ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 9, No. 3, March 2007.

A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address:
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ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 9, No. 3, March 2007.

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9 ÔÇÿALL IRELAND SOURCESÔÇÖ NEWSLETTER A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin,
334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address:
ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 9, No. 3, March 2007.
Introduction: ÔÇÿAll Ireland SourcesÔÇÖ is a monthly newsletter distributed free by E-mail to Family History Societies and interested researchers near the end of each month.
Distribution by Australia Post each three months (three issues) costs $6.00 annually within Australia. The aim is to bring items of interest regarding Irish record sources to the Australian genealogist. The editor would appreciate being made aware of records relating to the Irish, particularly those held in Australia or new in the LDS Family History Library. Back copies available free for downloading from Note new email address.

(Continued from Volume 9, page 8)

[10]. World War I: IrelandÔÇÖs Memorial Records: World War I, 1914-1918
i was digitised and published by Eneclann in 2005 from the eight volumes compiled and published in 1923 by the Committee of the Irish National War Memorial. Only 100 copies were ever printed. Names and details of over 49,000 individuals who died in WWI are included with every page scanned and included on the CD.

[11], The Hamilton Manuscripts:
ii Before the Plantation of Ulster, two Ayrshire Scots, James Hamilton and Hugh Montgomery, pioneered a massive migration from the lowlands of Scotland to County Antrim and County Down. Starting in May 1606, over ten thousand mainly Presbyterian Lowland Scots made the three hour voyage across the North Channel, transforming barren Ulster into an industrial powerhouse. This was the dawn of the Ulster-Scots. ÔÇ£The Hamilton Manuscripts, containing some account of the Settlement of the Territories of the Upper Clandeboye, Great Ardes and Dufferin in the County of DownÔÇØ edited by T. K. Lowry, published in 1867, 283 pages. And ÔÇ£The Montgomery Manuscripts, 1603-1706, compiled from Family PapersÔÇØ edited with notes by Rev. George Hill, published
1869, 504 pages. Both are on a double CD set published in 2006 for the 400th anniversary of the event. A copy has been donated to the SAG library.

[12]. Resource County Roscommon:
iii Compiled and published by John Hunter of Brisbane this CD has 99 documents and 105 maps and includes the 37,000 GriffithÔÇÖs
Valuation occupiers including changes of ownership up to 1920. It is
supplemented by a disk 2 which includes surname distribution, an index to the 1749 census of Elphin Diocese, graveyard locations, names and location of Catholic churches and an index to the Roscommon Journal 1986-2006. Resource County Leitrim by the same author is similar with maps and documents but without the GriffithÔÇÖs Valuations. John Hunter is continuing to refine the records and maps of counties Leitrim and Roscommon and I wish him every success. Contact John HunterÔÇÖs home page Orders from outside Australia ÔÇô email
order to Payment by PayPal (note that PayPal is free for buyers) . Current exchange rates: $ Aust 20 = Ôé¼ Euro 12.13 = $ US 16.55 = ┬ú UK 8.30 To cover Bank fees, please add $Aust 10.00 if paying by Bank TellerÔÇÖs Cheque: Current exchange rates: $ Aust 10 = Euro 6.06 = $ US 8.27 = ┬ú UK 4.14

[13]. Sinn Fein and Republican Suspects, 1899-1921:
iv This six CD set of the Dublin Castle RIC Special Branch Files (CO 904) published by Eneclann in 2006 contains the individual files of over 400 individuals. It covers Home Rule agitation, the outbreak of World War I, the 1916 Rising and the War of Independence. The series runs from 1899 to the Treaty of 1921. The originals are held in the National Archives of Kew. This covers record boxes 193-216 and runs to more than 19,000 pages.

[14]. Alumni Dublinenses:
v This digitised book is a register of students, graduates, professors and provosts of Trinity College, in the University of Dublin from 1637-1846. Fully searchable and lists father, address, teacher, status and graduate degrees 10

[15]. The 1798 Rebellion:
vi This CD brings together some of the remaining primary records
of people involved in the conflict. It contains two lists of individuals who
made claims for compensation for loss of property during the rising and also two lists of rebels who surrendered in Dublin City and Coolock Barony. There are over 8,000 names, covering those who took up arms and those whose property was damaged.

[16]. The 1831 Tithe Defaulters:
vii Tithes were paid to the Church of Ireland by all landholders in rural areas, irrespective of religious persuasion.
It was in kind until 1823 when it was required by law to be paid in cash.
However in 1831, many people refused to pay this tithe, and so started the Tithe War, which was more severe in the South East of Ireland. The names on the CD are those listed by Church of Ireland clergy as having refused to pay their tithe.
The people most affected by the Tithe War are those most affected by emigration and famine in the next generation. The legislation was repealed in 1838.

[17]. Journals published on CD:
Some journals have been digitised and published on CD,
making them word searchable and an excellent source of information. It then becomes easy to check the original source making the information a primary record.

17.1 The Irish Ancestor, 1969-1986:
viii This is a complete run of this journal edited by Rosemary Ffolliott. There are 33 issues, four supplements and
over 2,800 pages with many illustrations. Articles range from An Index to Raphoe Marriage Licence Bonds, 1710-1755 and 1817-1830, Tombstones in Kilbride Graveyard, Callan Parish, County Kilkenny and Christian Names in Ireland.

17.2 The Irish Genealogist, 1937-1993:
ix The Irish Genealogist is the official organ of the Irish Genealogical Research Society which is still published annually.
Volumes 1-8, 1937-1993 have been published on this CD and covers family registers, abstracts of Diocesan Wills, monumental inscriptions, guides to Irish research and many others.

17.3 The Galway Archaeological and Historical Society Journal 1900-2003:
x This society has just published the full text of its first 55 journals on CD and the Society (SAG) library has a copy. The index to
contents of all GA&HS journals can be found on their website. The CD starts automatically and is read by Acrobat Reader, version 6 or later.

[18]. The 1851 Dublin City Census:
xi This 1851 Dublin City Census of heads of households was compiled by Dr D. A. (Alfred) Chart when he was head of PROI (now NAI). Included
are the maps of Dublin City from the 1847 Ordnance Survey maps and these may be selected and selected areas printed. It contains over 60,000 names and addresses. The original 1851 census was lost in the 1922 Four Courts fire.

[19]. Counties in Time: Documents and Commentaries from the National Archives of Ireland:
xii A good self teaching CD with examples of most record forms and a
description of how the records were gathered and arranged with digital images of sample completed forms such as 1901 Census, 1911 Census, Tithe Applotment Book, etc. Also good for training and teaching family historians, researchers and library assistants.

[20]. Directories:
xiii It is easier to locate the directory you want to use by checking and using the information in GrenhamÔÇÖs RecordFinder
as the title, year and coverage are all summarized therein. Note: Many other Irish sources have been or are being published on CD including directories.
There are many more records available than those IÔÇÖve listed and spoken about here today as I have not touched Irish records generated in the Australian Colonies such as the Immigration Deposit Journals Series of CDs compiled by Pastkeys and published by GouldÔÇÖs.

[21] Topographical Dictionary of Ireland:
2nd edition, 2 volumes Samuel Lewis 1842 published on CD ROM by Quintin Publications, 22 Delta Drive, Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860; ISBN 1 582112 26 6 for US$19.95 plus postage. 11

[22] The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland 1868:
Originally published by Virtue & Co., London. This two CD ROM
version published by Colin Hinson and runs on Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or later. E £22.00 plus postage.

[23] The CampbellÔÇÖs From Tamlaght OÔÇÖCrilly [LDY, Ireland] to Tallygaroopna [Victoria, Australia].
Published May 2000 by Barry Laurence Campbell, 1939 - ; ISBN 0 957739 70 2. A history of the Campbell, Weston, Caldwell, Killough, McInnes, Sandilands, Wilson, Winnett, Pollock, Pavey
& Thompson families.

Articles, suggestions and information for this newsletter
are welcome and may be E-mailed to: posted to Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW AUSTRALIA 2066

Endnotes follow:
i IrelandÔÇÖs Memorial Records: World War I, 1914-1918 compiled by the Committee of the Irish National War Memorial (1923) and published by Eneclann (2005), ISBN 1-905118-01-5, available from GouldÔÇÖs, $149.50.

ii The Hamilton Manuscripts and The Montgomery Manuscripts are two books republished by the Ulster Scots Agency celebrating the 400th anniversary, no ISBN, copy in SAG library as are the two

iii Resource County Roscommon, a two CD set and Resource County Leitrim compiled and published by John Hunter, PO Box 2068, Kelvin Grove QLD 4059 for $20, $8 and $20.

iv Sinn Fein and Republican Suspects, 1899-1921 are the Dublin
RIC Special Branch Files CO904 (boxes 193-216), digitised and published by Eneclann (2006) as .pdf files each being word searchable, ISBN 1-905118-05-8, available from Eneclann, Dublin.

v Alumni Dublinenses 1924 is a register of students, graduates, professors and provosts of Trinity College, in the
University of Dublin from 1637-1846, published by Archive CD Books (2004), no ISBN, from GouldÔÇÖs, AU$42.00.

vi The 1798 Rebellion: Claimants and Surrenders was compiled and edited by Ian Cantwell from archive records of this 1798
disturbance in Ireland, and published on CD by Eneclann (2005), ISBN 1-905118-03-1 and is available from GouldÔÇÖs, $49.50.

vii The 1831 Tithe Defaulters, compiled and edited by Stephen McCormac and published by Eneclann (2004), ISBN 0-953755-77-0, available from GouldÔÇÖs, $65.00.

viii The Irish Ancestor, 1969-1986, edited by Rosemary Ffoliott, digitised by Eneclann and published on CD (2004), ISBN 0-953755-79-7, available from Gould Genealogy, $129.50.

ix The Irish Genealogist, Volumes 1-8, 1937-1993, the journal of the Irish genealogical Research Society, digitised and published on CD by Eneclann (2005), ISBN 1-905118-04-X and available from GouldÔÇÖs, $129.50.

x The Galway Archaeological and Historical Society Journal 1900-2003, digitised and published on CD by the Society (2005) covering Journals 1-55, available from the Society for 55 euros plus postage. Contact is Kieran Hoare, email

xi The 1851 Dublin City Census: ChartÔÇÖs Index of Heads of Households, Including the 1847 Ordnance Survey Town Plans of Dublin City, compiled and edited by Sean Magee and published on CD by Eneclann (2003), ISBN 0-953755-73-8, 49.90 euros from Eneclann, Gould Genealogy $85.00.

xii Counties in Time: Documents and Commentaries from the National Archives of Ireland, published by the NAI and Eneclann (2004), ISBN 0-945075-00-5, available from Gould Genealogy, $59.50.

xiii The Treble Almanack for the Year 1818 containing John Watson StewartÔÇÖs Almanack, The English Court Registry, and WilsonÔÇÖs Dublin Directory with a new correct plan of the City forming the most complete lists published of the present civil, military and naval establishments of Great Britain & Ireland.(2002) no ISBN, Gould Genealogy, $42.50 plus postage.

PigotÔÇÖs Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1824: Compendium of all sections, City of Dublin and Hibernian Provisional Directory, digitised and published on CD by Archive CD Books, ISBN 1-846300-27-4, 59.90 euros plus postage from the publisher. 12

A Complete Catholic Registry, Directory and Almanack, Vol. I (1836) listing all priests and officials for all Ireland and RC hierarchy throughout the world. This is a tour of Ireland, diocese by diocese, listing the priests and curates for each parish. Published by Archive CD Books Ireland, 19.90 euros plus postage.

Ireland ÔÇô The Dublin Almanack & General Register of Ireland 1836,
published on CD by Archive CD Books, Dublin and available from Gould Genealogy for $42.50 plus postage. No ISBN.

Ireland ÔÇô The Dublin Almanack & General Register of Ireland 1845, published on CD by Archive CD Books, Dublin, ISBN 1-846300-01-0, available from the publisher 26.90 euros plus postage.

The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1846, adapted to the new Poor Laws,
Franchise, Municipal and Ecclesiastical Arrangements, and compiled with a
special reference to the lines of railroad and canal communication, as existing in 1845; illustrated by a series of maps and other plates and presenting the results, in detail, of the Census of 1841, compared with that of 1831. Vol. I A-C, Vol. II D-M and Vol. III N to Z with an Index to the three volumes, ISBN 1-846300-68-1 and 39.95 euros from Archive CD Books.

SlaterÔÇÖs National Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846: Compendium of all sections digitised by Archive CD Books Ireland, ISBN 1-846300-07-X and 59.90 euros from the publisher.

The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory (3rd edit. 1856) by James Alexander Henderson, published by the News-Letter Office, ISBN 1-846300-08-8, 29.90 euros from Archive CD Books, Ireland.

General Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867 by Henry & Coghlan with which is incorporated Wynne & Coy Business Directory of the
principal towns of the Province of Munster, digitised by Archive CD Books
Ireland, ISBN 1-846300-09-6, available from Archive CD Books for 29.90 euros.

ThomÔÇÖs Irish Almanac & Official Directory 1877, published by Archive CD Books UK and $50.00 from Gould Genealogy.

The Sligo Chronicle Almanac and Directory for 1878, by John Meldrum (1878), digitised by Archive CD Books Ireland, ISBN 1-846300-62-2, from Archive CD Books Ireland for 9.90 euros plus postage.

Sligo Independent County Directory, Almanac and Guide 1889, Sligo Independent newspaper, supplied gratis to the newspaper subscribers, ISBN 1-846300-11-8, digitised by Archive CD Books, 19.90 euros.

The KingÔÇÖs County Directory (1st edit. 1890), published by the KingÔÇÖs County Chronicle newspaper in 1890 in an attempt to ÔÇ£give in handy form concise details concerning matters of local characterÔÇØ. Over 350 pages of County Offaly information is a mine of information, with a list of Union (Poor Law) ratepayers and a list of Municipal voters (Freemen). ISBN 1-846300-61-4 and costs 24.90 euros from Archive CD Books

Directory of the Province of Munster, 1893, by Francis Guy is a postal
directory and records over 140,000 names in its 1,183 pages. Counties Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford are each covered in detail. There is a full postal directory for every village and town in each county. There is a full alphabetical directory for each county that lists name, profession and address for each person.

TempestÔÇÖs Jubilee Annual 1909: Dundalk and District by William Tempest includes a retrospect of the Last Fifty Years in Dundalk and
District. Digitised by Archive CD Books Ireland, ISBN 1-846300-66-5 and costs 19.90 euros.

Irish ManufacturersÔÇÖ Directory (1919) by Kevin J. Kenny being a directory and year book giving a good post World War I listing and view of the
economy, ISBN 1-846300-43-6, and 19.90 euros from Archive CD Books Ireland.

Returning Home: Transatlantic Migration from North America to
Britain & Ireland 1858-1870, compiled and edited by James P. Maher, digitised and published on CD by Eneclann, ISBN 1-905118-00-7 and available from Gould Genealogy

The 1848 Petitions: The William Smith OÔÇÖBrien petition, compiled and
edited by Ruth Lawler, digitised by Eneclann (2001), ISBN 0-953755-72-X and available from Gould Genealogy.

Mr. TukeÔÇÖs Fund for Assisted Emigration 1882-1885, was a fund established in 1882 to assist emigration from the west of
Ireland to America. It specifically covers the Unions of Belmullet, Newport and Swineford in Co. Mayo, and Clifden, Oughterard and the Aran Islands in Co. Galway. 9,482 people were assisted by this fund and excellent details were kept of where they went (USA, Canada and Australia). Digitised by Archive CD Books Ireland, ISBN 1-846300-56-8 and costs 24.90 euros.

Landed Gentry of Ireland (1899) by Sir Bernard Burke and edited by his son. Archive CD Books Ireland and costs 24.90 euros.

A History of the Kingdom of Kerry (1871) by M. F. Cusack, Archive CD Books Ireland, ISBN 1-846300-44-4 and costs 24.90 euros from the

The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossary with a New Index
by the Rev. William Carrigan, digitised by Archive CD Books Ireland, ISBN 1-846300-42-8 and costs 69.95 euros.

Cyclopedia of Ireland, being Atlas & Cyclopedia of Ireland (Part I) A Comprehensive Delineation of the Thirty Two
Counties by P. W. Joyce and The General History (Part II) as told by A. M.
Sullivan and continued by P. D. Nunan. Published on CD by Quinton Publications, USA. Out of Print.

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