Irish Census Fragments-1821-1831-1841-1851-1861 & 1871

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Irish Census Fragments-1821-1831-1841-1851-1861 & 1871

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This list was made by Liam G. McFaul (from my archives)

1821 Census Fragments
This census, took place on May 28th 1821.
Almost all of the original returns were destroyed in 1922, with only a
few volumes surviving for parts of Counties Cavan, Fermanagh, Galway,
Meath and Offaly (King's County).

1831 Census Fragments
Very little of this survives, with most of the remaining fragments
relating to Co. Derry.

1841 Census Fragments
Only one set of original returns survived 1922, that for the parish of
Killeshandra in Co.Cavan. There are, however, a number of transcripts of
the original returns because the returns from 1841 & 1851 were used in
the twentieth century as proof of age when the Old Age Pension was
introduced in 1908.
The most significant collections are the Walsh-Kelly notebooks, which
also abstract parts of the 1821, 1831 and 1851 returns and relate
particularly to south Kilkenny, and the Thrift Abstracts in the National

1851 Census Fragments
Most of the surviving returns relate to parishes in Co. Antrim and a
little Co Fermanagh. However, a little-known census fragment for County Cork also survived the destruction of the Public Record Office in 1922. It deals exclusively with the parishes of Kilcrumper Kilworth in County and parts of Leitrim and Micron in the Union of Kilworth. The entries for the parishes of Kilcrumpe and Kilworth appear to be inclusive of all of their town lands however, the Records for Leitrim would appear to omit four town lands and the Micron entries refer to only five of the parish's sixteen town lands.
The Co. Cork census records themselves are arranged by house hold, just as they appear in the original. For each households the following information is provided: surname, given name age, relationship to the head of the household, town land parish, page number of the original transcription, and, occasion, remarks such as "widow," ┬│gone to America," and so on. The householder┬╣s index at the back of the volume makes it easy to locate any of the 4,000 persons found in the census.

1861 & 1871 Census Fragments
Virtually nothing survives. The only transcripts are contained in the
Catholic registers of Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford, (1861), and Drumcondra
and Loughbraclen, Co. Meath (1871).

1901 and 1911 are complete Census

1926 Census was destroyed in the Belfast Blitz WW2

If any body has any references numbers from PRONI, The National Archives and the FHC.

I would welcome any additions to the above list.


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