#'s for PRONI / LDS Microfilms-census records or substitutes

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#'s for PRONI / LDS Microfilms-census records or substitutes

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This page was recorded by Linda<GFSLinda at aol.com>

I have spent a lot of time tracking down census records. If you can
pull up a reference # from PRONI, it's fairly easy to find if the LDS
Library has filmed the census. Below lists everything I was able to find.

"What follows may show a variety of film numbers and/or manuscript
numbers. Filming has been going on in Ireland since at least the 1950s.
There have been multiple filmings of the same record at different
times (some better quality than others). Record collections, in whole
or in part, are scattered all over Ireland and what has been filmed is
not necessarily all of any one collection. To be sure, all of them have
to be checked.

1630 Muster Rolls: Principal landlords in Ulster, lists of those who
could be assembled in an emergency.
PRONI MIC 15A LDS film # 1701990 item 2

A Census of Ireland 1659, filmed by the
LDS Library microfilm (or m/f) #s 0924648 also, 0923639 Lists only
Cavan, Galway, Mayo, Tyrone and Wicklow are not included.

1669 Poll Tax Returns
PRONI Mic 15A/82
LDS film # 1701990 item 2

1708: In 1708 James Maguire made a survey of the town of Downpatrick,
Co. Down. He described each premise by name, giving its size, its
principal tenant and the half yearly rent due. A manuscript copy of this
survey, made by the Rev. David Stewart in 1927, is available at
PRONI Reference Number D.1759/2A/8.
LDS film # 0993532

1740 : A list of Protestant householders (gives names only). Parts are
at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, The Genealogical
Office, the National Library and the Representative Church Body Library.
LDS film # 0100182, 1701990/1

1749 : Elphin Diocesan Census - Arranged by townland and parish, and
listing householders, their children, and their servants asking
questions about their religion, the numbers, sex and religion. Index to
records in the Elphin Diocese
LDS film # 0100868
Arranged by townland and parish, it indicates the householders, their
religion (PRotestant or PApist), the numbers, sex of their children with
ages listed as under or over 14, and the names of any servants. The
Elphin Diocese consists of 51 of the 59 parishes in Roscommon; 17
parishes in Sligo, and 9 parishes in Galway. If you know where your
family was for the Griffiths Valuation, you can trace back by townland
to see if they were there one hundred years before. If not, check around
to see if the family name is represented in the area.

1760 - 1790 The Convert Rolls (Eileen O Byrne, Irish Manuscripts
Commission, 1981) the National Library, a list of those converting from
Catholicism to the Church of Ireland.

1766 : In March & April of 1766, Church of Ireland rectors compiled
lists of householders (both Catholics and Church of Ireland) in their
parishes. Information collected was left to the rectors, some of whom
only counted the population. Some detailed all householders and their
addresses. Some copies survive for some areas, and are deposited with
various institutions.
LDS film # 0993548 and 0100173 items 1 and 2 and 0100240.

1770 Town of Armagh census LDS film # 0993548 - giving individual names
and occupations, size of family and religion and is arranged street by
PRONI Reference Number T.808/14938 and T.808/14977.
LDS film # 1551237

In 1796, the Irish Linen Board published a list of people who planted
between one and five acres of flax. He who planted one acre was awarded
four spinning wheels. Those who planted five acres were awarded a loom.
Called the Flax Grower's List, Flax Seed Premiums or Spinning Wheel
Survey, the record is useful since it's one of the few records that
survive for the 1700's. Only recording the name of the individual and
the civil parish in which he lived, most were in Ulster. Some names
appear in every county except Dublin and Wicklow.
LDS fiche # 6341104 is available for .15 a fiche
but becomes part of the local FHC permanent collection.
LDS film # 1419442, 1701271 or 1701272 may also be ordered and has the
same information.

1798 : Persons who Suffered Losses in the 1798 Rebellion A list of
claims for compensation from the government for property destroyed by
the rebels during the insurrection of 1798. Particularly useful for the
property owning classes of Cos Wexford, Carlow, Dublin, Kildare and

1821 Census - volumes surviving for parts of Counties Cavan, Fermanagh,
Galway, Meath and Offaly (King's County).
17 reels LDS film #s 0597154 - 0597158, 0597735, 0100818, 1701989,
1701990 item 2.


The Composition Act of 1823 specified that tithes due to the Established
Church, which had been payable in kind, should now be paid in money. As
a result it was necessary to carry out a valuation of the entire
country, parish by parish, in order to determine how much would be
payable by each landowner. The Tithe Applotment Books list the occupiers
of titheable land and are not a list of householders as is the case in a
census. Therefore, laborers, weavers etc. were all omitted, in addition
to all purely urban dwellers. The Householders Index, available on the
shelves of the Public Search Room, can be used as a guide to the
surnames listed in the Tithe Applotment Books
PRONI Reference Number FIN 5A.

1831 Co. Londonderry only, baronies of Coleraine, Loughlinsholin,
Tirkeenan, City of Derry
LDS film # 1701989

1831-1921 : National School Records In 1855, the country was divided
into 61 Educational districts and school correspondence registers were
reorganized into district books. They contain standards of the
institution, condition of repair of school buildings.
The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland has over 1500 registers for
schools in Northern Ireland. National and Public elementary registers
usually date from the 1860s and give information on pupils such as their
name, date of birth/age of entry, religion, father's occupation, address
of parents, attendance and academic progress.
See PRONI Reference SCH.
SCH 1-399 LDS film # 0993371/5
SCH 400 - 621 LDS film # 0993205
LDS film numbers 0993371/5-9, 0258560 (T518),
Alpha Index 1701993/4
School 1-204 1701993/5-7
School 205 - 524 1701994
School 524 - 749 1701995
School 750-1079 1701996
School 1080 - 1323 1736304
School 1324 - 1408 1736305

1841 Though only the original returns for the Parish of Killeshandra,
Co. Cavan, have survived, this and the 1851 census were used as proof of
age when the Old Age Pension Act was begun. Those applications have
survived as under
PRONI ref. MIC 15A
LDS film # 1701990.

Census remnants LDS film #s 0100831 - 0100838

Additionally, Gertrude Thrift, a well-known Irish genealogist,
abstracted 1821, 1831, and 1851 census, particularly for South Kilkenny.

1851 Census 19 reels (mostly Northern Ireland)

1876 : Return of owners of land of one acre and upwards.... , London:
Her Majesty's Stationery Office, [Reissued by The Genealogical
Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1988]. Identifies 32,614 owners of land
in Ireland in 1876 by province and county, the address of the owner,
and the extent and valuation of the property.

1901 Census has over 1,300 reels.
Finding the correct parish in the 1901 census can be difficult and
expensive if you have to request too many films from the FHC. LDS film

numbers, which are required to locate your parish.

1911 Census - Counties Carlow, Cavan, Clare, Cork, Killarney, Donegal,
Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois (Leix, Queens), Leitrim,
Limerick, Longford, Louth, Offaly (Kings), Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary,
Waterford, Westmeath, Wexford, and Wicklow are currently available
through the LDS Library, however you will find film numbers only in the
most recent version of the Locality Catalog.

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