ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 8, No. 12, December 2006.

A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address:
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ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 8, No. 12, December 2006.

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A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066
Contact E-mail address:
ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 8, No. 12, December 2006.
Introduction: ÔÇÿAll Ireland SourcesÔÇÖ is a monthly newsletter distributed free by E-mail to Family History Societies and
interested researchers near the end of each month. Distribution by Australia Post each three months (three issues) costs $6.00 annually within Australia. The aim is to bring items of interest regarding Irish record sources to the Australian genealogist.
The editor would appreciate being made aware of records relating to the Irish, particularly those held in Australia or new in the LDS Family History Library. Back copies available free for downloading from Note new email address.

THE LONDONDERRY SENTINEL: Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1829-1869.
This CD ROM of the birth, marriage and death notices from the County Londonderry newspaper
extracted by the volunteers of the Coleraine Branch of the North of Ireland Family History
Society and published by the Society in September 2006. It is produced in a similar method to
the very successful ÔÇÿThe Coleraine Chronicle: Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1844-1869ÔÇÖ
published in book form (888 pages) in 2003 and long out of print but now reprinted as a CD
ROM and available from the Society.
The first edition of this newspaper, dated 19 September 1829, and priced at five pence (5d.)
was titled as ÔÇÿThe Londonderry Sentinel and North West AdvertiserÔÇÖ. It was published weekly
on a Saturday until 1863 when it was published twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. For
almost two centuries, the Londonderry Sentinel has played a leading part in recording events
that have had a direct effect on the people of the North West of Ireland. Some of these have
been milestones in history, such as the Potato Famine, political reforms, coronations, funerals,
world wars, catastrophes and civil strife. But others, a mainstay of the newspaperÔÇÖs continuing
appeal to its readers, have been happier occasions such as the marriages and births recorded
For many years, the Londonderry Sentinel was a regional rival to the Belfast Telegraph,
publishing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Now, in its new, tabloid format, it appears
on Wednesdays. Archives dating back to 1829 continue to provide an invaluable resource for
retrospective features and news stories.
Following on from their other two publications, the members of the Coleraine Branch of the
North of Ireland Family History Society, under the guidance of Project-Co-ordinator David
Beck, chose as their next project the abstraction of the Births, Deaths and Marriages from ÔÇ£The
SentinelÔÇØ from its first publication in 1829 to 1869 ÔÇô 41 years of valuable genealogical
information, as civil registration for Protestant marriages did not commence until 01 April
1845 and 01 January 1864 for all marriages, births and deaths in Ireland.
Some 6,800 births, 18,700 deaths and 9,900 marriages were carefully and accurately recorded
and indexed. Unfortunately records were not available for every year and every newspaper
published; this was especially true of 1855 when only ÔÇÿhard copyÔÇÖ of the newspaper was found
and that for only part of the year. It should be noted that in the case of births, only the sex of
the child was noted and not a first name.
The births and deaths are arranged by surname and first name(s) in alphabetical order, the date
of the newspaper is given to enable the exact day of the event to be calculated. Marriages are
arranged in chronological order in which they were printed each year and given an index
number coupled to the last two digits of the year (e.g. 29-11 is the 11th marriage in the year
1829, 30-63 is the 63rd marriage in the year 1830, etc.) and the full notice of marriage is printed
on this page. There is a separate index to marriages wherein all brides and grooms are listed in
alphabetical order.
Each PDF file is fully word searchable, e.g. the word Australia found 101 death entries and
more were noticed during browsing with Victoria, New South Wales, etc without the word
Australia and not included in this total. There were also 83 marriages and 12 births containing
the searched word Australia. There are 765 pages (A4) of deaths, 480 pages of marriages, 296
pages of marriage indexes (finding aids) and 181 pages of birth notices on the CD ROM
An Adobe Reader (v.7.0) is included on the CD ROM for those who do not have this free
reader available for PDF files on their computer. Additional information about the Coleraine
Branch of the North of Ireland Family History Society and its publications can be found at their
website: The CD ROMs are available from the Coleraine
Branch, North of Ireland Family History Society, W. F. Noel Black (Hon. Treasurer), 53B
Causeway Street, Portrush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland BT56 8AD, price £15.00
each plus postage £2.00 or check the website. Excellent value for the money.
Some examples of the notices are included below.

Surname Sex Issue Date Notice (Birth)
Carey Son 05 Oct 1866 June 26, at Bunbury Western Australia, the wife of T. C. Carey, Esq., Government Surveyor, of a son.
Cochrane Son 08 Apr 1859 January 05, at Bealiba, Avoca, Australia, the wife of J Cochrane, Esq., J.P. (late of Coleraine) of a son.
Higinbotham Dau 10 Feb 1860 December 17, at Melbourne, Australia, the wife of George Higinbotham, of a daughter.
Jones Son 11 Oct 1867 On 15 July, at Sydney, Australia, the wife of Frederick Jones, esq., of a son.
McCarron Dau 26 Apr 1861 February 08, at Melbourne, Australia, the wife of Mr Edward McCarron, late of this City, of a daughter.
McFarland Son 03 Dec 1858 August 23, in Western Australia, the lady of A McFarland, Esq., Judge of Western Australia, of a son.
Moody Dau 04 Sep 1866 At Truro, South Australia, the wife of Solomon Moody, Esq., J.P. formerly of Gortmore House, Magilligan, of a daughter.

Year-Number Issue Date Notice (Marriage)
1839-70 27 Apr 1839 On the 24th inst., at Castledawson, by the Rev. H. F. Stevenson, Robert Vincent Legge, Esq., of Australia to Elizabeth Graves, youngest daughter of the late Captain John Richards Lapenotiere, R.N. of Roseland, County Cornwall.
1842-19 22 Jan 1842 On 26th May last by special license by the Rev. James Forbes, A. M., Mr Matthew Holmes (late of Strabane), of the firm Kerr & Holmes, Melbourne, Australia, to Anne, youngest daughter of Allan Maclean, Esq., of Strathallan, Port Philip.
1847-58 08 May 1847 September 29th, in St GeorgeÔÇÖs Church, Perth, Australia by the Rev. T. B. Willinoom, Colonial Chaplain, the Honourable G. F. Moore, Advocate General and Acting Colonial Secretary of Western Australia, to Fanny May Jane, step-daughter to his Excellency the Governor, and daughter of the late Rev. E. Jackson, M. A. Cambridge, Chaplain to the Honourable East India Company.
1847-131 16 Oct 1847 On Wednesday, the 21st April 1847, in St James Church, Sydney, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Australia, Samuel J. Ussher, Esq. fifth son of the late Rev. Dr. Henry Ussher of Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland, to Margaret Lillias, daughter of David Chambers, Esq., formerly of Magherafelt, County Londonderry, Ireland and now of Macquarrie Street in the City of Sydney, New South Wales.
1853-147 02 Sep 1853 On 3rd February last, at Adelaide, South Australia, Miss Lee, niece of William Freckleton, Esq., Newport Trench, County Tyrone, to Henry T. Morris, Esq., nephew to G. A. Stevens, Esq., barrister-at-law.

Surname First Names Issue Date Notice (Death)
Adams George Hill 10 Feb 1865 On 06 February at 5 Mall Terrace, Notting Hill, London, George Hill Adams, Esq., M.D. formerly of Geelong, Australia, youngest son of the late William Adams, Esq., Portglenone, County Antrim.
Alexander John 08 Sep 1854 On 1st inst.., of consumption, at the residence of Mrs Walker, Bishop Street, in this City, where he had returned but five weeks from Australia, Mr John Alexander, the youngest son of the late Andrew Alexander, Esq., of Kinnycally, near St Johnston, Co. Donegal.
Allen Andrew 17 Feb 1860 On the 8th December, at MyerÔÇÖs Flat, Australia, Mr Andrew Allen, merchant, youngest son of Mr A. Allen, merchant, Magherafelt, County Derry.
Beatty James 25 Oct 1861 July 31, at Strawberry Hills, Australia, aged 72 years, Mr James Beatty, formerly of Fermanagh.
Beers Philip G.(Cap.)27 Aug 1842 At the latter end of March last, at Port Philip, New South Wales, Australia, Philip Groves Beers, Esq., Captain of the 80th Regiment and son of the late William Beers, Esq., Ballyward Lodge, County Down.
Beers Matilda 08 Oct 1842 On 9th May, on her passage to England from Port Philip, New South Wales, Australia, Mrs. Matilda Beers, after the sudden death of her devoted husband, Philip Groves Beers, Esq., late Captain of the 80th Regiment.

Probably more than 50% of the notices are from without the County (Londonderry) with more than 10% of these notices from events outside of Ireland. CD ROM purchase recommended
for all libraries, FH Societies and genealogists with Irish interests.
The SocietyÔÇÖs web site at gives details.

Book Review: Strabane & West Ulster: History from the Broadsheets: Selections from The
Strabane Morning Post, 1812-1837 edited by Faye Lynsyl Logue (2006) ISBN 0-952892-03-0
and published by the Strabane History Society, 446 pages, 1.25 kgs, E£13.99.
The surviving issues of the Strabane Morning Post, 1812-1837 are an important source for genealogical
research in North West Ulster. Faye has transcribed news, notices and advertisements from this
provincial newspaper. Its notices of births, marriages and deaths all pre-date the civil registration of
Protestant marriages from 1845 and are far earlier than the civil registration of births, deaths and
Roman Catholic marriages from 1864. These events may not be recorded elsewhere. The first issue
was published on 05 November 1811 and it was published every Tuesday,.until 11 April 1837.
The readership was confined not only to Strabane, a prosperous market town, and its immediate
neighbourhood but throughout counties Tyrone, Donegal, Fermanagh and Londonderry. All births,
deaths and marriages announcements have been transcribed but the reports of royal and society
weddings in London and Continental Europe have been omitted due to lack of space; such reports may
be located in the London newspapers of the day. The majority of personal announcements reflect the
general readership ÔÇô clergy, gentry, merchants and large farmers; however there are many interesting
reports of the poor and unfortunate who met untimely and accidental deaths.
It is the reporting of daily events affecting the lives of Ulster forebears that makes the Strabane Morning
Post interesting and valuable. Contained within its broadsheet pages are reports of court proceedings at
Strabane, Omagh, Lifford, Londonderry and Enniskillen, both criminal and civil, lists of freeholders,
process servers, gamekeepers, civil appointments and school examination results. Reports of court
proceedings contained the names of those charged, their crimes and punishment, and there are many
references to sentences of transportation to the Australian colonies. These reports are often the only
extant record of many criminal trials. In the preface, Faye follows the example of the trial of John
Thompson at Strabane on 14 April 1835, his conviction and sentence to transportation for a period of 7
years. The convict indents and the PostÔÇÖs report really complete the story.
There are many items of interest from North America ÔÇô marriages and deaths of emigrants and their
families, reports of encouragement for intending emigrants and the inevitable shipping disasters. Many
reports of shipwreck are tedious, the emphasis being loss and rescue, regrettably omitting passenger
lists; where lists of survivors were printed, (generally copied from Londonderry papers), they have been
quoted in full. Original spelling of names and places has been retained throughout.
A little known source for the family historian is the Freeholder Lists which pre-date the Tithe
Applotment Books 1823-38. Some thousands of farmers and merchants in possession of a leasehold
with a minimum annual valuation of £10 registered their intention to apply for voting rights during
1829-31, and names and addresses of all Tyrone and Donegal applicants were published within lengthy
lists and supplements. These records are also extremely useful for descendants of middle-class
Ulstermen as they pre-date GriffithÔÇÖs Valuation (1848-64) by a whole generation. The book is indexed
by surname and page number, e.g. Aiken 7, 31, 225, 331, 352, 359; Aikin 102, 260, 275; Eaken 364;
Eakin 6, 161, 171, 190, 199, 245, 263, 285. The index of 31 pages is thorough and this book by a North
Queensland historian, Faye Logue, is recommended.

Articles, suggestions and information for this newsletter are welcome and may be E-mailed to:
or posted to Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW AUSTRALIA 2066

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