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Carnmoney:- A-Go

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Adams John Monkstown Carnmoney
Adams Robert Croghfern Carnmoney
Agnew Edward Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Agnew Eliza Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Agnew William Dunanney Carnmoney
Agnew William Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Ahearn Simon White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Aiken Margaret Croghfern Carnmoney
Aitken James Ballygolan Carnmoney
Aitken James Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Aitkin James White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Alexander Thomas Monkstown Carnmoney
Alexander William Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Allen Eliza Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Allen John Collinward Carnmoney
Allen Mary East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Allison Robert Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Anderson Robert Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Anderson Samuel Carnmoney Glebe Carnmoney
Anderson Samuel Croghfern Carnmoney
Anderson Samuel Glengormly Carnmoney
Anderson Thomas Glengormly Carnmoney
Anderson William Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Anderson William White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Andrew Anne Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Archbold Robert Carnmoney Carnmoney
Archbold Thomas Carnmoney Carnmoney
Ardiss Jane Croghfern Carnmoney
Armstrong James Croghfern Carnmoney
Armstrong Jane Ballyduff Carnmoney
Armstrong Wm. John Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Arnold Isaac Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Aston Samuel Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Auld James Monkstown Carnmoney
Auld Joseph Monkstown Carnmoney
Auld Josias Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Auld Robert Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Auld Thomas Ballyduff Carnmoney
Auld Thomas Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Bailey Mary Anne Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Barber Johnston Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Barclay James Glengormly Carnmoney
Barclay Rev. Joseph Ballyduff Carnmoney
Barklimore James Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Barklimore Robert Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Barklimore Samuel Collinward Carnmoney
Barnes John Carnmoney Glebe Carnmoney
Barnes Mary Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Barr Robert Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Bartholomew Elizabeth White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Barton Hugh Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Battersby Andrew Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Bayle James Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Bayle Margaret North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Bayle Thomas Ballygolan Carnmoney
Beattie Charles North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Beattie Isabella Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Beattie John Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Beattie Nathaniel Monkstown Carnmoney
Beatty Sarah M. Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Bell Alex. Mccullough Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Bell Mrs. Helen White House Carnmoney
Bell John North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Bell John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Bell Richard Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Bell Richard White House Carnmoney
Bell Robert White House Carnmoney
Bell William Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Belshaw William West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Benson Mary Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Bernie Mary Monkstown Carnmoney
Bickersteth James Jordanstown Carnmoney
Bigger James Carnmoney Bog Carnmoney
Bigger Thomas Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Bill John Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Bingham Agnes North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Bingham William Derry Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Birkmyre James Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Birkmyre William Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Black Andrew Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Black Bridget Croghfern Carnmoney
Black Francis Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Black John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Black John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Black Margaret Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Black Samuel Carnmoney Carnmoney
Black Rev. Thomas White House Carnmoney
Black William J. Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Blair James Carnmoney Carnmoney
Blair Jane Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Blair John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Blair John Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Blair Margaret Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Blair Robert Carnmoney Carnmoney
Blair Samuel Derry Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Blair Samuel East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Blair Samuel Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Blair William Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Blair William Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Blake Christopher Croghfern Carnmoney
Bland Rev. Robt. W. Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Bodee James Jordanstown Carnmoney
Bonar Robert Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Bowan Susan White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Boyce Jane Ballyduff Carnmoney
Boyce Robert Croghfern Carnmoney
Boyd Andrew Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Boyd Anthony Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Boyd David Jordanstown Carnmoney
Boyd David White House Carnmoney
Boyd Isabella Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Boyd Isabella Carnmoney Carnmoney
Boyd James Ballyduff Carnmoney
Boyd James Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Boyd James Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Boyd John Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Boyd John Glengormly Carnmoney
Boyd John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Boyd Margaret Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Boyd Mary Ballyduff Carnmoney
Boyd Nathaniel Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Boyd Richard Croghfern Carnmoney
Boyd Samuel Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Boyd Thomas Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Boyd Thomas Jordanstown Carnmoney
Boyd William Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Boyd William Carnmoney Carnmoney
Boyle Bridget Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Boyle James White House Carnmoney
Boyle John Ballyduff Carnmoney
Boyle John Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Boyle John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Boyle Mary Ballygolan Carnmoney
Boyle William Ballygolan Carnmoney
Boyle William White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Bradford James Ballygolan Carnmoney
Bradford James Jordanstown Carnmoney
Bradford James Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Brady Bernard White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Brady Sarah Derry Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Bragg Henry Croghfern Carnmoney
Bragg Henry Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Brennan James Monkstown Carnmoney
Bridges Maria Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Bright Edward B. White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Brittain Ellen Ballygolan Carnmoney
Britton Charles Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Browne Agnes Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Browne James Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Browne John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Browne Mary Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Browne Robert Jordanstown Carnmoney
Browne Robert Monkstown Carnmoney
Browne Sarah Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Browne Thomas Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Bryson James Jordanstown Carnmoney
Buckles Joseph Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Bull Geo. Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Bull George Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Burney Agnes Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Burney John North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Burney John Carnmoney Bog Carnmoney
Burney Robert Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Burns John North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Burns Margaret Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Burns William Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Busby Agnes Carnmoney Carnmoney
Busby Isaac Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Butler Martin Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Caldwell James Carnmoney Carnmoney
Caldwell William Monkstown Carnmoney
Calvert Joseph Ballygolan Carnmoney
Calvert Joseph Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Campbell Andrew Monkstown Carnmoney
Campbell Archibald Ballyduff Carnmoney
Campbell Archibald North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Campbell Felix Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Campbell Henry Ballyduff Carnmoney
Campbell Henry Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Campbell Henry White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Campbell John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Campbell John Ballyduff Carnmoney
Campbell John Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Campbell John Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Campbell Joseph Croghfern Carnmoney
Campbell Mary Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Campbell Michael Croghfern Carnmoney
Campbell William East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Campbell William Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Carally Bernard East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Carlisle John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Carlisle Robert Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Carlisle William Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Carlisle William Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Carmichael Margaret Glengormly Carnmoney
Carson Anne Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Carson Samuel Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Carson William Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Carter John T. Monkstown Carnmoney
Caruth William Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Chambers Robert Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Chapman Joseph Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Chisholm John Croghfern Carnmoney
Chisholm William Croghfern Carnmoney
Chisholm William White House Carnmoney
Clarke Jane Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Classen Anne White House Carnmoney
Clements David White House Carnmoney
Clements William Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Close John White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Cluff James Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Coates Thomas Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Cochran John Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Cochrane Andrew Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Coey Archibald Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Coey Sir Edward Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Coey Robert Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Coey William Glengormly Carnmoney
Colwell James Ballygolan Carnmoney
Connell Alexander Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Connery Richard Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Connolly Jackson Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Connor James Glengormly Carnmoney
Connor James Jordanstown Carnmoney
Connor William Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Conolly Catherine West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Cooley Hannah Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Corr Daniel East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Corvan Rep. William Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Courtney Samuel Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Courtney Thomas East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Cowan Jane Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Cowan Mary Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Cowan Rep. William Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Cowan Rep. William Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Cowan Rep. Wm. Ballyduff Carnmoney
Cowden Sarah Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Craig John Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Craig Margaret White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Cranmer Anne Carnmoney Carnmoney
Crawford Arthur Jordanstown Carnmoney
Crawford James Collinward Carnmoney
Creelan James Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Cromwell Benjamin Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Crowe Mary Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Cunningham Anne White House Carnmoney
Cunningham Isabella Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Cunningham Wm. C. Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Curley Anne Carnmoney Carnmoney
Curran John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Curran Thomas Carnmoney Bog Carnmoney
Currell Mary White House Carnmoney
Curry Andrew Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Curry John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Dalton John Monkstown Carnmoney
Daly James Croghfern Carnmoney
Daly James White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Daly William Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Darragh Henry Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Davison James Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Davison Richard Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Dawson Alexander Ballyduff Carnmoney
Dawson John Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Dawson Richard Croghfern Carnmoney
Dawson Richard Monkstown Carnmoney
Deery John East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Dempsey Martha Monkstown Carnmoney
Dempsey Mary Monkstown Carnmoney
Devenny John Croghfern Carnmoney
Devenny William Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Devine Bridget North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Devlin Bernard Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Dickson Joseph Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Dixon Benjamin Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Doherty John Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Donaghy Anne North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Donnelly Ellen Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Doran Nora White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Doran Sarah White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Dornan James Croghfern Carnmoney
Dornin John Ballygolan Carnmoney
Douglas David Ballygolan Carnmoney
Douglas John Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Douglas Paul Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Douglas Samuel Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Dowd Charles North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Dowdal John Ballyduff Carnmoney
Downey William Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Duboyce Robert Carnmoney Carnmoney
Duboyse Hugh Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Duff William Ballyduff Carnmoney
Duffin Charles Ballygolan Carnmoney
Duffin Charles Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Duffin Charles Monkstown Carnmoney
Duffin Michael Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Duffy Michael East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Duncan Anne Ballyduff Carnmoney
Duncan James White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Duncan John Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Dundee John Ballyduff Carnmoney
Dundee John Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Dundee John Carnmoney Carnmoney
Dunlap Jane Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Dunlap Mary Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Dunnan Anne East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Dunne Alexander Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Ellis Archibald Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Ellis Henry Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Ellis James Ballygolan Carnmoney
Ellis Robert Derry Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Ellis William J. North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Esler Anne East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Esler James Ballygolan Carnmoney
Esler William Ballygolan Carnmoney
Evans John Jordanstown Carnmoney
Farnan Patrick White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Farquhar John Carnmoney Carnmoney
Farquhar John Jordanstown Carnmoney
Farquhar William Carnmoney Carnmoney
Faulkner David Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Faulkner Ellen North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Fee Elizabeth Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Feeley James Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Ferguson Arthur East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Ferguson James Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Ferguson Jane Carnmoney Carnmoney
Ferguson John Monkstown Carnmoney
Ferguson Martha Glengormly Carnmoney
Ferguson Robert Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Ferguson Thomas North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Ferguson Thomas West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Ferguson Thomas Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Finegan Mary West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Finlay James Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Finlay John Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Finlay Thomas Ballyduff Carnmoney
Finnegan Thomas Ballygolan Carnmoney
Finney Joseph Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Fisher George Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Fitzgerald Thomas Ballyduff Carnmoney
Fitzgerald William, Jr. Ballyduff Carnmoney
Fitzgerald William, Sr. Ballyduff Carnmoney
Fitzsimons George Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Fletcher Samuel Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Folan Margaret Carnmoney Carnmoney
Forbes James Jordanstown Carnmoney
Forbes John Jordanstown Carnmoney
Foster James White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Foster Thomas Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Francis John Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Frazer John Glengormly Carnmoney
Frew John Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Fullerton Patrick Croghfern Carnmoney
Fulton David Ballyduff Carnmoney
Fulton David Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Fulton Jane Carnmoney Carnmoney
Fulton John Collinward Carnmoney
Fulton John Glengormly Carnmoney
Fulton Matilda Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Fulton Nathaniel Dunanney Carnmoney
Fulton Samuel Croghfern Carnmoney
Gallagher David White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Gallagher Edward North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Gardner William Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Gault Hugh Monkstown Carnmoney
Gaw Mary E. Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Gaw Thomas Croghfern Carnmoney
Gelston Samuel Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Getty Jane Carnmoney Carnmoney
Gibb Robert Dunanney Carnmoney
Gibbs Samuel Croghfern Carnmoney
Gibson John Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Giffen Samuel Ballyduff Carnmoney
Giffen William Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Gillespie Elizabeth Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Gillespie John West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Gilliland Francis Shaw Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Gilliland John Monkstown Carnmoney
Gilliland John Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Gilmour Robert Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Girvan Anne Monkstown Carnmoney
Girvan William Ballyduff Carnmoney
Girvin James Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Glass John Carnmoney Bog Carnmoney
Glover James Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Gordon Henry Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Gordon James Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Gordon James Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Gorman Samuel Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Gough Michael Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Gourley Robert Monkstown Carnmoney

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