1443-5888 Volume 7, No. 2, February 2005.

A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address: tea04055@bigpond.net.au
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1443-5888 Volume 7, No. 2, February 2005.

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A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address: teakin@chilli.net.au ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 7, No. 2, February 2005.
Introduction: ÔÇÿAll Ireland SourcesÔÇÖ is a monthly newsletter distributed free by E-mail to Family History Societies and interested researchers near the end of each month. Distribution by Australia Post each three months (three issues) costs $6.00 annually within Australia. The aim is to bring items of interest regarding Irish record sources to the Australian genealogist. The editor would appreciate being made aware of records relating to the Irish, particularly those held in Australia or new in the LDS Family History Library. Back copies are available free for downloading from
Book Reviews:
FAMILIA: Ulster Genealogical Review, Number 20, 2004 was published by the Ulster Historical Foundation in

December 2004, 12 College Square East, Belfast, BT1 6DD. ISBN 1 903688 52 3, 124 pages. Editor: Trevor
Parkhill, Keeper of History, Ulster Museum.
Articles in Familia (2004) include:
Researching Belfast Jewish Families c.1850-c.1930 by William Roulston and Pamela McIlveen, pps. 1-15;
Nomenclature for Ulster Emigrants and their Descendants: Scotch-Irish or Scots-Irish? By Michael Montgomery,

pps. 16-36;
The Eighteenth-century Paper-makers of the north of Ireland, by Alison Muir, pps. 37-73;
Reflections on Teaching Irish Migration Studies, by Patrick Fitzgerald, pps. 74-84;
Reconstructing an eighteenth-century Ulster Family ÔÇô the ReaÔÇÖs of Magheraknock and Killeen, County Down, by

William Roulston, pps. 85-94.
Reviews in Familia (2004) include:
To and From Ireland: Planned Migration Schemes c.1600-2000; by P. J. Duffy (2004) published by Geography

Publications, Dublin, ISBN 0 906602 37 8, pps. 209, price Euros 20.00, reviewed by Kerby A. Miller, pps. 95-99.
Sending out IrelandÔÇÖs Poor: Assisted Emigration to America in the Nineteenth Century, by Gerald Moran (2004)

published by Four Courts Press, Dublin, ISBN 1 851828 24 9, pps. 252, price Euros 55.00, reviewed by Trevor
Parkhill, pps. 100-102.
Ships from Ireland to Early America 1623-1850 Volume II, by David Dobson, published by Clearfield Press (2004),

ISBN 0 806352 52 3, pps. 151, US$18.50, reviewed by Trevor Parkhill, pps. 103-107.

Marcus Ward and Company of Belfast, by D. Roger Dixon, published by Belfast Education & Library Board,
Belfast (2004), ISSN 09071020, pps. 25, E£5.00, reviewed by Trevor Parkhill, page 108.
Revolutionary Dublin 1795-1801: The Letters of Francis Higgins to Dublin Castle, by Thomas Bartlett (Editor),

published by Four Courts Press, Dublin (2004), ISBN 1 851827 54 4, pps. 392, Euros 55.00, reviewed by Trevor

Parkhill, pps. 109-110.
The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000, by Diarmaid Ferriter (2004), published by Profile Books, London, ISBN
1 861973 07 1, pps 704, E£30.00, reviewed by Trevor Parkhill, pps 111-112.

The Men of the Ards, by Harry Allen (2004), published by Ballyhay Books, Donaghadee, ISBN 1 900935 42 2, pps

346, E£9.99, reviewed by Trevor Parkhill, pps. 113-114.
Parish Registers: Historical Treasures in Manuscript, by F. X. McCorry, published by Inglewood Press, Lurgan
(2004), ISBN 0 952216 14 8, pps. 108, E£15.00, reviewed by Brenda Collins, pps. 115-117.

Quaker Meeting Houses of Ireland, by David M. Butler, published by the Historical Committee of Friends in

Ireland, Dublin (2004), ISBN 0 951987 06 2, pps 256, E£18.00, reviewed by J. Fred Rankin, pps 118-119.
Clogher Record, xviii, No. 2, published by the Clogher Historical Society, ISBN 0 949012 21 1, pps. 205, pages
start at 181 and runs to 386. Free to members of the Society. Reviewed by William Roulston, pps. 120-121.

As the index above shows, this is truly an Ulster genealogical review. The articles are all of a high standard of research and the presentation in each article takes the reader along a learning path and combines local and family history. Familia is truly a magazine for all researchers, whether their interest is local history, family history or as a scholar pursuing their academic education. There is something for everyone in Familia.
The theme of ethnicity is a thread running through William Roulston and Pamela McIlveenÔÇÖs consideration of the original Jewish settlement in Belfast at the end of the nineteenth century and Michael MontgomeryÔÇÖs discussion of how the original settlers from Ulster in eighteenth century America have been identified by the terms applied to them. Alison MuirÔÇÖs detailed research on the manufacture of paper, and the uses of locally manufactured paper, is a truly original piece of work on an aspect of the eighteenth century economy that was the background against which the forces of emigration are being increasingly seen.
Paddy FitzgeraldÔÇÖs account of post-graduate teaching and learning on the theme of emigration is a reflection of how far the topic of emigration has come. William RoulstonÔÇÖs re-creation of an eighteenth century family, using the evidence available, provides an excellent model for others to follow.
This growth has been due in no small measure to the research and published writings over the last twenty years of Kerby A. Miller. It is entirely fitting the Professor Miller has reviewed the new volume of essays on the theme of assisted emigration edited by Paddy Duffy who, with his co-editor Gerald Moran, whose most recent publication is also reviewed, has brought deserving attention to the area of assisted emigration from Ireland.
Brenda CollinsÔÇÖ review of Frank McCorryÔÇÖs published researches on church registers in County Armagh will have a broad interest, as will Fred RankinÔÇÖs report on a new work on Quaker churches throughout Ireland. The other reviews give a picture of historical topics that continue to feature in Familia and are a key guide to maintaining an Irish library in genealogical and family history societies throughout Australia and elsewhere. Trevor Parkhill has collected a unique draft of articles to keep up the high standard of Familia.
Directory of Irish Family History Research: Formerly known as ÔÇÿSubscribersÔÇÖ Interest ListÔÇÖ; No. 27, 2004, published by the Ulster Historical Foundation, ISBN 1 903688 51 5, pps. 100.
Contents include:
List of SubscribersÔÇÖ Research Interests (alphabetical order by surname being researched, cross-referenced to the List of Subscribers by membership number). Pages 5-34
List of Subscribers with Contact Details (numerical order by membership number) Pages 35-65
Guild News Pages 66-68
Residents of Larne Town born outside of Co. Antrim as given in the 1901 Census Pages 69-80
The Intercepting Hospital: Information needed Page 81
List, by county, of the committee empowered to appoint Brown Linen Seal Masters in Ireland in 1828 Page 82
Constables in County Antrim in 1796 Page 83.
The Directory is again a goldmine of information regarding research of ancestors from Ireland and especially from the nine counties of Ulster and county Louth. The Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild membership entitles members to access databases which IÔÇÖll include details in this newsletter and the March issue. Find the surnames you are interested in and if the county and area match, contact the subscriber who is researching this family. About 60% of subscribers have an e-mail address as well as a residential address. This makes contact quick and low cost. A standard air-mail letter from Australia to Ireland now costs AUS$1.80 whereas e-mail is faster and cheaper.
Guild Membership: Guild membership can be taken out on-line at www.ancestryireland.com There is a secure site for payments by credit card. The cost of membership this year (2005) has increased to E£30.00 with airmail delivery of the Directory and Familia an extra E£4.00; however renewals this year are E£23.00. Five year membership with airmail delivery of the directory and Familia is E£90.00, a big saving on annual membership.
IRISH GENEALOGY DATABASES ÔÇô Search through 2,000,000+ Records.
As part of its role in making Irish genealogical records more readily available the Ulster Historical Foundation is continually adding new searchable databases to this site. Some of these will be freely available to visitors though most will be restricted to our Guild members. These databases are an invaluable source in helping you to trace your Irish ancestors.
FREE ACCESS: Below is a list of databases that are freely available to visitors. Number of Records Example available.
Index to Birth records for County Antrim and County Down 437,538
Index to Marriage records for County Antrim and County Down 745,235
Index to Death records for County Antrim and County Down ÔÇô coming soon 532,167
Irish ancestors being researched (membersÔÇÖ interests) 3,571
Distribution of surnames in Ireland in 1890 (MathesonÔÇÖs special report) 97,282
New ÔÇô Ulster Historical Foundation Research Files 6,886
Below is a list of databases that are available to Members Only. If you are interested in becoming a member then click here (on-line on the site) for further details. Number of Records Example available on-line
Index to Printed Irish Will Calendars 1878-1900 (covering all 32 counties) 151,000 Example
Irish Gravestone Inscription Surname-First-name Index 59,289
Distribution of Surnames in Ulster (nine counties) in the mid-19th century 147,625 Example
Index to 1796 Flaxgrowers Bounty List (giving parish locations) 56,018 Example
Directory of Businesses in Belfast 1807 681 Example
Directory of Businesses in Belfast 1808 867 Example
Subscribers to a Causeway book 1,845 Example
Scottish settlers in Ulster 1,041 Example
Subscribers to Samuel LewisÔÇÖ Topographical Dictionary 8,483 Example
1803 Agricultural Census of Antrim 7,178 Example
Illiterate voters in Irish boroughs in 1837 3,660 Example
1728 Hertford Estate Rent Roll 1,329 Example
Teachers in County Fermanagh in 1826-27 237
An 18th century muster roll of the Abercorn manors in North West Ulster 214
Index to Freeholders listed in poll-book for the Co. Antrim general election of 1776 1,741
Index to Freeholders registered to vote at elections, Co. Donegal 1767-1771 1,551
Index to Freeholders registered to vote at elections, Co. Fermanagh 1747-1768 638
Listing of unofficial/subdenominational local place-names for counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry/Derry and Tyrone 3,647 Example
Fasti of the Presbyterian Church 1,498 Example
The Brig Jessie 1830 16
Tyrone Constitution Deaths 618
Butchers in Belfast 1830 20
Fermanagh Brooke Estate Rentals 668
Linen Drapers Moneymore 1796 58
Reward Subscribers Derrynoose County Armagh 1795 75
17th Century Gravestones 167
Agents for the East India Tea Company 39
New. The Florencecourt Brick, January 1877 10
New. Dublin Exchange, April 1815 22
New. RIC Constables stationed in Ulster, 1828 44
New. Irish Land Commission Court of 1897 list Tenants of Lisburn 47
New. Enniskillen Grand Jury in 1815 81
New. List of Household Heads in Larne Town in 1901 680
New. Larne 1901 Census ÔÇô List of People who were born outside of County Antrim 831
New. Dublin, Belfast and Coleraine Junction Railway ÔÇô Committee and office holders 49

Note: These databases are the work of many hands and whilst every effort is made to ensure their accuracy inevitably transcription errors will occur. If you note any errors please inform us by completing the Feedback Form.
Birth, Death and Marriage records for County Antrim and County Down
ADVANCED SEARCH ACTIVE: The advanced search has been activated. Please select your search criteria by selecting from the dropdown box in the form below. You have access to the advanced search pages for 24 hours (after completing the payment process), during which time you can exit and return to the website, using your personal membership number and password to login. Any lookups that have not been used within 24 hours will be erased.
If you have purchased more than one credit, the drop-down box allows you to toggle between datasets. Clicking on the search button will return you to the list of matching entries and reveal the additional information.

Procedure: There were 10 marriages for James Eakin listed in the result list. I looked through them and decided I needed five (5) of the full records of Marriage. This would cost me E┬ú8.00, just under AUS$20.00 or $4.00 each. I then paid the money on the secure web-site which took about five minutes. I then selected the five records from the dataset, and the five were downloaded immediately and compared them to the five original certificates I had and the data was exactly identical for all five marriages. IÔÇÖll list these five marriages in the March newsletter so the reader can relate to the information provided from the website and see how complete it is. At AUS$4.00 each these transcripts are good value, and immediately available anywhere in the world on a self serve basis. Non-members would have had access but would have paid E┬ú10.00 for the one unit (5 records).
The dialog boxes above are showing the record after I had downloaded my record sets, as you can see your dataset remains for 24 hours so if you decide you need more records from the results list, you can go back and select others (provided you have credits available) to select more records for downloading.
Searches of the Indexes are free, however only Birth and Marriages are available at the time of writing (25 February 2005). Death indexes will follow when re-checking is complete and the database is uploaded to the web-site. There will be approximately 352,167 death records available, with the indexes free which could be used to select records from the historyfromheadstones website, www.historyfromheadstones.com where full records cost E£3.00 for non-members and £1.50 for Guild members. For Guild membership go to www.ancestryireland.com and complete the details including secure payment or print out a membership form.
Articles, suggestions and information for this newsletter are welcome and may be E-mailed to: teakin@chilli.net.au or posted to Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW AUSTRALIA 2066

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