Are you searching for 18th Century ancestors?

Place any tips or any free access to Genealogy services or sites, etc. Looking forward to your tip.

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Are you searching for 18th Century ancestors?

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The Ulster Historical Foundation's series of over thirty volumes of R. S. J. Clarke's Gravestone Inscriptions may contain some details of your ancestors. It might be worth while to have a look at William Roulston's book titled "Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors the essential genealogical guide to early modern Ulster, 1600-1800" as it also covers that period. The appendices to Mr Roulston's book include a full listing of pre-1800 church records for Ulster; a detailed description of nearly 250 collections of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century estate papers; and a summary breakdown of the sources available from this period for each parish in Ulster.

Eighteenth Century Sources. ... Add18.html

Books of Survey and Distributions c. 1700
Catholic Qualification Rolls 1778 - 1793
Convert Rolls 1704-1839
Electors Rolls 1761
Estate Records and Marriage Licence Bonds
Farrar's Index to Irish Marriages 1771-1812
Flax Growers List 1796
Freeholders entitled to vote 1770
Grand Jurors and Books of Presentiments
Militia Lists 1761
Oath of Allegiance 1775
Poll Books 1752
Proprietors of land circa 1700 list
Protestant Householders 1740 list.
Register of Freeholders 1758
Return of Householders 1766
State prisoners 1798
Voters Lists 1727-1793
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