ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 10, No. 3, March 2008

A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address:
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ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 10, No. 3, March 2008

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Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066
Contact E-mail address: ISSN 1443-5888
Volume 10, No. 3, March 2008

Introduction: ÔÇÿAll Ireland SourcesÔÇÖ is a monthly newsletter distributed free by E-mail to Family History Societies and interested researchers near the end of each month. Distribution by Australia Post each three months (three issues) costs $6.00 annually within Australia. The aim is to bring items of interest regarding Irish record sources to the Australian genealogist.
The editor would appreciate being made aware of records relating to the Irish, particularly those held in Australia or new in the LDS Family History Library. Back copies available free for downloading from
Note new email address.

Review: Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review, No. 23, 2007 edited by Trevor Parkhill,
published by the Ulster Historical Foundation, A5, 176 pps. ISBN 978-1-903688-74-8 This book gets better every year and is an essential tool for researching especially in Ulster Province and its close ties to Scotland. The articles cover biography, local history, women in industry, passenger lists to America, Rashee Old graveyard, and free emigration to New South Wales before the Famine. Articles included are:

ÔÇÿBeatrice Lillie ÔÇô Actress and Comedienne: The Story of her LifeÔÇÖ by Fred Rankin, pages 1 ÔÇô 18;
ÔÇÿFamily and Community in Forkhill in the early nineteenth centuryÔÇÖ by L. A. Clarkson, pages 19 - 38;
ÔÇÿThe Original Spinsters ÔÇô The Role of Women in the Ulster Domestic Linen IndustryÔÇÖ by Linde
ÔÇÿScottish burial and commemoration practices in seventeenth century Ireland ÔÇô the writings and memorials of William Montgomery of Rosemount 1633 ÔÇô 1707ÔÇÖ by William Roulston;
ÔÇÿPassenger Lists and Other References to Irish Immigrants from Early Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware NewspapersÔÇÖ by Gary T. Hawbaker;
ÔÇÿThe Rev. Patrick HamiltonÔÇÖs Family Bible 1722-38ÔÇÖ by Sandra T. Millsopp;
ÔÇÿRashee Old Graveyard, County AntrimÔÇÖ by Paul Richmond; and
ÔÇÿ..... to regain a respectable place in SocietyÔÇÖ. Free Emigration to NSW before the FamineÔÇÖ by Perry McIntyre.

Reviews included are:
ÔÇÿA Tragedy of Errors: The Government and Misgovernment of Northern IrelandÔÇÖ by Kenneth
Bloomfield, Liverpool, Liverpool University Press, 2007, pps xii & 275, ISBN 978-1-846310-64-5, hb, £25 reviewed by Dennis Kennedy.
ÔÇÿSearching for Scotch-Irish Roots in Scottish Records, 1600-1750ÔÇÖ by David Dobson, Baltimore, Clearfield Company, 2007, pps xii & 107, ISBN 978-0-806353-17-3, pb, out of print, reviewed by William Roulston.
ÔÇÿClimbing Slemish, An Ulster MemoirÔÇÖ by Dennis Kennedy, Oxford & Victoria BC, Trafford
Publishing, 2006, pps 240, ISBN 1-4120-9943-9, pb, £11.99, reviewed by Eull Dunlop.
ÔÇÿNigh on Three and a Half Centuries: A History of Carnmoney Presbyterian ChurchÔÇÖ by Robert H. Bonar, Newtownabbey, self published, 2007, no ISBN, pb, ┬ú15 available from the author at 227 Glebe Road, Carnmoney, Newtownabbey, County Antrim BT36 6NF reviewed by Eull Dunlop.
ÔÇÿForkhill Protestants and Forkhill Catholics, 1787-1858ÔÇÖ by Kyla Madden, Liverpool, Liverpool
University Press, 2006, pps xviii & 214, ISBN 978-1-846310-15-7, hb, £50 or pb ISBN 978-1-
846310-17-1, pb, £20 reviewed by L. A. Clarkson.
ÔÇÿHiring Fairs and Market PlacesÔÇÖ by May Blair, Belfast, Appletree Press, 2007, pps 208, ISBN 978-184758-038-2, hb, ┬ú25 or ISBN 978-184758-010-8, pb, ┬ú14.99 reviewed by Linda-May Ballard.
ÔÇÿRestoration Strabane, 1660 ÔÇô 1714; economy and society in provincial IrelandÔÇÖ by William
Roulston, Dublin, Four Courts Press, (Maynooth Studies in Local History Number 72), 2007, pps 64, ISBN 978-1-846820-60-1, pb, 9.95 euros, reviewed by W. H. Crawford.
ÔÇÿFraming the West: Images of Rural Ireland 1891-1920, edited by Ciara Breathnach; Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2007, ISBN 978-0-716528-73-9 hb, ┬ú50, ISBN 978-0-716528-74-6, pb, ┬ú19.95, reviewed by Linda-May Ballard.
ÔÇÿThe Irish in Britain 1800-1914: Studies in Economic and Social History No. 9ÔÇÖ, by Donald M.
MacRaild (2006), Dublin, The Economic and Social History of Ireland, pps viii and 96, ISBN 978-0-947897-03-1, pb., £6 reviewed by Patrick Fitzgerald.
ÔÇÿThe Poor Law In Ireland 1838-1946: Studies in Irish Economic and Social History No. 10ÔÇÖ, by
Virginia Crossman (2006), Dublin, The Economic and Social History of Ireland, pps 6 and 71, ISBN 978-0-94789702-4, pb, £6 reviewed by Patrick Fitzgerald.

Page 9


ÔÇÿAnzacs and IrelandÔÇÖ by Jeff Kildea (2007), Cork, Cork University Press (2007), pps 285, ISBN 978-1-895918-422-6, pb ┬ú19.95, reviewed by Trevor Parkhill.
ÔÇÿHatches, Mattches and Dispatches: Births, Deaths and Marriages in the Omagh Area 1815-1873, Compiled from Local NewspapersÔÇÖ William McGrew (Editor), Omagh North of Ireland Family History Society, Omagh Branch, 2007, pps 135, no ISBN, pb ┬ú10.00 reviewed by Trevor Parkhill.
ÔÇÿHandloom Weavers in UlsterÔÇÖs Linen Industry 1815-1914ÔÇÖ by Kevin J. James, Dublin, Four Courts Press (2007), pps 174, ISBN 978-1-846820-01-4, pb, 50 euros, reviewed by Brenda Collins.
ÔÇÿLough Neagh Places: Their Names and OriginsÔÇÖ by Patrick McKay and Kay Muhr (editors) 2007, Belfast, Clo Ollscoil na Banriona, 2007, pps xii and 156, ISBN 978-0-853899-21-1, hb, ┬ú30, or ISBN 978-0-853859-09-9, pb for ┬ú15 reviewed by Brenda Collins
ÔÇÿThe Pursuit of the Heiress: aristocratic marriage in Ireland, 1740 ÔÇô 1840ÔÇÖ by A. P. W. Malcomson (2006), Belfast, Ulster Historical Foundation (2006), pps xxii and 308, ISBN 978-1-903688-65-6, hb, ┬ú24.99, reviewed by Thomas Bartlett.
ÔÇÿSarah Leech: The Ulster-Scots poetess from Raphoe, County DonegalÔÇÖ by Celine McGlynn and
Pauline Holland (Editors), Belfast 2006, The Ulster Scots Agency, pps xxii and 90, ISBN 0-953926-54-0, from the Agency, Franklin House, 10-12 Brunswick Street, Belfast BT2 7GE, no price, reviewed by Linde Lunney.
Familia is available for £5.99 from the Ulster Historical Foundation, Unit 7, Cotton Court, Waring Street, Belfast BT1 7ED or to purchase on-line.

The companion volume is the:
ÔÇÿDirectory of Irish Family History Research, No. 30, 2007ÔÇÖ formerly ÔÇÿSubscribersÔÇÖ Interests ListÔÇÖ A4 pb, 96 pps., published by the Ulster Historical Foundation listing its Guild membersÔÇÖ interests. The book is compiled as follows:

ÔÇó ÔÇÿList of SubscribersÔÇÖ InterestsÔÇÖ (alphabetical order by surname being researched, cross-
referenced to the List of Subscribers by membership number) pages 5 ÔÇô 46.
ÔÇó ÔÇÿList of Subscribers with Contact DetailsÔÇÖ (numerical order by membership number) pages 47 - 74.
ÔÇó Guild News 2007 activities, 75 - 80,
ÔÇó My Roots workshop, page 78.
ÔÇó Ulster Historical Foundation in Washington USA, pages 79 ÔÇô 80.
ÔÇó ÔÇÿ1911 Census, Larne town, County AntrimÔÇÖ, pages 81 ÔÇô 88, and
ÔÇó Stone Mountain Highland Games, page 89, followed by local advertisements.
The ÔÇÿDirectoryÔÇÖ is available from the Ulster Historical Foundation, Unit 7 Cotton Court, 30 ÔÇô 42 Waring Street, Belfast BT1 2ED

ÔÇÿThe Irish Genealogist: The Official Organ of the Irish Genealogical Research Society, Vol. 12, No. 2ÔÇÖ arrived this week. It is free to members and membership is ┬ú20.00 English per year, January to December inclusive. Enquiries to IGRS, C/-18 Stratford Avenue, Rainham, KENT ME 8 0EP, U.K. and email is or website. The contents are:

ÔÇó News about the Society, pages 89 -91;
ÔÇó New Fellows, page 92;
ÔÇó Members who have died, page 93;
ÔÇó Donations to the Library, pages 94 ÔÇô 98;
ÔÇó Smythe-WoodÔÇÖs ÔÇÿIrish Newspaper IndexÔÇÖ, by Rosalind McCutcheon, pages 99 ÔÇô 108;
ÔÇó Smythe-WoodÔÇÖs ÔÇÿCard Index of Late Wills and AdministrationsÔÇÖ (first of three), by
Rosalind McCutcheon, pages 109 ÔÇô 142;
ÔÇó ÔÇÿRegister of Cases of Successful Vaccinations in the District of Ballylesson, Union of
Lisburn, County DownÔÇÖ, Entries 1 ÔÇô 500 of 2000 (first of four), by Peter Manning, pages
143 ÔÇô 158;
ÔÇó ÔÇÿExtracts from Wills and Other Papers Relating to the Surname Richards in IrelandÔÇÖ, by
Christopher Richards, pages 159 ÔÇô 164;
ÔÇó ÔÇÿSilhouette of the Richards Family in 1834ÔÇÖ by Augustin Edouart (1789-1861) pages 165166;
Page 10


ÔÇó ÔÇÿIndex of Names in BurkeÔÇÖs Family Records 1897ÔÇÖ, C.G.Ward represented by Bruce Durie
and Ann McNaught, pages 167 ÔÇô 178;
ÔÇó Plus Reviews, Report and Financial Statement for Year ended 31 December 2006, Style
Rules for Journal submissions and how to find the library at the church of Saint Magnus
the Martyr (near Monument rail station), pages 179 to 186 and inside the back cover.
IRISH FAMILY HISTORY FOUNDATION:` The Irish Family History Foundation is the
co-ordinating body of the network of the government approved genealogical research centres in the Republic of Ireland (26 counties) and Northern Ireland (six counties) which have since the 1980s transcribed, input and indexed by computer almost 40 million Irish ancestral records, primarily church baptisms, marriages and burials. The site below contains the largest selection of these parish records and now has 8,660,330 records arranged by county or as a single A-Z database. More than a million records have been added in the last two weeks. Counties Antrim, Down and Cavan are due to come on-line soon.

Searching the indexes is FREE but copies of the records are ten euros (10.00) each to
purchase. You must log-in to use the site if pre-registered. If it is your first time visiting and using the site, register by entering your email address and your own password and press enter to register. Next time you log on as a member. There is no need to supply your credit card to register, just your email address and your password are required.

To restrict your search to a county for which there are records (light green in colour on the
map) but this newsletter printed (posted) copies will be black and white, just click on the county you wish to search, e.g. Tyrone. Use a simple search of surname and/or given name(s) to see the person of interest is in the County Tyrone. If you find the person of interest or many of them you can do a more detailed search of a county or you can select to search ÔÇÿallÔÇÖ which is the consolidated database if your county search returned ÔÇÿnoneÔÇÖ.

If you find too many, restrict your search by entering a year (e.g. 1832) and you will get 1832

+ 1828-31 and 1833-36. So print that find and then enter nine (9) years to each search to find those years. It is very simple, just register and try it for free. BRS websites are popular in Ireland and simple and secure to use. Your credit never expires, and is always available.
SURNAMES: On-line record search under surnames is a ÔÇÿList of Irish Genealogy SurnamesÔÇÖ
that can be found in Ireland. The following is a list of the surnames for the genealogy records of births, marriages and deaths in Ireland. On the website under surnames you will find a box with prefixes to surnames and you click on one and it brings up a listing of all surnames beginning with that prefix and you can choose the spelling or spellings you wish to search for. The display is 15 columns wide and each column has approx. 137 lines giving over 2,000 prefixes to Irish surnames. These can be printed for easy reference. Some have two prefixes, some have three and a few have one, just a click and you have the listing ready for printing if desired. For example HAY

There is a listing of available surnames under each of these prefixes available with a click. Visit and see for yourself.

The home page the headings HOME, SEARCH, MAP, LOGIN. There is the member login dialog
box with fields for email address and password. Below this box is the option for newcomers to REGISTER. You must register to gain access to the free index searches.

The next page has the headings Search, Birth, Marriage, Death, Sources, Sample, Surname (covered above), FAQ/help and Map. On 10 March 2008 (today) as I write this, there are 18 counties with records uploaded and three more due soon. So find your ancestors for free through these indexes.

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Welcome to Irish Family History Foundation Online Irish Genealogy Databases for Ireland
Please click on the county below that you wish to search. A total of

8,660,330 parish records now searchable online

To search across ALL counties click here.

Login or Register and start finding your ancestors now for FREE.*
This site contains the largest collection of Parish records for the island of
Ireland that are searchable online. The complete indexes, listing surname, first
name, year and county of ALL records is yours to search freely. To view a
detailed record you can purchase credit online for instant access at a cost of
Ôé¼10.00 per record.
┬® 2008 Irish Family History Foundation. All Rights Reserved.
Main St. Newbridge, Co. Kildare.
Tel: +353 45 433602 Email:

Web site design by BRS Systems.

The price to purchase any record is on special at five euros (A$8.00 plus bank charges) until the end of March 2008. This price is much better value than the ten euros normally charged.

Articles, suggestions and information for this newsletter are welcome and may be E-mailed to: or posted to Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW AUSTRALIA 2066

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