WEIR / DAVISON families

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by Belfast area in Co. Antrim or Co. Down.
If need be I will start separate area forums

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WEIR / DAVISON families

Post by gdwrugby »

trying to find the parents and lineage of my ancestors

Annie Davison
Birth 1840 in Ballymena County Antrim Ireland
Death 14 February 1901 in Lawrence, NSW Australia

Married Joseph Weir 19 Mar 1864.

Marriage information, St. Matthews Church of Ireland, Shankill, Belfast
Joseph Weir, age 27, father- William Weir
Annie Davison, age 24, father- Thomas Davison

Joseph Weir
Birth 1836 in Belfast, Ireland
Death 01 July 1904 in Maclean, New South Wales, Australia

Any information about Joseph and Annie's parents or siblings would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: WEIR / DAVISON families

Post by Elwyn »

It was traditional to marry in the wifeÔÇÖs church. Since Annie married in the Church of Ireland thatÔÇÖs where IÔÇÖd look for parish records. If you know that Annie was born in Ballymena, IÔÇÖd search the Ballymena COI parish records for her birth and that of any siblings. Those records start in 1789 (with gaps) and have been copied to PRONI, Belfast. The parish is Kirkinriola.

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