ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 7, No. 6, June 2005.

A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address:
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ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 7, No. 6, June 2005.

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A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066
Contact E-mail address:
ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 7, No. 6, June 2005.

Introduction: ÔÇÿAll Ireland SourcesÔÇÖ is a monthly newsletter distributed free by E-mail to Family History Societies and interested researchers near the end of each month. Distribution by Australia Post each three months (three issues) costs $6.00 annually within Australia. The aim is to bring items of interest regarding Irish record sources to the Australian genealogist. The editor would appreciate being made aware of records relating to the Irish, particularly those held in Australia or new in the LDS Family History Library. Back copies are available free for downloading from
Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors: Researching the 17th and 18th century time period has proved most difficult for those researching their immigrant ancestors in the Province of Ulster. Reliable guidance for genealogical researchers for the most critical period up to 1800 in the establishment of their familyÔÇÖs links has proven so elusive. Not any more. The book Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors ÔÇô The essential genealogical guide to early modern Ulster. launched last month in Belfast, the book can claim to be the first comprehensive guide for family historians searching for ancestors in 17th and 18th century Ulster.
Whether your ancestors are of English, Scottish or Gaelic Irish origin, this book will be of enormous value to anyone wishing to conduct research in Ulster prior to 1800. A comprehensive range of sources from the period 1600-1800 are identified and explained in very clear terms. Information on the whereabouts of these records and how they may be accessed is also provided. Equally important, there is guidance on how effectively they might be used. I particularly liked the presentation of data covering the three counties, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan, now in the Republic of Ireland as well as the six counties which since 1922 make up Northern Ireland.
The appendices to the book include a full listing of pre-1800 church records for over 200 churches in Ulster; a detailed description of nearly 250 collections of 17th and 18th century estate papers; and a summary breakdown of the sources available from this period for each parish in Ulster. William Roulston (the author) is Research Officer with the Ulster Historical Foundation. He is a native of Bready, County Tyrone, and has researched and written on a number of aspects of the history of Ulster in the 17th and 18th centuries including a History of Leckpatrick Parish. The book is now available from the Ulster Historical Foundation bookshop on line at for ┬ú11.39 plus packing/postage and UHF Guild memberÔÇÖs price is ┬ú10.25 plus packing and postage. If you are not on the Internet, write to: The Ulster Historical Foundation, Balmoral Buildings, 12 College Square East, Belfast BT1 6DD, Northern Ireland.
Family History Conference: The Ulster Historical Foundation will hold its 2005 Family History Conference from 5th ÔÇô 10th September 2005 in Belfast. The title is ÔÇÿIreland at War 1594-1945ÔÇÖ and is a series of lectures, events and site visits as well as the supervised visits to the archives. Go to the website for a brochure and details of the programme including the lectures and costs. On site lectures will make for good research. Topics include:
Valuation Records by Bill Macafee

Military Memorials by William Roulston

Using Church Records at PRONI by Valerie Adams

Military Records at PRONI by Ian Montgomery

Ireland and the Great War by Keith Jeffery

Linen at War by Jonathan Hamill

The men of the Ards 1798 by Harry Allen

Joe Devlin and Belfast Catholics in the British Army by Eamon Phoenix

Sir Henry Docwra & the Nine Year War in the North-West by William Kelly

Practical Steps to Finding your Military Ancestor by Fintan Mullen and others. Conference accommodation is at Elms Village, QueenÔÇÖs University at Belfast with all rooms single and en-suite.

As these cemeteries to be published on one CD ROM later this year have many Irish interments within, I thought I would include the following offer from the Society of Australian Genealogists, Richmond Villa, 120 Kent Street, Sydney NSW Australia.
Pre-publication offer -Waverley & South Head CemeteriesIt's some years since SAG published on microfiche transcriptions of Waverley Cemetery headstones. Later this year they will become available on CD-ROM, using the same software used for the popular CDs of transcriptions of Macquarie Park (formerly Northern Suburbs) and historic Rookwood cemeteries.
Apart from the significant increase in search functionality that this will allow, the CD will also include for the first time transcriptions from another Eastern Suburbs cemetery, South Head General ÔÇô a real bonus that will make this CD very popular.
First interments at Waverley cemetery took place in 1877, but the transcriptions include some with much earlier detail, with one as early as 1806. Transcriptions were completed in 1996 and have not been updated for this CD. South Head started in 1869, but the CD includes details of deaths as early as 1830, and as recent as 2002. Overall, more than 56,000 transcriptions.
Publication is not expected before the end of September, and the CD will then sell at $60 to SAG members, $70 to non-members, plus P&P. These prices will apply to individuals and non-profit organisations ÔÇô more for public libraries and other multi-users.
In the meantime, we have a pre-publication offer ÔÇô $50 for SAG members, $60 for non-members, including P&P within Australia ÔÇô a discount of up to 20%! Once again, these prices apply only if you're an individual or non-profit organisation ÔÇô more for public libraries and other multi-users. Overseas orders do not pay the 10% GST which is included but this pays for airmail postage to overseas.
Pre-publication orders at these prices will be accepted only if received by 15 September 2005, and can be placed online at Orders received after 15 September will be processed at full price.
County Fermanagh Sources and PRONI References: Census: 1821 Census Records for Baronies of Lurg and Magherastephana MIC.5A/3-4 1821 Aghalurcher Parish census extracts T.1126/1 1821 Pages from Thrift MSS consisting of abstracts of census T.3703
returns for families, some of them in Co. Fermanagh. 1841; 1851 Old age pension claims census extracts for various County T.559/21-3 Fermanagh baronies. c.1847 ÔÇ£Visiting BookÔÇØ for Sallaghy parish, Co. Fermanagh, which is D.2098 really a household census, including Roman Catholic families; also a similar book for Galloon parish, including Newtown-
butler. 1851 Census records for the barony of Lurg. MIC.5A/10 1901 Records of the 1901 Census for County Fermanagh MIC.354/4 1911 Notebook kept by Constable Thornton, RIC, containing a T.2981
census of population in Petty Sessions district of Letterbreen, parishes of Cleenish and Rossorry, County Fermanagh.
1973-7 Published reports of analysis of 1971 census of County R.G.O. 7/6 Fermanagh.
Note: The 1901 and 1911 censuses are available worldwide through the LDS Family History Centres. Some of the other items are available in published form or in the LDS FH Centres. Look at the Family History Library Catalogue on line or on CD ROM using key word searches.
Court: 1605-1895 List of High Sheriffs, County Fermanagh T.808/15074
1641 Depositions MIC.8/1-10
1655 List of JPs, County Fermanagh T.808/15062
1663-1844 List of JPs, County Fermanagh T.517/1
1665 List of JPs, Enniskillen T.808/15065
1678 SheriffÔÇÖs Roll T.359, p.1
1720 List of Constables, Enniskillen Walk T.808/15062
1759 Letter from Circuit Judge, Enniskillen T.2368; MIC.148
1792-1858 Crown and Peace Court records for County Fermanagh including: Crown books and files for Enniskillen and Newtownbutler Quarter Sessions and for Co. Fermanagh cases held at Ulster winter Assizes, 18711958; Grand Jury Presentment Books for Co. Fermanagh, 1792-1898; records of a number of the miscellaneous functions of the Court such as coronerÔÇÖs inquests, 1889-1898, workmenÔÇÖs compensation registers, 1902-1963, and registers of spirit licences, 1875-1928. FER.1-7
1798 Grand Jury Criminal Book D.205
c.1800 AppellantÔÇÖs case on disputed will of a member of the Wilkin family, Randalstown area, Co. Fermanagh. T.1857
1875-1969 Order books for various Petty Sessions including Belleek, Brookeborough, Derrygonnelly, Derrylin, Enniskillen, Irvinetown, Letterbreen, Lisbellaw, Kesh, Lisnaskea, Newtownbutler and Roslea. P.S.1
C.1900-c.1905 C.200 documents comprising correspondence of H. A. Burke as Sheriff for Co. Fermanagh. D.2091
c.1900-c.1907 c.600 documents comprising Crown briefs, etc. of James Riordan as crown solicitor for Fermanagh and Tyrone. D.2089
1900-1940 Papers re Co. Fermanagh coronerÔÇÖs requests. D.1397
1911 Notebook kept by Constable Thornton, RIC, containing a census of population in Petty Sessions district of Letterbreen, etc. T.2981
1912 Legal papers re child cruelty case, Gortraw, Co. Fermanagh. D.1096
1913 Court order, Enniskillen RDC vs. James Weir. T.402/42
1921-1931 Ministry of Home Affairs ÔÇÿHÔÇÖ General files pertaining to the appointment of Commissioners of the Peace in Co. Fermanagh. H.A.5/231

1922-1927 Ministry of Home Affairs ÔÇÿHÔÇÖ General files containing papers about expenses for Co. Fermanagh Spring and Summer Assizes. H.A.5/1046, 1066-7
1922-1930 Ministry of Home Affairs Miscellaneous Service files concerning the appointment of Crown and Sessional Crown Solicitors for County Fermanagh. H.A.8/365-6
1922-1956 Ministry of Home Affairs Miscellaneous Service file relating to the appointment of coroners in County Fermanagh. H.A.8/990
April 1923 Dept. of the Prime Minister correspondence (2nd series) with Louis de Montford, Ballinamallard, Co. Fermanagh, who was seeking a post as a Resident Magistrate. P.M.2/13/276
1923-1928 Memorial of Fermanagh Sessional Bar for the abolition of Newtownbutler Quarter Sessions and that they be held in Enniskillen only. H.A.5/182
1924-1926 Ministry of Home Affairs ÔÇÿPIÔÇÖ (Prisons Branch) file re transfer of townlands from Letterbreen Petty Sessions District to Belleek Petty Sessions District, Co. Fermanagh. H.A.9
1928 Correspondence from lawyers in Fermanagh concerning their desire that the County Court sittings should be transferred from Enniskillen back to Newtownbutler. Since 1920, all crown business in Newtownbutler had been dealt with by the Enniskillen Quarter Sessions. (For more details see records of Fermanagh Crown and Peace, ref. FER. 1-7, above). CAB.9B/140
1930-1935 Ministry of Home Affairs ÔÇÿHÔÇÖ General file re Claude Wilson, Registrar of the Civil Bill Courts for Counties Armagh and Fermanagh. CAB.9B/140
1931 Correspondence concerning the legality of the appointment of a Registrar of the Civil Bill Courts for the Counties of Armagh and Fermanagh. CAB.9B/187
Electoral Registers1895-1915 Electoral Registers for County Fermanagh: North and South Divisions. FER.5/2/1-21
1918-1939 Electoral Registers for County Fermanagh: North and South Divisions. FER.5/2/1/24-5
1962 Electoral registers for Co. Fermanagh: Fermanagh and South Tyrone Constituency. C.E.O.8/10
1971 Electoral registers for Co. Fermanagh: Fermanagh and South Tyrone Constituency. L.G.B.C.1/4/5/179
1972 Electoral Registers for Co. Fermanagh: Fermanagh District. C.E.O.2/1A/12
1972 Electoral Registers for Co. Fermanagh: Fermanagh and South Tyrone Constituency. C.E.O.2/2A/24-6
1973 Electoral Registers for Co. Fermanagh: Fermanagh District. C.E.O.2/1B/12

Similar records should be available for each county in both the Republic (26) and in Northern Ireland (6). Note these are consecutive records up to 1973 and then available almost annually from then.
Articles, suggestions and information for this newsletter are welcome and may be E-mailed to: or posted to Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW AUSTRALIA 2066.

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