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AGNEW John Ballynaghten Aghalee
BECKETT Joseph Ballynaghten Aghalee
BECKETT Joseph Killough Aghalee
BECKETT Matthew Killough Aghalee
BELL Alexander Ballynaghten Aghalee
BEST Anne Aghalee Aghalee
BEST James E. Aghalee Aghalee
BEST John Aghalee Aghalee
BEST Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
BEST William Aghalee Aghalee
BEST Arthur Killough Aghalee
BEST William Killough Aghalee
BICKETT Henry Poobles Aghalee
BRANKIN Anne Aghalee Aghalee
BRANKIN Henry Aghalee Aghalee
BRANKIN Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
BRANKIN Eliza Killough Aghalee
BRANKIN Thomas Killough Aghalee
BRANNAGH Cecilia Killough Aghalee
BRIGGS William J. Ballynaghten Aghalee
BROUGHTON Frederick Poobles Aghalee
BROWNE John Ballynaghten Aghalee
BROWNE Richard Killough Aghalee
BROWNE William Lurgansemanus Aghalee
BRYAN John Ballynaghten Aghalee
BUNTING Francis Aghalee Aghalee
BURNETT Andrew Aghalee Aghalee
BURNS Alice Aghalee Aghalee
BURNS William Aghalee Aghalee
BURNS Jane Ballynaghten Aghalee
BURNS John Ballynaghten Aghalee
BURTON Bindon Aghalee Aghalee
BUSH John Aghalee Aghalee
BUSH Ellen Killough Aghalee
BUSHE John Killough Aghalee
CAIRNS Thomas Killough Aghalee
CAMLIN John Killough Aghalee
CANMER Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
CHAPMAN Charles Aghadrumglasny Aghalee
CHAPMAN Eliza Ballynaghten Aghalee
CHAPMAN Charles Killough Aghalee
CHAPMAN Charles Lurgansemanus Aghalee
CLARKE William Aghalee Aghalee
CLARKE Humphry Ballynaghten Aghalee
CLARKE John Ballynaghten Aghalee
CLARKE William Ballynaghten Aghalee
CLARKE Willilam Ballynaghten Aghalee
CLARKE Robert Poobles Aghalee
CLARKE William Poobles Aghalee
CONLY Peter Ballynaghten Aghalee
CONNOR William Aghalee Aghalee
COPELAND Henry Aghadrumglasny Aghalee
COUSINS Richard Aghalee Aghalee
COUSINS William Aghalee Aghalee
COWDEN Matilda Aghalee Aghalee
CRAUGHILL Mary Poobles Aghalee
DEANS Alexander Ballynaghten Aghalee
DEANS Alexander Lurgansemanus Aghalee
DEANS Alexander Poobles Aghalee
DELANY John Aghalee Aghalee
DOOGAN John Aghalee Aghalee
DORNAN Mary Aghalee Aghalee
ELLIOTT Richard Aghalee Aghalee
ENGLISH Samuel Poobles Aghalee
FALLOON Jeremiah Aghalee Aghalee
FALLOON Mary Anne Aghalee Aghalee
FALLOON Charles Ballynaghten Aghalee
FALLOON Thomas Ballynaghten Aghalee
FERRIS Alexander Aghalee Aghalee
FERRIS William Aghalee Aghalee
FERRIS Alexander Killough Aghalee
FLANAGAN John Poobles Aghalee
FLETCHER George Aghalee Aghalee
FLETCHER James Aghalee Aghalee
FLETCHER Margaret Killough Aghalee
FORSYTHE James Aghalee Aghalee
FORSYTHE William Ballynaghten Aghalee
FORSYTHE James Lurgansemanus Aghalee
FORSYTHE William Lurgansemanus Aghalee
FRYAR Mary Ballynaghten Aghalee
FRYAR Anne Poobles Aghalee
FRYAR Robert Poobles Aghalee
FULTON Hugh Ballynaghten Aghalee
GALLENY Patrick Lurgansemanus Aghalee
GAWLEY Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
GAWLEY William, Sr. Aghalee Aghalee
GEORGE Alice Aghalee Aghalee
GIBSON Samuel Ballynaghten Aghalee
GORMAN Stafford Lurgansemanus Aghalee
GORMAN Emmeline Poobles Aghalee
GORMAN Stafford Poobles Aghalee
GOULDING Anne Ballynaghten Aghalee
GOULY Alexander Killough Aghalee
GRANT John Killough Aghalee
GRANT William Poobles Aghalee
GRAY David Poobles Aghalee
GREENE Charles Aghalee Aghalee
GREENE James Aghalee Aghalee
GREENE John Ballynaghten Aghalee
GREGORY William John Killough Aghalee
GRIMES Mary Ballynaghten Aghalee
HALL Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
HAMILL James Ballynaghten Aghalee
HAMILTON Guy Ballynaghten Aghalee
HAMMOND Alexander Ballynaghten Aghalee
HAMMOND Henry Ballynaghten Aghalee
HAMMOND Henry Poobles Aghalee
HANDRON Thomas Poobles Aghalee
HANNAN Margaret Aghalee Aghalee
HAWKINS John Aghalee Aghalee
HAZELY John Killough Aghalee
HERTFORD Marquis ??? Ballynaghten Aghalee
HIGGINSON Francis Aghalee Aghalee
HIGGINSON James Aghalee Aghalee
HIGGINSON Russ Aghalee Aghalee
HIGGINSON Arthur Killough Aghalee
HILL Sarah Aghalee Aghalee
HILL James Killough Aghalee
HILL Rev. Robert Killough Aghalee
HOLMES Jeremiah Aghalee Aghalee
HOLMES John Aghalee Aghalee
HULL John Ballynaghten Aghalee
IRWIN Richard Poobles Aghalee
JOHNSTON Philip Aghalee Aghalee
JOHNSTON Richard Aghalee Aghalee
JOHNSTON William Aghalee Aghalee
JOHNSTON James Ballynaghten Aghalee
JOHNSTON Robert Ballynaghten Aghalee
JOHNSTON William Ballynaghten Aghalee
JORDAN Hugh Poobles Aghalee
JUDGE Robert Aghalee Aghalee
JUDGE Cornelius Killough Aghalee
KEARNS John Aghalee Aghalee
KEARNS Thomas Lurgansemanus Aghalee
KELLY John Aghalee Aghalee
KELLY Felix Ballynaghten Aghalee
KELLY Thomas Ballynaghten Aghalee
KENNING William Poobles Aghalee
LARKIN Patrick Aghalee Aghalee
LAVERY John Aghalee Aghalee
LAVERY Richard Aghalee Aghalee
LAVERY Henry Killough Aghalee
LAVERY John Killough Aghalee
LAVERY Richard Killough Aghalee
LAVERY Charles Poobles Aghalee
LAVERY Edward Poobles Aghalee
LEE John Ballynaghten Aghalee
LITTLE Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
LITTLE Thomas Killough Aghalee
LOCKHART Samuel Poobles Aghalee
LOGAN William Henry Aghalee Aghalee
LOGAN James, Jr. Ballynaghten Aghalee
LOGAN James, Sr. Ballynaghten Aghalee
LONG John Aghalee Aghalee
LONG James Lurgansemanus Aghalee
LONG William J. Poobles Aghalee
LONSDALE Eliza Aghalee Aghalee
LONSDALE James Killough Aghalee
LYNCH Margaret Aghalee Aghalee
MAGEE John Aghalee Aghalee
MAGEE Edward Killough Aghalee
MAGEE John Killough Aghalee
MALLON Henry Aghalee Aghalee
MARTIN James Aghalee Aghalee
MARTIN Margaret Aghalee Aghalee
MARTIN Mary Anne Aghalee Aghalee
MARTIN Henry Ballynaghten Aghalee
MARTIN James Ballynaghten Aghalee
MARTIN John Ballynaghten Aghalee
MARTIN Samuel Ballynaghten Aghalee
MARTIN William H. Ballynaghten Aghalee
MARTIN Allen Killough Aghalee
MATCHET John Ballynaghten Aghalee
MATCHETT Elizabeth Poobles Aghalee
MATHERS Henry Aghalee Aghalee
MATHERS Jane Ballynaghten Aghalee
Mc CANN James Aghalee Aghalee
Mc CANN Mary Aghalee Aghalee
Mc CANN Richard Aghalee Aghalee
Mc CARTNEY John Poobles Aghalee
Mc CLELLAN John Aghalee Aghalee
Mc CLELLAN Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
Mc CLELLAND Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
Mc CONKY Edward Aghalee Aghalee
Mc CONNELL Thomas Killough Aghalee
Mc CORRY Anne Aghalee Aghalee
Mc CORRY Hugh Killough Aghalee
Mc CREA Patrick Aghalee Aghalee
Mc CULLAGH James Poobles Aghalee
Mc GAFFNEY John Ballynaghten Aghalee
Mc GAGHY Frances Lurgansemanus Aghalee
Mc GARRY William Killough Aghalee
Mc GARRY George Poobles Aghalee
Mc GOBBIN Hugh Ballynaghten Aghalee
Mc GRANN Hugh Killough Aghalee
Mc KEON Henry Aghalee Aghalee
Mc KERNAN William Ballynaghten Aghalee
Mc KINLEY Isaac Poobles Aghalee
Mc KINSTRY John Killough Aghalee
Mc KINSTRY William J. Killough Aghalee
Mc KINSTRY John Lurgansemanus Aghalee
Mc KINSTRY Wm. John Lurgansemanus Aghalee
Mc KINSTRY Wm. John, Jr. Lurgansemanus Aghalee
Mc KINSTRY Henry Poobles Aghalee
Mc KINSTRY Ralph Poobles Aghalee
Mc MANUS Bernard Aghalee Aghalee
Mc MANUS Hugh Aghalee Aghalee
Mc MULLEN Patrick Aghalee Aghalee
Mc PHERSON Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
Mc QUILLAN Bernard Aghalee Aghalee
Mc VEIGH James Aghalee Aghalee
Mc VEIGH Patrick Killough Aghalee
MEYERS Thomas Poobles Aghalee
MONTGOMERY Wm. H. Ballynaghten Aghalee
MORRIS Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
MULHOLLAND Phoebe Aghalee Aghalee
MULHOLLAND Daniel Ballynaghten Aghalee
MUNROE Daniel Ballynaghten Aghalee
MURPHY Robert Poobles Aghalee
MURRAY John Aghadrumglasny Aghalee
NEILL Charles Killough Aghalee
NEILL Joseph Killough Aghalee
NICHOLSON Thomas Poobles Aghalee
NUGENT James Killough Aghalee
O'BRIEN James Ballynaghten Aghalee
O'BRIEN Philip Ballynaghten Aghalee
O'NEILL John Aghalee Aghalee
O'NEILL John Ballynaghten Aghalee
POTTER Robert Ballynaghten Aghalee
RAY George Poobles Aghalee
RITCHIE Arthur Killough Aghalee
RITCHIE Samuel Killough Aghalee
ROBERTSON John Killough Aghalee
ROBINSON W. A. Aghalee Aghalee
ROBINSON W. A. Ballynaghten Aghalee
ROBINSON W. A. Ballynaghten Aghalee
ROBINSON W. A. Killough Aghalee
ROBINSON W. A. Lurgansemanus Aghalee
ROBINSON W. A. Poobles Aghalee
ROGERS George Aghalee Aghalee
ROLLINS John, Jr. Aghalee Aghalee
ROLLINS John, Sr. Aghalee Aghalee
ROLLINS John, Sr. Killough Aghalee
SEFTON William J. Aghalee Aghalee
SHILLINGTON Henry Aghalee Aghalee
SMITH Hill Aghalee Aghalee
SPRATT Abina Ballynaghten Aghalee
SPRATT Alexander Ballynaghten Aghalee
STEPHENSON George Aghalee Aghalee
STEPHENSON James Aghalee Aghalee
TEMPLETON John Killough Aghalee
THOMPSON George Aghalee Aghalee
THOMPSON John Aghalee Aghalee
THOMPSON Samuel Aghalee Aghalee
THOMPSON Thomas Aghalee Aghalee
THOMPSON William Aghalee Aghalee
THOMPSON William Ballynaghten Aghalee
THOMPSON Charlotte Killough Aghalee
THOMPSON Richard Killough Aghalee
THOMPSON Robert Killough Aghalee
TIERNEY John Ballynaghten Aghalee
TOLERTON John Poobles Aghalee
TOTTEN Mary Ballynaghten Aghalee
TURTLE Rebecca Aghalee Aghalee
TURTLE Jane Anne Ballynaghten Aghalee
TURTLE Richard Ballynaghten Aghalee
TURTLE John Killough Aghalee
TURTLE Joseph Killough Aghalee
WALKER James Killough Aghalee
WATERS Robert Aghalee Aghalee
WATERS William Aghalee Aghalee
WATERS Robert Ballynaghten Aghalee
WATERS Wm. Ballynaghten Aghalee
WATERS James Poobles Aghalee
WEIR Adam Poobles Aghalee
WEIR George Poobles Aghalee
WEIR William Poobles Aghalee
WILSON James Poobles Aghalee
YOUNG Alexander Aghalee Aghalee

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