McCONNELL, DUNSEATH, McKAY, - B'mena, B'shane, C'backey

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by Ballymena area.

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McCONNELL, DUNSEATH, McKAY, - B'mena, B'shane, C'backey

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Hi folks

This is my first post. I am hoping someone will recognise these names.

Starting with my Great x 3 Grandparents

JACOB and MARY JANE McCONNNELL - both born 1795 in Co Antrim.

In 1851 living at Limavallaghan Newtowncrommelin not far from Broughshane. Worshipped at 1st Broughshane Pres Church - had children

dauugher b cir 1820 - name not known married a BEGGS - had son Morgan in 1839

HUGH McCONNELL b 1822 - soldier in England in 1851 - nothing else known

JANE McCONNELL b 1827 in Broughshane - no marriage found

ELLEN MARIA McCONNELL b 1831 - bap in 1st Brougshane - no marriage found

PHEBE McCONNELL b 1836 - married James DUNSEATH in 1858 - have kids for them.

My Great Grandfather was before Phebe - he was another JACOB McCONNELL b 1833 in Broughshane area - married Agnes DUNSEATH in 1859 in Buckna.

Agnes and James DUNSEASTH were the children on Alexander DUNSEATH and Jane LILLEY. I have a lot on the DUNSEATH families.

Jacob and Agnes had
JAMES McCONNELL 1859 in Ballyligpatrick

ALEXANDER McCONNELLb 1861 in Limnavallaghan- married Elizabeth MURDOCK in Belfast in 1897

jacob and Agnes then moved to Cullybackey and had
MARY ANN (aka MARIAN) in 1865,
ANDREW in 1868 (died as a child)
JANE in 1871

They moved again ? where and had another ANDREW in 1875.
The family except the eldest three boys moved to Liverpool cir 1881

JAMES McCONNELL b 1859 was my Great Grandfather - He married ELLEN McKAY in 1875 in 1st Broughshane - she was the daughter of JAMES McKAY - they were all living at Knockboy when the marriage took place.

James and Ellen lived in the Ballymena area and went to the Church of Ireland. They had

DAVID McCONNELL b 1878 - who married Mgt McGARVEY

ALEXANDER McCONNELL b 1879 - who married Sarah McGARVEY - Mgt's sister - these two families lived in Railway St, Ballymena

MARGARET JANE McCONNELL b 1882 (aka Phoebe) may have gone to America

JAMES McCONNELL b 1884 in Ahoghill married 4 times - twice in Ireland. Wife 1 was SARAH WALKER from Parkhead, Ballymena. Wife 2 was Sarah STONE from Kilcurry.

JACOB McCONNELL b 1886 in Ballymena - wife unknown - 2 sons born in Belfast.

CARLETON McCONNELL b 1890 at Parkhead, Ballymena - died of a heart attack aged just 23.

MARY McCONNELL b 1894 - never married.

Does anyone have any connection to any of these families.

Yvonne Mitchell

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Re: McCONNELL, DUNSEATH, McKAY, - B'mena, B'shane, C'backey

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My gr-grandmother was Mary Ann McConnell b. 29 Jan 1860 in Co. Antrim. Her father's name was Hugh McConnell, labourer. I have not been able to narrow down Mary Ann's place of birth or any further information on her father. Could this be a connection?

In 1881 when she married my gr-grandfather George Lamont, she was living in the town of Larne on Pound Street.... but not with her parents that I can find. Back in the 1851 census, there was a family of McConnell's living on Pound Street, Larne and they are as follows:

1851 Census of Larne


If anything fits, please let me know.

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