some records of families of Glenarm and Braid also some OAP

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by the coast road towns Ballygally -Glenarm-Carnlough-Waterfoot-Cushendall-Cushendun-Ballycastle area. If need be I will start separate area forums

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some records of families of Glenarm and Braid also some OAP

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Extracted from ... ntruim.txt
see there for more on their irish or sources text

SOUTH (Glenarm and Braid)

Michael McLOUGHLIN, McKeown's Town, Braid
(Eoin Mac N├®ill, wrote:"within my recollection an old man ... who said his prayers always in Irish, being the last Irish speaker known to me south of Glenariffe."

Mrs McNEILL, Glenarm



Mrs Susan McNEILL, Knock, Belfast (wife of Seaghán) bás 2/1902
"native of Glens.. fluent Irish speaker"
but in fact Ada McNeill's mother was Nanette Astley from


OAP claims (PRONI T/550): ANTRIM

4/191: Katie Black, Ballycastle; parents John, Catherine. 1851: 12yrs.
4/202: Laverty, Ardicoan
6/14: Rose McKay, Gortaclee, Layd
6/33: McAuley, Baraghilly, Layd. Henry 18, James 16 etc. in 1851
6/42: Mary McCormick, Callisnagh; parents Michael McElvenna, Eliza Friar. 1851: Drumnacur, 5yrs. Parents married 1842.
6/47: Bridget McVeigh (n├®e McMullan), Dira or Knocknacrow, Grange of Layd
6/48: John McCambridge, Tavnaghan, Layd.
6/48: Bryan McAuley, Falmacrilly or Eshery, Layd.
6/89: Henry McAuley, Callisnagh.

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