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Elizabeth Keenan & Family.

Posted: 08 Feb 2011, 03:10
by Tree Searcher
I am trying to find information on Elizabeth Keenan. Here's what i know:-

Born approx 1904, Possibly in Holywood, Co. Down.
Married Frederick W. Horne, an English soldier, approx 1922.
Had a child, Celia, in 1923 - definate date. Then 2 more Bernadette & Elizabeth dates unknown.
Died shortly after having Elizabeth.

The Holywood connection is strong as Celia believes she was Baptised there, and has actually visited. Unfortunately after her mum died, all three children were sent to England, so she has no records pertaining to her mum.
I have contacted the Library and the RC Churh in Holywood for help, to no avail as yet. Searches of the usual Databases have not turned up anything!

Can anyone help???