Are you just starting Family History research?

Place any tips or any free access to Genealogy services or sites, etc. Looking forward to your tip.
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Are you just starting Family History research?

Post by Christopher » 08 Dec 2008, 18:33

There are several items which need to be established when searching for Irish ancestors.

1. Denomination ... this is important as it's the first step in finding church records.
2. Parish ... step two in your search. Once you've established the denomination you need to find the churches in that particular parish as well as making enquiries about the existence of records for the period you are researching. You should be able to find these details online ... make a note of where such records are held.
3. Townland ... this can range in size from an acre to several thousand acres. In a great many cases the name of a townland referred to an identifiable feature of the landscape ... properties may or may not have had names but it's unlikely they were numbered as they may have been in towns and cities when your ancestor's were living.

Church records are extremely important when searching for your Irish ancestors as Civil Registration wasn't introduced until 1864. You need to be patient when looking at Church records. You may not find your ancestors recorded where you expect to find them.
A baptism may appear in the records several years after you thought it took place. That doesn't necessarily mean your theory was wrong ... it may have been due to a priest nipping off for his lunch after the service and forgetting to update his records until another child in the family you're researching was baptised. At that stage he may have remembered that the first child's name wasn't entered in the records and made a guess as to when that child had been baptised.

The Federation of Family History Societies website contains useful research tips for people who are taking their First Steps in Family History

Mary Tollestrup's Mary's Genealogy Treasures for Ireland and Northern Ireland is worth a look as it contains a large number of links which saves searching all over the net. There are many other sites such as Mary's one. I'd suggest adding one or two of them to your list of favourites. There's no need to take in all the information at one sitting. If sites like Mary's are on your favourites list you can return to them whenever you like.

The Moving Here site gives a brief introduction to Tracing Irish Roots and includes the truth about a couple of old myths. ... hroots.htm


Re: Are you just starting Family History research?

Post by Christopher » 09 Dec 2008, 20:48

Guide To Irish Land Division
Ballybeg Village is a mythical online Irish village where you'll find some advice on how to research your Irish ancestry and Irish Genealogy . The site contains advice on documentary sources for Irish family research that will help maximize your time in Ireland should you decide to visit this country to search for your ancestors.

Here are links to two sites which will assist you when searching for Townlands. They are Sean Ruad's IreAtlas and the Search for Ancestors free Ireland Townland Genealogy Search site ... lands.html

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