Belfast and the Barbados Connection

For anybody that is willing to share historical information on the BELFAST area LOCATED IN Co. Antrim or Co. Downobtained from offical sources as books, PRONI or newspapers, street Directories or local knowledge. If need be I will start separate Belfast City area forums

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Belfast and the Barbados Connection

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Belfast's trade with the West Indies was more important than its trade with continental Europe The Valentine Jones dynasty, which had premises at Winecellar Entry off High Street, Belfast, were wine merchants and rum and sugar importers who had established a thriving agency in Barbados where they bought goods from the planters and also sold goods to them.

Valentine Jones appears to have been a nephew and heir of Thomas Graeme of Bristol. Thomas was described as a ÔÇÿWest Indian sugar baronÔÇÖ from Barbados who had with estates there as well as in Grenada.

Katherine Jones and her husband Valentine Jones (formerly of Barbados) are buried at Clifton Street Cemetery. Katherrine (1733-1806) was the daughter of John and Mabella Moore of Moorgrove, Co. Antrim.

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