Emigration to Britain

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Emigration to Britain

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Emigration to Glasgow

A large number of Irish people emigrated to many parts of Britain including Glasgow. Unfortunately there aren't any ships' lists for people who emigrated to Glasgow as Ireland was part of the United Kingdom so record keeping wasn't required. However there are many links to resources in that city and some may reveal a few names of Irish families who settled there.

Birmingham: If you ancestors emigrated to Britain and settled in the Birmingham area a post on the Birmingham website would do no harm. There's not a Genealogy board on the site at the moment but a post on the History board should be OK. Include the word Genealogy somewhere in your subject heading. eg Normal heading - Genealogy

Glasgow Resources: Two Websites Are Better Than One by Sherry Irvine, CG, FSA Scot may be worth reading as Sherry noticed that there's a good fit between the online resources at Ancestry and The Glasgow Story website. http://www.ancestry.com/learn/library/a ... icle=11903

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Re: Emigration to Britain

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Another two great links, looks like I am going to be busy researching this weekend.....ty :) Summer

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