ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 10, No. 7, July 2008

A Monthly Newsletter: Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066 Contact E-mail address:
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ISSN 1443-5888 Volume 10, No. 7, July 2008

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Editor: Terry Eakin, 334 Burns Bay Road, LANE COVE, NSW 2066
Contact E-mail address: ISSN 1443-5888
Volume 10, No. 7, July 2008

Introduction: ÔÇÿAll Ireland SourcesÔÇÖ is a monthly newsletter distributed free by E-mail to Family History Societies and interested researchers near the end of each month. Distribution by Australia Post each three months (three issues) costs $6.00
annually within Australia. The aim is to bring items of interest regarding Irish record sources to the Australian genealogist.
The editor would appreciate being made aware of records relating to the Irish, particularly those held in Australia or new in the LDS Family History Library. Back copies available free for downloading from
Note new email address.

[continued from Volume 10, No. 6, page 23] The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland:

Elected. Members of the Society of Antiquaries of Ireland (Revised 31st December, 1900):
1897 Bermingham, Patrick Thomas. Glengariff House, Adelaide-road, Kingstown.
1888 Bernard, Walter, F.R.C.P. 14, Queen-street, Derry.
1897 Bestick, Robert. 5, Frankfort-avenue, Rathgar.
1890 Bewley, Joseph. 8, Anglesea-street, Dublin.
1897 Biddulph, Lieut.-Col., Middleton W., J.P. Rathrobin, Tullamore, KingÔÇÖs Co.
1896 Bigger, Frederic Charles. Ardrie, Antrim-road, Belfast.
1900 Black, John H., of Benburb. GeorgeÔÇÖs-street, Dungannon.
1896 Blake, Mrs. Temple Hill, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
1900 Bleakley, John Y. Avenue-road, Lurgan.
1893 Bolton, Charles Perceval, J.P. Brook Lodge, Halfway House, Waterford.
1899 Bolton, Miss Anna Rathenny, Cloughjordan.
1894 Bourchier, Henry James, C.I., R.I.C. Melbrooke, Clonmel.
1889 Bourke, Rev. John Hamilton, M.A. The Parade, Kilkenny.
1889 Bowen, Henry Cole, M.A., J.P., Barrister-at-Law. BowenÔÇÖs Court, Mallow.
1858 Bowers, Thomas. Cloncunny House, Piltown.
1895 Bowman, Davys. Holyrood, Malone-road, Belfast.
1894 Boyd, J. St. Clair, M.D. 27, Victoria-place, Belfast.
1897 Boyle, Rev. Joseph, C.C. Rossnakill, Letterkenny.
1889 Braddell, Octavius H. Sarnia, Eglinton-road, Donnybrook.
1889 Brady, Rev. John Westropp, M.A. Rectory, Slane, Co. Meath.
1891 Bray, John B. Cassin St. Germains, Terenure-road, Dublin.
1889 Brenan, James, R.H.A., M.R.I.A., School of Art. Leinster House, Kildare-street, Dublin.
1883 Brenan, Rev. Samuel Arthur, B.A. Knocknacarry, Co. Antrim.
1892 Brereton, Fleet-Surgeon R.W. St. NicholasÔÇÖ Rectory, Carrickfergus.
1888 Brett, Henry Charles, B.E. 19, Wellington-road, Dublin.
1893 Brew, Thomas Foley, F.R.C.S.I. The Cottage, Ennistymon.
1891 Bridge, William, M.A., Solicitor. Roscrea.
1892 Brien, Mrs. C.H. 4, Palmerston Park, Upper Rathmines.
1895 Briscoe, Algernon Fetherstonhaugh, J.P. Curristown, Killucan.
1891 Brodigan, Mrs. Piltown House, Drogheda.
1893 Brophy, Michael M. 48, Gordon-square, London, W.C.
1888 Brophy, Nicholas A. 6, Alphonsus-terrace, Limerick.
1894 Brown, Miss 66, Highfield-road, Rathgar.
1900 Browne, Charles R., M.D., M.R.I.A. 66, Harcourt-street, Dublin.
1894 Browne, Daniel F., B.A., Barrister-at-Law. 28, Upper Mount-street, Dublin.
1892 Browne, Geo. Burrowes Beechville, Knockbreda Park, Belfast.
1884 Browne, James J.F., C.E., Architect. 23, Glentworth-street, Limerick.
1890 Browne, Very Rev. R.L., O.S.F. Franciscan Convent, 4, MerchantÔÇÖs-quay, Dublin.
1891 Brownlow, Rev. Duncan John, M.A. Donoghpatrick Rectory, Navan.
1894 Brunskill, Rev. K.C., M.A. Carrickmore, Co. Tyrone.
1866 Brunskill, Rev. North Richardson, M.A. Kenure Vicarage, Rush.
1896 Buckley, James 154, Portsdowne-road, London, W.
1888 Buckley, Michael J.C. Montmorenci, Youghal, Co. Cork.
1890 Budds, William Frederick, J.P. Courtstown, Tullaroan, Freshford.
1884 Buggy, Michael, Solicitor. Parliament-street, Kilkenny.
1890 Burgess, Rev. Henry W., M.A., LL.D. 20, Alma-road, Monkstown.
1890 Burgess, John, J.P. Oldcourt, Athlone.
1895 Burke, John, J.P., Consul for Mexico and Uruguay. Corporation-street, Belfast.
1894 Burke, E.W. Sandy Mount, Abbeyleix.
1897 Burke, Rev. Thomas, P.P. Kinvara, Co. Galway.
1897 Burke, Rev. W.P. 33, Catherine-street, Waterford.

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1899 Burnard, Robert, F.S.A. 3, Hillsborough, Plymouth.
1892 Burnell, William. DeanÔÇÖs Grange, Monkstown.
1891 Burnett, Rev. Richard A., M.A. Rectory, Graignamanagh, Co. Kilkenny.
1891 Butler, Cecil, M.A., Barrister-at-Law. Milestown, Castle Bellingham.
1898 Butler, William F., M.A., F.R.U.I., Professor of Modern Languiges; Mount Verdon House, Cork.
1896 Byrne, Edward A. 21, Lower Water-street, Newry.
1897 Byrne, Miss. 19, Main-street, Blackrock.
1891 Cadic de la Champignonnerie, M. Edward, F.R.U.I. 76B, Upper Leeson-street, Dublin.
1894 Caffrey, James. 3, Brighton-terrace, Brighton-road, Rathgar, Dublin.
1896 Caldwell, Charles Sproule, Solicitor. Castle-street, Londonderry.
1896 Callary, Very Rev. Philip, P.P., V.F. St. BrigidÔÇÖs, Tullamore, KingÔÇÖs County.
1897 Campbell, A. Albert, Solicitor. 6, Lawrence-street, Belfast.
1895 Campbell, Frederick Ogle. Main-street, Bangor, Co. Down.
1891 Campbell, Rev. Joseph W.R., M.A. 44, Harcourt-street, Dublin.
1890 Campbell, Rev. Richard S.D., M.A., D.D. The Rectory, Athlone.
1890 Campbell, Rev. William W., M.A., R.N. Maplebury, Monkstown.
1895 Campbell, William Marshall 12, Bedford-street, Belfast.
1898 Carden, Lady. Templemore Abbey, Templemore.
1893 Carey, William, Solicitor. 47, Grosvenor-square, Dublin.
1895 Carlisle, David. Howe Avenue, Passie, New Jersey, U.S.A.
1893 Carmody, Rev. William P., B.A. Connor Rectory, Ballymena.
1899 Carmody, Rev. Samuel, B.A. Craigs, Co. Antrim.
1900 Carmody, Rev. James, P.P. St. ColmanÔÇÖs, Milltown, Co. Kerry.
1895 Carney, Thomas. Hibernian Bank, Drogheda.
1894 Carolan, John, J.P. 77, North King-street, Dublin.
1900 Carolin, Geo. O., J.P. Ivanhoe, Lansdowne-road, Dublin.
1893 Carre, Fenwick, F.R.C.S.I. Letterkenny.
1888 Carrigan, Rev. William, C.C. Durrow, QueenÔÇÖs County.
1893 Carrigan, William, Solicitor. 18, Herbert-street, Dublin.
1889 Carroll, Anthony R., Solicitor. 47, North Great GeorgeÔÇÖs-street, Dublin.
1893 Carroll, Rev. James, C.C. Skerries.
1890 Carroll, William, C.E., M.R.I.A.I. Orchardleigh, West Wickham, Kent.
1897 Caruth, Norman C., Solicitor. Flixton-place, Ballymena.
1895 Casson, George W., J.P. 25, Clyde-road, Dublin.
1893 Castle Stuart, Right Hon. The Earl of, J.P., D.L. Drum Manor, Cookstown.
1898 Chadwick, John, jun. 30, September-road, Tuebrook, Liverpool.
1894 Chambers, Sir R. Newman. 15, Queen-street, Londonderry.
1895 Christie, Robert William, F.I.B. 21, Elgin-road, Dublin.
1894 Clark, George W. OÔÇÖFlaherty -,L.R.C.S.E.
1896 Clark, Miss Jane. The Villas, Kilrea, Co. Londonderry.
1889 Clarke, Mrs. Athgoe Park, Hazelhatch.
1900 Clarke, Miss Mary. Belmont, Lifford, Co. Donegal.
1896 Cleary, Rev. Robert, M.A., Canon. Galbally Rectory, Tipperary.
1890 Clements, Henry John Beresford, J.P., D.L. Lough Rynn, Leitrim.
1892 Clements, William T., Assi. D.I.N.S. 6, Bellevue Park, Stranmillis-road, Belfast.
1874 Clonbrock, Right Hon. Lord, B.A. (Oxon.), H.M.L. Clonbrock, Aghascragh. (Vice-President, 18851896).
1892 Coates, William Trelford, J.P. 7, Fountain-street, Belfast.
1893 Coddington, Lieut.-Colonel John N., J.P., D.L. Oldbridge, Drogheda.
1885 Coffey, Most Rev. John, D.D., Bishop of Kerry. The Palace, Killarney.
1900 Colahan, Rev. Richard Fallon, C.C. The Presbytery, Herbert-road, Bray.
1898 Coleman, Rev. Ambrose, O.P. St. MalachyÔÇÖs, Dundalk.
1888 Coleman, James Custom-house, Southampton.
1893 Colgan, Nathaniel, M.R.I.A. 15, Breffni-terrace, Sandycove, Co. Dublin.
1895 Colgan, Rev. P., P.P. Menlogh, Ballinasloe.
1888 Colhoun, Joseph. 62, Strand-road, Londonderry.
1894 Colles, Alexander. 3, Elgin-road, Dublin.
1891 Collins, E. Tenison, Barrister-at-Law. St. Edmunds, The Burrow, Howth.
1893 Collis, Rev. Maurice H. Fitzgerald, B.D. The Vicarage, Antrim.
1897 Commins, John. Desart N.S., CuffeÔÇÖs Grange, Kilkenny.
1897 Conan, Alexander. Mount Alverno, Dalkey.

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1898 Concannon, Thomas. Livermore, Alameda Co., California, U.S.A.
1876 Condon, Very Rev. C.H., Provincial, O.P. St. SaviourÔÇÖs, Dublin.
1893 Condon, Frederick William, L.R.C.P.I., &c. Ballyshannon.
1894 Condon, James E.S., LL.D., Barrister-at-Law. 8, Upper Leeson-street, Dublin.
1892 Conlan, Very Rev. Robert F., P.P., Canon. St. MichanÔÇÖs, Dublin.
1893 Connell, Rev. John, M.A. 3, Palace-terrace, Drumcondra.
1889 Connellan, Major James H., J.P., D.L. Coolmore, Thomastown.
1898 Conyngham, OÔÇÖMeara Gresham Hotel, Sackville-street, Dublin.
1896 Cookman, William, M.D., J.P. Kiltrea House, Enniscorthy.
1893 Cooper, Anderson, J.P. Weston, Queenstown.
1893 Cooper, Mark Bloxham, Barrister-at-Law. 95, Haddington-road, Dublin.
1900 Cooper, Joseph Ed. Hibernian Bank, Swinford.
1894 Coote, Rev. Maxwell H., M.A. Ross, Tullamore.
1894 Corballis, Richard J., MM.A., J.P. Rosemount, Roebuck, Clonskeagh.
1900 Corcoran, Miss. The Chestnuts, Mulgrave-road, Sutton, Surrey.
1890 Corcoran, P. Abbey Gate-street, Galway.
1896 Corish, Rev. John, C.C. Kilmyshall, Newtownbarry.
1894 Cosgrave, E. MacDowel, M.D. 5, GardinerÔÇÖs-row, Dublin.
1890 Cosgrave, Henry Alexander, M.A. 67, Pembroke-road, Dublin.
1890 Costello, Thomas Bodkin, M.D. Bishop-street, Tuam.
1892 Costigan, William. Great Victoria-street, Belfast.
1890 Coulter, Rev. George W.S., M.A. 9, Upper Garville-avenue, Rathgar.
1895 Courtenay, Henry. Hughenden, Grosvenor-road, Rathgar.
1897 Courtney, Charles Marshall. Mount Minnitt, Ballybrood, Pallasgrean.
1892 Cowan, P. Chalmers, B.Sc., M.Inst.C.E. Local Government Board, Dublin.
1891 Cowell, Very Rev. George Young, M.A., Dean of Kildare. Kildare.
1889 Cox, Michael Francis, M.D., F.R.C.P.I., M.R.I.A. 45, StephenÔÇÖs-green, Dublin.
1896 Coyne, James Aloysius, B.A., District Inspector of National Schools. Tralee.
1894 Craig, Ven. Graham, M.A., Archdeacon of Meath. St. CatherineÔÇÖs, Tullamore.
1900 Craig, William Alexander, M.R.I.A., Fellow Inst. Bankers. Frascati, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
1898 Cranny, John J., M.D. 17, Merrion-square, Dublin.
1896 Crawford, Robert T. Estate Office, Ballinrobe.
1892 Creagh, Arthur Gethin, J.P. Carrahane, Quin, Co. Clare.
1890 Creaghe, Philip Crampton, M.R.I.A. Hugomont, Ballymena.
1895 Cromie, Edward Stuart, District Inspector of Schools. 12, St. JohnÔÇÖs Mall, Parsonstown.
1893 Crone, John S., L.R.C.P.I. Kensal Lodge, Kensal Rise, London, N.W.
1898 Crooke, T. Evans Beamish, J.P. Lettercollum, Timoleague.
1898 Crookshank, Richard R.G. 8, Tivoli-terrace, South Kingstown.
1891 Crossley, Frederick W. 118, Grafton-street, Dublin.
1892 Crosthwait, Thos. P. Sherard, B.A., M.Inst.C.E. 38, Pembroke-road, Dublin.
1882 Cuffe, Major Otway Wheeler. Woodlands, Waterford.
1896 Cullen, T. W., Manager. National Bank, Dingle.
1860 Cullin, John. Templeshannon, Enniscorthy.
1894 Culverwell, Edward Parnall, M.A., F.T.C.D. The Hut, Howth.
1895 Cummins, Rev. Martin, P.P. Clare Galway, Co. Galway.
1895 Cunningham, Miss Mary E. Glencairn, Belfast.
1897 Cunningham, Miss S.C. Glencairn, Belfast.
1890 Cunningham, Rev. Robert, B.A. Ballyrashane, Coleraine.
1891 Cunningham, Samuel. Fernhill, Belfast.
1896 Curran, James P., Manager. Munster and Leinster Bank, Maryborough.
1892 Cussen, J.S., B.A., D.I.N.S. Killarney.
1899 Cuthbert, David. Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry.
1889 Dallow, Rev. Wilfred. Upton Hall, Upton, Birkenhead.
1898 DÔÇÖAlton, James Joseph. 10, Wellington-place, Dundalk.
1891 Dalton, John P., M.A., D.I.N.S. Green Park, Limerick.
1898 Daly, Rev. Patrick, C.C. The Palace, Mullingar.
1897 Daniell, Robert G., J.P. Newforest, Co. Westmeath.
1895 DÔÇÖArcy, S.A., L.R.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I. Rosslea, Co. Fermanagh.
1892 Dargan, Thomas. 9, Clifton Park-avenue, Belfast.
1899 Darley, Arthur. 15, Pembroke-road, Dublin.
[to be continued in Volume 10, No. 8, August 2008].

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[Continued from Volume 10, No. 6, June 2008]

Antrim Larne Blackcave South 37 597109
Antrim Larne Curran & Drumaliss 146 597109
Antrim Larne Glebe 7 597109
Antrim Larne Greenland 19 597109
Antrim Larne Town Parks 40 597109
Antrim Larne Larne town Old Town Street 653 597109
Antrim Larne Larne town Point Street 19
Antrim Larne Larne town Pound Street 250
Antrim Larne Larne town Main Street 687 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Maxwells Lane 98 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Mill Brae 52 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Mill Lane 91 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town New Row Lane 54 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Blacks Lane 129 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Chapel Street 3 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Coopers Lane 141 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Croft Lane 24 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Cross Street 150 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Store Lane 6 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Trow Lane 49 597110
Antrim Larne Larne town Quay Lane 175 597110
Antrim Dunaghy Limavallaghan 124
Antrim Rasharkin Killydonnelly 278 597144
Antrim Rasharkin Lisnagaver 180 597144
Antrim Rasharkin Magheraboy 258 597144
Antrim Rasharkin Moneyleck 118 597144
Antrim Rasharkin Tamlaght 302 597144
Antrim Rasharkin Tehorney 53 597144
Antrim Rasharkin Rasharkin Village A 149 597144
Antrim Rasharkin Rasharkin Village B 66 597144
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Altmore Street 13 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Ship 11 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Altmore Street 36 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Ship 6 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Altmore Street 6 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Ship 10 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Altmore Street 19 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Ship 4 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Altmore Street 105 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Castle Street 186 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Tobermore Street 297 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Veral Street 174 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town New Row 43 597107
Antrim Tickmacrevan Glenarm town Ship 17 597107

[The end of Co. ANT 1851 Census]

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