Belfast History - 100 Years of a Journey

For anybody that is willing to share historical information on the BELFAST area LOCATED IN Co. Antrim or Co. Downobtained from offical sources as books, PRONI or newspapers, street Directories or local knowledge. If need be I will start separate Belfast City area forums
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Belfast History - 100 Years of a Journey

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The Belfast History - 100 Years of a Journey website was developed by David Bennett as a Major Project in Interactive Multimedia Design Final Year. The site provides information, photos and video on different aspects of Belfast within the following time periods:

1900 to 1930 Ship Building, Harland and Wolff and Titanic
1930 to 1960 The Blitz
1960 to 1980 Westlink, Troubles
1980 to Present Europa Hotel, Waterfront Hall, The Odyssey Arena
Present Day Map of Belfast (City Hall, Waterfront Hall, The Odyssey Arena and Belfast Cathedral), Wallpapers, Photo Gallery

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Re: Belfast History - 100 Years of a Journey

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hi a heartfelt plea to the people of Belfast from a desperate daughter KAREN MARY GRAHAM born 27/05/72 Michelle beradette Graham 1/8/71
can any1 help me!!!! i'm desperately trying to find my father who i havn't seen for 35 yrs, n been searching for for the last 20yrs.
His name
HARRY (maybe short for) JAMES BARTHOLOMEW ALYSIOUS GRAHAM bn approx 1940's upto 1950.
He was born in belfast and had approx... 4-5 siblings his mother re-married and had another approx 4 children surname MCCRUM, do not know of any of their christian names other than 1 possibly called JIMMY. Harry crossed the water to Heysham Harbour in the 60's, he met my mother MARGARET GRAHAM either in Morecambe or possibly Blackpool where her parents THOMAS & LEIGH GRAHAM lived. We lived in Morecambe approx late 60's early 70's. He worked The Midland Hotel.

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