Links to sites that cover the history of a town or area. Also those that have genealogy area information on line.
Please post any that you know.
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Thanks for the info. I just registered.

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Ballymoney Borough Council is pleased to introduce its new electronic newsletter for registered users of Council's free, on-line, searchable genealogy database. It is planned that a regular e-zine would be forwarded to all registered users updating them on new developments and additions to the site as well providing details on relevant activities and events happening in the borough. We trust that you will enjoy and appreciate receiving these transmissions, which we are sure you will find interesting and informative.

If there is any particular type of information which you would like to see added to our e-zine please e-mail us at We will be pleased to receive your recommendations and will make every effort to accommodate your request.

What's new with
Since its launch in September 2004 has proven to be a favourite for anyone looking for family history in the North Antrim region of Northern Ireland. During the past three years the site has had over 1 million visitors and almost 35,000 have regularly used the site to search for information on their family history. Feedback has been very positive and it is clear that the website is helping people from across the world with their research. Users have included genealogists from America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France and, of course, from all over the British Isles.

Recent Changes
A website is a dynamic forum by nature and little use to regular users if it is not continually being added to and developed. Consequently to improve the site for all users we have regularly tried to update and add data. More recently however, as a result of improving technology, and to permit future developments, we have made a number of significant changes to the site.

The most recent changes have required the site to be reconstructed and hosted on a new system with the result that, amongst other things, old bookmarks will no longer exist and access pathways have changed slightly.

We appreciate that the new layout and pathways may cause some interim difficulties for regular users and we are working to address the issues a number of you have raised with us. In the meantime we would appreciate any help you can give us. If you do come across any errors or a feature, which you feel could be improved, please email

As one of the few free genealogy sites available we are continually striving to make our site more accessible and to improve security.

Improved Networking Opportunities
Since the establishment of we have hosted a very successful discussion forum on the site. The website discussion forum provided an opportunity to exchange information and advice with other genealogists looking for Ballymoney connections, or to find out why so many people return again and again to enjoy a vacation in this beautiful part of Ulster.

However, also in keeping with technological advances and user demands and practices we have just recently added a BLOG to the forum. The BLOG will be much easier to access and to participate in and we would encourage all users who previously registered for and accessed the forum to consider switching to using the BLOG. Over time the discussion forum will be wound down and the user-friendly BLOG will replace it completely as an easy to use networking, discussion and information-sharing forum.

A Warm Welcome And Lots To See & Do
Visitors to the Borough of Ballymoney are always certain of a warm, friendly welcome and an opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside and hospitable accommodation in Northern Ireland. We hope that by helping you search for your family history, you will be encouraged to come and discover the land of your ancestors. Our site also provides a valuable link to a list of excellent guesthouses and eating establishments, contained on the website, where you can stay during your visit and experience the best in local cuisine.

Ballymoney Borough Council provides a range of attractions to suit everyone's taste, including Ballymoney Museum, Drumaheglis Marina, Riverside Park, the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre and the Joey Dunlop Memorial Gardens.

The town of Ballymoney has friendly, family run shops, award winning restaurants and cafes, historic buildings and churches. A trip into the countryside and surrounding villages will give visitors a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of this region and the agricultural life that sustains these rural communities. There are also stately homes, ornamental gardens, an ancient historic landscape and the opportunity to try outdoor pursuits such as horse riding, angling, rambling, watersports, golf and cycling. Close by are the Giant's Causeway and the seaside resorts of Portrush and Portstewart.

Considering Coming To Ballymoney To Continue Your Research Or On Vacation
With such a myriad of things to see and do, whether you are searching for your ancestors or just in search of a good holiday, Ballymoney and the surrounding area can offer you everything that you may need.

As a result of using to help locate and provide details about their ancestors, many people from all over the world have come to Ballymoney to follow up their desk research with a visit to their ancestral family home.

One recent genealogy visitor to the borough, Peter B. Teets from Colorado Springs, USA commented, "We had a wonderful visit to Northern Ireland, and one highlight was certainly our visit to your Museum to gain insight into my grandfather's heritage. "Your assistance with helping us to find grave-sites is also very much appreciated. "We spent time in the Old Cemetery after we departed your Museum, and located some very likely ancestral graves".

As a result of this interest Council is considering developing structured visits for groups and individuals who want to visit the borough. Would you be interested in participating in such a visit? If so please e-mail and we will be pleased to contact you to discuss your needs and interests.

Whatever the reason, or indeed the season, there's always something to do and see in Ballymoney with a packed schedule of events and entertainment. For further information, please visit or

"This Is What The Internet Is For!"
Ballymoney Borough Council has received great support for from genealogists across the world. Their comments prove that this website is providing a service of outstanding quality which is appreciated by everyone looking for their North Antrim ancestors.

"This is what the internet is for! I used the search feature and got more information on my family history than I have in four years of general searches. You should be proud!" Tom Brown, USA.

"What a wonderful web-site - thank you so much! Ballymoney - lovely people, great food, beautiful scenery, and it was a moving experience to walk in the footsteps of my ancestors! I loved my holiday, and I'm definitely coming back next year." Mary Millar, Scotland.

"An excellent resource for all those who, like myself, have roots in the Ballymoney area."
Charles Clark, New Zealand.

"...Even more useful is the knowledge that there are records I have not used before, such as local schools and the outdoor relief lists - and the references to where I can search them myself." Boyd Gray, Ireland.

"I am so excited about your new site. It is very attractive, informative, and helpful. I am so pleased to be able to get on a site with pertinent information. It helps, also, that it's free!" Colleen Morrison Robinson, Canada.

"After exploring your website, I can't wait until next summer and my first chance to see where my family came from. Thanks for the details on accommodation, a great help." Colin Crawford, USA.

For further details, contact us at For more information on Ballymoney visit or

This website has been funded by Ballymoney Borough Council and the European Union Building Sustainable Prosperity programme.



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Bill Macafee's website has a section on Sources for the Study of Family and Local History
in Ballymoney. ... ontown.htm

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