherine Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LOWRY Benjamin Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
LUDDY John Tully Ballyclug
LUDDY Mary Tully Ballyclug
LYNCH Rev. John Caherty Ballyclug
M KILRATH James Liminary Ballyclug
MACRORY William Ballylesson Ballyclug
M'ADOREY Patrick Liminary Ballyclug
M'AFEE Andrew Ballylesson Ballyclug
MAGEE Daniel Caherty Ballyclug
MAGEE Edward Caherty Ballyclug
MAGEE Hugh Caherty Ballyclug
MAGILL Samuel Caherty Ballyclug
MAGILL John Crebilly Ballyclug
MAGILL Margaret Cross Ballyclug
MAGILL William Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MAHON Anne Liminary Ballyclug
MANN William Ballycreggy Ballyclug
MANRAHAN James Liminary Ballyclug
MARCUS Joseph Cross Ballyclug
MARCUS William Cross Ballyclug
MARGUIS Henry Cross Ballyclug
MARQUIS Henry Cross Ballyclug
MARSHALL William Liminary Ballyclug
MARTIN Patrick Ballykeel Ballyclug
MARTIN Eliza Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
MARTIN Eliza Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
MARTIN Catherine Cross Ballyclug
MARTIN Moses Cross Ballyclug
MARTIN James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MARTIN Alexander Liminary Ballyclug
MARTIN Eliza Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MARTIN James Raglan Place,Ballymena Ballyclug
MARTIN Charles Tully Ballyclug
MATHEWS Frederick A. Raglan Place,Ballymena Ballyclug
MATHEWS Fredick A. Raglan Place,Ballymena Ballyclug
MAUNSELL Robert Liminary Ballyclug
Mc ADOREY Patrick Liminary Ballyclug
Mc AFEE Andrew Ballylesson Ballyclug
Mc AFEE Margaret Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc AFEE Jane Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc ALEESE Robert Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc ANALLY Jane Ballycreggy Ballyclug
Mc ANALLY James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc ATAMNEY John Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc ATEER John Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc ATEER Mary Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
Mc AUBRY Tully Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc AULEY Charles Caherty Ballyclug
Mc AULEY James Caherty Ballyclug
Mc AULEY Matthew Cross Ballyclug
Mc AULEY John Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc AULEY James James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc AULEY Peter James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc AULEY James James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc AULEY Peter James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc BERNIE John Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CAHERY Jane Tully Ballyclug
Mc CAHY Hugh Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CAMBRIDGE Charles Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc CANN John Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CARSON John Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc CARTE John Ballycreggy Ballyclug
Mc CARTE Daniel Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc CARTE Henry Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
Mc CARTE Rose Deerfin Ballyclug
Mc CARTE Daniel Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc CARTNEY James Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CARTNEY William Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CARTY Neal Crebilly Ballyclug
Mc CAUL Thomas Cross Ballyclug
Mc CAUSLAND William Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc CAUSLAND Wm J. Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc CAUSLAND Wm. J. Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc CAY James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CLARKIN Samuel Caherty Ballyclug
Mc CLARMAN Michael Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
Mc CLELAN Joseph Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CLINTOCK William Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CLINTOCK William Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CLINTOCK Daniel Liminary Ballyclug
Mc CLOY James Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc CLOY Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc CLUG James Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc CLURIG John Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc CLURKAN Samuel Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc CLURKAN William Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc CLURKIN Thomas Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
Mc CONNELL Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc CONNELL Archibald Caherty Ballyclug
Mc CORD James Cross Ballyclug
Mc CORMACK Jane Deerfin Ballyclug
Mc CORMACK Sarah Deerfin Ballyclug
Mc CORMACK Patrick Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc COY William Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc CULLION David Ballycreggy Ballyclug
Mc CULLION Edward Ballycreggy Ballyclug
Mc CULLION Hugh Liminary Ballyclug
Mc CULLUM David Ballylesson Ballyclug
Mc DADE Michael Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc DONNELL Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc DONNELL Thomas Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc DOWELL James Liminary Ballyclug
Mc DOWELL Robert Liminary Ballyclug
Mc ERLANE Hugh Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc FALL John James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc FALL John James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc FALL Frances Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc FARLAND George Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc FARLAND Cretty Cross Ballyclug
Mc FATRIDGE John James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc FATRIDGE John James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc FETRIDGE John Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc GAHEY William Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc GARRY Thomas Deerfin Ballyclug
Mc GARRY James Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc GARRY Henry Liminary Ballyclug
Mc GAUGH Joseph Cross Ballyclug
Mc GEOGHEGAN Susan James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc GEOGHEGAN Susan James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc GINTY John Liminary Ballyclug
Mc GRATH Michael Cross Ballyclug
Mc GREADY John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc GURKIN Samuel Cross Ballyclug
Mc ILHEARAN Margaret Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc ILRANAN Henry James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc ILRANAN Henry James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc ILTAGGART Crawford Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc ILWAINE John James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc ILWAINE John James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc KABREY John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc KEEN Robert Crebilly Ballyclug
Mc KEEN Samuel Crebilly Ballyclug
Mc KENDRY John Deerfin Ballyclug
Mc KENDRY Peter Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc KENDRY Nicholas Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc KENDRY Hugh Tully Ballyclug
Mc KENDRY James Tully Ballyclug
Mc KENNA Patrick Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc KENNA James James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc KENNA James James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc KENNA Catherine Tully Ballyclug
Mc KEON James Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
Mc KEON Felix Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc KILLEN Matthew Liminary Ballyclug
Mc KILLEN David Tully Ballyclug
Mc KILLEN George Tully Ballyclug
Mc KILLEN Nathaniel Tully Ballyclug
Mc KILLEN Robert Tully Ballyclug
Mc KILRATH James Liminary Ballyclug
Mc KINLEY James Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc KINSLEY John Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc KINTY John Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc LAUGHLIN Stewart Caherty Ballyclug
Mc LEOD John James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc LEOD John James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc LINEHAN Margaret Caherty Ballyclug
Mc LOUGHLIN James Deerfin Ballyclug
Mc LOUGHLIN Stewart Deerfin Ballyclug
Mc LOUGHLIN Daniel Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc LOUGHLIN Henry Liminary Ballyclug
Mc LOUGHLIN William Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc MASTER John Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
Mc MASTER Lendrick Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
Mc MASTER Sandrick Caherty Ballyclug
Mc MASTER Arthur Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc MEIKIN John Cross Ballyclug
Mc MEIKIN William Cross Ballyclug
Mc MICHAEL Thomas Crebilly Ballyclug
Mc MULLEN Margaret Ballycreggy Ballyclug
Mc MULLEN Ely Deerfin Ballyclug
Mc MULLEN William Deerfin Ballyclug
Mc NALLY Mary Crebilly Ballyclug
Mc NAMARA Anne James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc NAMARA Anne James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc NAUGHTEN Mary Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc NEICE John A. Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc NEICE Henry Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc NEILL John Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc NEILL Mary Crebilly Ballyclug
Mc NEILL William Crebilly Ballyclug
Mc NEILL Hugh Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc NEILL Hugh Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc NEILL George Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc NIECE John A. Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc PEAKE William Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc PEAKE William Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc PEAKE William Tully Ballyclug
Mc QUILLAN James Caherty Ballyclug
Mc QUILLAN Jane Caherty Ballyclug
Mc QUILLAN John Caherty Ballyclug
Mc QUILLAN John Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
Mc QUILTY Luke Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc QUILTY Thomas Ballylesson Ballyclug
Mc QUITTY Catherine Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc QUITTY Luke Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
Mc RORY John Ballykeel Ballyclug
Mc TRUSTRY Hugh Liminary Ballyclug
Mc TRUSTY Hugh Liminary Ballyclug
M'CARTE John Ballycreggy Ballyclug
McKINTY John Ballykeel Ballyclug
M'CLINTOCK Daniel Liminary Ballyclug
M'DOWELL James Liminary Ballyclug
M'DOWELL Robert Liminary Ballyclug
MEARN William Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
M'GINTY John Liminary Ballyclug
MILLAR Sarah Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MILLER Alexander Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MILLER Margaret Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MILLER Andrew Caherty Ballyclug
MILLER Hugh Cross Ballyclug
MILLICAN Henry Cross Ballyclug
MINEALLY John Caherty Ballyclug
MINEALLY Matthew Cross Ballyclug
MINEELY Charles Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MINEELY James Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MINEELY Jane Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MINEELY Samuel Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MINEELY Matthew Cross Ballyclug
MINEELY Moses Tully Ballyclug
MITCHELL William Ballykeel Ballyclug
MITCHELL John Caherty Ballyclug
MITCHELL Thomas Cross Ballyclug
M'KEON James Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
M'KILLEN Matthew Liminary Ballyclug
M'NEILL Hugh Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY James Ballykeel Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY William Ballylesson Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY Charles Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY Jane Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY Margaret Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY Charles Caherty Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY James Cross Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY Nathaniel Cross Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY Chas., Jr. Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY Chas., Sr. Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY James Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY William James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY William James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY Robert Liminary Ballyclug
MONTGOMERY John Tully Ballyclug
MOODY William Ballycreggy Ballyclug
MOODY Alexander Ballykeel Ballyclug
MOONEY Mary Ballykeel Ballyclug
MOONEY Maryanne Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
MOONEY Maryanne Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
MOORE Thomas Tully Ballyclug
MORGAN Daniel Crebilly Ballyclug
MORRIS Solomon Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MORRISON William H. Crebilly Ballyclug
MOSS William Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
M'QUILTY Thomas Ballylesson Ballyclug
MULLEN Hugh Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MULLEN Daniel Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MULLEN George Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MULLEN Samuel Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
MURRAY Alexander Ballylesson Ballyclug
MURRAY Henry Caherty Ballyclug
MURRAY William Caherty Ballyclug
MURRAY Daniel Crebilly Ballyclug
MURRAY William Crebilly Ballyclug
MURRAY Alexander Liminary Ballyclug
MURRY Alexander Ballylesson Ballyclug
NELSON Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
NELSON Samuel Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
NELSON Samuel Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
NELSON Robert James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
NELSON Robert James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
NELSON James Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
NICHOLLS William Cross Ballyclug
NICHOLSON William Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
O'BRIEN John James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
O'BRIEN John James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
OHARA Charles Caherty Ballyclug
OHARA Henry H. H. Caherty Ballyclug
OHARA John Caherty Ballyclug
O'HARA Alexander Ballycreggy Ballyclug
O'HARA Henry Ballycreggy Ballyclug
O'HARA John Ballycreggy Ballyclug
O'HARA Samuel Ballycreggy Ballyclug
O'HARA Alexander Ballykeel Ballyclug
O'HARA Daniel Ballylesson Ballyclug
O'HARA Henry Ballylesson Ballyclug
O'HARA Henry H. H. Ballylesson Ballyclug
O'HARA John Ballylesson Ballyclug
O'HARA Daniel Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
O'HARA Henry H. H. Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
O'HARA Henry H. H. Crebilly Ballyclug
O'HARA Anne Cross Ballyclug
O'HARA Bernard Deerfin Ballyclug
O'HARA Charles Deerfin Ballyclug
O'HARA Francis Deerfin Ballyclug
O'HARA Henry Deerfin Ballyclug
O'HARA Henry H. H. Deerfin Ballyclug
O'HARA John F. Deerfin Ballyclug
O'HARA John P. Deerfin Ballyclug
O'HARA William Deerfin Ballyclug
O'HARA Henry H. H. Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
O'HARA Hugh Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
O'HARA Mary Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
O'HARA Bridget James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
O'HARA James James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
O'HARA Bridget James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
O'HARA James James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
O'HARA Anne Liminary Ballyclug
O'HARA Henry H. H. Liminary Ballyclug
O'HARA Jane Liminary Ballyclug
O'HARA John Liminary Ballyclug
O'HARA Margaret Liminary Ballyclug
O'HARA Eliza Tully Ballyclug
O'HARA George Tully Ballyclug
O'LOANE John Crebilly Ballyclug
O'NEILL John Ballykeel Ballyclug
O'NEILL Hugh Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
O'NEILL Sarah Deerfin Ballyclug
O'NEILL David Liminary Ballyclug
O'NEILL Felix Liminary Ballyclug
O'NEILL Hugh Liminary Ballyclug
O'NEILL Jane Tully Ballyclug
O'NEILL John Tully Ballyclug
O'NEILL Mary Tully Ballyclug
ORR William Ballykeel Ballyclug
ORR William Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
ORR James Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
OWENS David Caherty Ballyclug
OWENS David Deerfin Ballyclug
PARSON David Ballykeel Ballyclug
PERCY David Ballykeel Ballyclug
PETRES James Ballykeel Ballyclug
PITT James Ballykeel Ballyclug
PITT William Ballykeel Ballyclug
QUIN Patrick Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
QUINN Edward Caherty Ballyclug
QUINN Esther Caherty Ballyclug
QUINN Hugh Caherty Ballyclug
QUINN John Caherty Ballyclug
QUINN Michael Caherty Ballyclug
RANKIN David Cross Ballyclug
RANKIN Robert Liminary Ballyclug
RANKIN Mary Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
REA James Ballykeel Ballyclug
READY Patrick Crebilly Ballyclug
REID Adam Crebilly Ballyclug
REID James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
REID William Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
RITCHEY Rose Tully Ballyclug
ROBINSON James Ballycreggy Ballyclug
ROBINSON James Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
ROBINSON James Caherty Ballyclug
ROBINSON Alexander Victoria Place,Ballymena Ballyclug
ROBINSON William Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
RODDY Susan Ballylesson Ballyclug
ROGERS William James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
ROGERS William James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
ROSS Thomas Ballykeel Ballyclug
ROSS Mary Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
ROSS John Cross Ballyclug
ROSS Sarah Liminary Ballyclug
ROVER James Cross Ballyclug
SCOTT Aaron Ballykeel Ballyclug
SCOTT Anne Ballylesson Ballyclug
SCOTT John Ballylesson Ballyclug
SCOTT William John Ballylesson Ballyclug
SCOTT Anne Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
SCOTT Anne Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
SCULLION Thomas Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
SERVICE David Ballylesson Ballyclug
SERVICE John Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
SHEIL Patrick Tully Ballyclug
SHEILDS Hugh Liminary Ballyclug
SHIELDS Patrick Deerfin Ballyclug
SIMPSON John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
SLOAN Jeremy Ballycreggy Ballyclug
SLOAN John Ballylesson Ballyclug
SLOANE John Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
SLOSS William Liminary Ballyclug
SMILEY William Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
SMITH Thomas Crebilly Ballyclug
SMITH Charles Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
SMITH William Tully Ballyclug
SMITH Rev. John H. Victoria Place,Ballymena Ballyclug
SOUTER Alexander Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
SOUTER Alexander Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
SPENCE Robert Ballykeel Ballyclug
SPENCE Patrick Caherty Ballyclug
SPENCE James Cross Ballyclug
SPENCE John Deerfin Ballyclug
SPENCE John Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
SPENCE Margaret Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
SPENCE David Liminary Ballyclug
SPROULES Mary Anne Ballycreggy Ballyclug
SPROULES Lendrick Caherty Ballyclug
SPROULES Thomas Caherty Ballyclug
STANLEY James Liminary Ballyclug
STEEL Adam Ballykeel Ballyclug
STENSON Andrew James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
STENSON Andrew James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
STENSON Mary Liminary Ballyclug
STEVENSON Andrew James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
STEVENSON Andrew James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
STEWART James Ballycreggy Ballyclug
STEWART James Ballykeel Ballyclug
STEWART Samuel Ballykeel Ballyclug
STEWART John Larne Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
STEWART John Liminary Ballyclug
STONESTREET George Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
STRAHAN Alexander Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
STRAHAN Robert Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
SURGEON Anne Cross Ballyclug
SURGEON Robert Cross Ballyclug
SURGEONER George Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
SWAN Andrew Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
SWAN Ellen Liminary Ballyclug
TAYLOR James Ballycreggy Ballyclug
TAYLOR James Ballykeel Ballyclug
TAYLOR Archibald Crebilly Ballyclug
TAYLOR James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
TAYLOR William Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
THOMPSON Robert Ballylesson Ballyclug
THOMPSON Christr. Cross Ballyclug
THOMPSON Mary Water Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
TOMB Rev. Henry Joy Cross Ballyclug
TOUGH Thomas Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
TOWNLEY James Liminary Ballyclug
TOWNSLEY George Tully Ballyclug
TREANOR Arthur Ballykeel Ballyclug
TURBETT Mary A. Ballykeel Ballyclug
WALKENSHAW James Ballykeel Ballyclug
WALKER John Crebilly Ballyclug
WALKER John Cross Ballyclug
WALKINGSHAW James Crebilly Ballyclug
WALKINSHAW John James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WALKINSHAW John James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WALLACE James Queen Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WALLACE James Raglan Place,Ballymena Ballyclug
WALSH James Ballykeel Ballyclug
WALSH Letitia Ballykeel Ballyclug
WALSH James Court (In Rere),Ballymena Ballyclug
WALSH James Court,Ballymena Ballyclug
WALSH Henry Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WALSH Hugh Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WALSH James Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WALSH John Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WALSH Mary Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WALSH Nathaniel Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WALSH Richard Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WALSH William Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WARDLAW Robert Crebilly Ballyclug
WARDLAW Robert Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WARSON Thomas Ballycreggy Ballyclug
WARSON William Ballycreggy Ballyclug
WARSON Charles Ballylesson Ballyclug
WARSON James Caherty Ballyclug
WARSON James James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WARSON James James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WASSON Hugh Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WATT John Ballylesson Ballyclug
WAUGH James Crebilly Ballyclug
WETHERINGTON Robert Ballylesson Ballyclug
WHITE Daniel Ballykeel Ballyclug
WHITE William James Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WHITE William James' Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WILEY John Railway Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WILLIAMSON John Ballycreggy Ballyclug
WILSON James Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
WILSON David Caherty Ballyclug
WILSON Thomas Caherty Ballyclug
WILSON Nathaniel Dunnyvadden Ballyclug
WILSON James Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WILSON John Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
WILSON James Tully Ballyclug
WOODBURN Robert Ballymarlagh Ballyclug
WOODBURN Robert Liminary Ballyclug
WRIGHT Robert Liminary Ballyclug
WYLEY John Deerfin Ballyclug
YOUNG William Cross Ballyclug
YOUNG Margaret Henry Street,Ballymena Ballyclug
YOUNG Hugh Tully Ballyclug

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