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Americans of Irish descent

Posted: 06 Oct 2007, 18:05
by Christopher
Americans of Irish descent played a vital role in shaping both the history and culture of the United States. Nineteen Presidents of the United States claimed Irish heritage. One-third to one-half of the American troops during the Revolutionary War and nine of the fifty six signatures in the Declaration of Independence were those of Irish Americans. Irish Americans explored the nations frontiers, built many bridges, canals, and railroads, and their public service record helped to strengthen the democracy of the United States.

The American Revolutionary War (or the American War of Independence) which took place between 1775 to 1783 was a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the thirteen "United Colonies". This was eight years prior to the 1800 Act of Union which created the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. More Americans died in British prison ships in New York Harbor than in all the battles of the War. 13,000 died on the ships and 4,300 died in the battles.