McCaw family name

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susan brown

McCaw family name

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Alexander McCaw, b. 1669 d. 1734, Craig Townland, Ireland
John McCaw, b. 1734, m. ?


1) John b. 1776 youngest in Templastra Ireland, Co. Antrim, d. 1818 (as recorded in Belfast in 1903) m. ______

Children of John McCaw the younger:

1) James McCaw James, William, Duncan were weavers.
2) William McCaw
3) Duncan McCaw b. 1780 (possibly Scotland) d. 1857 Ireland
Buried at Ballintory Churchyard, Co. Antrim, Ireland -
was church warden here
m. Mary Ramsay (in Scotland, had children, divorced)
m. Mary McCahan in Ireland

1) Maria - born/died same year b. 1812
2)John b. Nov 13, 1813 Ireland, d._____ Hastings County, Ontario,
3)James b. Sept 15, 1815 Ireland, d. _____ Hastings County, Ontario,
Canada - m. kincaid
4) Mary

Any additional information about this McCaw family would be truly appreciated. Thank you. Susan

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Re: McCaw family name

Post by Irish_beauty46 »

Hello Susan;

I know this post is 4 years old but I do hope you are still checking. I have just started looking into my ancestory and I have discovered that my gr.grandfather comes from Co.Antrim. He was born in 1841, came here in 1853 died here in Ontario, Canada in 1916. Had 11 kids. his father and mother were James and Mary. Married Mary Johnston. I know I am grasping at straws and I have realized how many McCaws are out there now but I am hoping to find a shred of info about my grgrandfather. But with some of the names listed below my father and one of my gr.uncles name was William and James, I know it a stretch but who knows, Surely to god there has to be a connection somehow with someone. I do look forward to hearing from you. My name to is susan 8)

Take care


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