the Hill family of Ahoghill. Samuel and Jane

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by the Ahoghill area.

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the Hill family of Ahoghill. Samuel and Jane

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Deon R. Smith
Boise, Idaho, USA

Searching for information about the Hill family of Ahoghill. Samuel and Jane (Hill)Hill (married 10 Jul 1870) Their fathers- William and James Hill

from David HUME:
Hill, Thomas B.:-
he lived at Gloonan Lodge, Ahoghill, having farmed at
Broadisland, Killead, Glenarm and Aghalee during his life. Hill was a native of Islandmagee and was described as having belonged to one of the
oldest Presbyterian families in the country when he died in April 1893.
The family, it was recounted, were well-known for their humanitarian act in saving the lives of Roman Catholics during the infamous Islandmagee
Massacre of 1642. Hill had been a firm advocate of tenant right and was one of the first to challenge the terms of the 1870 Land Act in court, it was related, succeeding at Appeal and thereafter becoming a witness at many other trials. He was made the recipient of a presentation from Ballymena Tenants Protection Association as a result. When he died in
1893 he was survived by his widow and some 13 children. The funeral came from Ballymena by road, being joined at Larne and the head of Islandmagee by many from the neighbourhood. Interment was in the New Burying Ground, Islandmagee (LT&WT, April 29, 1893)

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AHOGHILL JOHN CASEY - Chesney, Mooney, Robertson.

Post by Charliemac »


I saw your reply to an AHOGHILL query and wondered if you had any knowledge of a John Casey and Magaret Chesney (born c. 1832)who got married in 1854 in APRIL, AHOGHILL. They moved to Scotland with amongst others a son Thomas.

Johns father was also a John, a farmer married to a Rose Mooney. I don't know their birth dates or if they were also AHOGHILL families.

Margarets father, William was a grainmiller married to Elizabeth Robertson
(Not very Irish names - maybe from Scotland)

Any help or links greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot

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Hills of Antrim

Post by wine3mice »

Hi, my grandfather was William Shannon. He married my grandmother, Mary Ellen Hill on July 1897. Mary Ellen's father was William Hill. I wonder if there is any connection. My mother once told me that Mary Ellen (her mother) was a twin and Mary Ellen's mother had five sets of twins. Also mum said that my christening robe came from the "Hills of Antrim" I thought this meant the place but now am thinking she meant family called Hill from Antrim. Fact or fiction?

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Re: the Hill family of Ahoghill. Samuel and Jane

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We are the Rainey family of the Gloonan Lodge.

Bought by my grandmother in 1947 from Mary Hill at auction we lived in the farm house with Mary's piano ! until 1958 .

The house was destroyed by fire in 1962 being thatched roof completely destroyed .

Had been derelict in the interim.

My mother who came as a bride in 1951 knows more about the history of the Hills.

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