Cathcarts in County Antrim

For anybody that is searching for family links in the Rest of Co. Antrim area. If need be I will start separate area forums

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Cathcarts in County Antrim

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me? I'm looking for any record of my great great grandparents and their family.

Their names were James Andrew Cathcart, and his wife was Ann Jane Neeson. I know that he was a weaver in the 1870s, and was later a farmer. They were Presbyterians and had a daughter, Isabella Dempster Cathcart (b. 1850), my great grandmother, and sons David and Robert. James and Ann Cathcart remained in Antrim or at least in Ireland, but their daughter Isabella moved to Glasgow where she died in 1905. Her death certificate doesnt state that they were deceased so they may have died after 1905.

They are supposed to have lived in Killybegs or the area around Ballymena. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Regards, Jason R
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Re: Cathcarts in County Antrim

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