some records of families of GLENDUN (and Glenshesk)

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by the coast road towns Ballygally -Glenarm-Carnlough-Waterfoot-Cushendall-Cushendun-Ballycastle area. If need be I will start separate area forums

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some records of families of GLENDUN (and Glenshesk)

Post by irishgen » 22 Sep 2004, 14:07

Extracted from ... ntruim.txt
see there for the complete text

GLENDUN (and Glenshesk)

Seán Mac AMBRÓIS, a chum Airdí Chuain, más fíor
"the last Irish poet in County Antrim... a Protestant, an uncle of Sir Daniel Dixon... my mother knew him well..."

Mrs McVEIGH, Creagh, Glendun aged 70 in 1943

C1901: TL Clady, DED Glendun
#1: Bridget McVeigh, 50, wife of Patrick, 2 children
RIC 1881 has Bridget McVeigh in 1886 in TL Ballure, Par Grange of
Innispollen, married to Patrick (farmer), family Patrick and Mary.
Pensions PRONI T/550/ 6/47: Bridget McVeigh (n├®e McMullan), Dira or Knocknacrow, Grange of Layd
RIC 1881 has McMullins in Knocknacrow
4/142: Mary Ann McKillop, dau of James McVeigh and Rose, Brablaugh, Cushendun; aged 7 in 1851

Mrs CASEY, Ballycastle, deirfiur le James Stewart
aged 90 in 1943

Eóin Mac CATHÁIN, Alt Áine, Breacaigh, Gleann Seisg

Máire (Mhór) Nic CORMAIC, Gleann Duine (fl. 1920)
Glynns 10 26 ("on the road" - from Glenariffe? - "to Cushendall").
RIC 1881: TL Dromore: Neal McCormick, farmer, 50; wife Mary, 42; family Rachel, 12; William, 14; his mother Margaret, 82.
Malachy McSparran (18/12/2003) says she lived in Dromore and was the unmarried sister of Neal McCormick. Neal's wife, Mary McAfee, was from Donegal and a teacher. Neal's son William had a son Jack, but the family died out after that. She died 07/02/1924
(but this date appears to be for a widow of the name from Callesnagh, see below).
C1901, Antrim 32/13, TL Dromore

Mary McCormick, sister, RC, r&w, 65, female, housekeeper, single, Co Antrim, I&E
C1911, Antrim 33/13, TL Dromore

Liam Mac Cormac,nephew,Cait.,
Máire Nic Cormac,nephew's wife,Cait.
Eoin Mac Cormac,grandnephew,Cait.

Other McCormicks:

RIC 1881: TL Calishna: Daniel McCormack, farmer, 46; wife Mary 42; family Mary A 14, Annie 12, Eliza 9, Bridget 7, Daniel 5. In 1886, only Mary (head), Hannah, Lizzie, Bridget, Daniel.
C1901: TL Callesnagh, DED Glendun #6: Mary, head, 60, widow, 2 children, noI
Pensions PRONI T/550/ 6/42: Mary McCormick, Callisnagh; parents Michael McElvenna, Eliza Friar.
1851: Drumnacur, 5yrs. Parents married 1842.
Civil registry: death on 05/02/1924 at Calishnaugh of Mary McCormick, widow, aged 78; registered by Maggie, daughter (1924/q1 Ballycastle 59)

RIC 1881: TL Articoan: Daniel McCormack, farmer, 52; wife Margery 48; family Charles 12, Patrick 9, Ellen 7, Mary 4, Catherine 2.

ER 1930: Bridge Street, Cushendall in unit Glenaan has McCormicks as
follows: Henry (resident, occupier); Patrick (resident, occupier);
Isabella (resident, spouse of occupier); Mary (resident).
Henry and Patrick were blacksmiths (Glynns 29 p 27).
Ardicoan in unit Glendun has McCormicks as follows: Patrick,
Anne, James, Maggie.

Pádraig Mac Cormaic, Glendun or Articuan, Cushendun
not same family as Máire Mhór (Malachy McSparran, 18/12/2003)
Irish News (29/01/1960) 4 - 'Funeral of Mr Patrick McCormick, Glendun'
(80 years old; wife Isabeal, died several years before; survived by
sister Mrs A O'Kane, Glendun; brothers James and John, Glendun;
Alexander, Bangor; Lewis, Belfast)
Headstone erected by Patrick McCormick in Cushendun cemetery has:
. a bhean, Sib├®al N├¡ Luain, died 27/12/1940
. a athair, Proinnsias, died 10/12/1895
. a mháthair, Máire, died 16/01/1946
Their house, Ardicuan, vacant; opposite and just below Cushendun cemetery. The old homestead, by the roadside on the right, far up Glendun (Brockaghs?), was demolished by a flood coming from a "moss" above; an account was written by daughter Maighread.
His wife, Sib├®al N├¡ LUAIN, Gleann Fhreaghbhaill teacher in Glendun;
RIC 1881: TL Brockaghs: Francis McCormick, farmer, 48; wife Mary 40; family Patrick 6, Mary 4. In 1886, also Teresa, Margaret, John, James.
C1901:TL Brockaghs, DED Glendun #3: Mary, head, 49, widow, 6 children, noI


Old Mrs HAMILTON, Cushendun.

Máire Áine Nic LÁMHCHEARTAIGH, Grianán, Gleann Seisg
Pensions PRONI T/550/ 4/202: Laverty, Ardicoan

Mrs Nellie O'NEILL, Cushendun

James STEWART, Benvan, Murlough
aged thar 90 in 1943
Glynns 10 47 (1854-1950)

Willie McSHANE

Micheál Mac THIARNÁIN, Straid, Knocknacarry (c1844-1935/11/10, fl 1929-31) aged 84 approx in 1931
(aged 86 in 1929)

Baptisms to Thomas McKiernan, blacksmith, and Jane McCambridge
in Cushendun parish records:
08/02/1834: Mary (Culfeightrin parish)
04/09/1835: John
25/?03/1846: Daniel
Glynns 29 (2001), p 23: Thomas McKiernan, blacksmith, from Kinune;
moved to Craigagh Wood when coast road was being made; moved to Clady by 1850s; sons Michael and Thomas enrolled in newly-opened Knocknacarry School in 1851; in Kinune in Griffith Valuation; died 1870.
Deaths from civil registry:
1865 Ballycastle 1,88: 13/03/1865, Kinune: Jane McKiernan, 65,
smith's wife, acute influenza of lungs, not certified; registered by Thomas McKiernan.
1870 Ballycastle 16,69: 10/11/1870, Kinune: Thomas McKiernan, 70,
widower, blacksmith, cancer, 2 years, certified; registered by Michael
Valuations: Kinune: VAL/2B/1/39 (1859), VAL/12B/2/14A-14E (to 1929):
1859: Thomas McKiernan (3,2Bc or 2Ba?,1/6 of 1, includes forge)
1871: Michael McKiernan
1886: Catherine McCambridge
Marriage in Cushendun parish records:
Michael McKernan and Ellen McGarry: marriage 11/04/1877
19/09/1878: Michael (mother named as Mary)
Marriage and births from civil registry:
Marriage 1877 Ballycastle 6,109: 11/04/1877, Craiga: Michael McKiernan and Ellen McGarry; he 30, bachelor, farmer, Kinune; his father Thomas McKernan, farmer; she 25, spinster, farmer, Clughly; her father Neall McGarry, farmer
Birth 1878/q3 Ballycastle 1,89: 18/09/1878, Glendun: Michael, to Michael
McKernan, Glendun, farmer, and Mary [sic] McGarry
Birth 1884/q1 Ballycastle 1,76: 31/12/1883 (11am), Kinune: Ellen Jane, to Michael McKernan, Kinune, farmer, and Ellen McGarry
Birth 1884/q1 Ballycastle 1,76: 31/12/1883 (2pm), Kinune: Thomas, to Michael McKernan, Kinune, farmer, and Ellen McGarry
Birth 1885/q4 Ballycastle 1,73: 27/08/1885, Kinune: Daniel, to Michael
McKiernan, Kinune, farmer, and Ellen McGarry
RIC "census" 1881 (PRONI T/3507/1): TL Kinune:
Michael McKiernan, 40, farmer; wife Ellen 35; son Michael 2,
son & dau Thomas and Ellen--- (both 1 in 84?),
servant Eliza McGaghey 16.
Michael McKiernon, Kinune, enrolled Glendun school 24/07/1882, aged 3;
struck off 05/06/1886 (PRONI SCH/1070/1/1).
Glynns 29 (2001), p 23: Ellen McGarry had a sister in Ardrossan.
Scottish records:
Census 1891: Ardrossan New: Michael (40), Ellen (38), Michael (12), Thomas (7), Ellen J (7), Daniel (5), Mary (3)
Census 1901: Ardrossan New: Michael (53), Ellen (51), Michael (22), Thomas (17), Ella Jane (17), Daniel (15), Mary (13)
Michael McKiernan (junior) married Mary Margaret Cunningham in Ardrossan in 1904, and lived at Wellpark Road, Saltcoats. Family included Thomas (1913-1913), Helen (1916-1948), James (living Saltcoats 1948).
Ellen Jane McKiernan married Patrick O'Driscoll in Ardrossan in 1915, lived in Glasgow. Family included John (1916-1916). Patrick died 1927.
Thomas McKiernan, Ardrossan, arrived Ellis Island 13/04/1906, aged 21, single, on board Astoria from Glasgow.
Death not found in California 1905ÔÇô2000.
Daniel McKernan: marriage of Daniel McKernan and Hughina Mary McDonald, Old Ardrossan, 1921. GROS 576/01 0041.
Birth of Hughina Maria McDonald, 26 July 1887, at 9.25pm, at Murlagan, parish of Kilmonivaig, to John McDonald, ?joint farmer, and Mary Campbell, married 27 Aug 1873, at Lochaber. (Another Hughina McDonald born Lochaber in 1893.)
Mary McKiernan: birth c1888 not found.
Death of Mary McKiernon, 1 Mar 1922 at 7.30am, at 11 Montgomerie Street, Ardrossan, female, 34, single, dressmaker, of Michael McKiernon, coal trimmer, and Ellen McGarry, of pulmonary tuberculosis; informant Daniel McKiernon, brother.
Margaret-Ann McKiernan:
Birth of Margaret-Anne McKiernon, 28 Aug 1889, at 4am, at 20 Harbour Place, Ardrossan, female, to Michael McKiernon, dock labourer, and Ellen
McGarry, married 7 Apr 1877 at Cushendun; informant Michael McKiernon, father.
Death of Margaret Ann McKiernon, 6 Oct 1890, at 5am, at 20 Harbour Place, Ardrossan, female, 13 months, single, of Michael McKiernon, dock labourer, and Helen McGarry, of diarrhoea; informant Michael McKiernon, father.
Electoral Registers Straid:
1922 (Dec): no McKernans
1923-1924: Daniel (business vote, abode Glasgow), Michael, Ellen
1925-1929 (May): Daniel, Michael, Ellen, Ina
1930-1935: Daniel, Michael, Ina
1936-1939: Daniel, Ina
Belfast Directories (Cushendun):
1931-1932: no entry for Cushendun
1933-1959: Dan(iel) McKernan, carpenter, Straid
1960- : not present
Valuations: Straid: no McKernans prior to first general revaluation.
VAL/3B/1/4 (1935). 5b. Daniel McKernan (previously Lizzie Connor ?)
VAL/3C/1/5 (1940-1956). 5b. still Daniel McKernan,
but land (4AB) changed to John O'Hara in 1949.
House at Straid, longish, dark grey, about 4 houses south of Sleepy Hollow, occupied (2000) by a William Gallagher, Creeslough.
Civil registry:
Death: 03/08/1927, Straid, Cushendall, Ballycastle: Ellen McKiernian, 79, married, wife of a coal turner.
Birth 1929/q1 Ballycastle 43: 05/12/1928, Dalriada Hospital Ballycastle: Ellen Philomena, to Daniel McKiernan, Straid, farmer, and Ina McDonnell
Death 1929/q2 Ballycastle 42: 05/04/1929, Dalriada Hospital Ballycastle:
Eleanor McKiernan, Knocknacarry, spinster, 4 months, dau of carpenter,
congenital valvular cardiac disease
Death 1929/q2 Ballycastle 47: 14/05/1929, Straid: Grace McKiernan, 92,
spinster, housekeeper, senile decay, registered by Michael McKiernan,
Death: 10/11/1935, Straid, Cushendall, Ballycastle: Michael McKiernon, 91, widower, farmer.
Ballymena Weekly Telegraph 08/03/1941 p2: Cushendall:
Miss Mary McKernan, Straid, was bridesmaid at a wedding James & Caitlín McElheron:
Daniel McKernan moved to Somerton Road, Belfast around 1960s, died c1990 aged 96, may have played football for Dundee; dau Mary returned to Cushendun area and died c1999.
There is a strong presence of McKernans in Dundee.
Wills 1982: Daniel McKiernan of 33 Somerton Road, Belfast, retired
joiner, died 1 May 1982. Probate Belfast 6 July to Mary Teresa McKiernan, spinster.
No death notice in Irish News (no issue on Monday 3 May 1982).
Belfast Directories re 33 Somerton Road:
1958: not McKiernan
1960-81: Daniel McKiernan
1986-96: (Ms.) M(ary) McKiernan
Headstone in Cushendun cemetery:
. daughter Margaret Ann, died Ardrossan 06/10/1890
. daughter Mary, died 01/03/1922, aged 34
. wife Ellen, died 03/08/1927, aged 78
. granddaughter Eileen, died in infancy
. sister Grace, died 14/05/1929, aged 92
. self Michael, died 10/11/1935, aged 91
. daughter-in-law Ina, died 17/05/1971, aged 84
. son Daniel (husband of Ina), died 01/05/1982, aged 96
. Mary (daughter of Daniel and Ina), died 07/10/1999

Other McKiernans, not to be confused with above:
TL Bay, DED Ardclinis, #1: Francis McKeesick(80,widower),dau Rose(36),
g'son John(17), all I&E
TL Bay, DED Ardclinis, #2: Charles(60) and Mary(55) McKernan,
family Mary(21), Sarah(19,seamstress). I&E Charles, noI others.
TL Clyttaghan, DED Glendun: John(62) and Mary(60) McKiernan, dau
Mary(25), nephew William McKillop(12)
Valuations: VAL/2B/1/39 (1859), VAL/12B/2/14A-14E (to 1929):
Clyttaghan: 1859: Daniel McKiernan (6Aa), Rose McKiernan (6Ab)
?1859: Daniel McKiernan only
1879: John McKiernan
1928: Charles McAlister
Carnamaddy: 1859: Mary McKiernan (2b)
1859: vacant (?)
1896: Mary Kane
Electoral registers, Mid-Antrim, Cushendall district (include Kinune):
1888: John McKernon, Clyttaghan
Charles McKernon, Bay
James McKeesick, C'dall
Francis McKissock, Bay
1896: John McKernon, Clyttaghan
Charles McKernon, Bay
Owen McKiernan, Waterfoot
Francis McKissock, Bay
Civil registry:
Death 1867 Ballycastle 6,77: 08/04/1867, Glendun: Daniel McKiernan, 65,
married, registered by Dan McKiernan. [not known if related to Michael]

Róisín Nic UIGÍN, Cruic a' Chró, Gleann Duine
C1901: TL Knocknacrow
#4: Rose McGuigan, 60, head, not m, I&E
RIC 1881: TL Knocknacrow
Daniel McGooghan (60), farmer; John (40), son; Rose (32), daughter


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