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ABERNETHY Samuel Brocklamont Ahoghill
ADAIR Baronet Robert S. Ballyloughan Ahoghill
ADAIR Moses Ballyminstra Ahoghill
ADAIR Henderson Brocklamont Ahoghill
ADAIR Baronet Robert S. Brocklamont Ahoghill
ADAIR Blaney Carniny Ahoghill
ADAIR Charles Craignageeragh Ahoghill
ADAIR Baronet Robert S. Cullybackey Rd.,(Brocklamont) Ahoghill
ADAIR Charles Limnaharry Ahoghill
ADAMS Rev. David Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
ADAMS Rev. David Killane Ahoghill
ADMISTON Jane Straid Ahoghill
AGAR Rev. James Ballylummin Ahoghill
AGNEW Jane Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
AGNEW James Ballybeg Ahoghill
AGNEW John Ballybeg Ahoghill
AGNEW George Ballylummin Ahoghill
AGNEW George, Jr. Ballylummin Ahoghill
AGNEW James Ballylummin Ahoghill
AGNEW John, Jr. Ballylummin Ahoghill
AGNEW John, Sr. Ballylummin Ahoghill
AGNEW William Carmacmoin Ahoghill
AGNEW William Drumramer Ahoghill
AGNEW Margaret Galgorm Ahoghill
AGNEW Margaret Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
AGNEW John, Jr. Limnaharry Ahoghill
AGNEW John, Sr. Limnaharry Ahoghill
AGNEW Robert Limnaharry Ahoghill
AGULLIAN David Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
AICKEN George Ballylummin Ahoghill
AICKEN George, Sr. Ballylummin Ahoghill
AICKEN Martha Gloonan Ahoghill
AIKIN Sarah Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
ALLEN William Ballybeg Ahoghill
ALLEN Robert Brocklamont Ahoghill
ALLEN William Craignageeragh Ahoghill
ALLEN Andrew Straid Ahoghill
ALLISON Alexander Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
ANDERSON Joseph Ballybeg Ahoghill
ANDERSON William Ballyloughan Ahoghill
ANDERSON Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
ANDERSON William Ballylummin Ahoghill
ANDERSON William Brocklamont Ahoghill
ANDERSON Adam Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
ANDERSON John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
ANDERSON James Limnaharry Ahoghill
ANDERSON John Limnaharry Ahoghill
ANDERSON Joseph Limnaharry Ahoghill
ANDERSON Samuel Limnaharry Ahoghill
ANDERSON Samuel Moneydollog Ahoghill
ANDREW Samuel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
ANGELL Elizabeth Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
ARCHER John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
ARCHIBALD George Ballyloughan Ahoghill
ARNOLD Samuel Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
ASPEL David Ballyloughan Ahoghill
ATKINSON John Ballymoney Rd.,(Brocklamont) Ahoghill
AUSTIN James Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
AUSTIN James Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
BACE Henry W. Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
BAILEY James Ballybeg Ahoghill
BAILEY James Carnearney Ahoghill
BAILEY Jospeh Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
BAILY Joseph Ballykennedy Ahoghill
BAIN George Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
BAMBER Agnes Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BAMBER John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BAMBER Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BANKHEAD John Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
BANKHEAD John Ballyminstra Ahoghill
BANKHEAD Robert Ballyminstra Ahoghill
BANKHEAD Ann Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BANKHEAD Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BANKHEAD Joseph Glenhugh Ahoghill
BANKHEAD James Killane Ahoghill
BANKHEAD Alexander Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
BANKHEAD Robert Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
BANKHEAD William Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
BANNERMAN Francis Killane Ahoghill
BARKLEY Robert Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
BARNES David Ballyloughan Ahoghill
BARNES Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
BARR William Ballyloughan Ahoghill
BARR Duffin Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
BARR Adam Carniny Ahoghill
BARR William Carniny Ahoghill
BARR James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BARR Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BARR William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BARR Duffin Straid Ahoghill
BARTHOLOMEW George Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
BARTHOLOMEW Andrew Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
BARTHOLOMEW John Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
BARTHOLOMEW William Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
BARTLEY William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BARTLEY John Glenhugh Ahoghill
BEATTY James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
BEATTY John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
BEATTY Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
BEATTY Nathaniel Ballyminstra Ahoghill
BEATTY Hugh Galgorm Ahoghill
BEATTY Hugh Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BEATTY Samuel Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
BEAUFORT Robert John Galgorm Ahoghill
BEGGS William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
BELL Robert Ballybeg Ahoghill
BELL Francis Ballylummin Ahoghill
BELL Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
BELL Samuel Ballylummin Ahoghill
BELL David Ballyminstra Ahoghill
BELL Robert Brocklamont Ahoghill
BELL Joseph Carniny Ahoghill
BELL Hugh Limnaharry Ahoghill
BELL John Limnaharry Ahoghill
BELL James Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
BELL Richard Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
BENDERMAN Elizabeth Ballyminstra Ahoghill
BERRY James Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
BEST James Cardonaghy Ahoghill
BLACKWOOD Robert Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
BLAIR Andrew Aughterclooney Ahoghill
BLAIR Isabella Ballylummin Ahoghill
BLAIR James Ballylummin Ahoghill
BLAIR John Ballylummin Ahoghill
BLAIR Andrew Ballyminstra Ahoghill
BLAIR Maryanne Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
BLAIR William Brocklamont Ahoghill
BLAIR Robert Carmacmoin Ahoghill
BLAIR William Drumramer Ahoghill
BLAIR Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BLAIR Andrew Glebe Ahoghill
BLAIR Synick Leymore Ahoghill
BLAIR Robert Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
BLAIR John Straid Ahoghill
BLAKELY James Brocklamont Ahoghill
BLAKELY Robert Brocklamont Ahoghill
BLAKELY John Carniny Ahoghill
BLAKELY James Galgorm Ahoghill
BLAKELY James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BLAKELY Robert Glenhugh Ahoghill
BLAKENY John Brocklamont Ahoghill
BLAKENY Robert Galgorm Ahoghill
BLANEY Henry Craignageeragh Ahoghill
BLEANY Peter Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
BOHAM John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
BONES William Glebe Ahoghill
BOOTH James Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
BORELL Robert Gloonan Ahoghill
BOYD John Ballyminstra Ahoghill
BOYD Paul Ballyminstra Ahoghill
BOYD John Galgorm Ahoghill
BOYD John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BOYD Esther Gloonan Ahoghill
BOYD Patrick Gloonan Ahoghill
BOYD Alexander Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
BOYD John Limnaharry Ahoghill
BOYD Thomas Limnaharry Ahoghill
BOYD William Limnaharry Ahoghill
BOYD Thomas Lisnafillon Ahoghill
BOYD William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
BOYD Margaret Straid Ahoghill
BOYD Francis Tullygowan Ahoghill
BOYLE Harriet Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
BOYLE Alexander Limnaharry Ahoghill
BOYLE Andrew Limnaharry Ahoghill
BOYLE William Limnaharry Ahoghill
BOYS David Gloonan Ahoghill
BRACKENRIDGE William Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
BRAZIL Samuel Glenhugh Ahoghill
BROWNE John Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
BROWNE James Brocklamont Ahoghill
BROWNE Mary Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BROWNE William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BROWNE Timothy Killane Ahoghill
BROWNLEES David Ballyloughan Ahoghill
BRUCE James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
BRUCE Mary Carniny Ahoghill
BUCHANAN John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
BUICK Rev. Frederick Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
BUICK Rev. Frederick Glenhugh Ahoghill
BUICK Rev. Frederick Killane Ahoghill
BURKE Sarah Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
BURKE Denis Brocklamont Ahoghill
BURNETT Francis Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
BURNETT Alexander Ballylummin Ahoghill
BURNETT James Ballylummin Ahoghill
BURNETT William Ballylummin Ahoghill
BURNS Robert Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
BURNSIDE James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
BUSH Thomas Ballykennedy Ahoghill
BUSH Margaret A. Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
BUSH Thomas Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
CAHY George Leymore Ahoghill
CAIRLEY James Leymore Ahoghill
CAIRNS Henry Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CALDERWOOD Alexander Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
CALDWELL Eliza Carniny Ahoghill
CALLAGHAN John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
CAMERON George Ballyminstra Ahoghill
CAMERON Malcolm Ballyminstra Ahoghill
CAMERON Samuel Ballyminstra Ahoghill
CAMERON William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
CAMERON Samuel Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
CAMORAN David, Jr. Gloonan Ahoghill
CAMPBELL Jane Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
CAMPBELL Jane Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
CAMPBELL James Ballykennedy Ahoghill
CAMPBELL Rev. William Ballyloughan Ahoghill
CAMPBELL Thomas Ballylummin Ahoghill
CAMPBELL Jane Carmacmoin Ahoghill
CAMPBELL John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CAMPBELL John Glebe Ahoghill
CAMPBELL Robert Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
CAMPBELL James Straid Ahoghill
CAREY William Ballykennedy Ahoghill
CAREY William Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
CARN Eliza Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CARR James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CARROLL John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CARROLL Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CARSON Andrew Aughterclooney Ahoghill
CARSON Margaret Ballylummin Ahoghill
CARSON William Ballylummin Ahoghill
CARSON William Carnearney Ahoghill
CARSON Samuel Glenhugh Ahoghill
CARSON John Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
CASEMENT Julius Aughterclooney Ahoghill
CASEMENT Thos. Ballyloughan Ahoghill
CASEMENT Francis Brocklamont Ahoghill
CASSIDY Jane Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
CASSIDY Henry Ballylummin Ahoghill
CASSIN James Ballybeg Ahoghill
CASSIN John Ballylummin Ahoghill
CASSIN Samuel Lisnafillon Ahoghill
CATHCART Robert Brocklamont Ahoghill
CATHCART James Gloonan Ahoghill
CATHCART William Gloonan Ahoghill
CATHCART James Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
CATHCART Andrew Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
CATHCART Elizabeth Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
CATHCART Henry Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
CATHCART Mary Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
CATHCART Wm. Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
CATHCART Wm. Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
CHESNEY George Ballylummin Ahoghill
CHRISTIE John Carniny Ahoghill
CHRISTY James Gloonan Ahoghill
CLARKE James Ballylummin Ahoghill
CLARKE Joseph Ballylummin Ahoghill
CLARKE William Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
CLARKE David Carnearney Ahoghill
CLARKE Henry J. Carnearney Ahoghill
CLARKE David Gloonan Ahoghill
CLARKE John Lisnafillon Ahoghill
CLEVE Andrew Cardonaghy Ahoghill
CLEVE James Cardonaghy Ahoghill
CLOONEY William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CLOSE James Carnearney Ahoghill
CLOSE Daniel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CLOSE John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CLYDE John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
COLGAN William Craignageeragh Ahoghill
COLLINS Richard Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
COLTER Alexander Corbally Ahoghill
COLTER Hugh Galgorm Ahoghill
COLTER Hugh Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
COLTER William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
COLVILLE Hugh Ballyloughan Ahoghill
COLVILLE Robert Carniny Ahoghill
COLVILLE Jane Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
COLVILLE John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
COLVILLE William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
COLVIN Hugh Carniny Ahoghill
COLVIN Joy Carniny Ahoghill
COLWELL Thomas Moyasset Ahoghill
COMMINS Robert Glebe Ahoghill
COMPSTIN James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
COMPSTIN Thomas Carniny Ahoghill
COMPSTON Abraham Brocklamont Ahoghill
COMPSTON James Brocklamont Ahoghill
COMPSTON Joseph Brocklamont Ahoghill
COMPSTON Anne Galgorm Ahoghill
COMPSTON Thomas Galgorm Ahoghill
CONAGHTY John Limnaharry Ahoghill
CONARTY Robert Tullygowan Ahoghill
CONNARTY James Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
CONNELL Samuel Galgorm Ahoghill
CONNOLLY David Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CONNOR Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CONNOR Bridget Limnaharry Ahoghill
CONNOR James Lisnafillon Ahoghill
CONNOR Patrick Tullygowan Ahoghill
CONNUIGHTY Anne Gloonan Ahoghill
CONWELL Mary Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
CONWELL Thomas Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
COSKEY James Ballybeg Ahoghill
COSKEY Margaret Ballybeg Ahoghill
COSKEY William Ballybeg Ahoghill
COSSART Alexander Ballykennedy Ahoghill
COSSART Joseph Gloonan Ahoghill
COSSART Alexander Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
COURTNEY Sampson Ballylummin Ahoghill
COURTNEY John Ballyminstra Ahoghill
COURTNEY Mary Brocklamont Ahoghill
COURTNEY Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
COWAN Alexander Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CRAIG Robert Aughterclooney Ahoghill
CRAIG William John Aughterclooney Ahoghill
CRAIG John Carniny Ahoghill
CRAIG James Drumramer Ahoghill
CRAIG Joseph Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CRAIG Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CRAIG Mary Gloonan Ahoghill
CRAIG Jospeh Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
CRAIG James Limnaharry Ahoghill
CRAIG Robert Limnaharry Ahoghill
CRAIG Adam Straid Ahoghill
CRAIG David Straid Ahoghill
CRAIG James Straid Ahoghill
CRAIG James Straid Ahoghill
CRAIG James Straid Ahoghill
CRAIG John Straid Ahoghill
CRAIG John Straid Ahoghill
CRAIG Robert Straid Ahoghill
CRAIG Robert Straid Ahoghill
CRAIG Robt. Straid Ahoghill
CRAWFORD John Ballykennedy Ahoghill
CRAWFORD George Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CREEHNAN William Killane Ahoghill
CREITH James Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
CROKER Rose Ballyminstra Ahoghill
CUNNINGHAM John Ballylummin Ahoghill
CUNNINGHAM Anne Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
CURRY James Brocklamont Ahoghill
CURRY James Drumramer Ahoghill
CURRY Samuel Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
DALLAS John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
DALLAS James Ballylummin Ahoghill
DARRAGH Felix Ballybeg Ahoghill
DARRAGH Patrick Ballybollen Ahoghill
DARRAGH Ellen Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
DARRAGH John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
DARRAGH Bernard Gloonan Ahoghill
DARRAGH Edmiston Leymore Ahoghill
DARRAGH Jane Leymore Ahoghill
DAVIDSON James Drumramer Ahoghill
DAVIS Robert Killane Ahoghill
DAVISON George Ballyminstra Ahoghill
DAVISON James Glebe Ahoghill
DEMOND Murty Aughterclooney Ahoghill
DERRAGH Patrick Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
DERRIGG William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
DEVANY Hugh Ballyloughan Ahoghill
DEVLIN John Aughterclooney Ahoghill
DICKEY Samuel Ballybeg Ahoghill
DICKEY William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
DICKEY William Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
DICKEY Andrew Todd Brocklamont Ahoghill
DICKEY Rep. John Brocklamont Ahoghill
DICKEY Samuel Carnearney Ahoghill
DICKEY John Carniny Ahoghill
DICKEY William Drumramer Ahoghill
DICKEY Nathaniel Glebe Ahoghill
DICKEY John Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
DICKY James Leymore Ahoghill
DILLON Thomas Brocklamont Ahoghill
DIMOND Michael Ballylummin Ahoghill
DIMOND Neal Glenhugh Ahoghill
DOBBYN Robert Galgorm Ahoghill
DOHERTY Hugh Craignageeragh Ahoghill
DOHERTY Thomas Leymore Ahoghill
DONNELLY James Craignageeragh Ahoghill
DONNELLY John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
DONNELLY James Glenhugh Ahoghill
DONNELLY William Glenhugh Ahoghill
DOOHY James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
DOOHY William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
DOOHY John Straid Ahoghill
DORK John Leymore Ahoghill
DOWDELL Andrew Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
DOWLIS John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
DRENNAN Robert Carniny Ahoghill
DUFF Sarah Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
DUFF Thomas Ballylummin Ahoghill
DUFF John Straid Ahoghill
DUFFEN Susan Ballyloughan Ahoghill
DUFFIN Patrick Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
DUFFIN Patrick Ballyminstra Ahoghill
DUFFIN William Galgorm Ahoghill
DUFFY James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
DUGGAN Mark Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
DUGGAN John Carmacmoin Ahoghill
DUNBAR James, Jr. Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
DUNBAR James, Sr. Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
DUNCE Mary Brocklamont Ahoghill
DUNLAP Robert Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
DUNLOP William Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
DUNLOP Joseph Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
DUNLOP James Ballybeg Ahoghill
DUNLOP David Carmacmoin Ahoghill
DUNLOP William Craignageeragh Ahoghill
DUNNE Anne Ballylummin Ahoghill
DUNSEATH James Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
DUNSEATH William Brocklamont Ahoghill
DUOHY William J. Ballybeg Ahoghill
DUOHY John Gloonan Ahoghill
DYOTT Richard Ballylummin Ahoghill
EAGLESON Alexander Ballykennedy Ahoghill
EAGLESON James Cardonaghy Ahoghill
EAGLESON Alexander Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
EDMONDSON Alex. Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
EDMONDSON Alexander Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
ELLIOTT ??? Ballyloughan Ahoghill
ELLIOTT Thomas Gloonan Ahoghill
ENGLISH James Carniny Ahoghill
ENRIGHT Elizabeth Carniny Ahoghill
ERINS Samuel Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
ERWIN Daniel Carniny Ahoghill
ERWIN James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
ESLER Eliza Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
ESLER James, Jr. Ballybeg Ahoghill
ESLER James, Sr. Ballybeg Ahoghill
ESLER John Ballybeg Ahoghill
ESLER William Ballylummin Ahoghill
EWART John Ballylummin Ahoghill
EWIRT Thomas Ballybollen Ahoghill
EWIRT James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
EYRE George Moyasset Ahoghill
FAIRY James Moneydollog Ahoghill
FALLS Thomas Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
FENLEY James Corbally Ahoghill
FERGUSON Robert Leymore Ahoghill
FERRIER Eliza Ballyminstra Ahoghill
FISHER John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
FORSYTHE James Galgorm Ahoghill
FORSYTHE Jane Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
FRANCY Alexander Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
FRANCY James Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
FRANCY William Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
FRANEY Robert Glenhugh Ahoghill
FULLERTON John Ballylummin Ahoghill
FULLERTON William Ballylummin Ahoghill
FULLERTON William Craignageeragh Ahoghill
FULLERTON John Drumramer Ahoghill
FULTON James Moneydollog Ahoghill
GAILY Archibald Corbally Ahoghill
GAILY Rose Corbally Ahoghill
GALLOWAY James Drumramer Ahoghill
GALLOWAY Mary Drumramer Ahoghill
GALLOWAY James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
GALLOWY William Killane Ahoghill
GARDINER Thomas Carniny Ahoghill
GARRETT Jane Ballyminstra Ahoghill
GASTIN Jane Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
GAULT Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
GAULT Matthew Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
GEALY Archibald Leymore Ahoghill
GETTIE Eliza Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
GETTY James Carniny Ahoghill
GIBBON Michael Ballyminstra Ahoghill
GIBSON James Carniny Ahoghill
GIBSON James Glenhugh Ahoghill
GIHON William Ballyloughan Ahoghill
GIHON Andrew Brocklamont Ahoghill
GIHON William Brocklamont Ahoghill
GIHON William Corbally Ahoghill
GIHON William, Jr. Lisnafillon Ahoghill
GILKY James Moyasset Ahoghill
GILLESPIE Charles Ballybeg Ahoghill
GILLESPIE Robert Ballybeg Ahoghill
GILLESPIE William Ballybeg Ahoghill
GILLESPIE James Ballylummin Ahoghill
GILLESPIE John Ballylummin Ahoghill
GILLESPIE Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
GILLESPIE William Ballylummin Ahoghill
GILLESPIE Samuel Ballyminstra Ahoghill
GILLESPIE Hugh Carnearney Ahoghill
GILLESPIE James Corbally Ahoghill
GILLION George Carniny Ahoghill
GILLION Matthew Carniny Ahoghill
GILLION George Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
GILMORE William Carniny Ahoghill
GLASGOW James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
GLASS John Lisnafillon Ahoghill
GODFREY Andrew Corbally Ahoghill
GOOLY Thomas Lisnafillon Ahoghill
GOORLEY Samuel Aughterclooney Ahoghill
GORDON James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
GORDON Robert Ballyloughan Ahoghill
GORDON James Killane Ahoghill
GOURLY Allen Straid Ahoghill
GRAFFIN Robert Cardonaghy Ahoghill
GRAFFIN Alexander Corbally Ahoghill
GRAFFIN James Corbally Ahoghill
GRAFFIN Thomas Corbally Ahoghill
GRAHAM Rose Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
GRAHAM Allen Ballyminstra Ahoghill
GRAHAM James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
GRAHAM William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
GRAHAM David Craignageeragh Ahoghill
GRANT James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
GRANT John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
GRANT Joseph Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
GRAY George Brocklamont Ahoghill
GRAY John Drumramer Ahoghill
GRAY Hugh Gloonan Ahoghill
GREEN John Limnaharry Ahoghill
GREEN Robert Limnaharry Ahoghill
GREENE Thomas Ballykennedy Ahoghill
GREENE James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
GREENE Thomas Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
GREER Samuel Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
GREER Andrew Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
GREER Robert Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
GREER John Ballylummin Ahoghill
GREER James Tullygowan Ahoghill
GREGG William Leymore Ahoghill
GREY Robert Thomas Glebe Ahoghill
GRIBBINS Patrick Ballyloughan Ahoghill
GRIFFIN Robert Ballyloughan Ahoghill
GRIFFIN John Brocklamont Ahoghill
GRIFFIN John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
GRIFFIN William Leymore Ahoghill
GRIMES Mathew Ballylummin Ahoghill
GRIMES John Carniny Ahoghill
HAGAN Henry Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
HAGGIN Hugh Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HAMILL John Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
HAMILL John Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
HAMILL Murtagh Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
HAMILL Murty Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HAMILL John Gloonan Ahoghill
HAMILL John Killane Ahoghill
HAMILL John Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
HAMILTON James Ballylummin Ahoghill
HAMILTON Wm., Jr. Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HAMILTON Wm., Sr. Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HAMILTON John Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
HAMILTON Robert Carniny Ahoghill
HAMILTON Robert Drumramer Ahoghill
HANNA William Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
HANNA William Carniny Ahoghill
HANNA William Killane Ahoghill
HANNA James Moneydollog Ahoghill
HARDY Ambrose Aughterclooney Ahoghill
HARDY Hugh Aughterclooney Ahoghill
HARDY James Aughterclooney Ahoghill
HARDY John, Jr. Aughterclooney Ahoghill
HARDY John, Sr. Aughterclooney Ahoghill
HARDY Joseph Ballybeg Ahoghill
HARDY Alexander Ballylummin Ahoghill
HARDY Ambrose Ballylummin Ahoghill
HARDY Catherine Ballylummin Ahoghill
HARDY John Ballylummin Ahoghill
HARDY James N. Brocklamont Ahoghill
HARDY John Brocklamont Ahoghill
HARDY Joseph Carnearney Ahoghill
HARDY John Carniny Ahoghill
HARE William Ballybeg Ahoghill
HARE James Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
HARE John Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
HARE William Carnearney Ahoghill
HARE James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HARPER Robert Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
HARPER Robert Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
HATTEN John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
HATTEN Patrick Brocklamont Ahoghill
HATTEN Hugh Gloonan Ahoghill
HATTON James Corbally Ahoghill
HATTON Allen Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HATTON Alexander Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
HAUGHAN John Aughterclooney Ahoghill
HAUGHAN William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HAUGHAN Charles Gloonan Ahoghill
HAUGHAN Charles, Sr. Gloonan Ahoghill
HAUGHAN William Gloonan Ahoghill
HAZLEY William Ballykennedy Ahoghill
HAZLEY William Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
HEANY Henry Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
HEARNE James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HEGAN Henry Killane Ahoghill
HEMP Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HENRY John Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
HENRY Robert Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
HENRY James Ballybollen Ahoghill
HENRY John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
HENRY James Ballylummin Ahoghill
HENRY Charles Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HENRY John Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HENRY John Brocklamont Ahoghill
HERDMAN Robert Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
HEWETT Joseph Killane Ahoghill
HIGGINS Hugh Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
HIGGINS Hugh Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HIGGINS Mitchel Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HIGGINS Sarah Ballyminstra Ahoghill
HIGGINS William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HIGGINS Thomas Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
HILL Richard Gloonan Ahoghill
HILL Thomas Gloonan Ahoghill
HILTON James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HILTON Matthew Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HIRBISON William Ballyloughan Ahoghill
HIRBISON Eliza Leymore Ahoghill
HIRBISON Mary Leymore Ahoghill
HIRBISON Mary Leymore Ahoghill
HIRBISON Matthew Leymore Ahoghill
HIRBISON William Leymore Ahoghill
HOGG James, Jr. Glebe Ahoghill
HOGG James, Sr. Glebe Ahoghill
HOGG John Glebe Ahoghill
HOGG Samuel Glebe Ahoghill
HOLDEN Elizabeth Gloonan Ahoghill
HOLMES David Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
HOOD Samuel Gloonan Ahoghill
HOUSTON Anthony Glebe Ahoghill
HUGAN Sarah Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HUGHES George Carniny Ahoghill
HUGHES James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HUME David Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
HUNTER John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
HURL Owen Glenhugh Ahoghill
HUSTON Mary Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
HUSTON Joseph Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
HUSTON Joseph Carmacmoin Ahoghill
HUSTON Patrick Glebe Ahoghill
HUTCHESON Samuel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
HUTCHINSON James Carnearney Ahoghill
IRVINE John Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
IRVINE John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
IRWIN Francis Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
IRWIN Mary Ballyloughan Ahoghill
IRWIN John Ballylummin Ahoghill
IRWIN Charles Ballyminstra Ahoghill
IRWIN Robert Straid Ahoghill
IRWIN Thomas Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
JACK Spears Ballyloughan Ahoghill
JACKSON Thomas Ballykennedy Ahoghill
JACKSON Thomas Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
JAMESON John Carniny Ahoghill
JELLETT John Brocklamont Ahoghill
JELLETT John Carniny Ahoghill
JELLETT John Cullybackey Rd.,(Brocklamont) Ahoghill
JENKINS Thomas Ballylummin Ahoghill
JOHNSON William Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
JOHNSON Andrew Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
JOHNSON William Ballykennedy Ahoghill
JOHNSON James Corbally Ahoghill
JOHNSON John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
JOHNSON Thomas Craignageeragh Ahoghill
JOHNSON William Galgorm Ahoghill
JOHNSON Robert Glenhugh Ahoghill
JOHNSON William Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
JOHNSON Andrew Killane Ahoghill
JOHNSON Thomas Killane Ahoghill
JOHNSON Margaret Lisnafillon Ahoghill
JOHNSTON Robert Glenhugh Ahoghill
JOHNSTON James Straid Ahoghill
JOHNSTON John Straid Ahoghill
JOY Rep. George Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
KANE William Brocklamont Ahoghill
KANE John Carnearney Ahoghill
KANE David Killane Ahoghill
KANE John Killane Ahoghill
KEENAN Henry Ballybeg Ahoghill
KELLY John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
KELLY John Glenhugh Ahoghill
KELLY Anne Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
KELLY William Killane Ahoghill
KENNEDY John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
KENNEDY Dominick Aughterclooney Ahoghill
KENNEDY Henry Aughterclooney Ahoghill
KENNEDY Francis Ballybollen Ahoghill
KENNEDY John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
KENNEDY Robert Ballyloughan Ahoghill
KENNEDY Dominick Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNEDY Francis Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNEDY Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNEDY William Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNEDY David Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
KENNEDY Feny Cardonaghy Ahoghill
KENNEDY Hugh Carnearney Ahoghill
KENNEDY William Corbally Ahoghill
KENNEDY Alexander Drumramer Ahoghill
KENNEDY William Killane Ahoghill
KENNEDY Sarah Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
KENNEDY Francis Moneydollog Ahoghill
KENNY Matthew Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
KENNY William Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
KENNY Joseph Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
KENNY Connolly Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNY James Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNY John Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNY John Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNY Matthew Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNY Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNY William Ballylummin Ahoghill
KENNY John, Jr. Leymore Ahoghill
KENNY John, Sr. Leymore Ahoghill
KENNY Jospeh Limnaharry Ahoghill
KERNAGHAN Elizabeth Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
KERNAGHAN John Glebe Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Hugh Ballybeg Ahoghill
KERNOHAN William Ballybeg Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Mary Ann Ballylummin Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Samuel Corbally Ahoghill
KERNOHAN David Glenhugh Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Henry Glenhugh Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Hugh Gloonan Ahoghill
KERNOHAN David Killane Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Jno. Killane Ahoghill
KERNOHAN John Killane Ahoghill
KERNOHAN John Killane Ahoghill
KERNOHAN William Killane Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Joseph Lisnafillon Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Martha Lisnafillon Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Andrew Moneydollog Ahoghill
KERNOHAN John Moneydollog Ahoghill
KERNOHAN John Moneydollog Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Robert Moneydollog Ahoghill
KERNOHAN William Moneydollog Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Alexander Moyasset Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Andrew Moyasset Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Hugh Moyasset Ahoghill
KERNOHAN John Moyasset Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Saml. Moyasset Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Samuel Moyasset Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Wm. Moyasset Ahoghill
KERNOHAN Wm. Moyasset Ahoghill
KERR John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
KERR Mary Craignageeragh Ahoghill
KILCREEST Hugh Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
KILPATRICK Robert Aughterclooney Ahoghill
KILPATRICK William J. Ballylummin Ahoghill
KILPATRICK Patrick Brocklamont Ahoghill
KILPATRICK Hugh Glenhugh Ahoghill
KILPATRICK Eliza Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
KING William Gloonan Ahoghill
KINNEAR Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
KINNEAR Robt. Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
KNOWLES Joseph Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
KNOX Samuel Limnaharry Ahoghill
KYLE John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
KYLE James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
KYLE Matthew Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LAFFERTY John Galgorm Ahoghill
LAFFERTY Denis Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LAMBO John Glenhugh Ahoghill
LAMONT Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LARMON Daniel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LARMOR Anthony Galgorm Ahoghill
LARMOR James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LARMOUR James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LARMOUR John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LATHAM John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
LAVELLE Thomas Killane Ahoghill
LAVENDER William Ballyloughan Ahoghill
LAVERY Patrick Ballyloughan Ahoghill
LAW Hannah Ballybollen Ahoghill
LAWDERS Charles Carniny Ahoghill
LECK Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LEE Samuel Ballylummin Ahoghill
LEE Rev. Alfred T. Glebe Ahoghill
LEECH Thomas Galgorm Ahoghill
LEECH George Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LEECH Ellen Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
LEECH Goodlet Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
LEER William Brocklamont Ahoghill
LEMAN Samuel Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
LEMAN Samuel Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
LEMAN Samuel Gloonan Ahoghill
LENNOX Joseph Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
LENNOX Margaret Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
LETTER Hugh Carniny Ahoghill
LETTER John Carniny Ahoghill
LETTER James Craignageeragh Ahoghill
LETTER Henry Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LETTER Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LETTERS John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
LEVISON John Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
LEWITT James Ballylummin Ahoghill
LOGAN Samuel Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
LOGAN Gilbert Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
LOGAN William Ballybeg Ahoghill
LOGAN John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
LOGAN Andrew Brocklamont Ahoghill
LOGAN Hugh Craignageeragh Ahoghill
LOGAN Martha Craignageeragh Ahoghill
LOGAN David Drumramer Ahoghill
LOGAN David Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LOGAN George Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LOGAN Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LOGAN William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LOGAN John Gloonan Ahoghill
LOGAN Gilbert Killane Ahoghill
LOGAN John Killane Ahoghill
LOGAN William Limnaharry Ahoghill
LOGAN David Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
LOGAN David, Jr. Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
LOGAN David, Sr. Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
LOGAN Elizabeth Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
LOGAN James Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
LOGAN Thomas Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
LOUGHRIDGE Patrick Ballybollen Ahoghill
LOUGHRIDGE Jno. Leymore Ahoghill
LOUGHRIDGE Wm. Leymore Ahoghill
LOVE James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
LOVE James Leymore Ahoghill
LOWRY Henry Cardonaghy Ahoghill
LUKE Archibald, Jr. Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
LUKE Archibald, Sr. Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
LUKE Alexander Ballylummin Ahoghill
LUKE Alexander, Sr. Ballylummin Ahoghill
LUKE David Ballylummin Ahoghill
LUKE David Ballylummin Ahoghill
LUKE David, Sr. Ballylummin Ahoghill
LUKE James Ballylummin Ahoghill
LUKE John Ballylummin Ahoghill
LUKE Joseph Ballylummin Ahoghill
LUKE Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
LUKE Archibald Carnearney Ahoghill
LUKE Joseph Carnearney Ahoghill
LUTE Samuel Ballyminstra Ahoghill
LUTE William Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
LUTE William Drumramer Ahoghill
LYNCH John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
LYNN Edward Ballybollen Ahoghill
LYNN Patrick Ballybollen Ahoghill
LYONS William Drumramer Ahoghill
MACKREL James Ballylummin Ahoghill
MADDEN James Carniny Ahoghill
MAGUIRE James Limnaharry Ahoghill
MAHARRY James Ballybollen Ahoghill
MALLIKAN Samuel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MALLIKEN Samuel Galgorm Ahoghill
MANN Mary Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MARK Robert Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MARK John Ballylummin Ahoghill
MARK William Ballylummin Ahoghill
MARK Thomas Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
MARKS John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
MARR William Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
MARR Elizabeth Carmacmoin Ahoghill
MARR William Carmacmoin Ahoghill
MARR Elizabeth Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
MARREN Henry Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MARREN John Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MARREN Patrick Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MARREN Sarah Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MARREN William Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MARSHALL Eliza Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MARSHALL Samuel Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MARSHALL William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MARSHALL John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MARTIN Robert Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
MARTIN John Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MARTIN Simon Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MARTIN William Ballylummin Ahoghill
MARTIN Francis Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MARTIN Patrick Limnaharry Ahoghill
MATEER Archibald Ballyloughan Ahoghill
MATEER John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
MAXWELL Esther Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
MAXWELL John Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
MAXWELL Grace Ballylummin Ahoghill
MAXWELL Thomas Ballylummin Ahoghill
MAXWELL William Ballylummin Ahoghill
MAXWELL Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MAY William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
MAYNE Sarah Ballymoney Rd.,(Brocklamont) Ahoghill
Mc ADAMS Thomas Leymore Ahoghill
Mc ADONY David Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc AFEE Robert Ballyloughan Ahoghill
Mc ALLISTER David Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc ANALLY Mary Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc ANALLY Sarah Carmacmoin Ahoghill
Mc ANALLY Bernard Glenhugh Ahoghill
Mc ANALLY Henry Gloonan Ahoghill
Mc ANDREW William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc ATEER Anne Ballybeg Ahoghill
Mc ATEER William Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc ATEER Henry Cardonaghy Ahoghill
Mc ATEER William Moneydollog Ahoghill
Mc AULEY Daniel Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc AULEY Denis Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc AULEY James Brocklamont Ahoghill
Mc AULEY William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc CAGHEY John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc CAHERN Charles Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
Mc CAHY George Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
Mc CAHY Hugh Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
Mc CAHY John Corbally Ahoghill
Mc CAHY Alexander Limnaharry Ahoghill
Mc CALLION Charles Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
Mc CAMS William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CANDLESS John Glenhugh Ahoghill
Mc CANDLESS William Glenhugh Ahoghill
Mc CANN Eliza Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc CANN John Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
Mc CANN William Tullygowan Ahoghill
Mc CANNY David Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CARL Richard Carniny Ahoghill
Mc CARL William J. Leymore Ahoghill
Mc CART John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CARTNEY Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CARTY Francis Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
Mc CAUGHERIN William Tullygowan Ahoghill
Mc CAWLEY Allen Carniny Ahoghill
Mc CAWLEY Patrick Carniny Ahoghill
Mc CLANE Kyle Ballyloughan Ahoghill
Mc CLANE Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CLANE Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CLANE James Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc CLEAN James Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
Mc CLEAN Nathaniel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CLEAR William Brocklamont Ahoghill
Mc CLEEVY Henry Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CLELLAN John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc CLELLAND Alexander Gloonan Ahoghill
Mc CLELLAND Charles Straid Ahoghill
Mc CLERNAN James Killane Ahoghill
Mc CLING Rachel Killane Ahoghill
Mc CLINTOCK William Craignageeragh Ahoghill
Mc CLINTOCK Moses Leymore Ahoghill
Mc CLINTOCK Hugh Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc CLINTOCK John Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc CLISTER Mary Drumramer Ahoghill
Mc CLORINAN Daniel Aughterclooney Ahoghill
Mc CLUNE James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CLUNG John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CLURE Edward Ballykennedy Ahoghill
Mc CLURE William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CLURE Edward Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
Mc CLURE James Moyasset Ahoghill
Mc COLSHENDEN William Leymore Ahoghill
Mc CONKY John Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc CONNELL William Brocklamont Ahoghill
Mc CORD William Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
Mc CORD William Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
Mc CORD William Gloonan Ahoghill
Mc CORLEY Thomas Brocklamont Ahoghill
Mc CORMACK David Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
Mc CORMACK James Glebe Ahoghill
Mc CORMICK John Carniny Ahoghill
Mc CORT Robert Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc COSH John Leymore Ahoghill
Mc COURT Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc COURT Rev. John Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
Mc COY Hugh Ballybeg Ahoghill
Mc COY John Ballybeg Ahoghill
Mc COY Hugh Craignageeragh Ahoghill
Mc COY John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
Mc COY James Glenhugh Ahoghill
Mc COY Samuel Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc CULLAGH David Carmacmoin Ahoghill
Mc CULLAGH Thomas Moneydollog Ahoghill
Mc CULLION Robert Corbally Ahoghill
Mc CULLION John Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc CULLUM Robert Corbally Ahoghill
Mc CUNE Samuel Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
Mc CURDY Patrick Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc CURRY Henry Gloonan Ahoghill
Mc DILL Hugh Aughterclooney Ahoghill
Mc DONNELL Dinah Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc DONNELL James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
Mc DONNELL Eneas Craignageeragh Ahoghill
Mc DONNELL Alexander Limnaharry Ahoghill
Mc DONNELL James Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc DONNELL Isabella Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
Mc DONNELL William Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Alexander Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Alexander Ballybollen Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Robert Ballybollen Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Robert Ballyloughan Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL John Carmacmoin Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Anne Carniny Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL John Carniny Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Matthew Carniny Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Robert Carniny Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Samuel Carniny Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Samuel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Henry Killane Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Alex., Jr. Straid Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Alex., Sr. Straid Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Alexander Straid Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL John Straid Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL Samuel Straid Ahoghill
Mc DOWELL William Straid Ahoghill
Mc ELROY Archibald Carniny Ahoghill
Mc ELROY Hugh Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc ELROY Charles Moyasset Ahoghill
Mc ELROY John Moyasset Ahoghill
Mc ERLEAN Daniel Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
Mc FADDEN James Drumramer Ahoghill
Mc FALL Patrick Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc FALL James Craignageeragh Ahoghill
Mc FALL John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc FALL William Gloonan Ahoghill
Mc FALL John Leymore Ahoghill
Mc FALL William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc FARLANE Samuel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc FETRIDGE James Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
Mc GARRY John Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc GEE William Leymore Ahoghill
Mc GEE Charles Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc GILL William Ballyloughan Ahoghill
Mc GILL Thade Carniny Ahoghill
Mc GILL Andrew Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc GILL William Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc GILL Hugh Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc GILL John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc GILL Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc GILL William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc GLADE William Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
Mc GRADY David Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc GRATH Arthur Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc GRATH Catherine Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc GUIGAN John Cardonaghy Ahoghill
Mc GUIGAN James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc GUIGAN John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc GUIGAN Patrick Moneydollog Ahoghill
Mc HARG William Gloonan Ahoghill
Mc HARG William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
Mc HIRTER Patrick Brocklamont Ahoghill
Mc ILHAGEL William Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
Mc ILHONEY James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
Mc ILHONY Oliver Leymore Ahoghill
Mc ILROY James Tullygowan Ahoghill
Mc ILWAIN Bridget Ballybeg Ahoghill
Mc ILWAINE Margaret Moneydollog Ahoghill
Mc IRLANE Ambrose Aughterclooney Ahoghill
Mc KAY James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
Mc KAY John Ballyminstra Ahoghill
Mc KAY Margaret Ballyminstra Ahoghill
Mc KAY Samuel Ballyminstra Ahoghill
Mc KEAN John Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
Mc KEE John Aughterclooney Ahoghill
Mc KEE Thomas Ballybeg Ahoghill
Mc KEE William Ballybollen Ahoghill
Mc KEE Joseph Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc KEE James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
Mc KEE Andrew Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc KEE David Glebe Ahoghill
Mc KEE David, Sr. Glebe Ahoghill
Mc KEE John Glebe Ahoghill
Mc KEEVER Daniel Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc KEEVER John Ballyminstra Ahoghill
Mc KEEVER John Leymore Ahoghill
Mc KEON Robert Ballybeg Ahoghill
Mc KEON John Brocklamont Ahoghill
Mc KEON Clara Carniny Ahoghill
Mc KEON Samuel Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc KEON Daniel Gloonan Ahoghill
Mc KEOWN Adam Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc KEY Robert Ballykennedy Ahoghill
Mc KEY Robert Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
Mc KIBBEN John Straid Ahoghill
Mc KILLOP John Carniny Ahoghill
Mc LALLER David Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc LARNAN David Corbally Ahoghill
Mc LARNEN Margaret Brocklamont Ahoghill
Mc LARNEN James Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc LONG Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc LOUGHLIN William Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc LOUGHLIN James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc LYNCH James Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc MASTER James Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
Mc MASTER John Ballykennedy Ahoghill
Mc MASTER Arthur Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
Mc MASTER Margaret Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
Mc MASTER John Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
Mc MASTER John Killane Ahoghill
Mc MASTER John Killane Ahoghill
Mc MICKAN James Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
Mc MICKAN Sarah Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
Mc MICKEN Anne Ballyminstra Ahoghill
Mc MICKEN David Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
Mc MONN Creaton Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc MONN Creaton Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN Andrew Ballybeg Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN John Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN William Ballylummin Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN Henry Ballyminstra Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN Andrew Brocklamont Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN Mary Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN Alexander Straid Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN James Straid Ahoghill
Mc MULLEN Mary Anne Straid Ahoghill
Mc NALLY Hugh Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
Mc NEALLY Samuel Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
Mc NEILE Hugh Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc NEILL James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
Mc NEILL William Ballyloughan Ahoghill
Mc NEILLE Daniel Carniny Ahoghill
Mc NIECE Adam Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc QUILLAN Henry Carnearney Ahoghill
Mc QUILLAN Charles Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc QUILLION Richard Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
Mc REAVY Robert Craignageeragh Ahoghill
Mc VEIGH James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
Mc VICKAR Alexander Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
Mc VICKER William Galgorm Ahoghill
Mc VICKER James Leymore Ahoghill
Mc WHINNY Denis Glenhugh Ahoghill
Mc WHIRTER Robert Craignageeragh Ahoghill
Mc WHIRTER William Gloonan Ahoghill
MEALLY Hugh Ballyloughan Ahoghill
MEALY Hugh Carniny Ahoghill
MEALY Stafford Carniny Ahoghill
MEALY Edward Galgorm Ahoghill
MEALY Eliza Lisnafillon Ahoghill
MEDELL Jane Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MEEK Mary Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
MEEK James Gloonan Ahoghill
MEEK John Killane Ahoghill
MEEK Jane Moneydollog Ahoghill
MEEK Jane Moyasset Ahoghill
MELLEN Arthur Leymore Ahoghill
METTLIN Andrew Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MICHAELMAN Hally Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MILLAR William Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
MILLAR Thomas Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
MILLAR Abraham Ballybeg Ahoghill
MILLAR Hugh, Jr. Ballybeg Ahoghill
MILLAR Hugh, Sr. Ballybeg Ahoghill
MILLAR Patrick Ballybeg Ahoghill
MILLAR Robert Ballybeg Ahoghill
MILLAR William Ballybeg Ahoghill
MILLAR Henry Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MILLAR John Brocklamont Ahoghill
MILLAR William Killane Ahoghill
MILLAR George Limnaharry Ahoghill
MILLAR John Limnaharry Ahoghill
MILLAR Samuel, Jr. Limnaharry Ahoghill
MILLAR Samuel, Sr. Limnaharry Ahoghill
MILLAR Sarah Limnaharry Ahoghill
MILLAR Samuel Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
MILLAR John Moneydollog Ahoghill
MILLER James Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
MILLER Rev. Henry Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MILLER Rev. Henry Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MILLER William Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
MILLER Henry Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MILLER Rev. Henry Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MILLER Rev. Henry Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MILLER William Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MILLER James Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
MILLER William Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
MILLIGAN James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MILLIKEN Joseph Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MILLIKEN James Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
MILLIKEN Mary Drumramer Ahoghill
MILLIKEN William Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
MINISS George Killane Ahoghill
MINNETT James Corbally Ahoghill
MITCHELL George Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
MITCHELL James Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MITCHELL John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
MITCHELL James Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MITCHELL Thomas Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
MONTGOMERY James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MONTGOMERY Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MONTGOMERY Samuel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MONTGOMERY Eliza Glenhugh Ahoghill
MONTGOMERY James Glenhugh Ahoghill
MONTGOMERY Allen Leymore Ahoghill
MONTGOMERY John Lisnafillon Ahoghill
MONTGOMERY William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
MOONEY Andrew Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MOONY Edward Ballybeg Ahoghill
MOORE Thomas Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
MOORE Ann Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
MOORE Samuel Corbally Ahoghill
MOORE Robert Galgorm Ahoghill
MOORE Jane Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MOORE Thomas Glenhugh Ahoghill
MOORE Archibald Gloonan Ahoghill
MOORE Eliza Gloonan Ahoghill
MOORE David Lisnafillon Ahoghill
MOORE James Lisnafillon Ahoghill
MOORE William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
MOORE John Straid Ahoghill
MORAN Robert Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MORRELL Robert Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
MORRELL Hamilton Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
MORRELL Hamilton Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
MORRELL Robert Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
MORRISON John Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
MORROW Samuel Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
MORROW David Carniny Ahoghill
MORTON Robert Ballyloughan Ahoghill
MORTON Edward Brocklamont Ahoghill
MORTON Robert Brocklamont Ahoghill
MULHOLLAND Charles Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MULHOLLAND John Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MULHOLLAND Patrick Aughterclooney Ahoghill
MULHOLLAND Charles Ballybollen Ahoghill
MULHOLLAND James Ballybollen Ahoghill
MULHOLLAND James Ballylummin Ahoghill
MULHOLLAND Sarah Tullygowan Ahoghill
MULLAN William Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
MUNCE John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MUNTZ William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
MURDOCK James Ballylummin Ahoghill
MURDOCK Patrick Cardonaghy Ahoghill
MURPHY John Ballylummin Ahoghill
MURPHY Thomas Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
MURRAY Matthew Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
MURRAY George Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MURRAY John Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MURRAY William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
MURRAY Charles Tullygowan Ahoghill
MURROW Samuel Killane Ahoghill
MURROW George Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
NASON Horace Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
NEAL George Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
NEALY Thomas Carnearney Ahoghill
NEALY Aram Leymore Ahoghill
NEASON Charles Drumramer Ahoghill
NEESON Anne Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON Charles Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON Christopher Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON Daniel Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON James Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON John Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON Margaret Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON Patrick Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON Titus Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON Titus, Jr. Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON Titus, Sr. Aughterclooney Ahoghill
NEESON John Ballybollen Ahoghill
NELSON James Ballylummin Ahoghill
NELSON Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
NEWELL David Craignageeragh Ahoghill
NEWELL James Craignageeragh Ahoghill
NEWELL John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
NICHOLL Alexander Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
NICHOLL Hugh Ballyminstra Ahoghill
NICHOLL Thomas Ballyminstra Ahoghill
NICHOLL George Cardonaghy Ahoghill
NICHOLL Joseph Cardonaghy Ahoghill
NICHOLL Thomas Cardonaghy Ahoghill
NICHOLL Anne Craignageeragh Ahoghill
NICHOLL Hugh Craignageeragh Ahoghill
NICHOLL Jane Craignageeragh Ahoghill
NICHOLL John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
NICHOLL Thomas Craignageeragh Ahoghill
NICHOLL James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
NICHOLL Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
NICHOLL Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
NICHOLL William J. Gloonan Ahoghill
NICHOLL Ellen Lisnafillon Ahoghill
NICHOLL James Lisnafillon Ahoghill
NIXON Joseph Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
NOONE Thomas Brocklamont Ahoghill
O'BRIEN Samuel Ballyloughan Ahoghill
OGILBY John Glenhugh Ahoghill
O'HARA Arthur Ballybollen Ahoghill
O'HARA William Ballybollen Ahoghill
O'HARA Hugh Ballyloughan Ahoghill
O'HARA John Ballylummin Ahoghill
O'KANE Patrick Ballyloughan Ahoghill
O'NEILL John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
O'NEILL Charles Ballyminstra Ahoghill
O'NEILL Daniel Ballyminstra Ahoghill
O'NEILL Rev. William C. Ballyminstra Ahoghill
O'NEILL John Drumramer Ahoghill
O'NEILL Felix Gloonan Ahoghill
O'NEILL Charles Straid Ahoghill
O'NEILL Rev. William C. Straid Ahoghill
O'NEILL James Tullygowan Ahoghill
O'RORKE Ambrose Aughterclooney Ahoghill
O'RORKE Ambrose Ballybollen Ahoghill
O'ROURKE John Aughterclooney Ahoghill
ORR James Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
PATTEN George Leymore Ahoghill
PATTERSON Alexander Brocklamont Ahoghill
PEERIE Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
PEERY James Lisnafillon Ahoghill
PEERY John Lisnafillon Ahoghill
PEIKAN John Gloonan Ahoghill
PEIKAN Thomas Gloonan Ahoghill
PENNY Alexander Ballyloughan Ahoghill
PEPPER Samuel Straid Ahoghill
PHILLIPS Walter Carnearney Ahoghill
PHILLIS Eliza Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
PICKEN Samuel Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
PICKEN Thomas Glebe Ahoghill
PIERY James Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
PIERY Samuel Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
PIERY William Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
PORTER Andrew Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
PORTER William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
PORTER William Brocklamont Ahoghill
PORTER Andrew Cardonaghy Ahoghill
PORTER Robert Craignageeragh Ahoghill
PORTER Abraham Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
PORTER James Straid Ahoghill
POWER John Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
POWER John Killane Ahoghill
QUIG Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RAIKE John Brocklamont Ahoghill
RALSON James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
RAMSAY George Ballykennedy Ahoghill
RAMSAY Robert Craignageeragh Ahoghill
RAMSAY Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RAMSEY Robert Ballybeg Ahoghill
RAMSEY William Carniny Ahoghill
RAPHAEL John Galgorm Ahoghill
RAPHAEL Mary Galgorm Ahoghill
RAPHAEL Ann Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RAPHAEL Ellen Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RAPHAEL Ellen Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RAPHAEL John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RAPHAEL John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RAPHAEL Mary Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RAPHAEL William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RAPHEL Mary Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
RAY John Ballybollen Ahoghill
RAY James Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
REA John Brocklamont Ahoghill
REA Robert Carniny Ahoghill
REA James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
REANY Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
REANY David Carmacmoin Ahoghill
REANY James Carmacmoin Ahoghill
REANY John Carmacmoin Ahoghill
REANY James Glenhugh Ahoghill
REANY Robert Killane Ahoghill
REANY Ellen Lisnafillon Ahoghill
REANY Robert Lisnafillon Ahoghill
REANY Samuel Lisnafillon Ahoghill
REANY Samuel Straid Ahoghill
REANY William Straid Ahoghill
REANY John Tullygowan Ahoghill
REID William Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
REID John Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
REID Margaret Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
REID David Ballybeg Ahoghill
REID Adam Ballyloughan Ahoghill
REID James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
REID James Ballylummin Ahoghill
REID John Ballylummin Ahoghill
REID Sarah Ballylummin Ahoghill
REID George Brocklamont Ahoghill
REID James Carniny Ahoghill
REID William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
REID James Gloonan Ahoghill
REID Thomas Tullygowan Ahoghill
RICHIE Charles Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
ROBINSON John Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
ROBINSON Robert Ballyminstra Ahoghill
ROBINSON William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
ROBINSON James Lisnafillon Ahoghill
ROBINSON Samuel Lisnafillon Ahoghill
ROCK James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
ROCK William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RODY Bernard Galgorm Ahoghill
ROGERS James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
ROLESON John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
ROLSTON John Carniny Ahoghill
ROSBOROUGH Patrick Ballyloughan Ahoghill
ROSBOROUGH James Corbally Ahoghill
ROSBOROUGH Alexander Lisnafillon Ahoghill
ROSS Arthur Ballyloughan Ahoghill
ROSS William Craignageeragh Ahoghill
ROSS John Galgorm Ahoghill
ROSS William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
ROSS Francis Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
ROSS James Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
ROWAN Rev. Robert W. Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
ROWAN Rev. Robert W. Cardonaghy Ahoghill
ROWAN Rev. Robert W. Carmacmoin Ahoghill
ROWAN Thomas Carnearney Ahoghill
ROWAN Rev. Robert W. Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
ROWAN Samuel Moneydollog Ahoghill
RUSSELL Jane Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
RUSSELL Anne Ballyloughan Ahoghill
RUSSELL William Ballyloughan Ahoghill
RUSSELL William Brocklamont Ahoghill
RUSSELL Margaret Carniny Ahoghill
RUSSELL Alexander Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
RUSSELL William Lisnafillon Ahoghill
RUSSELL John Moneydollog Ahoghill
SANDERSON William C. Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
SAUNDERS William Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
SAVAGE Joseph Limnaharry Ahoghill
SCALLIAN John Gloonan Ahoghill
SCHOLFIELD Rev. Francis Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SCHOLFIELD Rev. Francis Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SCULLION Thaddeus Aughterclooney Ahoghill
SCULLION William Aughterclooney Ahoghill
SCULLION John Ballybollen Ahoghill
SCULLION Thomas Ballyminstra Ahoghill
SCULLION John Glenhugh Ahoghill
SCULLION James Moyasset Ahoghill
SEYMOUR Thomas Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
SEYMOUR John Ballybeg Ahoghill
SEYMOUR Samuel Ballybeg Ahoghill
SEYMOUR Andrew Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SEYMOUR John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
SEYMOUR John Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SHAW John, Jr. Drumramer Ahoghill
SHAW John, Sr. Drumramer Ahoghill
SHAW Thomas Drumramer Ahoghill
SHAW William Leymore Ahoghill
SHEIL William Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
SHEILS Robert Ballylummin Ahoghill
SHEILS Jane Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
SHIELS Daniel Killane Ahoghill
SIMPSON James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
SIMPSON William Brocklamont Ahoghill
SIMPSON William Carniny Ahoghill
SIMPSON David Drumramer Ahoghill
SIMPSON William Galgorm Ahoghill
SIMPSON James Limnaharry Ahoghill
SIMPSON Robert Limnaharry Ahoghill
SIMPSON George Moyasset Ahoghill
SLOAN Edward Cardonaghy Ahoghill
SLOAN Robert Glenhugh Ahoghill
SLOAN Robert Leymore Ahoghill
SLOANE Robert Ballyminstra Ahoghill
SLOANE Crawford Lisnafillon Ahoghill
SMALL Carson Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
SMALL Hugh Aughterclooney Ahoghill
SMALL David Ballyminstra Ahoghill
SMALL Robert Ballyminstra Ahoghill
SMALL Thomas Ballyminstra Ahoghill
SMALL James Carnearney Ahoghill
SMALL John Drumramer Ahoghill
SMALL Robert Drumramer Ahoghill
SMALL Francis Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
SMITH Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
SMITH William Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
SMYTH Mary Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
SMYTH James Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SMYTH Archibald Ballyloughan Ahoghill
SMYTH Thomas Ballyloughan Ahoghill
SMYTH Jane Ballylummin Ahoghill
SMYTH William Ballylummin Ahoghill
SMYTH Hugh Brocklamont Ahoghill
SMYTH John Brocklamont Ahoghill
SMYTH Ellen Galgorm Ahoghill
SMYTH James Galgorm Ahoghill
SMYTH Ellen Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
SMYTH Jane Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
SMYTH Frances Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SMYTH James Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SMYTH James Leymore Ahoghill
SMYTH James Moyasset Ahoghill
SPENCE Frederick Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SPENCE John Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SPENCE Thomas Brocklamont Ahoghill
SPENCE Patrick Carmacmoin Ahoghill
SPENCE Robert Carmacmoin Ahoghill
SPENCE William Carmacmoin Ahoghill
SPENCE John Carnearney Ahoghill
SPENCE James Galgorm Ahoghill
SPENCE John Galgorm Ahoghill
SPENCE William Gloonan Ahoghill
SPENCE John Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
SPENCE James Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
SPENCE John Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
STAVELY George Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
STEED Gregg Glenhugh Ahoghill
STEED James Glenhugh Ahoghill
STEED John Glenhugh Ahoghill
STEED William Glenhugh Ahoghill
STEEL Adam Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
STEEL Edward Craignageeragh Ahoghill
STEENSON Mary Ballymoney Rd.,(Brocklamont) Ahoghill
STEID Robert Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
STENSON Elizabeth Galgorm Ahoghill
STENSON Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
STENTON James Gloonan Ahoghill
STERLIN Bridget Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
STEWART William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
STEWART Joseph Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
STEWART Robert Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
STEWART Chas. Brocklamont Ahoghill
STEWART Charles Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
STINSON Margaret Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
STONE Matthew Ballyminstra Ahoghill
STONES George Gloonan Ahoghill
STORY Robert Ballybollen Ahoghill
STORY Eliza Gloonan Ahoghill
STRAHAN George Ballyloughan Ahoghill
STRAIN David Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
STRAIN Mary Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
STRAIN Patrick Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
STUART James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
STUART Joseph Brocklamont Ahoghill
STUART John Cardonaghy Ahoghill
STUART William Cardonaghy Ahoghill
STUART David Corbally Ahoghill
STUART John Killane Ahoghill
STUART John Moneydollog Ahoghill
SURGENOR George Brocklamont Ahoghill
SURGENOR Hugh Brocklamont Ahoghill
SURGENOR Simon Brocklamont Ahoghill
SURGENOR William Brocklamont Ahoghill
SURGENOR David Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
SURGENOR James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
SURGINER James Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
SURGINER James Gloonan Ahoghill
SWAN James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
SWAN William Glenhugh Ahoghill
TARBERT James Ballylummin Ahoghill
TAYLOR George Ballylummin Ahoghill
TAYLOR John Ballyminstra Ahoghill
TAYLOR Archibald Brocklamont Ahoghill
TAYLOR John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
TAYLOR James Lisnafillon Ahoghill
TAYLOR Richard Straid Ahoghill
TELFORD David, Jr. Ballykennedy Ahoghill
TELFORD David, Sr. Ballykennedy Ahoghill
TELFORD William Ballykennedy Ahoghill
TELFORD William Ballylummin Ahoghill
TELFORD Anne Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
TELFORD James Brocklamont Ahoghill
TELFORD James Craignageeragh Ahoghill
TELFORD William Craignageeragh Ahoghill
TELFORD James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
TELFORD Alexander Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
TELFORD Letitia Straid Ahoghill
TEMPLE Richard Ballyloughan Ahoghill
TEMPLE Robert Ballyloughan Ahoghill
TEMPLETON Robert Ballyloughan Ahoghill
TEMPLETON Anne Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
TEMPLETON George Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
TEMPLETON William J. Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
TENNANT Thomas Ballylummin Ahoghill
THOMPSON Samuel Ballylummin Ahoghill
THOMPSON Samuel, Jr. Ballylummin Ahoghill
THOMPSON Samuel, Sr. Ballylummin Ahoghill
THOMPSON Thomas Ballylummin Ahoghill
THOMPSON Joseph Brocklamont Ahoghill
THOMPSON Thomas Brocklamont Ahoghill
THOMPSON John Cardonaghy Ahoghill
THOMPSON David Craignageeragh Ahoghill
THOMPSON John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
THOMPSON James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
THOMPSON Joseph Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
THOMPSON Hugh Glenhugh Ahoghill
THOMPSON Margaret Killane Ahoghill
THOMPSON David Leymore Ahoghill
THOMPSON David Limnaharry Ahoghill
THOMPSON John Limnaharry Ahoghill
THOMPSON Samuel Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
THOMPSON Thomas Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
THOMPSON John Lisnafillon Ahoghill
THOMPSON Anne Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
THOMPSON Elizabeth Tullygowan Ahoghill
THOMPSON HON Wm. Ballylummin Ahoghill
TOLE Catherine Cardonaghy Ahoghill
TOMLINSON Robert Ahoghill,(Gloonan) Ahoghill
TOWNSLEY Andrew Ballybeg Ahoghill
TURBETT William Ballybeg Ahoghill
TURBETT Francis Limnaharry Ahoghill
TURBETT John Limnaharry Ahoghill
UNDERWOOD John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
VANCE George Carmacmoin Ahoghill
VANCE William Glenhugh Ahoghill
VIETH Agnes Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
WALKER James Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
WALKER James Craignageeragh Ahoghill
WALKER John Craignageeragh Ahoghill
WALKER Michael Craignageeragh Ahoghill
WALKER William Killane Ahoghill
WALKER Margaret Limnaharry Ahoghill
WALKINGSHAW James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WALKINGSHAW Thomas Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WALLACE Mary Ballykennedy Ahoghill
WALLACE Hugh Ballylummin Ahoghill
WALLACE John Ballylummin Ahoghill
WALLACE William Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
WALLACE Samuel Corbally Ahoghill
WALLACE John Drumramer Ahoghill
WALLACE Thomas Drumramer Ahoghill
WALLACE William Drumramer Ahoghill
WALLACE James Galgorm Ahoghill
WALLACE James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WALLACE John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WALLACE Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WALLACE Samuel Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WALLACE James Limnaharry Ahoghill
WASSON George Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WATSON John Ballyloughan Ahoghill
WATSON George Glenhugh Ahoghill
WATSON Margaret Glenhugh Ahoghill
WATSON Thomas Glenhugh Ahoghill
WATSON Thomas, Jr. Glenhugh Ahoghill
WATT James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WEIR James Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
WEIR William Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
WEIR Alexander Ballyminstra Ahoghill
WEIR David Ballyminstra Ahoghill
WEIR Hugh Ballyminstra Ahoghill
WEIR James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
WEIR William Ballyminstra Ahoghill
WEIR Martha Cardonaghy Ahoghill
WEIR James Carnearney Ahoghill
WEIR Matthew Craignageeragh Ahoghill
WEIR James Drumramer Ahoghill
WEIR John Gloonan Ahoghill
WEIR Alexander, Jr. Killane Ahoghill
WEIR Alexander, Sr. Killane Ahoghill
WEIR John Killane Ahoghill
WEIR William Lismurnaghan Ahoghill
WEIR Alexander Straid Ahoghill
WEIR David Straid Ahoghill
WEIR Martha Straid Ahoghill
WEIR James Tullygowan Ahoghill
WEIR Samuel Tullygowan Ahoghill
WILEY Thomas Aughterclooney Ahoghill
WILEY James Glenhugh Ahoghill
WILEY William Glenhugh Ahoghill
WILEY Robert Moneydollog Ahoghill
WILKINSON Adam Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
WILKINSON James Carniny Ahoghill
WILLIAMSON Bernard Aughterclooney Ahoghill
WILLIAMSON John Brocklamont Ahoghill
WILLIAMSON Samuel Limnaharry Ahoghill
WILSON John Ballykennedy Ahoghill
WILSON James Ballyloughan Ahoghill
WILSON Margaret Ballyloughan Ahoghill
WILSON Robert Ballyloughan Ahoghill
WILSON James Ballyminstra Ahoghill
WILSON Rose Ballyminstra Ahoghill
WILSON Samuel Ballyminstra Ahoghill
WILSON Thomas Ballyminstra Ahoghill
WILSON Jane Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
WILSON John Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
WILSON Samuel Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
WILSON Robert Galgorm Ahoghill
WILSON Alexander Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WILSON James Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WILSON Robert Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WILSON William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WILSON William J. Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WILSON Elizabeth Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
WILSON John Grace Hill,Ballykennedy Ahoghill
WILSON William Leymore Ahoghill
WILSON Hugh Straid Ahoghill
WILSON William Straid Ahoghill
WILSON John Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
WILSON Robert Tullaghgarley Ahoghill
WINNING John Ahoghill,(Carmacmoin) Ahoghill
WINNING John Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
WINNING William Drumramer Ahoghill
WRIGHT James Carniny Ahoghill
WRIGHT Archibald Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WRIGHT Henry Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WRIGHT John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
WRIGHT Martha Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
YOUNG Margaret Ahoghill,(Lismurnaghan) Ahoghill
YOUNG Sarah Ahoghill,Killane Ahoghill
YOUNG Joseph Ballyloughan Ahoghill
YOUNG Robert Ballyminstra Ahoghill
YOUNG Sarah Ballyminstra Ahoghill
YOUNG John Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
YOUNG William Ballymontenagh Ahoghill
YOUNG John Brocklamont Ahoghill
YOUNG John Corbally Ahoghill
YOUNG Sarah Craignageeragh Ahoghill
YOUNG John Galgorm Ahoghill
YOUNG Ellen Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
YOUNG George Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
YOUNG John Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
YOUNG William Galgorm Parks Ahoghill
YOUNG John Gloonan Ahoghill
YOUNG William Leymore Ahoghill
YOUNG James Straid Ahoghill
YOUNG William Straid Ahoghill

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