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Adair John Carnlea Rashee
Adair William Carnlea Rashee
Adrain Robert Dunamoy Rashee
Alexander James Carnlea Rashee
Allen John Carnlea Rashee
Allen John Dunamoy Rashee
Allen John Rashee Rashee
Allen Rep. John G. Tildarg Rashee
Allen Robert Rashee Rashee
Allen Thomas Carnlea Rashee
Armstrong Edward Carnlea Rashee
Armstrong James Carnlea Rashee
Armstrong John Ballynashee Rashee
Armstrong Robert Tildarg Rashee
Arthurs Andrew Dunamoy Rashee
Arthurs Robert Dunamoy Rashee
Barklie Robert Rashee Rashee
Barklie Robert Tildarg Rashee
Barklie William Rashee Rashee
Beatty William Tildarg Rashee
Beggs Andrew Dunamoy Rashee
Beggs James Ballynashee Rashee
Beggs James Rashee Rashee
Beggs Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Beggs William Ballynashee Rashee
Bell Adam Rashee Rashee
Bell Andrew Rashee Rashee
Bell James Rashee Rashee
Bell William Tildarg Rashee
Blair John Rashee Rashee
Blair Nathaniel Rashee Rashee
Boner James Carnlea Rashee
Boys Thomas Dunamoy Rashee
Boys William Rashee Rashee
Browne John Ballynashee Rashee
Browne Thomas Carnlea Rashee
Buchanan Hugh Ballynashee Rashee
Butler Mary Ballynashee Rashee
Butler William Ballynashee Rashee
Caldwell Catherine Rashee Rashee
Carley Agnes Carnlea Rashee
Carmichiel Eliza Rashee Rashee
Caruth James Rashee Rashee
Connolly Sarah Ballynashee Rashee
Crawley Martha Ballynashee Rashee
Davidson Archibald Ballynashee Rashee
Davidson Janet Rashee Rashee
Dempster Sarah Carnlea Rashee
Donaldson James Carnlea Rashee
Donaldson Jane Carnlea Rashee
Duncan Thomas Tildarg Rashee
Elliott James Tildarg Rashee
Elliott John Tildarg Rashee
Elliott Samuel Ballynashee Rashee
Elliott Samuel Rashee Rashee
Elliott Thomas Ballynashee Rashee
Elliott Thomas Rashee Rashee
Elliott William Tildarg Rashee
Erskine James Tildarg Rashee
Erskine Mary Rashee Rashee
Erskine Thomas Tildarg Rashee
Erskine William Tildarg Rashee
Evans Agnes Ballynashee Rashee
Ewart William Tildarg Rashee
Ferguson Andrew Dunamoy Rashee
Ferguson Vance Carnlea Rashee
Gardiner William Carnlea Rashee
Gardiner William Dunamoy Rashee
Gault Hugh Carnlea Rashee
Gault Hugh Dunamoy Rashee
Gault John, Jr. Dunamoy Rashee
Gault John, Sr. Dunamoy Rashee
Gault Joseph Carnlea Rashee
Gault Robert Dunamoy Rashee
Gault William Dunamoy Rashee
Gilmore John Dunamoy Rashee
Gilmore Samuel Ballynashee Rashee
Gilmore William H. Rashee Rashee
Gilson Alexander Tildarg Rashee
Graham Alexander Tildarg Rashee
Graham Gawn Carnlea Rashee
Graham Robert Tildarg Rashee
Graham William Tildarg Rashee
Gray Charles Ballynashee Rashee
Gray Matthew Ballynashee Rashee
Gray Nathaniel Rashee Rashee
Hanna James Dunamoy Rashee
Hanna Thomas Dunamoy Rashee
Hanna Thomas Rashee Rashee
Harvey Jane Dunamoy Rashee
Harvey John Ballynashee Rashee
Harvey John Tildarg Rashee
Harvey William Dunamoy Rashee
Hay Patrick R. Tildarg Rashee
Henderson Ellen Ballynashee Rashee
Henry Agnes Rashee Rashee
Heuston Robert Rashee Rashee
Hill Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Hill Thomas Tildarg Rashee
Hilles James Rashee Rashee
Hoey Hugh Ballynashee Rashee
Hoey John Dunamoy Rashee
Hoey Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Hollinger Andrew Carnlea Rashee
Hollinger John Carnlea Rashee
Horner James Rashee Rashee
Houston Hugh Tildarg Rashee
Houston Rep. Thomas Ballynashee Rashee
Hughes Thomas Ballynashee Rashee
Hughes Thomas Dunamoy Rashee
Hunter Hugh Rashee Rashee
Hunter James Rashee Rashee
Hunter John Rashee Rashee
Hutchison David Dunamoy Rashee
Hutchison David Tildarg Rashee
Jenkins Isabella Rashee Rashee
Johnson James Rashee Rashee
Kennedy John Rashee Rashee
Kenny John Rashee Rashee
Kernahan William Carnlea Rashee
Knox John Rashee Rashee
Langtry Charles Dunamoy Rashee
Leech James Tildarg Rashee
Legge Robert Rashee Rashee
Long Agnes Rashee Rashee
Lowther James Dunamoy Rashee
Lowther James Tildarg Rashee
Lusk Agnes Dunamoy Rashee
Lusk John Carnlea Rashee
Lusk William Dunamoy Rashee
Lynn Hugh Tildarg Rashee
Mackey Robert Rashee Rashee
Manson Hugh Ballynashee Rashee
Manson James Ballynashee Rashee
Marshall Hugh Carnlea Rashee
Martin Moses Ballynashee Rashee
Maybon Alexander Carnlea Rashee
Maybon John Dunamoy Rashee
Maybon Joseph, Jr. Dunamoy Rashee
Maybon Joseph, Sr. Dunamoy Rashee
Maybon Patk., Sr. Dunamoy Rashee
Maybon Patrick Dunamoy Rashee
Maybon Patrick Dunamoy Rashee
Maybon Patrick, Jr. Dunamoy Rashee
Maybon Patrick, Sr. Dunamoy Rashee
Maybon William Dunamoy Rashee
Maybon William J. Dunamoy Rashee
Mc Cambridge James A. Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Cammon Rev. Frans. Rashee Rashee
Mc Cammon John Carnlea Rashee
Mc Causland Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Cawley James Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Cawley John Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Clelland Edward Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Clelland Edward Dunamoy Rashee
Mc Clelland John Carnlea Rashee
Mc Clelland John Rashee Rashee
Mc Clelland Patrick Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Clelland Patrick Dunamoy Rashee
Mc Clelland Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Clelland William Carnlea Rashee
Mc Clintock James Tildarg Rashee
Mc Clung Thomas Carnlea Rashee
Mc Clung William Rashee Rashee
Mc Conkey John Tildarg Rashee
Mc Connell James Rashee Rashee
Mc Connell John Dunamoy Rashee
Mc Crea Gilbert Rashee Rashee
Mc Crea John Rashee Rashee
Mc Crea Mary Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Fall Daniel Dunamoy Rashee
Mc Gee Francis Carnlea Rashee
Mc Gee James Tildarg Rashee
Mc Gee Thomas Tildarg Rashee
Mc Gee William Carnlea Rashee
Mc Ilwaine Thomas Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Jury Hugh Dunamoy Rashee
Mc Killop Jane Dunamoy Rashee
Mc Kinstry Henry Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Kinstry Nathaniel Rashee Rashee
Mc Kinstry Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Master John Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Meekin Andrew Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Meekin Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Murdy John Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Murdy Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Murdy William Ballynashee Rashee
Mc Quillan William R. Rashee Rashee
Mc Quitty John Tildarg Rashee
Mc Vey David Ballynashee Rashee
Meybon William Rashee Rashee
Mills Jane Ballynashee Rashee
Mills William Ballynashee Rashee
Montgomery Jane Carnlea Rashee
Montgomery Samuel Dunamoy Rashee
Moon William Rashee Rashee
Moore James Rashee Rashee
Moore William J. Dunamoy Rashee
Norrell William Dunamoy Rashee
O'Hara Alexander Carnlea Rashee
Owens James Tildarg Rashee
Park Samuel Rashee Rashee
Patterson Thomas Rashee Rashee
Piercy Robert Rashee Rashee
Preston Robert Rashee Rashee
Ramsay David Rashee Rashee
Ramsay James Dunamoy Rashee
Ramsay Richard Ballynashee Rashee
Reid James Rashee Rashee
Reid Samuel Ballynashee Rashee
Reid Sarah Ballynashee Rashee
Robinson John Carnlea Rashee
Rogers Thomas Tildarg Rashee
Ross Hugh Tildarg Rashee
Saunders Catherine Dunamoy Rashee
Saunderson George Tildarg Rashee
Semple Samuel Carnlea Rashee
Service John Carnlea Rashee
Service Joseph Tildarg Rashee
Service Thomas Dunamoy Rashee
Service William Rashee Rashee
Shaw Patrick Carnlea Rashee
Simms James Dunamoy Rashee
Smith Andrew Carnlea Rashee
Smith James Dunamoy Rashee
Smith James, Jr. Carnlea Rashee
Smith James, Sr. Carnlea Rashee
Smith John Carnlea Rashee
Smith John Rashee Rashee
Smith John Tildarg Rashee
Smith Mary Anne Ballynashee Rashee
Smith Samuel Dunamoy Rashee
Smith William R. Rashee Rashee
Speare William Tildarg Rashee
Spears James Rashee Rashee
Steele John Ballynashee Rashee
Stephenson William Rashee Rashee
Strain Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Strange John Tildarg Rashee
Strange Robert Tildarg Rashee
Strange William Tildarg Rashee
Todd James Dunamoy Rashee
Todd James Rashee Rashee
Todd William Rashee Rashee
Wethered Robert Carnlea Rashee
Wham John Carnlea Rashee
Wham Joseph Carnlea Rashee
Wilkinson James Ballynashee Rashee
Williamson William Tildarg Rashee
Wilson Eliza Tildarg Rashee
Wilson Hugh G. Dunamoy Rashee
Wilson Hugh G. Rashee Rashee
Wilson James Carnlea Rashee
Wilson James Rashee Rashee
Wilson Margaret Ballynashee Rashee
Wilson Robert Ballynashee Rashee
Wilson Robert Rashee Rashee
Wilson William Rashee Rashee
Young John Tildarg Rashee

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