Residents in Banbridge

The Non-Antrim Towns from this interesting work plus Clergy,Gentry,Merchants, Tradesmen etc.

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Residents in Banbridge

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Residents in Banbridge according to Pigot's Directory, 1824

Post Master-Mr. William Merrin.

Gentry and Clergy

Akinson A
Burrowes, Rev. Francis., rector.
Beattie, the Rev. Thos., Tullylish.
Byrne, P. C., Ardbrin.
Crawford, Mrs., Milltown.
Crawford, Lieutenant John, Rosetta Cottage.
Davis, Rev. James
Johnston, Rev. John, Tullylish.
M'Gennis, Rev. Edmund, P.P.
M'Cance, Mrs., May E., Lenaderg.
Montgomery, Hugh Lyons, Esq., Lawrencetown.
Rutherford, Rev. John, Eliza-ville.
Sampson, Rev. Wm., Magherally.
Sampson, Lieutenant Wm., Magherally Glebe.
Scriven, Captain John, Ballymoney Lodge.


Crozier, George and Son
Frazer, Hugh
Law, George Wilm.

Surgeons & Apothecaries

Chain, Robert
Saunderson, George
Malcomson, James
Tyrrell, George


Atkinson, Miss (ladies boarding and day)
Davis,Rev.James (gents classical and commercial, boarding and day)

Inn and Hotels

Downshire Arms (posting)-Margaret Boyle

Shopkeeper, Traders ,&c.

Ball, Prudence, baker
Blizard, John, Linen draper
Chambers, Alexander, grocer
Finlay, John, grocer
Gardiner, Thomas, linen draper.
Henry, Euphemia, Mary and Margaret, linen drapers.
Herron, David, woollen draper.
Hutchinson, Thomas, dyer and cotton printer.
Kelly, James, shuttle maker.
Kinear, John, grocer and leather seller.
Love, John, grocer.
M'Carrison, John, wheelright.
M'Clelland, Andrew, woollen draper and linen & cotton manufacturer.
M'Clelland, John, hosier.
M'Clelland, Robert, baker.
M'Clelland, Thomas, hardware man.
M'Clelland, Wm., linen draper and haberdasher.
M` William, Wm., woollen draper.
Main, John, woollen draper.
Martin, Andrew, grocer.
Meek, Thomas, baker
Nelson, Joseph, watch and clock maker.
Porter, John, butter merchant, Kates-bridge.
Quin, Daniel, tailor, chandler and soap boiler, grocer and tanner.
Ross, Richard, watch and clock maker.
Scott, John, woollen draper.
Scott, Robert, grocer and ironmonger.
Sloan, James, leather seller.
Smith, Wm., boot and shoe maker.
Sprott, Henry, tailor, chandler, soap boiler and grocer.
Stewart, David, flax merchant, Rose-hall.
Weir, Henry, grocer.
Woods, John, grocer.

Other Traders

Anderson, Samuel
Anderson, Thomas
Ardery, Robert
Ardery, James
Bell, James
Blain, John
Burn, Daniel
Campbell, John
Downs, Robert
Moore, Gilmer, John
Glass, Samuel
Hamilton, Maxwell
Joyce, Esther
M`Alenan, Hugh
M'Clelland, Samuel
'Conville, Charles
M'Dowell, James
M` Gill, John
M'Grath, James
M'Ilvain, George
M` Williams, James
Mercer, Robert
Moore, John
Morton, Joseph
Scott, James
Reid, John
Smyth, Jane
Stokes, Thomas
Weir, James
Worrall, James
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