1791 - 1835 Irish Convicts to NSW

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1791 - 1835 Irish Convicts to NSW

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Irish Convicts to NSW 1791 - 1835 http://members.tip.net.au/~ppmay/convicts.htm The database contains ... Surname, First Name, Reb, Ship, Tried, Trial Place, Term, DOB, Native Place, Crime, Marital Status, Trade or Calling, Remarks, Died and Death Place

1. Irish State prisoners
2. Convicts who were tried in Ireland
3. Convicts who were tried outside Ireland but whose native place was in Ireland.

A rough guide to the Records to a few counties and towns (in some instances the convicts were tried in the county on the list and lived in a different county.
Antrim 1058, Armagh 645, Belfast 284, Cavan 622, Derry 428, Donegal 284, Down 814, Fermanagh 299, Glasgow 100, Liverpool 228, Manchester 95, Monaghan 564 and Tyrone 557

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