Lisburn (Possibly Dromara), and GARRETTs

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by Belfast area in Co. Antrim or Co. Down.
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Lisburn (Possibly Dromara), and GARRETTs

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John Garrett b. 7 Sep 1786, Lisburn, Ireland. Son of William Garrett (linen bleacher) and Margaret last name unknown. John had at least two brothers, Hugh and James, both born in Lisburn as well. The three brothers immigrated to America, John emigrated to America 17 AUG 1816. Not sure when the brothers arrived or if they even came together.
Believe the family (at least John) were members of First Dromara Presbyterian Church, as he has a letter from the Presbyterian Church in Clarksburg, West Virginia, where he and his wife were charter members, certified at Dromara 12 May 1816, written and certified by James Birch that "John Garrett is a single person of good character, a regular member of this congregation and in full communion." This leads me to believe that John and his family were from Dromara-is this a legitimate assumption?

I have emailed the Northern Ireland Family History Services center twice, but have had no luck with a response. I am wondering if anyone here can direct me to another repository that might have information on the above mentioned family. I'd like to learn more about this family, perhaps obtain some sort of records if possible and learn more about the Irish Linen trade.

It's been speculated that a cousin branch of this family were the Garretts of Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) Railroad fame who managed the railroad during/after the American Civil War. If anyone recognized either branch, I'd love to talk to you.

Thank you very much-

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Re: Lisburn (Possibly Dromara), and GARRETTs

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If your ancestor had a letter from the 1st Presbyterian church, then it would seem highly likely that he was attending it prior to leaving Ireland, and that he lived in the general area. Whether he was born there is another matter but you could look for his baptism. The following records exist for 1st Dromara Presbyterian church:

1st Dromara Baptisms, 1762-1959; marriages, 1799-1802, 1810-13 and 1817-1922; session minutes, 1763-1871; accounts, 1762-99. History of the church, 1713-1913.

A copy of those records is held in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. The records are not on-line and so you either need to go and look them up yourself, or get someone to do it for you.
(There are lots of Presbyterian churches in that area, and if he was born in Lisburn, it's possible that that's where was baptised. Lisburn 1st Pres church's records start in 1692, so may well find him there instead).

HereÔÇÖs a link that tells you a little about linen making:

There is also a Linen museum in Lisburn: ... rn-museum/


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