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Carnmoney:- M-Ri

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Mackel Patrick West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Madill Elizabeth Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Magan Joseph Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Magan William John Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Magan William Orr Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Magee Anne East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Magee Edmund White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Magee Grace Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Magee John White House Carnmoney
Magill Alexander White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Magill Hugh Croghfern Carnmoney
Magill James Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Magill Jane Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Magill John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Maginness Edward East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Magready Sarah Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Maguire Helena East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Maguire Maryanne Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Major Fanny Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Malcolm John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Manna Andrew Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Marks Benjamin White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Marshall Thomas Jordanstown Carnmoney
Martin Anne Ballyduff Carnmoney
Martin James White House Carnmoney
Martin John Carnmoney Bog Carnmoney
Martin Margaret Ballygolan Carnmoney
Martin Margaret Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Martin Mary White House Carnmoney
Martin William Jordanstown Carnmoney
Martin William Monkstown Carnmoney
Mathews Robert Jordanstown Carnmoney
Mawhinney Robert Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mawhinny Robert Ballyduff Carnmoney
Maxwell John Croghfern Carnmoney
Maxwell William Jordanstown Carnmoney
Mayberry Samuel Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Afee James Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Mc Alarney Hugh Derry Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Alarney Hugh East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Alarney Hugh Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Alister John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Ananny James Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Mc Andrew James East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Anespy Michael Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Ardle Mary Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Ardle William J. Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Auley John Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Auley John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Auley Samuel Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Auley William Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Bride Patrick Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Bride Robert Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Bride Thomas Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Cabe Isabella Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Caffrey John East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Caig Jane Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Calmont Elizabeth Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Calmont Hugh Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Calmont James Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Mc Calmont Robert Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Calmont Robert Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Calpin John Glengormly Carnmoney
Mc Calpin Mary Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Calpin Mary Carnmoney Bog Carnmoney
Mc Cammon David Jordanstown Carnmoney
Mc Camphill Stephen Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Carroll Agnes Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Carroll Hugh White House Carnmoney
Mc Carroll William Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Mc Carthy Edward East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Cartney Hugh West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Cartney Jane White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Causland James White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Clarnon John East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Clay John East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Cleary Robert Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Cleary Robert Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Clelland Andrew Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Clelland Hugh Croghfern Carnmoney
Mc Clelland James Wt. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Mc Clelland John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Mc Clelland Thomas Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Clements David Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Clenaghan Gilbert Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Clenaghan James Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Clenaghan John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Cleverty Arthur Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Clintock Jane Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Clintock Joseph White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Clune David Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Clung John Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Clure Charles North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Clure John East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Clure John Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Mc Comb Andrew Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Comb Mary White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Comb Thomas Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Comb William Jordanstown Carnmoney
Mc Conkey Samuel Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Conkey Thomas Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Mc Conkey William Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Connell Agnes Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Mc Connell Margaret Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Cormick Agnes Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Cormick David White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Cormick Edward Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Mc Cormick James Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Cormick James Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Cormick John Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Cormick John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Mc Cormick Margaret Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Cormick Sarah Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Cormick William Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Cosker John North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Cracken Henry White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Cracken James Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Crea Abraham Croghfern Carnmoney
Mc Crea Richard Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Mc Crea William Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Cready James East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Credy Mary Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Credy Samuel Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Creigh James Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Mc Crudden James Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Crum Alexander Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Crum David Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Crum Hugh Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Crum Hugh Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Crum James Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Crum John Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Crum Robert Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Crum Samuel Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Crum Sarah Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Crum Thomas Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Cullagh Adam White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Cullagh James Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Cullagh Robert Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Cune Jane Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Cutcheon William Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Dade John Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Donald Anne North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Donnell William Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Dowell Benjamin East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Dowell Gideon Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Dowell Hugh Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Dowell Richard Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Dowell Samuel Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Dowell William West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Dowell Wm. John White House Carnmoney
Mc Duff Michael Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Elwain Mary Eleanor Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Fall Alexander White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Fall David Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Fall Patrick Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Fee Anne Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Fee Anne Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Ferran George Collinward Carnmoney
Mc Ferran James Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Garry Sarah Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Garvey Letitia Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Gaw John Croghfern Carnmoney
Mc Gaw William Dunanney Carnmoney
Mc Gee Redmond Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Gee William East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Gee William Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Geogh James White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Gill John Carnmoney Glebe Carnmoney
Mc Ginley Daniel Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Gladdery James Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Gladdery Samuel Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Gladdery Sarah Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Gribben James White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Gucken Catherine Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Guckian Samuel Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Mc Guckian William Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Guigan John Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Guire Eleanor White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Ilhinny Mary Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Ilrath Hugh Wt. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Mc Ilrath John Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Ilroy John Derry Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Ilroy John East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Ilroy John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Mc Ilroy John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Ilvenny Catherine Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Ilwain Andrew Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Ilwain Robert Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Ilwaine Andrew Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Ilwaine Andrew Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Ilwaine David Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Ilwaine Hugh Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Ilwaine John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Ilwaine Matthew Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Ilwaine Robert Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Intyre Anthony North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Intyre Elizabeth Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Intyre Thomas Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Kay Cornelius East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Kee James Glengormly Carnmoney
Mc Kee William Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Kee William J. Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Kegherty Hugh Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Kegherty Hugh Carnmoney Glebe Carnmoney
Mc Kegherty Samuel Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Kelvey James West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Kelvey James Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Mc Kelvy Alexander Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Kenna Mary Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Keown Francis White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Keown John Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Kernan Michael North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Kimm Henry Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Kinney Thos. Geo. Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Kinny Catherine Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Kinstry Samuel Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mc Knight Thomas Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Laughlin George Croghfern Carnmoney
Mc Laughlin James Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Loughlin Mary Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Mc Mally James North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Manus John Carnmoney Bog Carnmoney
Mc Meehan John, M.D. White House Carnmoney
Mc Micken James Croghfern Carnmoney
Mc Millen George Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Millen James Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Millen James Jordanstown Carnmoney
Mc Millen Robert East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Millen William Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Millin James Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Mullen Thomas Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Mc Mullen William Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mc Mullin Charles White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Murray James Ballyduff Carnmoney
Mc Nally Bridget Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Namee Michael Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Naught John White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Mc Neill Hugh Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Neilly James Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Ribbin Anne East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Stocker James White House Carnmoney
Mc Stocker John Dunanney Carnmoney
Mc Tear Fanny Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mc Waters David Ballygolan Carnmoney
Mc Williams John Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mc Williams Joseph Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Williams Richard Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Mc Williams Robert Derry Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Williams Robert East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mc Williams Thomas Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Mee Alexander White House Carnmoney
Melville James White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Millar John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Miller Robert Carnmoney Carnmoney
Miller Robert Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Milliken Eliza Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Minaghan Andrew North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Minnis John Ballygolan Carnmoney
Miskimmin Mary Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Miskimmins James Monkstown Carnmoney
Mitchell George Croghfern Carnmoney
Moffat Matilda Ballygolan Carnmoney
Molloy Edward Monkstown Carnmoney
Molyneux Charlotte Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Montgomery Eliza Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Montgomery Elizabeth Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Montgomery Isaac Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Montgomery John Croghfern Carnmoney
Montgomery Joseph Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Montgomery Mary Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Montgomery Robert Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Moore Alexander Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Moore Anne Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Moore James Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Moore James Ballyduff Carnmoney
Moore James Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Moore James Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Moore John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Moore Joseph Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Moore Maryanne Glengormly Carnmoney
Moore William J. Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Moreland Andrew, Jr. Ballyduff Carnmoney
Moreland Andrew, Sr. Ballyduff Carnmoney
Moreland James Ballyduff Carnmoney
Moreland James Croghfern Carnmoney
Moreland James Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Moreland Mary Carnmoney Carnmoney
Moreland William Ballyduff Carnmoney
Morgan Bryan Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Morgan James Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Morgan John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Morgan John White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Morrison John Ballygolan Carnmoney
Morrison John East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Morrow Alexander Carnmoney Carnmoney
Morrow Henry Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Morrow John Glengormly Carnmoney
Morrow Samuel Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Morrow Sarah Carnmoney Carnmoney
Mulcahy Ellen Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Mulholland Charles White House Carnmoney
Mulholland Jane Glengormly Carnmoney
Mulholland John Glengormly Carnmoney
Mulholland Robert East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Mulholland Sarah Monkstown Carnmoney
Mullan Thomas Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Mulligan Martha Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Murdock Samuel Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Murphy Anne Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Murphy William East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Murphy William White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Murray Henry North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Murray James North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Murray Laurence Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Neill Thomas Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Nelson William Ballygolan Carnmoney
Nelson William Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Nesbitt Dorothea Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Nesbitt John Ballyduff Carnmoney
Nesbitt John East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Nesbitt Thomas Glengormly Carnmoney
Nesbitt William Monkstown Carnmoney
Nimack Hugh Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Noble John Ballyduff Carnmoney
Nougher Edward White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Nougher John White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
O'Hara Hugh Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
O'Neill Cornelius East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
O'Neill David White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
O'Neill Francis White House Carnmoney
O'Neill James Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
O'Neill Sarah Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Orr James West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Owens Jane White House Carnmoney
Paisley Peter White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Parkinson John Collinward Carnmoney
Pasco Henry West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Patrick Eliza Croghfern Carnmoney
Patrick Jane Ballyduff Carnmoney
Patrick John Ballyduff Carnmoney
Patrick Nancy Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Patrick William Ballyduff Carnmoney
Patterson Richard Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Patterson William Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Peacock Anne Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Percy Hugh F. West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Percy Margaret West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Pollock Eliza Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Pollock James Ballygolan Carnmoney
Poole Mary Anne Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Porter Alexander Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Prince David White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Prince Thomas Carnmoney Glebe Carnmoney
Procter James Wt. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Purcell Charles Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Purvis Alexander Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Quern Rev. David Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Quinn Ellen Monkstown Carnmoney
Quirey Andrew Ballyduff Carnmoney
Quirey Jane Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Quirey John, Jr. Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Quirey John, Sr. Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Quirey Joseph Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Quirey Robert Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Quirey Robert Croghfern Carnmoney
Quirey Robert Jordanstown Carnmoney
Quirey Robert Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Quirey Samuel Jordanstown Carnmoney
Quirey William Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Quirey William Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Ramsay David Carnmoney Carnmoney
Ramsay Hugh Ballyduff Carnmoney
Rankin Joseph Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Rankin Thomas Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Rantin Edward Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Rea Jane Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Rea Mary East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Reid Andrew Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Renton John Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Riddell Thomas White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Rigney Thomas White House Carnmoney
Ring William Derry Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Ritchie Daniel Dunanney Carnmoney
Ritchie Hugh Croghfern Carnmoney

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