ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 9, No. 7, July 2007.

A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address:
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ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 9, No. 7, July 2007.

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Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066
Contact E-mail address:
ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 9, No. 7, July 2007.
ÔÇÿAll Ireland SourcesÔÇÖ is a monthly newsletter distributed free by E-mail to
Family History Societies and interested researchers near the end of each month.
Distribution by Australia Post each three months (three issues) costs $6.00
annually within Australia. The aim is to bring items of interest regarding Irish
record sources to the Australian genealogist. The editor would appreciate being
made aware of records relating to the Irish, particularly those held in
Australia or new in the LDS Family History Library.
Back copies available free for downloading from
Note new email address.

Continued from page 24 (Volume 9, No. 6, June 2007)

Review of Familia:

Parkhill, Trevor Murphy, Kevin and Walsh, Una A Famine Link: the Hannah: South Armagh to Ontario. 108-109
Buchanan, R.H. Carr, Peter Portavo: an Irish Townland and its Peoples, Part 2: The Famine to the Present. 110-112
Fitzpatrick, David Patterson, Brad Ulster-New Zealand Migration and Cultural Transfers. 113-116
Roulston, William Grenham, John Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, the Complete Guide (third edition). 117-118
Rankin, Fred Williams, Jane Our Lives: The Second World War and its Legacy in the Northwest and Causeway Regions. 119-120
Clarke, Richard Black, Eileen Art in Belfast 1760-1888: Art Lovers or Philistines? (Foreword by William Laffan) 121-123
Parkhill, Trevor Allen, Harry Donaghadee: an Illustrated History. 124-125
Parkhill, Trevor Silva, Corinne Roisin Ban, The Irish Diaspora in Leeds. (Foreword by Dermot Bolger; Introduction by Brendan McGowan) 126-127

This book is available from the UHF Bookshop online at

Directory of Irish Family History Research (formerly SubscribersÔÇÖ Interest List), No. 29, 2006, ISBN 1 903688 67 1,
is published with the research interests of its subscribers in A4 format. Subscribers may submit a maximum of six entries annually. They are also offered the option of having their interests, as contained in the Directory, placed on the Ulster Historical FoundationÔÇÖs Internet site (
Details of entries should be sent ASAP to UHF, Unit 7 Cotton Court, 30-42 Waring Street, Belfast, BT1, 7ED when subscribing to Guild membership.

Contents: ----Title----- Author/Compiler--- Page Nos.
List of Abbreviations. 4
List of SubscribersÔÇÖ Research Interests (alphabetical order by surname being researched. Cross-referenced to List of Subscribers by membership number). 5 ÔÇô 42
Drummaul Presbyterians in 1738. Nisbet, Jon & Wining, Wm. 43
List of Subscribers with Contact Details (numerical order by membership number). 44 ÔÇô 73
Fighters of Derry in 1689. Keane, David 75 ÔÇô 81
Raloo Tithes in 1769-1771. McKinty, Jim & Hull, William 82
Rent rolls of the Castlestewart and Lissan Estates from 1786. Kennedy, Colin 83 ÔÇô 86
Guild News 87 ÔÇô 88
Petition from the Inhabitants of Bangor relating to the Act of Union. Belfast Newsletter advertisment 89
Donegal Merchants and Traders in 1846 Hull, William 90 - 91

GriffithÔÇÖs Valuation on CD-ROM: In the Index to GriffithÔÇÖs Valuation 1848-1864 from Heritage World and the Genealogical Publishing Company Inc. known as Family Tree MakerÔÇÖs CD #188, there are some well known omissions including the complete Civil Parish of Stranorlar in County Donegal except for a single entry being Samuel Nicholls, County Donegal, Parish Stranorlar, Location Lettermakenny (townland) and many entries appear to be missing from around Limerick City, County Limerick. In County Donegal, Stranorlar has forty two (42) townlands and towns.
Here under IÔÇÖll publish the Surname Index for Stranorlar Civil Parish including the number of times the Surname appeared in GriffithÔÇÖs Valuation (1948-1864) and whether the Surname appeared in the earlier Tithe Survey (1823-1838), Later the more important GriffithÔÇÖs Valuation 1848-64, Surname, Given or Christian Name, County, Parish and Townland.

This index is in Alphabetical Order by Column Page.

Surname Griffiths Tithe
Adams G1 T
Aikins G2 ---
Alexander --- T
Allen G1 T
Allison G3 ---
Anderson G T
Arl G2 ---
Armstrong G9 T
Arnod G3 ---
Arnold G2 T
Arold --- T
Baird G1 T
Barclay G2 ---
Barr G2 T
Bartly --- T
Bell G9 T
Blair G1 ---
Bogan G4 T
Boland G2 T
Boner G11 T
Bourne --- T
Boyd --- T
Boyle G10 T
Bradley G6 T
Braugh --- T
Brearty G1 ---
Breen G1 ---
Breslan G1 T
Brodal G ---
Browne G3 T
Bryson G2 ---
Burnes G2 T
Burns G1 T
Byrne G5 T
Callaghan G1 ---
Campbell G1 T
Cannon G5 T
Carolan G2 ---
Cauthers G1 T
Chittle --- T
Christian --- T
Clarke --- T
Cochrane G1 T
Coll G1 ---
Collum G4 T
Conaghan G2 T
Connor --- T
Coulter G6 T
Cowding --- T
Coyle G1 ---
Crampshey --- T
Crawford G3 T
Crumlish G1 ---
Crumlish * G2 T
Culbert G2 T
Cullian G3 T
Cummins G2 T
Cunningham G3 T
Daizley G1 ---
Dally G1 ---
Daly G1 ---
Davis G3 T
Deery G1 ---
Deivard G1 ---
Delany G1 ---
Delop --- T
Denning G1 ---
Denning * G1 ---
Densmoor G2 T
Desert --- T
Devany G1 ---
Dever G8 T
Dogherty G16 T
Doherty G1 T
Dollon G1 ---
Donnell G3 ---
Doohill --- T
Dornin G1 ---
Dower G2 ---
Duffy G6 T
Duggan G1 ---
Duning --- T
Edmondson --- T
Elliott --- T
Ellison G1 ---
Elsington G1 ---
Elvin G4 T
Ewing G2 T
Fahenter G1 ---
Fairman G1 ---
Finley G1 T
Flanagan G3 T
Fletcher G1 T
Floyd G1 ---
Forsythe G1 ---
Foster --- T
Freel G1 T
Fullerton G1 T
Funstone --- T
Gallagher G16 T
Gallanagh G1 T
Gallen G1 ---
Garron G1 ---
Gibbons G1 T
Gildea --- T
Gillespie G1 T
Gillin G1 ---
Ginty --- T
Glacken G3 T
Glynn G2 ---
Gobbin G2 ---
Gollinagh G3 ---
Gordon G5 T
Gorman G2 ---
Gray --- T
Green G1 T
Greer --- T
Gregory G4 T
Griffin G1 T
Griffith G1 T
Gunning G2 T
Guy G1 ---
Hanlon G1 ---
Harkin G2 T
Harper --- T
Harrigan --- T
Harrigan G5 T
Harrison --- T
Hastings G2 T
Hayes G1 T
Hebourne G1 T
Hegarty G2 T
Henderson G4 T
Hennigan --- T
Herne G2 ---
Higgins G1 T
Holland G1 ---
Holmes G2 T
Hone G2 T
Houston G7 T
Howard G1 T
Howen G3 ---
Hume G1 ---
Irwin --- T
Jange G1 ---
Jeffery G2 T
Jenkins --- T
Jennings G1 ---
Jervis --- T
Johnson G1 ---
Johnston G3 T
Jones G2 T
Keane G3 T
Keatley G3 T
Kee G1 T
Kelly G21 T
Kennedy G1 T
Kerrigan G9 T
Kildea --- T
Kilpatrick G8 T
Kilty --- T
King --- T
Knox G1 T
Lafferty G2 ---
Laird G3 T
Langan --- T
Lata F1 T
Lawn G2 ---
Leeper G11 T
Leskin --- T
Little --- T
Logue G2 ---
Lohery G1 ---
Long --- T
Longan G3 ---
Loughney --- T
Love G1 T
Luke G1 T
Lynch G2 ---
Lyons G2 ---
M'Anulty --- T
M'Any --- T
M'Auley G2 T
M'Brearty G2 T
M'Bride G13 T
M'Cafferty G2 ---
M'Cahell G1 ---
M'Carragan --- T
M'Carron G1 T
M'Caul G5 ---
M'Cauley G1 T
M'Celby --- T
McGlynn G4 ---
M'Clay G4 T
M'Clean --- T
M'Cleary G4 ---
M'Clure G1 T
M'Cluskey G1 T
M'Comb G1 ---
M'Connell G1 ---
M'Cool G12 T
M'Cormack G16 T
M'Crea --- T
M'Cready G1 ---
M'Creedy G3 T
M'Crudden G5 T
M'Crudder --- T
M'Cunney G1 T
M'Cunnia G1 T
M'Curdy --- T
M'Dermott G12 T
M'Devitt G2 ---
M'Elwee G1 ---
M'Entire --- T
M'Fadden --- T
M'Gaghran G1 ---
M'Gee G12 T
M'Gillaway G1 ---
M'Ginley G4 T
M'Ginty G9 T
M'Glinchy G4 T
M'Glusky --- T
M'Goldrick G3 T
M'Gonigle G3 T
M'Gowan G1 T
M'Granahan G2 T
M'Grath G4 ---
M'Groary G2 T
M'Hugh G1 ---
M'Kean G1 T
M'Kelvey G5 ---
M'Kelvy G1 ---
M'Kenny G6 ---
M'Kinley G1 T

(Continued on page 29, Vol, 9, No. 8, August 2007.)

Articles, suggestions and information for this newsletter are welcome and may be
E-mailed to:
or posted to Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW AUSTRALIA 2066

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