ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 8, No. 3, March 2006.

A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address:
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ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 8, No. 3, March 2006.

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A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address:
ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 8, No. 3, March 2006.

Introduction: ÔÇÿAll Ireland SourcesÔÇÖ is a monthly newsletter distributed free by E-mail to Family History Societies and interested researchers near the end of each month. Distribution by Australia Post each three months (three issues) costs $6.00 annually within Australia. The aim is to bring items of interest regarding Irish record sources to the Australian genealogist. The editor would appreciate being made aware of records relating to the Irish, particularly those held in Australia or new in the LDS Family History Library. Back copies available free for downloading from Note new email address.
The Irish Newspaper has launched and I include the press release and also the brochure which you will be able to print and make further notes on. It is a subscription site and Libraries, Colleges and individuals may subscribe. Just go to
Irish Newspaper Archives Launched
Irish Newspaper Archives has launched the most ambitious digital archive project ever undertaken in this country. It involves the complete digitisation of IrelandÔÇÖs newspaper heritage. Titles such as the Irish Independent (1905 ÔÇô current), Sunday Independent, The FreemanÔÇÖs Journal (1763 ÔÇô 1924), the Nation and many more of IrelandÔÇÖs leading regional newspapers are fully word searchable.
The information is be stored and viewed in the exact format of the original newspaper ÔÇô every page, article, word and picture as it was originally published. Researchers will now be able to view history as it happened in an instant, from the Wolf Tone Rebellion of 1798 as reported in the ÔÇ£FreemanÔÇÖs JournalÔÇØ and more recent seminal moments in Irish history as reported in the ÔÇ£Irish IndependentÔÇØ. Professional researchers, students and amateur historians, alike are now able to examine Irelands local past through the regional papers and how national and international historical events were perceived in the established national papers of the day
This database will be an invaluable resource for all organisations with an interest in Irish studies and Anglo-Irish relations. The regional titles in particular are a wonderful resource for all those involved in genealogical studies due to their detailed births, deaths and marriages. It will also have great significance for those with an interest in the history of journalism, as it will illustrate the development of Irelands newspaper heritage from the 1760ÔÇÖs up to the present.
The archive consists of over 2 million pages of IrelandÔÇÖs newspaper heritage. At this time we have the following
titles available on our site
ÔÇó The Irish Independent ÔÇó The Freemans Journal ÔÇó The Anglo-Celt
ÔÇó The Leitrim Observer ÔÇó The Meath Chronicle ÔÇó The Sunday Independent
ÔÇó The Connaught Telegraph ÔÇó The Tuam Herald

Additional content and titles will be added over the next few months, including: The Irish Farmers Journal, The Nation, The Munster Express, The Irish News, The Connacht Tribune, The Galway City Tribune, The Connacht Sentinel and many more.
For further details please contact: Jonathan Martin
Irish Newspaper Archives +353-1-294-2173
This catalogue has been divided in to four main sections:
The Irish Newspaper Archive: Website is revolutionising newspaper research. All the newspapers and journals involved in the Irish Newspaper Archive project, are fully indexed and word searchable. For a trial of our website simply contact us, and you can begin word searching newspaper from 1763 to current date. See inside for the full listing of over 30 titles involved. The perfect research tool, whether for professional researchers, genealogical studies or part-time

historians and academics. Search millions of newspapers pages, historical documents and pictorial databases in a matter of minutes. Our website is also complete with useful linkages, chat room resources and hints to help you in your research.

Is a full listing of our newspaper archives. These archives consist of national, regional, current and out of print newspapers. We also have a collection of Irish language newspapers and magazines.

Consists of an invaluable archive of documents of historical significance, with 18th and 19th century Irish Directories. Our collection of historical documents include resources such as the Irish House of Commons Journal 1613 ÔÇô 1800, Journal of the House of Lords 1634 ÔÇô 1752 and Statutes relating to Ireland 1310 ÔÇô 1776. The Directories list and illustrate the eminent people of the time and the development of the infrastructure in what was the booming world trade within the British Empire.

Consists of the Lawrence collection, an early Victorian photographic record of Ireland. This archive consists of over 50,000 glass plates stored on microfilm. All listings on this catalogue are available on microfilm, fully word searchable CD-ROM & DVD or as a networked solution. All Listings are available as standing orders

Digitisation Microfilming O.C.R Processing IrelandÔÇÖs largest Irish Newspaper of Microfilm & Duplication (Microfilm Word Searchable) Newspaper Archive and Archive Website
National MicroMedia Products & Services: Irish Newspaper Archive Website: This website is revolutionising the way researchers are able to investigate Irish studies. All the newspapers and journals involved in the Irish Newspaper archive project are fully indexed and word searchable, many from their inception to current date. For a trial of our website simply contact us. See inside for the full listing of over 30 titles involved. INA is the perfect research tool whether youÔÇÖre a professional researcher, involved genealogical studies, a part-time historian or an academic. Search millions of newspapers pages, historical documents and pictorial databases in a matter of minutes. Our website is also complete with useful linkages, chat room resources and hints to help you in your research.
IrelandÔÇÖs Largest Microfilm Archive of Newspaper & Journals: National MicroMedia is the longest established document Management company in Ireland. For over thirty-five years we have been the number one archive agent for many of the NationÔÇÖs leading National and Regional newspapers and the countryÔÇÖs leading supplier of duplicated microfilm.
Digitise Your Microfilm: From small scale digitisation projects to large scale internet database development we can design the solution to best suit your needs. For small scale projects we can render every image on your microfilm fully word searchable on self contained CD-ROM. For large scale digitisation projects we can offer a host of network solutions to maximise your database potential
Microfilm Existing Documents:
National Micromedia Ltd will microfilm your existing documents to the highest standard
and at the most competitive price.

Memorable Moments Press Prints:
We can photographically/digitally reproduce any newspaper page to the highest possible quality.
These press prints make the ideal gift to capture those special memories of birthdays, and
anniversaries, in fact any golden moment. Great corporate rates apply.

Robert French and the Lawrence Collection
From the patenting of the first daguerrotype in 1839, nineteenth-century photography was mainly a business for professionals. In the days when newspapers could reproduce only line engravings and photography as a hobby was a privilege of the rich. Vast numbers of photographs were sold in many forms to a world, which was curious to see it and educate it.
The photograph had taken over from painting as the visual means of communication and now had a vast and popular appeal. Photographic firms supplied this mass demand with studio portrays, cartes de visites of the famous and notorious, stereoscopic views, lantern-slides, picture postcards and albums of views. In every country firms competed vigorously for this lucrative trade. Each firm built up large numbers of negatives from which prints were made and marketed. In many cases these negatives have been broken or lost and it is rare to find a collection intact.
One of the most comprehensive collections of Victorian photographs to have been preserved in its entirety is housed in the National Library of Ireland. It consists of 50,000 glass negatives of Ireland. This vast collection was the property of the Dublin firm of William Lawrence & Sons. Lawrence began photographing Ireland in 1879. His firmÔÇÖs catalogue, ÔÇ£Ireland in the magic LanternÔÇØ lists merely a selection from his immense collection claiming, ÔÇ£to be the choicest and most graphic subjects to illustrate scenery and antiquities of IrelandÔÇØ. The quality is very high class. W. Lawrence lantern-slides are celebrated for their warmth of tone and brilliant transparency and have a world-wide sale and reputation. The Lawrence collection includes each city, county and beauty spot, portraits of priests, prelates and politicians, churches, jails & prisons, transport and shipping and scenes of both tragic and comic sketches of Irish life and character. The Lawrence collection is available on roll film or as individual photographic reprints
Titles Committed to the Irish Newspaper Archive Website
The Evening Herald
The Irish News The Irish Farmers Journal Donegal News
The Connacht Tribune The Munster Express Fingal Independent
The Leitrim Observer The Freemans Journal THE NATION
& Many More
The Newspaper Archive:

Irish Newspaper Archive is the largest online database of Irish Newspapers in the world. This incredible research tool is the result of over 33 years of meticulous dedication to the archiving and preservation of newspapers to microfilm. In many ways you could say that this project has taken 33 years to realise. Never before has any research organisation been offered the opportunity to view IrelandÔÇÖs rich historical newspaper past in this manner. Irish Newspaper Archive can boast to have over thirty titles on board. Our digital archive dates from 1763 to current date, it includes out of print titles, regional and daily titles. Our content does not just stop there, our members can expect to see directories, historical pictures from the Lawrence Collection and even ÔÇ£Yeats papersÔÇØ. With over thirty titles, we almost have every corner of Ireland represented through their regional presses. Coming this January 2006 your college library is invited to become a member of this comprehensive research tool. During the months of November and December you are welcome to sign up for your collegeÔÇÖs free trial period. Irish Newspaper Archive is the largest on-line resource of Irish Newspaper titles in the world. For a full listing see National Daily Newspapers From Ireland. Our newspaper collection on microfilm is the largest available in the country and covers a wide spectrum of Irish social history over a period of three centuries. For your convenience we have divided them in three categories: National Daily Papers, Regional Weekly Papers Weekly Papers and Out of Print Papers.
National Daily Newspapers: ÔÇ£The Irish IndependentÔÇØ is by far IrelandÔÇÖs largest circulating daily national paper with over 1.3 million readers daily. The Irish Independent was established in 1905 when William Martyn Murphy amalgamated three Dublin newspapers. The following year the Sunday Independent was established. After the 1916 rising William Martyn Murphy bought the ruined buildings in Abbey Street, Dublin as the headquarters for his newspaper empire. The Irish Independent quickly established itself as IrelandÔÇÖs premier paper and since its inception has cemented this position. The newspaper archive reports on events that helped shape the modern Irish State. Such events as the cultural renaissance of the early twentieth century, and the radicalisation of Irish politics away from demands for Home Rule to full independence. The paper comments on the growing disquiet in Ireland over the British suppression of the unpopular 1916 insurrection and how this disquiet slid in a full-scale war of independence. It illustrates the treaty with the British that led to the partition of Ireland and resulting in the brutal civil war during the creation of the Irish Free State and later the Irish Republic. All these events are reported in the Irish Independent as they occurred and were viewed by the readers of the time. The Irish Independent can indeed lay claim to being the voice of the Irish people. The paper is today a major influence on Irish politics and propagates Irish cultural awareness internationally through its many expatriate associations. ÔÇ£The Irish PressÔÇØ was founded by Emmon DeValera in 1931 to espouse the Finna Gael partyÔÇÖs political opposition to Finna Fail. The paper remained under the DeValeraÔÇÖs family influence until its unfortunate demise in 1995 as a victim of the worldwide trend of rationalisation in the newspaper industry. ÔÇ£The Evening HeraldÔÇØ is IrelandÔÇÖs most respected daily tabloid paper. The paper was first publisher in 1891 as a Dublin broad sheet but later developed into a tabloid paper. The paper is part of the Irish Independent newspaper group, Irish Media PLC.
Title Years Reel Reels Word Searchable
Count Per Yr Dual Layer DVD Evening Herald 1891 - Current 1028 36 79 Sunday Independent 1906 - Current 269 12 21 Irish Press 1930 - 1995 516 40
Annual Standing Orders Available Current Year = 2005

Documents of Special Historical Interest Out of Print Political Journals
Title Years Reel Word Searchable
Count Dual Layer DVD Irish House of Commons Journal 1613 ÔÇô 1800 1 1 Journal of the House of Lords 1634 ÔÇô 1752 3 1 Statutes relating to Ireland 1310 ÔÇô 1776 10 1 Index reel to the Statutes Irish Teachers Journal 1868- 1880 7 1

18th & 19th Century Trade Directories
PigotÔÇÖs Directory 1820-22 & 1824 City of Dublin and Hibernia Directory containing classification of the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Professional Gentlemen, Merchants and Manufactures of Dublin and of over 220 of the principal cities, towns and seaports of Ireland. Concise historical and descriptive classification of the trade and designation of nearly 40,000 of the inhabitants. Copious directories of the merchants, manufacturers and wholesale traders in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield and also a complete guide and directory to the Isle of Man.

SlaterÔÇÖs Directory 1846,56,70,81 & 1894 Directory of Ireland consisting of the traderÔÇÖs list, with alphabetical directories of Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Limerick. To which are added classified directories of Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Bristol. A large Map of Ireland, which faithfully depicts the lines of railways in operation or under construction

The Commercial guide through Dublin 1825: Where to find every street, square, lane, public office, building and remarkable place in the city. A concise and descriptive account of all places of notoriety.

Dublin ÔÇô A New City pictorial Directory 1850: This publication is a unique directory novel in design and in arrangement. It is not merely a work of references; it is a work of literary interest, a work that everyone will read. A special feature of the engravings of the principal streets of Dublin.

Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1844 & 1847.

McDonalds Irish Directory 1902, 1906, 1911, 1918, 1926 & 1928: This directory comprises of lists that include, Members of Parliament, Lords-Lieutenants and High Sheriffs of Ireland, Magistrates, Municipal, Clerical and medical practitioners in Dublin, Belfast. It also includes British Consuls and Vice Consuls in foreign countries etc. It also contains the populations according to the current census and a new railway map of Ireland plus specially engraved plans for the cities of Dublin, Belfast and Cork. Sections are also included in these editions for the cities of Liverpool and Glasgow.

Leets Irish Directory 1814: Directory to the market towns, villages, gentlemenÔÇÖs seats and other noted places in Ireland. With reference to the counties in which they were located, the post-town to a general index of persons, names, referring to the place where their address will be found, together with a list of the present rates of postage throughout the British Empire.

Masons parochial Directory 1814, 1816, 1819; A parochial survey of Ireland drawn up from the communications of the clergy by William Shaw Mason Esq., M.R.I.A. Remembrancer and Receiver of the First Fruits and sector to the Board of Public Records.

Out of Print Newspapers From Ireland: The FreemanÔÇÖs Journal The FreemanÔÇÖs Journal was the IrelandÔÇÖs longest running National Newspaper running for 161 years since its publication in 1763. Throughout its long history the newspaper reflected the turbulent changes in Irish society from the Wolf - Tone Rebellion, to the Great Famine and the Establishment of the Irish Free State. The FreemanÔÇÖs Journal is the greatest source for social, political and historical studies through IrelandÔÇÖs great newsprint heritage.
The Nation The Nation from its foundation in October 1842 sought, not only to disinfect the political life of the country, but to raise the whole standard of national self-respect based on the nalienable right of people to guard their own destinies; to inculcate a sentiment of pride in Ireland
Out of Print Newspapers
Title Years Reel Reels Word Searchable Count Per Year Dual Layer DVD The FreemanÔÇÖs Journal 1763 - 1924 386 30 The Nation 1842 - 1897 43 3 The Evening Telegraph 1916 - 1919 7 1 The Daily Independent 1888 - 1904 40 3 Ballina Herald 1927 - 1962 15 1 Finns Leinster Journal 1767 - 1828 20 2 Rights of Irishmen Press Dublin 1797 - 1798 1 1 Ballinrobe Chronicle 1866 - 1903 19 1 Western Journal 1977 - 1983 12 1 Kerry Weekly Reporter 1927 - 1935 9 1 Kerry People 1925 ÔÇô 1928 4 1
Out of Print Newspapers In Irish An Goadhal (Boston) Vol 1ÔÇô13 1881 - 1898 2 1 Inniu 1943 - 1984 31 2
Title Years Reel Reels Word Searchable Count Per Year Dual Layer DVD Out of Print Magazines Irish Monthly 1873 - 1954 41 3 ÔÇ£Religious literary magazine edited and published to the highest standardsÔÇØ Irish Penny Journal 1840 - 1841 Microfiche 1 All Ireland Review 1900 - 1906 Microfiche 1
Regional Weekly Newspapers From Ireland: Our regional newspaper collection covers the width and breath of the country, North and South. When you consider that there had been in excess of 400 titles published over the last three hundred years, many unfortunately now defunct, you can appreciate the magnitude of the task involved in microfilming these titles for posterity. A collection of this archive resource will enable the researcher to investigate major international, national and local historical events and their effect in the provincial regions through IrelandÔÇÖs provincial newspapers. These papers were very often more radical than their contemporary national papers and will enable the researcher to better gauge the radicalisation of Irish politics outside the British seat of government in Dublin.
Title County Years Reel Reels Word Searchable Count Per Yr Dual Layer DVD Anglo-Celt Cavan 1846 - Current year 199 4 15 Connacht Tribune Galway 1909 - Current year 225 4 17 Galway City Tribune Galway 1975 - Current year 57 4 4 Connacht Sentinel Galway 1975 - Current year 58 1 4 Connaught Telegraph Mayo 1975 - Current year 98 4 8 Donegal Democrat Donegal 1919 - 1987 76 6 Drogheda Independent Louth 1885- 1891 & 1988 - Current year 55 4 4 Dundalk Democrat Louth 1859 - Current year 89 4 7 Fingal Independent Fingal 1993 ÔÇô Current year 30 4 2 The Kerryman Kerry 1904 - Current year 301 1 23 Killkenny People Kilkenny 1922 - Current year 122 12 9 Leinster Express Laois 1956 - Current year 31 2 Leinster Leader Kildare 1993 - Current year 36 6 3 Leitrim Observer Leitrim 1923 ÔÇô 1981 55 4 4 Limerick Leader Limerick 1905 ÔÇô 1998 125 6 10 Mayo News Mayo 1979 - Current year 46 4 4 Meath Chronicle Meath 1904 - Current year 183 4 14 Munster Express Waterford 1908 - Current year 189 6 15 National & Munster Adv. Tipperary 1890 - Current year 227 4 17 Nationalist & Leinster Carlow 1883 - Current year 275 12 21 Northern Standard Monaghan 1863 - Current year 239 4 18 The People Wexford 1990 - 2001 0 Roscommon Herald Roscommon 1882 - 1993 180 14 Southern Star Cork 1921 - 1935 & 1974 - Current year 106 4 8 Tipperary Star Tipperary 1909 - Current year 151 4 12 Tuam Herald Galway 1987 - Current year 2 0 Western People Mayo 1889 - Current year 151 6 12
Annual Standing Orders Available Current Year = 2005
National Micro Media Ltd Phone: + 353 1 2942173 Fax :+ 353 1 2952173 Email :
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