some records of families of GLENARIFFE (and Glenballyeamon)

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by the coast road towns Ballygally -Glenarm-Carnlough-Waterfoot-Cushendall-Cushendun-Ballycastle area. If need be I will start separate area forums

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some records of families of GLENARIFFE (and Glenballyeamon)

Post by irishgen » 22 Sep 2004, 14:05

Extracted from ... ntruim.txt
see there for the complete text

GLENARIFFE (and Glenballyeamon)

Miss Anna McALLISTER, Waterfoot
CS 27/4/1912 p. 10 (aged 15 in 1912)
Last Glens native speaker (?), old woman living in remote area, died late 1970s (?). Info from man attending Skegoneill Scottish Gaelic class, who referred me to (the now late) Jack McCann. Máiread Nic Mhaoláin thinks this refers to Anna McAllister.

Úna Nic ALASDAIR, Cushendall (aged 76 in 1920)

S├®amus Mac AMHLAIBH, Bun na hAbhanna P.O., native of Cluain Riabhach
(ob 1921) - S├®amus ├ënr├¡ ├ôig, Jamey Harry Og
C1901: Warren #23: James McAuley, 55, grocer and postmaster
Catherine, wife, 48
no children given
Glynns 10 26.
Wills: farmer, died 15/12/1921, to Owen McAuley (cf Census 1901, Warren #36)
Glenariffe graveyard:
James McAuley, Waterfoot, died 15/12/1921, aged 76, not found at LDS
Catherine, wife, died 21/04/1921, aged 68: 1921/q2 Larne 1,423
also on same stone, Mary, died 20/10/1987, aged 70
and her husband Henry, died 06/05/1990, aged 84
Only matching birth found at LDS:
1906/q1 Larne 1,629: 23/12/1905, Calisnagh,
Henry, to Henry McAuley, Calisnagh and Theresa McAlister
C1901: Calisnagh #5: Henry, 55, head, farmer
Teresa, wife, 30
Family: Mary, 7; Patrick, 2; James, 1 month
a neighbouring grave has:
Henry McAuley, died 25/12/1906, aged 88
Owen, son, died 03/02/1914, aged 67
Mary, wife of Owen, died 05/01/1926, aged 76
C1901: Warren #36: Owen McAuley, 52, farmer and grocer, 52, married
Mary, wife, 50
Henry, son, 22
Annie, dau, 13
Maggie Jane, dau, 10
another grave has:
Henry McAuley, died 12/1896
Margaret, wife, died 09/1955 [sic]
Patrick, son, Corlane, died 23/01/1962
Bernard, son, 05/1928
Margaret O'Brien, dau, died USA, 1955
Also Sarah, Dan, Margaret (died 04/05/1984, aged 71)
C1901: Barard #1: Maggie McAuley, head, 35, widow
Patrick, son, 18
Mary Jane, dau, 16
Bernard, son, 14
Maggie, dau, 12
Sarah, dau, 10
Dan, son, 6
Annie, dau, 3
another grave, inscribed in Irish, has:
James McAuley, Waterfoot, died 24/02/1911, aged 50 (1911/q1 Larne 1,463)
Margaret, wife, died 23/07/1927, aged 61
James, son, died 20/06/1941, aged 40
C1901: Warren #34: Margaret (I wrote Mary from C1901), wife, head, 34, married
James, son, 10(?)
Mary, dau, 4

Henry McAULEY, Clonriach an Ghleanna, brother of previous
No death registered in 1935-1939 inclusive.
C1901: TL Callasnagh, DED Ardclinis
#2: Harry, head, 55, farmer, married, I&E (identity doubtful)
Pensions PRONI T/550:
6/33: McAuley, Baraghilly, Layd. Henry 18, James 16 etc. in 1851
6/48: Bryan McAuley, Falmacrilly or Eshery, Layd.
6/89: Henry McAuley, Callisnagh.

McAULEY, near neighbour of previous

Barney Bhriain Mac AMHLAIDH, Cluain Riabhach, Gleann Airbh (c1848-1941/03/08)
Ballyeman, Cushendall, June 1850
0-6: Ballyemon, Glenariff
7-20: Glenariff
20+: Glenariff. Spent 11 years as a sailor in the merchant marine.
Primary school, Glenariff
Glynns 10 26 (1982)
Glynns, Vol 12, p 4
had grandson Brian, deceased;
His grandson Brian McAuley, Clonreagh, died 19/10/1995, had siblings
James, Molly, John (deceased)
Married Elizabeth Black (b c1868) of Legdrina at Glenariffe on 30/11/1886, witnesses Bernard McAuley, Clonreagh and Rose Black, Legdrina.
His grandmother: Muir├®ad N├¡ Chearra├¡, died aged 94
His uncle: Aonas Mac Amhlaidh (and Aonas' sister Mollie)
another uncle? S├®amus Mac Amhlaidh, aged 84 in 1901, gan ph├│sadh
Glynns 29 (2001) p 25: Charles McAuley from Ballyeamon, blacksmith in Cushendall c1870s;later moved to Knocknacarry, died 1934; his son Charles continued until 1950s; Charles (jun.) d. 1961; his wife, Kate McLaughlin, Knockban, died 1962; one dau Mary.
Death registered of Bernard McAuley, 8/3/1941 at Clonreagh, Waterfoot,Larne; married; aged 92; farmer.
Wills: died 08/03/1941, farmer, oighre Patrick O'Neill
IN 10/03/1941 p2: Died 8/3/1941 at his res Clonreagh, Barney McAuley.
Funeral to Bay, Glenariffe; no relatives mentioned.
Ballymena Observer 14/03/1941 p5, Ballymena Weekly Telegraph 15/03/1941
p2: death last weekend, aged 92, after a years illness, "one of the
very last native speakers of Irish in the Glen", survived by wife
Elizabeth McAuley, sons Daniel, James and Paddy McAuley, Altmore,
C1901: TL Clonreagh
Barney McAuley,head,RC,r&w,53,male,farmer,married,Co Antrim,noIrish
James,son,RC,r&w,14,male,farmer's_son,single,Co Antrim,noIrish [sic]
Patrick,son,RC,r&w,10,male,scholar,single,Co Antrim,noIrish
John,son,RC,read,5,male,scholar,single,Co Antrim,noIrish
C1911: TL Clonreagh, DED Ardclinis, Par Ardclinis, Bar Glenarm Lower
#2: Brian Mac Amhalghadha,fear a tighe,Ct,l&s,60,fir,feirmeoir,p├│sta,
Eilís,bean,Ct,l&s,40,-,pósta,Co Aondroma,-
p├│sta 22 bliadhain, 3 as 3 beo
Pádraig,mac,Ct,l&s,20,-,díomhain,Co Aondroma,G&B
S├®amus,mac,Ct,l&s,15,-,d├¡omhain,Co Aontroma,G&B
Domhnall,mac,Ct,l&s,10,-,díomhain,Co Aondroma,G&B
S├®amus,uncail,Ct,l&s,84,-,d├¡omhain,Co Aondroma,G&B
Clonreagh valuation 1859 (VAL/2B/1/38):
3: John McAuley junior
4: Henry McAuley
6B: John McAuley senior
7Aa,7B: Michael McAuley
9Aa,9B: Bryan McAuley
10Aa,10B,10C: Owen McAuley
11Aa,11B: Bernard McAuley
Electoral registers, Mid-Antrim, for TL Clonreagh:
1896: Bernard McAuley, Aeneas McAuley
1906: Bernard McAuley, James McAuley
1915: ditto
1922 (Feb): Bernard McAuley senior, Lizzie (wife), Bernard junior
Patrick, James, Daniel, Owen
1925-1927: ditto
1928: Bernard McAuley senior, Lizzie (wife), Bernard junior
James, Daniel, Owen
1930: Bernard senior (resident, occupier); Lizzie (resident, spouse of occupier); Bernard junior (resident, occupier); James (resident); Daniel (resident).
1931-1932: ditto
1934-1935: ditto
1937: Bernard senior, Lizzie; James, Daniel (saw an Owen in Warren)
1938: ditto
Rec.: Doegen records (1931)
Pic.: UCD Photos (negative & print, 1928, aged 76, Danaher).
RIA, Doegen transcripts, SR bay 37, first folder, in white
envelope, Oct 1925, aged 75

Other persons not to be confused with above:
C1901 Clonreagh #3: Mary cAuley,head,RC,r&w,72,f,farmer,widow,Co_A,noI

Will: BMcA, died 02/11/1935, farmer, oighre Mrs Ellen McGonnell
Ballymena Observer 14/02/1941 p6: died suddenly,
Mrs Bernard McAuley, Greenvalley (elsewhere: of Gruig Top),Cushendall
widow of Bernard McAuley, sons Frank, Bernard, Charles (Cushendall),
W.D. (chemist, Cookstown), nephew Mr J C McIlheron, Cushendun

S├®amus M├│r Mac AMHLAIDH, Clonriach, Gleann Airbh (son of Barney Bhriain)
born 1894, ob 25/2/1983
Glynns 12 4 - died 25/2/1983
he says he was born in 1894 had great-uncle Aeneas McAulay; latter's sister Mollie
Jim's "uncle" Eneas was pupil of Home Mission school
Irish News 26/02/1983 - Big Jim, 2nd son of Bernard and Elizabeth
Andersonstown News 19/03/1983 lch 5: Jim Bhriain; died Ballymena Hospital
(These refs describe him as "Jim Bhriain Mac Caimlin", aged 84 in 1978, aged 88 in 1981, living at Creag na gCat near top of Glenariffe.)
Glenariffe graveyard:
McAuley, Clonreagh
Brian McAuley, died 18/10/1995
Jim McAuley, died 25/02/1983
Danny McAuley, died 17/07/1976

Daniel McAULEY, brother of previous, ob 1/7/1976
Irish News (02/07/1976) 8: died 1/7/1976, Clonreagh, son of Bernard and Elizabeth, survived by brother, nephews and nieces.

Miss Mary McAULEY, Glenariff
Of "Heenigan" McAuleys; her brother, Big Jim, was nicknamed "Samson"

Miss Maggie McAULEY, Waterfoot
won gold medal at 1911 Belfast Feis
relative of Jamey Harry Og)
Máiread Nic Mhaoláin:
She sang "Airdi Cuain" at Kilmore School for Roger Casement; known as
"Maggie Oyne"; her brothers included Owen (at Costcutter shop) and Henry

Domhnall Mac AOIDH, Gleann Airbh
Glynns 10 26 "McKay sisters and brother at the top of Glenariffe"
Glimpse 114(Dan, Mary, Rose and Ann in Toberwine, spoke to Delargy),
202(Barraholey, Dan was a tailor)
ZCP 40 lch 77 (aged 85 in 8/1925, Glenariffe)
Éigse 20 lch 191(Dan McKay),203(Anne,Dan,Mary,Rose)
C1901: TL Baraghilly
#1: Daniel MacKay, 58, tailor, not married, I&E
Mary, sister, 56, not m, I&E
Rose, sister, 53, not m, I&E
Anne, sister, 40, not m, I&E
Pensions PRONI T/550/
6/14: Rose McKay, Gortaclee, Layd
Pic.: Try UCD prints, M004.
RIA, Doegen transcripts, SR bay 37, in white
envelope, Oct 1925, aged 85

Máire Nic AOIDH, Caolasnasg, Gleann Airbh
C1901: see Domhnall above, but also TL Dunouragan, DED Glendun:
#5: Mary, 70; #6: Mary, 25

R├│ise Nic AODHA
C1901: see Domhnall above

See Domhnall above

Mrs CAMPBELL, Cushendall (fl. 1929)

Anna Áirt, Gleann Airbh
"Art's Annie" - Mrs Campbell?

Peggie CARNEGIE, Glenariff
after 1895 - Máire MacNeill "The Glynns" Vol 14 pp 5ff
Glynns 10 27.

Mick McILHATTAN, native of Glenravel, died 29 Jun 1975 (Glynns 1-4).
Ballymena Observer 25/03/1932 p9: Cushendall Petty Sessions
Cloughcorr, lodging in house of James O'Boyle
married Mary McDonnell c1969 at Glenariffe;
Alasdair McDonnell's mother, Peggy McIlhatton, was his niece

Daniel McKISACK, The Bay (fl. c. 1897)

John McMULLAN, Bun na hAbhann
Clann Máire (Maurie),
Gráinne (Grace),
Seán (an scríbhneoir, rugadh 14/10/1884),
Jean (Jinnie),
Tag: "Seán Mac Maoláin"

Mrs MORRISON, Cushendall (fl 1920)

Mrs MURRAY, Parkmore

Daniel O'NEILL and wife Mary, Greenaghan, Glenariff
(1895-96) p. 107 - visit in 1895
Ref to above by Máire MacNeill in "The Glynns", Vol 14, pp. 5ff.
C1901 Greenaghan #1: Daniel O'Neill, head, 75, farmer, married I&E
Margaret, wife, 67, I&E
Patrick, son, 37, not married
Daniel, son, 28, not married

S├®amus Mac REACHTAIN, An Chloch, Gleann Baile ├ëumuinn

James McNAUGHTON, near Cushendall (fl. c. 1897)
(1895-96), p. 107 - about 80 years old,

Mrs ROBBIN, Glenariff
Might be n├®e Sarah McKiernan
C1901 Drumnacur #6: William Robbin, head, 46, farmer
Alice, wife, 48
Alexander, son, 14
Catherine, dau, 12
C1901 Drumnacur #1: Alexander Robbin, head, 53, farmer
Catherine, wife, 50
William, son, 19
Kate, dau, 15
Jane, dau, 13
Alice, dau, 12
Alexander, son, 11

Miss Mary ROBBIN, Glenariff
A priest's housekeeper; lived Seaview Terrace; died in Cushendall Hospital

Glenariffe graveyard:
Mary Robbin, died 09/05/1980
Alexander, bro, died 28/12/1920, aged 34
William, father, 30/11/1933, aged 79
C1901 Craignagat #5: Catherine Leech, head, 67, farmer, widow, I&E
Michael, son, 32, sailor
Patrick, son, 30, farmer
Mary Robbin, granddau, 9, scholar
C1901 Warren #26: Moore family
Mary Robbin, servant, 19

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Re: some records of families of GLENARIFFE

Post by mcpaso » 20 Jun 2010, 17:59

Looking to locate the placename "Legdrina" noted in this post. Post indicates that Barney Bhriain Mac AMHLAIDH married an Elizabeth Black of Legdrina at Glenariffe on 30 Nov 1886, witnessed by Barney McAuley and Rose Black, who was also from Legdrina. My great great grandfather Patrick McAuley of Tullykittagh was married to Margaret Black by 1841. I'm hoping for some connection between Margaret and Elizabeth/Rose Black from Legdrina. Also, Margaret was listed as from "Glenardagh," which I can't find anywhere when I Google it. I'd be much obliged if anyone can help me locate these two places or link up with any of my relatives.
Brian McCauley

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Re: some records of families of GLENARIFFE (and Glenballyeam

Post by irishgen » 21 Jun 2010, 18:37

There is NO marriage pairing for Bernard McAuley [guessing names!!]
and Elizabeth Black in county Antrim in 1886.

Marriage index reference has the year as 1889 in Ballycastle district.

His father was DANIEL her father was PATRICK.

It would appear that there was a son Patrick McAuley born in 1890.

There is a townland ARDAGH in Ramoan parish, Ballycastle poor law union
but none with name Legdrina [has this name been interpreted correctly?]

Jim from Larne

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Re: some records of families of GLENARIFFE (and Glenballyeam

Post by irishgen » 21 Jun 2010, 18:39

There is a Glenardagh in the Braid valley some miles west of Ballymena in the townland of Tamneybrack. There were families called Black living in or around that area.

Felix from Glenarm

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Re: some records of families of GLENARIFFE (and Glenballyeam

Post by giomach » 13 Oct 2011, 01:02

Legdrina is a spot in Glenariffe, in the townland of Glassmullan. You can see it mentioned on the map of Glassmullan on page 208 of Sharpe and McAllister's book "A Glimpse of Glenariffe", see also point no 30 on the map on page 198 of the same book. It means the hollow of the blackthorns. There are several families of Blacks in Glassmullen in the 1901 census ( ... lasmullen/).

The date of 30/11/1886 for the marriage of Barney Bhriain McAmhlaidh to Elizabeth Black comes from a Catholic marriage certificate, which is a copy made in 1933.

You can see a photograph of Barney Bhriain at (that's him in the top right corner).


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Re: some records of families of GLENARIFFE (and Glenballyeam

Post by irishgen » 13 Oct 2011, 23:31

Thanks for this information. I will also have a look for the book Sharpe and McAllister's book "A Glimpse of Glenariffe" as the Glens of Antrim have a great interest for me.



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