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ALCORN Joseph Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
BANNIN Bernard Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
BARR Charles Moyaver Upper Armoy
BARR Francis Moyaver Upper Armoy
BEARD John Moyaver Upper Armoy
BLACK John Cromaghs Armoy
BLACK Alexander Mullaghduff Big Armoy
BLEW Alexander Mullaghduff Little Armoy
BOYD Robert Knockans Armoy
BOYD Robert Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
BOYD Robert Park Armoy
BOYDE Robert Moyaver Lower Armoy
BOYLE William Balleny Armoy
BRANGAN David Armoy Armoy
BROWN Daniel Kilcroagh Armoy
BROWN Patrick Kilcroagh Armoy
BROWN Tully Kilcroagh Armoy
BURNS Neal Moyaver Lower Armoy
BURNS Neal Moyaver Upper Armoy
CALLAGHAN Samuel Ballykenver Armoy
CAMERON Daniel Armoy Armoy
CAMPBELL Mary Moyaver Lower Armoy
CAMPBELL Rose Moyaver Lower Armoy
CARNEGIE Alexander Aghrunniaght Armoy
CARSON Robert Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
CARSON Robert Moyaver Upper Armoy
CASEY John Stroan Armoy
CLARKE Hugh Breen Armoy
CLARKE Robert Breen Armoy
CLARKE James Carrowlaverty Armoy
CLARKE Robert Cleggan Armoy
CLARKE Robert Turnarobert Armoy
CLOSE Charles Tullaghore Armoy
CONNIN Bernard Carrowlaverty Armoy
CONNOR John Tureagh Armoy
CRAIG Samuel Armoy Armoy
CRAIG Arthur Knockans Armoy
CRAIG James Moyaver Lower Armoy
CRAIG James Moyaver Upper Armoy
CRAIG Denis Tullaghore Armoy
CRAIG John Tureagh Armoy
CUNNING Charles Kilcroagh Armoy
CUPPAGE Adam Bunshanacloney Armoy
CUSACK Alexander Aghrunniaght Armoy
DALEY James Armoy Armoy
DALY George Carrowlaverty Armoy
DARRAGH James Kilcroagh Armoy
DARRAGH John Kilcroagh Armoy
DARRAGH Patrick Kilcroagh Armoy
DARRAGH John Monanclogh Armoy
DARRAGH Catherine Tureagh Armoy
D'EVELYN Rev. J. W. Glebe Armoy
D'EVELYN Rev. J. W. Turnarobert Armoy
DEVLIN Arthur Cleggan Armoy
DEVLIN John Cleggan Armoy
DEVLIN Arthur Essan Armoy
DEVLIN Samuel Essan Armoy
DEVLIN William Essan Armoy
DICKEY Alexander Moyaver Lower Armoy
DILENEN Henry Moyaver Lower Armoy
DONAGHY John Balleny Armoy
DONAGHY Alexander Knocknahinch Armoy
DONNELLY Daniel Armoy Armoy
DONNELLY James Armoy Armoy
DONNELLY John Armoy Armoy
DONNELLY Charles Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
DONNELLY Daniel Turnarobert Armoy
DONNELLY James Turnarobert Armoy
DORNAN Jane Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
DUNNE Rev. John Armoy Armoy
EDMONDSON James Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
FERGUSON Samuel Balleny Armoy
FERGUSON James Moyaver Upper Armoy
FERGUSON Samuel Park Armoy
FERGUSON James Turnarobert Armoy
FERRIS Abraham Doonans Armoy
FOSTER Mary Carrowlaverty Armoy
FULTON Andrew, Jr. Alcrossagh Armoy
FULTON Andrew, Sr. Alcrossagh Armoy
FULTON Archibald Alcrossagh Armoy
FULTON Hugh, Jr. Alcrossagh Armoy
FULTON Hugh, Sr. Alcrossagh Armoy
FULTON John Alcrossagh Armoy
FULTON William J. Carrowlaverty Armoy
FULTON Hugh Mill Five Acres Armoy
FULTON Hugh Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
GALLAGHER John Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
GAMBLE James Balleny Armoy
GILLAN John Cromaghs Armoy
GILLAN Michael Cromaghs Armoy
GILLAN Alexander Doonans Armoy
GILLAN Hugh Monanclogh Armoy
GILLAN Patrick Monanclogh Armoy
GILLAN John Mullaghduff Big Armoy
GILLAN John Tureagh Armoy
GILLEN Daniel Moyaver Lower Armoy
GILLIN Hugh Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
GRAHAM Rev. Jackson Park Armoy
GREGG Samuel Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
GREY Ellen Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
GUTHRIE David Aghrunniaght Armoy
GUTHRIE David Balleny Armoy
HAMILL Anne Carrowlaverty Armoy
HAMILL James Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
HAMILL Hugh Moyaver Upper Armoy
HANNA John Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
HANNA Mary Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
HANNA George Mullaghduff Big Armoy
HARGY Robert Balleny Armoy
HARRIGAN John Kilcroagh Armoy
HARRIGAN Archibald Tureagh Armoy
HARTON James Knocknahinch Armoy
HENRY John Carrowlaverty Armoy
HENRY William Carrowlaverty Armoy
HILL Rep. John Balleny Armoy
HILL John Bunshanacloney Armoy
HILL Hugh Mullaghduff Big Armoy
HUEY John Moyaver Lower Armoy
HUEY John Moyaver Upper Armoy
HUGHEY John Alcrossagh Armoy
HUGHEY George Carrowlaverty Armoy
HUGHEY James Carrowlaverty Armoy
HUGHEY John Carrowlaverty Armoy
HUGHEY George Kilcroagh Armoy
HUNTER Rev. Stevenson Turnarobert Armoy
JAMISON Daniel Monanclogh Armoy
JAMISON Sarah Mullaghduff Big Armoy
KANE Daniel Aghrunniaght Armoy
KANE James Aghrunniaght Armoy
KANE Neal Breen Armoy
KANE Neal Cleggan Armoy
KANE Anne Doonans Armoy
KANE John Kilcroagh Armoy
KANE Daniel Knockans Armoy
KANE Neal Tureagh Armoy
KENNEDY Bernard Bunshanacloney Armoy
KENNEDY Anthony Moyaver Lower Armoy
KIRKPATRICK John Balleny Armoy
KNOX James, Sr. Armoy Armoy
KNOX James M., Jr. Armoy Armoy
KNOX Jas., Jr. Armoy Armoy
KNOX Thomas Armoy Armoy
KNOX Jas. M., Jr. Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
KNOX Thomas Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
KNOX Thomas Moyaver Lower Armoy
KNOX James M., Jr. Park Armoy
KNOX Thomas Park Armoy
KNOX James, Sr. Turnarobert Armoy
KNOX James M., Jr. Turnarobert Armoy
KNOX Thomas Turnarobert Armoy
KYLES Hugh Armoy Armoy
LAMON William Aghrunniaght Armoy
LAVERTY Michael Breen Armoy
LAVERTY Alexander Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
LAVERTY James Tullaghore Armoy
LAVERTY Michael Tullaghore Armoy
LAWSON Anne Bunshanacloney Armoy
LAWSON John Bunshanacloney Armoy
LOUGHLAN John Stroan Armoy
LYND Jane Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
MACARTNEY George Knocknahinch Armoy
MACARTNEY George Moyaver Upper Armoy
MANELIS James Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
MANILLY Catherine Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc AFEE Margaret Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc AFEE Eneas Park Armoy
Mc AFEE Alexander Turnarobert Armoy
Mc AFEE Eneas Turnarobert Armoy
Mc AFEE George Turnarobert Armoy
Mc ALEESE James Knockans Armoy
Mc ALEESE James Mullaghduff Big Armoy
Mc ALISTER James Monanclogh Armoy
Mc ALISTER Samuel Monanclogh Armoy
Mc ALISTER John Stroan Armoy
Mc ALISTER John Tullaghore Armoy
Mc ARTHUR James Cromaghs Armoy
Mc ARTHUR Alexander Doonans Armoy
Mc ARTHUR Alexander Gortmillish Armoy
Mc ARTHUR Patrick Gortmillish Armoy
Mc ATEER Thomas Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc AULEY Patrick Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc AULEY Rose Breen Armoy
Mc AULEY Charles Kilcroagh Armoy
Mc AULEY Patrick Kilcroagh Armoy
Mc AULEY William Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc AULEY Alexander Mullaghduff Big Armoy
Mc AULEY Henry Tureagh Armoy
Mc BRIDE James, Sr. Armoy Armoy
Mc BRIDE James Gortmillish Armoy
Mc BRIDE John Gortmillish Armoy
Mc BRIDE Mary Knockans Armoy
Mc BRIDE Archibald Monanclogh Armoy
Mc BRIDE John Monanclogh Armoy
Mc BRIDE James, Jr. Turnarobert Armoy
Mc BRIDE James, Sr. Turnarobert Armoy
Mc BRIDE John Turnarobert Armoy
Mc CAHAN Archibald Cromaghs Armoy
Mc CAHAN Margaret Cromaghs Armoy
Mc CAHAN John, Jr. Tureagh Armoy
Mc CAHAN John, Sr. Tureagh Armoy
Mc CALMONT Rep. Jas. Cleggan Armoy
Mc CALMONT Rep. Jas. Essan Armoy
Mc CAMBRIDGE Daniel Kilcroagh Armoy
Mc CAMBRIDGE Patrick Kilcroagh Armoy
Mc CAMBRIDGE Roger Kilcroagh Armoy
Mc CAMBRIDGE George Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc CAMBRIDGE Henry Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc CAMBRIDGE Anne Tureagh Armoy
Mc CARTHER Archibald Balleny Armoy
Mc CAUGHAN John Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc CAUGHAN John Stroan Armoy
Mc CAUGHAN Neal Stroan Armoy
Mc CAUGHAN John Tullaghore Armoy
Mc CAUGHAN Neal Tullaghore Armoy
Mc CAY John Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc CLANE Archibald Tureagh Armoy
Mc CLARNAN Hugh Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc CLAVENAN Alexander Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc CLEARY Letitia Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc CLELLAND Samuel Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc CLOHY James Gortmillish Armoy
Mc CLOSKEY Henry Monanclogh Armoy
Mc CLOSKY Henry Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc CLOSKY Henry Balleny Armoy
Mc CLOY Melinda Armoy Armoy
Mc CLOY Alexander Knocknahinch Armoy
Mc COLLUM Eliza Gortmillish Armoy
Mc COLLUM James Gortmillish Armoy
Mc COLLUM Thomas Gortmillish Armoy
Mc COLLUM Eliza Knockans Armoy
Mc COLLUM Hugh Knockans Armoy
Mc COLLUM James Knockans Armoy
Mc COLLUM Thomas Knockans Armoy
Mc COLLUM Eliza Monanclogh Armoy
Mc COLLUM Hugh Monanclogh Armoy
Mc COLLUM Thomas Monanclogh Armoy
Mc COLLUN Eliza Gortmillish Armoy
Mc COLLUN Hugh Gortmillish Armoy
Mc COMB Charles Park Armoy
Mc CONAGHY Samuel Balleny Armoy
Mc COOK Daniel Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc COOK John Ballykenver Armoy
Mc COOK William Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc COOK John Monanclogh Armoy
Mc COOK James Park Armoy
Mc COOL Alexander Cleggan Armoy
Mc COOLE Robert Tureagh Armoy
Mc CORMICK David Balleny Armoy
Mc CORMICK John Balleny Armoy
Mc CORMICK James Ballykenver Armoy
Mc CORMICK Charles Cromaghs Armoy
Mc CORMICK John Cromaghs Armoy
Mc CORMICK Mary Doonans Armoy
Mc CORMICK Alex. Essan Armoy
Mc CORMICK Alexander Essan Armoy
Mc CORMICK John Gortmillish Armoy
Mc CORMICK Rose Gortmillish Armoy
Mc CORMICK Charles Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc CORMICK Charles Tullaghore Armoy
Mc CORMICK Henry Tullaghore Armoy
Mc CORMICK Mary Tureagh Armoy
Mc COY Francis Armoy Armoy
Mc COY James Carrowlaverty Armoy
Mc COY John Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc COY Rachel Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc COY Mary Turnarobert Armoy
Mc DOWELL James Balleny Armoy
Mc DOWELL James Cromaghs Armoy
Mc ELREAVY Adam Cromaghs Armoy
Mc ELROY John Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc GARRY Denis Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc GARRY Neal Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc GARRY Elizabeth Tureagh Armoy
Mc GARRY Elizabeth, Sr. Tureagh Armoy
Mc GARRY Elizth., Jr. Tureagh Armoy
Mc GARRY Hugh Tureagh Armoy
Mc GARRY James Tureagh Armoy
Mc GARRY Mary Tureagh Armoy
Mc GARRY Neal Tureagh Armoy
Mc GARRY Thomas Tureagh Armoy
Mc GLASHAN Denis Tureagh Armoy
Mc GOOGAN Samuel Ballykenver Armoy
Mc GOOGAN Andrew Knocknahinch Armoy
Mc GOOGAN James Knocknahinch Armoy
Mc GOWAN Anne Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc ILROY James Balleny Armoy
Mc ILROY Bernard Stroan Armoy
Mc ILROY Bernard, Sr. Stroan Armoy
Mc ILROY James Stroan Armoy
Mc ILROY Archaibald Tullaghore Armoy
Mc ILROY Bernard Tureagh Armoy
Mc ILROY Bernard, Jr. Tureagh Armoy
Mc ILROY Bernard, Sr. Tureagh Armoy
Mc ILROY Henry Tureagh Armoy
Mc ILROY James Tureagh Armoy
Mc ILROY John Tureagh Armoy
Mc KEE Daniel Gortmillish Armoy
Mc KENDRY Edward Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc KENDRY James Ballykenver Armoy
Mc KENDRY Charles Cromaghs Armoy
Mc KENDRY Patrick Cromaghs Armoy
Mc KENDRY Edward Kilcroagh Armoy
Mc KILLEN Daniel Balleny Armoy
Mc KILLIP James Knockans Armoy
Mc KILLOP Neal Moyaver Lower Armoy
Mc LANE Patrick Breen Armoy
Mc LANE Patrick Stroan Armoy
Mc LANE Anthony Tureagh Armoy
Mc LANE John Tureagh Armoy
Mc LANE Patrick Tureagh Armoy
Mc LERNAN Samuel Balleny Armoy
Mc LERNAN Patrick Mullaghduff Little Armoy
Mc LERNAN Robert Mullaghduff Little Armoy
Mc LONAN Bernard Armoy Armoy
Mc LOUGHLIN William Gortmillish Armoy
Mc LOUGHLIN Jane Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc MULLEN John Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc MULLEN John Armoy Armoy
Mc MULLEN Daniel Balleny Armoy
Mc MULLEN Daniel Breen Armoy
Mc MULLEN John Breen Armoy
Mc MULLEN John Carrowlaverty Armoy
Mc MULLEN John Cleggan Armoy
Mc MULLEN Daniel Cromaghs Armoy
Mc MULLEN John Gortmillish Armoy
Mc MULLEN Alexander Knocknahinch Armoy
Mc MULLEN Charles Knocknahinch Armoy
Mc MULLEN James Monanclogh Armoy
Mc MULLEN William Monanclogh Armoy
Mc MULLEN David Moyaver Lower Armoy
Mc MULLEN Charles Moyaver Upper Armoy
Mc MULLEN Daniel Mullaghduff Little Armoy
Mc MULLEN Hugh Mullaghduff Little Armoy
Mc MULLEN John P. Mullaghduff Little Armoy
Mc MULLEN John Park Armoy
Mc MULLEN Daniel Stroan Armoy
Mc MULLEN Jno., Jr. Stroan Armoy
Mc MULLEN Jno., Sr. Stroan Armoy
Mc MULLEN John, Sr. Stroan Armoy
Mc MULLEN John Turnarobert Armoy
Mc NEILL William Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc NEILL Neal Bunshanacloney Armoy
Mc NEILL James Gortmillish Armoy
Mc NEILL James Knockans Armoy
Mc NEILL Michael Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
Mc NEILL John Monanclogh Armoy
Mc NEILL John Moyaver Upper Armoy
Mc QUILLAN Collatinus Carrowlaverty Armoy
Mc QUILLAN John Cromaghs Armoy
Mc RAY Anne Aghrunniaght Armoy
Mc VEIGH Daniel Moyaver Lower Armoy
Mc VEIGH Richard Moyaver Lower Armoy
Mc VICKER Bridget Kilcroagh Armoy
MEEHAN James Gortmillish Armoy
MONTGOMERY Alex. Ballykenver Armoy
MONTGOMERY Alexander Bunshanacloney Armoy
MOORE Hugh Cromaghs Armoy
MOORE Robert, Jr. Cromaghs Armoy
MOORE Robert, Sr. Cromaghs Armoy
MOORE Thomas Cromaghs Armoy
MORRISON James Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
MORRISON Alexander Tullaghore Armoy
MORRISON William Tullaghore Armoy
MORTON George Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
MURPHY Mary Armoy Armoy
MURPHY Owen Cromaghs Armoy
MURPHY Mary Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
MURPHY Neal Moyaver Upper Armoy
MURPHY Daniel Park Armoy
MURPHY Rose Tullaghore Armoy
MURPHY Daniel Turnarobert Armoy
NEILL John Knocknahinch Armoy
O'BEIRNE Daniel Gortmillish Armoy
O'KANE Rose Tureagh Armoy
O'NEILL Daniel Alcrossagh Armoy
O'NEILL Daniel Balleny Armoy
O'NEILL Charles Breen Armoy
O'NEILL Daniel Essan Armoy
OSBORNE Matthew Moyaver Lower Armoy
OSBORNE William Moyaver Upper Armoy
PAUL James, Jr. Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
PAUL James, Sr. Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
PEACOCK Chesnut Park Armoy
QUINN John Moyaver Lower Armoy
RAMSAY Mary Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
RAMSAY Samuel Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
REDMOND William Aghrunniaght Armoy
REDMOND John Knockans Armoy
REDMOND Robert Knockans Armoy
REDMOND Ezekiel Monanclogh Armoy
REDMOND James Monanclogh Armoy
REDMOND Peter Monanclogh Armoy
REDMOND William Monanclogh Armoy
REID Joseph Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
REYNOLDS Cunningham Bunshanacloney Armoy
REYNOLDS Samuel Park Armoy
ROSS Alexander Armoy Armoy
SCALLY Bernard Kilcroagh Armoy
SCALLY Patrick Moyaver Upper Armoy
SCULLY William Mullaghduff Big Armoy
SHARPE Thomas Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
SMITH James Armoy Armoy
SMITH Robert Gortmillish Armoy
SMITH Edward Knockans Armoy
SMITH Archibald Knocknahinch Armoy
SMITH John Knocknahinch Armoy
SMITH Robert Knocknahinch Armoy
SMITH Moore Moyaver Lower Armoy
SMITH Abraham Stroan Armoy
SMITH Moses Stroan Armoy
SMYTH Robert Balleny Armoy
SMYTH Robert Knockans Armoy
SMYTH Robert Monanclogh Armoy
SMYTH Adam Park Armoy
SMYTH Robert Turnarobert Armoy
SPENCE Eliza Balleny Armoy
SPENCE William Balleny Armoy
SPENCE Sarah Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
STEWART Charles Balleny Armoy
STEWART Alexander Cromaghs Armoy
STEWART William Kilcroagh Armoy
STEWART Charles Knocknahinch Armoy
STEWART Matthew Knocknahinch Armoy
STEWART Alexander Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
STEWART Charles Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
STEWART James Moyaver Lower Armoy
STEWART John Moyaver Upper Armoy
STEWART Patrick Tureagh Armoy
STUART John Ballykenver Armoy
STUART James Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
TATE John Bunshanacloney Armoy
TATE Adam Monanclogh Armoy
TATE James Monanclogh Armoy
THOMPSON Alexander Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
WALSH Anne Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
WATSON James, Jr. Aghrunniaght Armoy
WATSON James, Sr. Aghrunniaght Armoy
WATSON James, Sr. Balleny Armoy
WHITE Robt. Carrowlaverty Armoy
WHITE Thos. Carrowlaverty Armoy
WHITE John Gortmillish Armoy
WHITE Robert Knocknahinch Armoy
WHITE John Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy
WHITE Thomas Mill Five Acres (Armoy) Armoy


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