Shankill Parish

For anybody that is willing to share historical information on the BELFAST area LOCATED IN Co. Antrim or Co. Downobtained from offical sources as books, PRONI or newspapers, street Directories or local knowledge. If need be I will start separate Belfast City area forums
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Shankill Parish

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Shankill is the name of the civil parish in Co Antrim where Belfast began. It covers the city centre and practically all the city west of the Lagan - east Belfast is mostly in the civil parishes of Knockbreda and Holywood.

There is a separate civil parish in the Lurgan area of Co Armagh named Shankill which includes neighbouring parts of Co Down but is not connected to the Belfast Shankill.

St AnneÔÇÖs Cathedral is the successor to the original parish church, which I understand was original located close to the old graveyard on the Shankill Road. The parish church moved to Donegall Street in the 1770s. St GeorgeÔÇÖs church is the successor of a chapel under the jurisdiction of St Anne's parish which stood at the ford at Belfast in ancient times and devoloped as a separate church early in the development of the town. The old civil parish now contains 22 Church of Ireland parishes marked with an astrisk below, some with more than 1 church. The Churches, with date of separation from the old parish of Shankill are as follows:-

* St Anne's Donegall Street
1811 * St George's High Street
1833 Christchurch College Square North
1839 * St Mary Magdalene's Donegall Pass
1839 * St Matthew' Woodvale Road
1843 * Holy Trinity Oldpark Road formerly Clifton Street
1851 * St Paul's York Street
1856 * St Mark's Ligoniel Road
1859 * St John the Baptist Stewartstown Road
1863 St Luke's Northumberland Street
1869 * St Stephen's Millfield
1870 St Andrew's Hope Street
1870 * St Thomas's Lisburn Road
1871 St James's Antrim Road
1872 St Philip's Grosvenor Road
1873 * St John's Malone Road
1892 St Barnabas' Duncairn Gardens
1892 St Matthias's Glen Road
1895 St Aidans Blyth Street
1898 * All Saints' University Street
1898 * St Mary's Crumlin Road
1899 * St Michael's Craven Street
1900 * St Peter's Antrim Road
1901 * St Nicholas's Lisburn Road
1912 Holy Redeemer Riga Street
1929 * St Bartholomew's Stranmillis Road
1929 St Saviour's Wilton Street
1929 * St Simon's Donegall Road
1932 * St Polycarp's Lisburn Road
1944 * St Katherine's Dunlambert Park
1958 St Silas's Cliftonville Road
1961 * Epiphany Sicily Park
1962 St Columba's Ballygomartin Road
1963 Immanuel Ardoyne Road
1963 St Ninian's Whitewell Road
1982 * St Andrew's Forth River Road

All these churches (some now closed) are in the parish of Shankill for purposes of civil registration.

The Belfast street directory shows 25 Roman Catholic churches in Shankill civil parish but doesnÔÇÖt give dates of foundation or which constitute independent parishes.

This information is thanks to a poster on Belfast Forum

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