Robert Caldwell & Sarah Todd of Belfast, Co. Antrim 1735-60

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by Belfast area in Co. Antrim or Co. Down.
If need be I will start separate area forums

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Robert Caldwell & Sarah Todd of Belfast, Co. Antrim 1735-60

Post by Bob Caldwell » 02 Sep 2010, 09:52

Hi Irish Genealogy,

I know I'm looking for a needle in a hay-stack, but here goes.

My g/g/g/g/g.f Robert Caldwell (b. 1735, Belfast, Co. Antrim) married Sarah H. Todd (b.1745, Belfast, Co.Antrim ) in ? /Co.Antrim in 1759.

They migrated through New York in 1761 or 1764? where they farmed leased-land from 1766-1776 at White Ck/New Perth now Salem on what is known as Turners Patent 1764, bred & raised 5 chn - John Todd (my g/g/g/g.f), James, Robert, Andrew Todd & Elizabeth Caldwell, joined Gen Burgoyne in1776 & fought in the Battle of Saratoga 1777,captured & jailed for 2 yrs for refusing to swear allegiance to 13 Colonies in the War of Independence, made his way to Canada with his family in 1779, interned in the over-crowded refugee camps of Machiche/St Jean from 1779-1783, rewarded for being a "Loyalist" by being allocated land at New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada, which he settled on with his family in 1784.

Thanking you in anticipation that someone can assist and/or give me some direction as to how I may continue to "Retrace the Journey of My Australian Caldwell Descendants", from Sydney/NSW /Australia, where my g/g/g.f Charles Campbell (b.1812) Margaret J. Symington (b.1817, Dungannon,Co.Tyrone, Ulster) in 1842, across to New Carlisle/Qc/ Canada where Charles Campbell was born to John Todd & Mary Jane nee Lane; down to Salem/NYSt/USA, now back across to Belfast/Co. Antrim/ Northern Ireland where Robert & Sarah were born; and perhaps finish in Scotland, if it is established that there is an Irish-Scot Connection with My Caldwells. It is now crunch-time!

Hence, I need to know the names of Robert & Sarah's parents, their birthdates & birthplaces and as far along the Caldwell Lineage as possible, if I am to complete "My Family Research Journey" on the internet. But my time and enthusiam is running out unless I can get over this brickwall by seeking. assistance in Northern Ireland.

Still, the journey to here has been just great so far, despite my g/g/g.f's marriage certificate having not one detail of his background. The Oz descendants have been trying for 30 yrs to crack this hard nut. So much so, that we should have been in Northern Ireland well before this. Very inconsiderate of him to put us through the ringer in establishing his identity, because we were able to jump 2 generations immediately and move on only now to Northern Ireland!

Kindest Regards

Robert Charles Caldwell ( b.1945))

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