Kell or Kyle

For anybody that is searching for family links in the area covered by Ballymena area.

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Kell or Kyle

Post by clarkie »

I have been researching my Wife's Kyle Ancestors for some years. I traced her G/F Thomas Kyle (About 1853 Antrim - 1909, Ayrshire) some years ago and discovered his parents were John Kyle & Elizabeth Agnew.
Recently we have discovered a hand written family tree which shows the above John as Kell and their children as a mixture of Kell & Kyle, family rumour now suggests (after the document appeared) the name was changed.
All of their children were listed on the tree except two, one was added in later years and the other when yesterday I found the last will of John Kell a Farmer in Buckna. He died in 1870 but the will must have been contested because it was not granted until 1896, although there may have been an earlier will in favour of Robert, which would have been resolved when he died in 1896.

Through the 1901/1911 census and some other records I have managed to track down most of their children who were born between about 1840 & 1855, they were as follows but not in any particular order and the surname varied on different records.
Jane or Janet, Robert, George, Archibald, William James, Elizabeth, Margaret, Thomas & Alexander.
Some I know very little about the others I have some detail but I would be interested if this family is recognised by anyone.

George may have been the eldest son as he inherited the Farm, his brother Archibald was with him in 1901/1911, both single.
Robert may have been the in favour as compared to the other males he received the Loom & more cash. However rather than a Weaver he was more likely a Farmer as I think he may have Married Margaret Robinson, who as his Widow on the 1901 census was listed as a Farmer in Broughshane.
Elizabeth went to Australia and married James Alford. Margaret went to Scotland and married Charles McKeown. Thomas a Tailor married twice before moving to Scotland.
Jane or Janet married John Morrow, his son was Thomas Alexander Morrow, they were Farmers at Carnalbanagh.
Alexander Kell or Kyle was a railway clerk in Belfast, he married Caroline Harper and died in 1925.

I would be interested to know where they were prior to 1870, which was the first mention of Buckna, as all efforts so far have failed.


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Re: Kell or Kyle

Post by admi »

[quote]Robert may have been the in favour as compared to the other males he received the Loom & more cash.[/quote]

The eldest son usually got the most as it was often assumed he would care for his mother and other family members if they needed it.

Last but not least Farmers quite often wove in the winter to make a few pennies.



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Re: Kell or Kyle

Post by Elwyn »

ThereÔÇÖs no sign of Kell/Kyle in Buckna in Griffiths Valuation which dates roughly to 1864, suggesting they were recent arrivals at the time of JohnÔÇÖs will in 1870. However you might check the records for the local Presbyterian church to see if they feature there for any length of time.

There donÔÇÖt appear to be any relevant Kell or Kyle gravestones in either of the Buckna graveyards, according to the Braid site. Do you know where John and other members of the family were buried?

You say that the name was changed from Kyle to Kell. In my experience, in Ireland, it was rare for there to be a conscious decision to change the name. Establishing a ÔÇ£correctÔÇØ spelling is a comparatively recent phenomenon, and in the 1800s the spelling would sometimes change regularly, even within the same family. There are something like nine surviving examples of William ShakespeareÔÇÖs signature in the world and he doesnÔÇÖt spell his name exactly the same way twice. Ireland was much the same.

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