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Carnmoney:- Ro-Y

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Robinson John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Robinson John Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Robinson Margaret Ballyduff Carnmoney
Robinson Mary Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Robinson Robert Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Robinson Saml. Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Robinson Samuel Carnmoney Carnmoney
Robinson Samuel Monkstown Carnmoney
Robinson Thomas Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Robinson Timothy Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Rodgers John Monkstown Carnmoney
Rodgers William Carnmoney Glebe Carnmoney
Rodgers William Glengormly Carnmoney
Rogers John Ballyduff Carnmoney
Rogers Thomas Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Rolleston William Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Ross Andrew Monkstown Carnmoney
Ross James Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Ross Mary Anne Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Rossbotham Alexander Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Rowan John Jordanstown Carnmoney
Russell Anne Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Russell George Ballygolan Carnmoney
Russell Jane East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Russell John Dunanney Carnmoney
Russell William Ballygolan Carnmoney
Rutherford John Collinward Carnmoney
Ryan Rev. Patrick White House Carnmoney
Sanders Robert Carnmoney Bog Carnmoney
Sandes John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Savage John Ballygolan Carnmoney
Scale James Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Scott Anne Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Scott Eliza Ballygolan Carnmoney
Scott Eliza Monkstown Carnmoney
Scott Henry Croghfern Carnmoney
Scott Janet Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Scott John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Scott Samuel Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Scullion Patrick Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Seaton Wm. John White House Carnmoney
Semple Hugh Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Semple John White House Carnmoney
Semple Sarah Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Shannon Alexander Ballygolan Carnmoney
Shannon Alexander East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Shannon Alexander West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Shannon Alexander Dunanney Carnmoney
Sharkey Margaret Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Sharpe Robert Croghfern Carnmoney
Shaw Jacob West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Shaw John Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Shaw Martha Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Shaw Robert Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Shearer John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Sheils James West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Shelly John Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Shepherd William Ballygolan Carnmoney
Sherrard David Croghfern Carnmoney
Sherrard Robert Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Simms Isabella Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Simms Robert Ballygolan Carnmoney
Simonton David Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Simpson Jane Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Sims Sarah Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Skelton Samuel White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Skelton Thomas White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Sloan Arthur Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Sloan Rosanna Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Sloan William Ballyduff Carnmoney
Smith Andrew Ballyduff Carnmoney
Smith George K. White House Carnmoney
Smith Jane Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Smyth Anne West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Smyth Rev. George C. Carnmoney Carnmoney
Smyth James Dunanney Carnmoney
Smyth James Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Smyth John, Jr. Carnmoney Carnmoney
Smyth John, Sr. Carnmoney Carnmoney
Smyth Mary North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Smyth Sarah Carnmoney Carnmoney
Smyth William Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Smyth William Carnmoney Carnmoney
Smyth William Dunanney Carnmoney
Smyth William C. Ballygolan Carnmoney
Smythe Rev. George C. Carnmoney Glebe Carnmoney
Spear Gordon Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Spears William Monkstown Carnmoney
Speers George Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Speers Robert Ballygolan Carnmoney
Spence David Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Spence Hugh West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Spence Letitia Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Spence Patrick East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Starkey Samuel East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Steed Margaret North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Steele Thomas Croghfern Carnmoney
Sterne James Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Stevenson Anne Croghfern Carnmoney
Stevenson James Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Stewart Charles Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Stewart Charles Ballygolan Carnmoney
Stewart Charles Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Stewart Charles Jordanstown Carnmoney
Stewart Charles Monkstown Carnmoney
Stewart Charles White House Carnmoney
Stewart Charles Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Stewart James Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Stewart John Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Stewart Matthew Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Stewart Samuel White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Stewart Sarah Jordanstown Carnmoney
Stewart Thomas Glengormly Carnmoney
Still Maria Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Stockman Robert Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Storey Patrick Croghfern Carnmoney
Stothard Matthew Jordanstown Carnmoney
Stott John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Strahan Jane Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Strahan John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Strain Hugh Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Tate George Jordanstown Carnmoney
Tate Thomas East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Tate William Carnmoney Carnmoney
Taylor Mary Anne Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Templeton James Jordanstown Carnmoney
Templeton Mary Monkstown Carnmoney
Templeton Robert Croghfern Carnmoney
Templeton Samuel Jordanstown Carnmoney
Templeton William Monkstown Carnmoney
Tennent Robert Jas. White House Carnmoney
Thoburn Rebecca Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Thompson Agnes Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Thompson Elias Jordanstown Carnmoney
Thompson Elias Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Thompson James Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Thompson James Croghfern Carnmoney
Thompson John Collinward Carnmoney
Thompson John Dunanney Carnmoney
Thompson Patrick Croghfern Carnmoney
Thompson William East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Thomson Hugh Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Thomson James Monkstown Carnmoney
Thomson James White House Carnmoney
Thomson John Ballygolan Carnmoney
Thomson John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Thomson John Dunanney Carnmoney
Thomson John White House Carnmoney
Thomson John White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Thomson Mary Ballygolan Carnmoney
Thomson Robert Ballygolan Carnmoney
Thunberry Edward Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Todd Alexander West Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Todd Alexander Glengormly Carnmoney
Tolan James Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Torrens James Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Townsley John Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Townsley Joseph Ballygolan Carnmoney
Tully Andrew White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Turnly Dorothea Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Valentine William Jordanstown Carnmoney
Valentine William Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Vallentine William White House Upper,Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Vance Gilbert Jordanstown Carnmoney
Verner Thomas Croghfern Carnmoney
Villers Andrew Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Vint Agnes Ballyduff Carnmoney
Vint James Ballyduff Carnmoney
Vint James Ballyhowne Carnmoney
Vint James Monkstown,Monkstown Carnmoney
Vint John Ballyduff Carnmoney
Walker James East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Walker Robert Ballygolan Carnmoney
Wallace Hugh Collinward Carnmoney
Wallace Hugh Glengormly Carnmoney
Wallace Margaret Collinward Carnmoney
Walsh James Drumnadrough Carnmoney
Warwick John Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Watt John Et. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Webb William East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Weir James Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Wetherspoon James Glengormly Carnmoney
White Francis Croghfern Carnmoney
White John White House Carnmoney
White Robert Ballyhenry Carnmoney
Whitla Valentine Ballygolan Carnmoney
Whittle William Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Williamson James Jordanstown Carnmoney
Williamson John Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Williamson William Ballyduff Carnmoney
Williamson William Ballygolan Carnmoney
Wilson George Wt. Side,(Drumnadrough) Carnmoney
Wilson Isabella Croghfern Carnmoney
Wilson James Ballygolan Carnmoney
Wilson Jane Ballycraigy Carnmoney
Wilson Janet Carnmoney,Ballyduff Carnmoney
Wilson John Collinward Carnmoney
Wright James Garden Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Wright John Ballyvesey Carnmoney
Wright Robert Jordanstown Carnmoney
Wright Robert Whiteabbey,Jordanstown Carnmoney
Wright William North Sq.,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Yeo William White House Lower,White House Carnmoney
Young John Maiden Row,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Young Margaret Whiteabbey,Whiteabbey Carnmoney
Young Samuel East Side,(Ballygolan) Carnmoney
Young Samuel White House Carnmoney
Young Thomas Ballycraigy Carnmoney

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