Ida May Gamble

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Ida May Gamble

Post by joyceullapool7 »

I have been looking for quite a while in Northern Ireland for this lady without success. She seems to have disappeared off the radar since 1935 and I wonder if she moved to Southern Ireland as nothing can be found on emigration records. Ida was born in Newtownards in Dec. 1904 and married Andrew Cecil Dunn in 1929. It may be that this marriage did not last. In 1935 Ida had a daughter and gave her up for adoption within months. I am trying to find out what happened to her on behalf of her daughter who is in ill health and now lives in England. The only other info I can find is that on the adoption cert, her daughter's father was noted as David Martin Kelly. No remarriage or death is held in Belfast registry. Can anyone help with any info, please?
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Re: Ida May Gamble

Post by admi »

Wondering if you searched in England, Wales and Scotland.

These 3 countries have much better records than N. Ireland.

You will of course get hampered by the the different UK rules in place to protect living people.

Even if the person you are searching for is dead the rules remain in place.

Why am I writing this, it is an attempt to help you and others who are trying to find a living person to understand that you have to start searching non-government sources.

One source is the newspapers that the British Museum Newspaper Library is sharing digitally with world.

A search on could help.

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