Looking for Leckey from ahoghill? Lisburn?in co.Antrim/Down

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by the Ahoghill area.

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Looking for Leckey from ahoghill? Lisburn?in co.Antrim/Down

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[/b]I remember my grandmother saying she came from Lisburn co. Down but there is no record of this.General reg. office Belfast suggested Teeshan,Ahoghill,Galgorm,Ballymena,co.Antrim. I don't understand all of these names. Is Lisburn near any of these places? She also said she came from co. Down. Have names changed in N.I. since 1907? I know there are relatives around her area. Grandmother's name was Sarah Jane Leckey, father was John. Jane (sarah) married Boomer Partridge in 1899, came to Toronto Ont. Canada around 1907-8.They had three young boys by then: John, Boomer and Harry.Does anyone have any information about this Leckey family. I would be very grateful. I just can't find a trace of her family. Thank you very much, Dorothy Partridge

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