Mill Street, Larne - Poem (2)

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Mill Street, Larne - Poem (2)

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I had a dream the other night
a treat it was for me,
I dreamt that I was walking down
where Mill Street used to be.

I dreamt I saw old Smoke O'Boyle
and Fanny Gilmore too,
I felt so weak I couldn't speak
so barren was the view.

I then walked up to Drummonds yard
my journey was in vain,
For not a horse or cart I seen
Not even Sam McClean.

I just stood still and looked around
It seemed so strange to me,
I couldn't hear Britannia Star
wherever could they be.

T'was then I noticed May Kirk
her basket on her arm,
I asked where she was living now
she answered "In Glenarm"

I looked around for Mosseys Bar
they hadn't left a clue.
And then I thought on things I got
in Hammie Wilsons stew.

My thoughts went back to Market Days
when workers they would rush,
Above it all one heard the call
of Fanny Gilmours thrush.

I started then to waken up,
the outline I could see,
Of Lovie Caigs wee sweetie shop
and also Paddie Lees.

I went down to the open
no Longmore could I see
And here my dream had ended
where the border used to be.

Now Mill Street's just a memory
from the days of long ago,
When buttermilk was plenty
though some preferred the "blow!"

Now on the site as you can see
stands nothing but tall flats.
But we will always remember Mill Street
and the way it used to be.

BY W Hutchinson
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